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Friday 18 May 2007

Hive Hierarchy or Wise Weavers: Freeing or (con)Trolling the Future

Hive Hierarchy or Wise Weavers
Freeing or (con)Trolling the Future


The continual unfolding of life doesn’t culminate in us. In our present perfect forms we pre-configure many future races and species whose potentials lay dormant within us. Adapted and adaptable, we’re capable of far more than we are or can be aware of. An orca or dolphin is not an easily foreseeable future form of a dog, and a caterpillar cannot even see, let alone comprehend, the reality of a butterfly. Yet each is the same consciousness in different worlds, in different forms suited perfectly to their aerial and fluid realms.

            Humanity is a bridge to many futures in many eras and on many worlds. Some of our descendants will be unrecognisable to us. We will fail to recognise some of them as being alive. We live on a planet housing innumerable sentient species and fail to appreciate the simple meaning of sentience. All living things are conscious and all animals have lives, minds, emotions, personalities and destinies of their own. So do plants. If we fail to recognise the reality of a range of sentient beings surrounding us and with which we’re totally interdependent, we have little chance of creatively interacting with forms of life from different worlds.

            In most present human cultures cannibalism is seen as abhorrent where once it was the norm. Many future societies will regard eating animals with a similar horror. Many people do today.

            It’s an issue of compassion, maturity and destiny.

            Native tribes and mammalian groups recognise the interdependence of all things. Their concepts of hierarchy are simple and responsibilities are shared (or specialised in) by all members of the group. The mammalian herd or group instinct allows for a great variety of possiblilites for social organisation, but modern humans have settled on variations of one theme – the pyramidal hierarchy. Like a pyramid money scam, it fosters illusions of equality of opportunity while maintaining a status quo of corruption, nepotism and despotism. Based on outmoded imperial caste systems, the inherent unfairness in today’s plutocracies, kleptocracies and so-called democracies are veiled by a thrall of progress and career opportunities with invisible but definite ceilings. Unless, of course, you inhabit the right genetic strata, where the rich believe they are born and bred to rule.

            With all its dynastic accoutrements, the ordered pyramid hierarchy functions to arrest change, to maintain the present state and to impede evolution. It’s the way of the hyper-socialised organism - the insect in a hive, with a hive mind and mores, grafted onto and masquerading as a creative combine of cooperating individual wills.

            Though in some places it may ever be thus, the future will be different for most. Better - involving a series of divergent and convergent evolutions in human nature and the human condition, a great, chaotic, unpredictable flowering outgrowth.


The future – for those who wish to keep evolving on Earth – lays dormant in our past and present. It’s a world of wise weavers who consciously and happily enact their essential chosen roles in the web of life. The unified primeval origins of text and textile, texture and context are a template for our future stories, histories, visions, words and weavings – a way of enlightened life suited for intelligent, compassionate mammalian hopes and dreamings.

            It is the future of the green man and woman, a world of consciously cooperative beings, not existing in a programmed hierarchical niche but in a globe made up of innumerable interpenetrating circles of people. Wisdom will weave the disparate elements of their diverse cultures together into a worldwide whole, living at a stage of the evolutionary spiral beyond our current comprehension. The new consciousness is being brought to birth by people who expand the sensitivity (and therefore power) available to them if they explore their own minds and awareness and work in harmonised groups of creative individuals. The creative circle has an inherent power to heal or energise our imaginings into manifestation. The whole – and future humanity - is greater than the sum of its parts.

            Humans have been damaged for millennia, individually and collectively, and the healing is accelerating at last. We’re recovering from the trauma of ages. We’re beginning to understand that all thought, knowledge and experience is a shared pool that we all sip from. It’s a harbinger of the times to come and the beings we shall become, replacing the self-blinding and mutually mutilating humans at the turn of the third millennium.  Telepathy is real, now, all the time, inadequately suppressed by the vestiges of monarchic dogma and religious superstition. The new being is waking within you, the last of the old and the faltering first of the new.

            We’re now aware enough to grasp the heritage and birthright our ancestors lost, forgot or squandered and to step into a new dawn. The future is very much in our hands. We can create global peace and prosperity or we can continue to throw slings and arrows at each other, but we can’t do both. These generations are beginning to understand what’s at stake, globally and individually. We have a future, and whatever we choose to do with it, we – not merely our descendents – will be living in it.

            Wake from the isolating illusions of difference and separateness. Hear the thoughts of others in ‘your’ mind and yours in theirs and know you’re not mad, but healing at last. Recognise that all your deepest inspirations and hopes and thoughts are shared by those around you, here, now.

            You’re never alone, but all one. You’re here for a reason, embedded in the past, present and future, sharing this world with more than you know or expect.

            Welcome to the Third Millennium.

 - R. Ayana

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