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Tuesday 22 January 2008

Crop Circle Connector

Another example of future prediction in crops: the outburst of comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 in September 1995 was shown three months earlier in English crop pictures from June or July 

 by Red Collie

Three significant events in the astronomy of Comet Holmes from 2007 were shown in English crop pictures from two years ago (in the summer of 2005)

 by Red Collie

The recent outburst of Comet 17P Holmes was shown in English crop pictures two years ago: both its stellar location in Perseus on October 25, 2007, and its conjunction with Mirfak on November 21, 2007

by Red Collie

The Magical Starglyph at Waden Hill

    A magical Starglyph appeared at Waden Hill in 2005.  The day before its appearance, I had received an impression a formation might occur.  As a result, I investigated the hill at 3:15am the following morning and found nothing.  At 4:15am or so, only an hour later, I returned to find a massive Starglyph had appeared.  Two years later, in 2007, I was working on a special venture of mine called the Chameleon Project.  It incorporated parts of this symbol that had become close to me.  As I was working on it, a vision unfolded that opened its secrets and the Starglyph’s unseen symbols flowed like a waterfall.  I believe the Star Nation People have sent one of the most important formations to ever exist.  The images of its contents and the story are at

The Magical Starglyph at Waden Hill

The Magical Starglyph at Waden Hill

I had felt more than honoured that the Star Nation People had chosen to reveal this gift to me.  Not only its eventual appearance in the field but its content that expresses unbelievable fractal geometry.

Wah-we-nah Bearcloud

Both crop pictures from Stanton 2007 told how many Venus-Sun conjunctions would be left until transit in 2012
By Red Collie

A twenty-year mystery solved: the crop hieroglyphs of Wiltshire 1990-1993 and Alton Barnes 1999 are purely astronomical, and show various events in Earth's sky contemporary with their appearances
By Red Collie

 A Mayan calendar, the Jester's Hat and eclipses:
who else but Quetzalcoatl?

By Red Collie

Further examples of Olmec-Mayan astronomy or calendars in crops: did the British megalith builders visit central America long ago? 

Chute Causeway and the Sun-Venus calendarprecise calculations of astronomical time from 1997 to 2013

by Michelle Jennings

Time-Based Analysis of August 2007 UK Crop Circles
by Green Shepherd

New BLT Report-Robbert v/d Broeke UPDATE
Last fall (2006) I again visited (among other people) Robbert v/d Broeke, the young man in Holland around whom crop circles form regularly.  As in the past, he somehow "knows" when and where a new circle is forming in his area, as well as knowing what they will look like.  But there are many other strange events which also occur around Robbert and I was able to document some of them last year.  I have been working to get this report finished and on the BLT web-site, since I am returning to Holland tomorrow to stay with Robbert for several weeks.

This UPDATE includes many details not made public before....and I hope supports my growing impression that many so-called "paranormal" events (such as the crop circles, remote viewing, poltergeist activity. orbs, out-of-body experiences, psychic knowledge, etc.) are, in fact, related -- and that perhaps our eventual understanding of the crop circle phenomenon requires serious inquiry into a wide range of anomalous events.

Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.
P.O. Box 400127
Cambridge, MA  02140  (USA)

ph:  617/492-0415   

More lunar phase symbols shown at
Danesbury in August of 1998
Only Available to Members of the web site.

Three stone circles in Ireland (Knowth, Dowth and Newgrange): the 1994 Avebury "spiderweb" explains them 

Only Available to Members of the web site.

By Stephen Jarvis

17th Century Event
During the course of my researching something completely different, I came across an item that I thought might intrigue or amuse (hopefully both!) you. Below I offer you an extract from a letter written 9 July 1686 from one A. Paschal to the celebrated antiquary John Aubrey, concerning an extraordinary incident that occurred in Somerset on 14 June 1686. Note that I have modernised the language a little here & there in order to render it a little more intelligible: 
"On June 14, about 6 at night, came a Storm, with Thunder, and a whirlwind uncommon. Sir Fr. R. had 10 or 12 people about Hay in a ground of his on the N. side of Polden Hill, four miles hence. It made them think the Judgement Day was come, and to run from their work. They saw it take up many of the Hay-cocks, to the quantity of two or three, load very high into the air. It fell all about the parish, some was carried two miles off. Trees bowed flat to the ground by it. A man said to be taken up and carried to some Distance, supposed as an 100 yards, and set down in a ditch. Active and inventive fancy saw there were armies in the sky, heard drums and guns, beheld colours, and a long Dragon's Tail; and at last the scene was removed with very sweet music, that of the Spheres not comparable to it. A great storm of rain fell about a mile or two short of the place wherein this to-do was. This is hugely talked of at a distance; and the story is dressed up to a Miracle; but setting aside what Superstition adds to it, I can be assured of nothing in it but what was natural, only not very usual." 
No "normal" whirlwind this, then. A rare recorded incidence of freakish weather phenomena incorporating powerful uplift and enough down force to make trees bend to the ground- all of which was accompanied by what we might today describe as a multi-sensory experience featuring colours (lights, I assume), visuals (Dragon's Tail? A vapour trail?), mechanical noises (drums & guns) & 'very sweet music' (phew!). Quite something, eh? 
The letter was eventually published in 1723, in a volume edited by Richard Rawlinson with the title: Miscellanies on Several Curious Subjects: Now First Published From Their Respective Originals (London, W. Mears & J. Hooke). The item is exceedingly rare, needless to say.
Brian Grist

Dual codes for lunar astronomy at Chisledon 1996

Only Available to Members of the web site.

