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Monday 14 July 2008

Notables: Six Simple Things Worth Knowing

 Six Simple Things Worth Knowing

 1. Trees are not forests. You need forests if you want to save the planet and its animals – including humans. Forests take even longer to grow than trees, and a thousand seedlings don’t replace a single old growth tree.

   Big old trees produce water, drawing it from the atmosphere and ground to replenish the world. A single big old tree can have up to twenty hectares of leaf surface area, on which a huge mass of water condenses each night.

 Old growth forests with intact canopies can generate twelve million litres of water per hectare or more each and every year, and add this water to local streams and water tables. Newly planted trees, on the other hand, suck water from the ground at a rate of up to six million litres per hectare per year.  See Trees- Guardians of the Earth  The best way to store carbon and save the planetary ecosystem is to stop cutting down trees. Planting more trees is a great idea – if you plant a broad diversity of localised species, and if you intend to leave most of them in the ground.

 A plantation is not a forest – it’s a soil-destroying, water-sucking factory operation.  Wood pulp produces terribly inferior paper and destroys irreplaceable forests and ecologies. Cutting down forests while banning superior, longer-lasting alternatives is actually criminal behaviour, engaged in by monopolies that have successfully avoided anti-tort legislation.   Hemp paper is superior in every respect to wood pulp and can be farmed without need for massive pesticides or gigalitres of water – but most forests are provided for free to ecology-devouring corporations, by ‘governments’ that are just packs of well-bribed lawyers. Any money returned to the public purse from logging is usually paid back to the companies through subsidies and freely provided infrastructure.

  2. The law is an ass and all lawyers are assholes. While democratic rule of law is superior in most respects to all contemporary alternatives, the system has broken down irretrievably when a private club of so-called professionals can charge what they like regardless of their capabilities. Their job is to lie convincingly on behalf of their employer. Professional liars hold people’s lives in their money-grubbing hands – and run most governments as well. 

             Private clubs and secret societies are the order of the day in these ruthlessly suppressive, class-oriented, holier-than-thou arcane Orders of arbitrary Order. While the ludicrous, deliberately impenetrable jargonese of judges and lawyers is foisted on the public, no one is free or safe. Judges can always be bribed or coerced and power without oversight automatically breeds corruption. While the farcical theatre of the lore is allowed to decide the fate of anyone and everyone on the basis of dubious technicalities and obvious lies, the various laws of idiosyncratic nations deserve no respect. When legal disputes are allowed to drag on for years, justice doesn’t exist.

  The golden rule is the natural law of Humanity – ‘do as ye’d be done by’ is the basis of all true morality and ethics, but it’s been replaced by the truism that ‘those who have the gold make the rules’. It’s easy for the wealthy to pay their way to an undeserved legal victory. It’s easy for the innocent to be convicted and incarcerated. It’s easy for corrupt old men to control corrupt police forces and murder or incarcerate competitors with impunity. It’s easy for the guilty to go free. If you think it isn’t happening all the time where you live you’re blind.

             We need a common law that’s easily understood, practiced and enforced – by all people. The only way to reign it autocratic bullies is to know your rights and insist upon them – collectively. Fortunately, many of you reading this will be living in a nation that’s governed by the Common Law – a preeminent domain of law that overrides all the fictitious statutes created out of nothing by control freaks and lawyer-legislators. You probably haven’t been told that charging members of the public to use toll roads is illegal under common law, for instance. Perhaps you’re aware that you can’t be locked up without being charged, ever since the days of the Magna Carta – whatever corrupt governments or judiciaries may declare to the contrary. 

Let’s not even begin to examine the illegality of most taxes…  See Upmart and point 6 below.  

3. Plenty of viable alternatives already exist to fuel and power our civilization. Various forms of free energy are not only real – many have been patented. The Earth swims in a vast sea of energy which can easily be tapped to provide totally free electricity.

  You can run your current vehicle on gas – not hydrogen – derived from simple water. One litre of water produces thousands of litres of usable gas that you can produce yourself with ease.

  Free energy sources make it possible to accomplish anything we can dream of, including repairing this planet - and accessing other ones. Free abundant energy is available to everyone, and it’s the prerequisite for true freedom. Electrical power is economic and political power and free energy means no more oligarchic monopolists – no more oleaginous oil barons, old kings coal or unclear nuclear madmen. That’s why there’s no point waiting for industry or governments to provide these devices and technologies, or even let you know they exist. You have to do it yourself – or work with someone who can.

 4. Money doesn’t exist and the emperor has no clothes. The world’s economic system is nothing more than a fable spread by unscientific inept bean counters who call themselves ‘economists’. The entire global monetary system is a rort designed to keep everyone’s eyes off the real inequity inherent in the system – and the fact that a handful of control freaks ‘own’ almost all the world’s real wealth.

                        Forty percent of the world’s wealth is co-opted by institutions that produce nothing at all – bankers and other fine ants in the swarming insect hives of identically suited clones. Financial jugglers and sleight of hand specialists tie up almost half of the world’s economy and suck the planet dry. The world’s economic system is a colossal confidence game based on promises of never-ending growth that must one day be broken. It’s a pyramid scam in which the first ones in are the only ones who can win – and it only works for a while because another sucker (consumer) is born every minute.