The Stonehenge code: five lunar phase diagrams
 in Wiltshire crops from 1996 and 2001

stone7.jpg (35473 bytes)
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The 1994 Avebury "spider web" as a lunar calendar:
five turns around its outer circle equal 19 years

Only Available to Members of the web site.
Four megalithic sundials: geometrical
and astronomical analyses

Oliver's Castle as a megalithic sundial

Supporting evidence in regard to Longwood Warren:
two comets and a wormhole

Wormhole technology, Crabwood, Crooked Soley
 and other crop artist-human interactions

Mysterious circles found in Rio Grande (6:02 p.m.)
Article Launched: 03/01/2007 05:58:44 PM MST
These mysterious sand circles in the river bed of the Rio Grande in West El Paso has residents curious. (Rudy Gutierrez / El Paso Times)

Unexplained sand circles -- kind of like crop circles without the crops -- have been found in the middle of a dry Rio Grande in the Upper Valley. "It's pretty weird," Antonio Padilla of Sunland Park said while looking over the series of circles on a sand bed. At least one man claimed to have seen a mysterious light in the sky land in the area and take off on Tuesday night, Padilla said. The largest circle is about 35-feet wide contains three other circles made by an 8-inch deep trenches in sand bed in the middle of the river bed between Artcraft and Borderland roads.

I just came across this news story, and I thought I’d pass it along.  A series of four concentric rings were found in a sand bar in the middle of the Rio Grande River in Sunland Park, Dona Ana County, New Mexico (which is a suburb of El Paso, Texas).  In fact the location is in an area where the borders of the USA states of New Mexico and Texas as well as the border of Mexico all come together. 
The widest of the four rings is approximately 35 feet wide, and each of the ‘trenches’ are approximately 8 inches deep.  From watching the accompanying video, the inside edge of each ring appears to be serrated -- and the sand from the trench appears to have been thrown outward (scooped out?) and away from the centre, creating the mounds of sand in-between each ring. 
One man interviewed, Antonio Padilla, claims that a friend of his “saw something land there then took off pretty quick”.  This eyewitness then ran a told several others who came out to look at the rings, and found no footprints leading to the circles. 
The web link to the story and the story follow below…

Jeffrey Wilson Director, ICCRA Independent Crop Circle Researchers’ Association
Location: Rio Grande River _El Paso, TX
Crop:Multiple rings
Description:6 large rings, open at opposing sides approx size=300 feet
March 1, 2006
Name:Daniel Borunda

by Jonah Ohayv, Copyright June 28th, 2006.

Crop Circles Working Protocol
 vers. 3.0

(by Claudio Dall’Aglio and Dr. Giorgio Pattera - Parma - Italy)

This is the Crop Circles Working Protocol. This is the Crop Circles Working Protocol, created to get all the scientific information of a crop circle. With the Data Collection Form, at home, we can archive all the analysis in only one form and create a more complex database.
When we find a crop circle, the first question is: the formation is good or false? With the analysis of this protocol we can get the answer. If we knows that a crop circle it’s good we can start to study the symbols.
This protocol is used by GALILEO – CUN  Italian Crop Circles Scientific Research Team.
For info: Claudio Dall’Aglio  crop@libero.it      

Good News for Thornborough Henges site.  

At a packed meeting earlier this week the campaign to save the Thornborough Henges site from the Tarmacs diggers was won, although it must be said that Tarmac are going to appeal against the decision. The campaign for this important cause was supported by many people across the country, including many conservation groups such as English Heritage.  
This is the most important ancient site between Avebury in the south and the Scottish Islands of Lewis and the Orkney in the north. This Yorkshire site has three massive Henges in a row with the one at the west end being slightly out of alignment so as to mimic the three stars of the Orion’s belt. I recommend anyone to visit these amazing Thornborough Henges. 
Today I spoke with Pauline Wright, one of the local campaigners, and she said she is ‘thrilled by the planning decision but will be watching carefully as to the progress of Tarmac’s appeal’. 
You can read a full article in the Guardian newspaper. Click on to their web site below. 

- Julian Gibsone  


Red Post Farm, nr Manton,
Wiltshire. Reported 15th November.

Time-Based Analysis of August 2007 UK Crop Circles
by Green Shepherd

Anyone who believes that these huge designs have been made by a couple of guys walking on planks obviously haven't done their research - or attempted these designs on pieces of paper! Look a little deeper and assume nothing...

Geometry is the key to all - R.A.

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