    While everyone continues working for madmen, few can’t see that everyone on the planet could be housed, fed, educated, healed and entertained for ‘free’ – if most of the wealth wasn’t sucked into the infinitely greedy gullets of gangsters, warmongers and conmen that most people mistake for leaders and pillars of society.  Money certainly doesn’t equal merit, and any so-called meritocracy is doomed to become a corrupt den of nepotism and undeserved privilege. Meritocracies are neither democratic nor egalitarian.

  Anyone who holds onto an excess of money is corrupt and the only routes to supreme wealth and power – and the only ways to hold onto them - involve weapons and death. An excess of anything implies a lack of balance, and hording money is a sign of dangerous greed and insecurity, a lack of trust in providence and Humanity that inevitably becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy - if you can call alienated disappointment a ‘fulfilling’ lifestyle.

 Money is literally invented and shunted from one hidden account to another in a modern electronic sleight of hand. It’s an open secret that many groups have the ability to totally bamboozle the computerised accounts in which everyone is forced to place their trust and Trusts. You can be elevated to wealth in an instant or have all your assets disappear just as quickly in the New World Order.

  Identity theft is a very low-level aspect of a thoroughly falsifiable system that controls the lives and fortunes of presidents and potentates – and you. Intelligence agencies control everything on behalf of unseen masters; they display a narrow-minded one-track intelligence, with no integrity or wisdom beyond the ruthless dictates of racist dynasties. All true power flows down from the unseen observers at the top of the societal pyramid.

 Keeping workers on the edge of terror and making them afraid of losing everything they’ve worked for – terrified of being thrown into the deliberately maintained underclasses of poverty-stricken ‘underprivileged unfortunates’ - is all it takes to keep most people from seeing the truth or rocking the boat. Modern citizens are all slave labourers on the Titanic, and the unsinkable ship of civilization is headed for an iceberg we could easily avoid. Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly enough lifeboats - and the ship’s owners think there are too many passengers anyway.

             In the uneconomic hypnotic surreality under which most people live, something is only ‘worth’ what someone is prepared to pay for it. Nothing has any intrinsic value at all and everything – and everyone – becomes equally disposable. The world isn’t a precious pearl of paradise but a resource to be exploited and cast aside – like human beings.

  Oil and food are not more expensive because of some sudden scarcity, or even because of increased demand – they’re more expensive because the ‘owners’ of these resources are charging us more for them, because they can; we let them get away with it. The world’s wealth has been sequestered by individual families for their own gain. It’s that simple. Do I need to name names?    

5. Democracy is broken but it can be fixed. Party politics are not democracy; a democracy is a place where individual community members represent the wishes of their constituents – not of some third party or group. Moreover, while elections can be easily arranged in advance – as in Zimbabwe and the United States of Amerika – democracy is a futile dream. Before any country can be called a democracy its fraudulent electoral system must be fixed.

  Yet the elephants in the Amerikan republic’s lounge room – its crazy electoral system that has an ‘Electoral College’ of overprivileged flunkies who can overrule the will of the people, and its fraudulent voting systems -  illuminate the factors that need to be repaired to create a truly global democracy. When the built-in weighted bugs deliberately inserted in U.S. voting computers can be removed from electoral software, a movement will then be set in train to create truly fair, thoroughly examined and testable voting systems. When these are in place, we can throw out almost all the needless apparatus of government and vote for the actual issues ourselves, over our phones or the internet.

 Of course, we’ll first need to know who watches the watchers of the software; and we’ll need a free, diverse, independent, incorruptible and intelligent press - and broadcasters. We’ll also need a global Bill of Rights.   

6: There is already an internationally agreed upon Bill of Rights. It’s based on the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights and ancillary treaties that have already been signed and ratified by almost all nations – probably including yours, if you’re free enough to be reading this. The articles in these documents are the basis of the real protections most global citizens currently enjoy, from the right to legal representation when arrested to the provision of progressively more equal rights for women and children.

  Most of the rights enjoyed by citizen of prosperous nations in the last two generations have come about because their governments have had to conform to the humanitarian articles of the Bill of Rights – and yet people haven’t been told why these rights and protections have been placed into domestic laws. It’s been in the interests of governments to allow populations to think that they’re acting beneficently of their own free will – and to keep the knowledge of the extent of their rights from them.See Know Your Rights  You get the general idea. The world is our oyster and freedom is the pearl of great price. You can work with any of this information right now – or you can put it all off until later, or until another incarnation when you have to deal with the consequences of today’s actions and inactions…

 After all, what you do matters far less than why you do it. Doing nothing at all is far preferable than contributing to the destruction of the planet by feathering your temporary nest with toxic crap.

 Turn on, tune in – opt out. Work on something different, alone or with people you’re attuned to. You have nothing to lose but your chains and well-entrained suppression.
-   R. Ayana

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