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Wednesday, 29 March 2006



The peoples of Lemuria – or rather Mu or Meru – lived across an area spanning the Pacific. Their population was largely red-skinned, dark haired precursors to today’s Polynesians and many ‘oriental’ peoples. They inhabited relatively large land masses (some of whose mountain peaks still exist as much shrunken islands), existing continental coasts of the east and west central Pacific and across its myriad archipelagos.

         Thirteen thousand years ago, before the Earth’s axis shifted by twenty degrees in a calamity that ended the last glaciation, the sea level was an average of three hundred feet lower than it is today. Much of this change took place in a remarkably short time.

         An important detail is the reality that the globe of the Earth is not perfectly spherical; the polar diameter is twenty-seven miles shorter than the equatorial diameter, because of the plasticity of the spinning planet creating an ‘equatorial bulge’. This means that when the globe tilts, land masses on the equator will sink – relative to the datum (sea level), by up to two miles. Thus, continental masses can sink beneath the waves in a single day or night. Regions arriving at the equator will be uplifted – like the high altitude salt water Lake Titicaca and the arid Altiplano of central west South America, where extensive agricultural and irrigation systems built for millions of people exist at an altitude where it can never rain.

Some regions, such as North America, shifted away from the pole while others including much of Siberia entered the Arctic Circle. At the same time many of the world’s volcanoes erupted and fault lines shifted, creating massive earthquakes. Huge waves covered much of the land. A highly organised network of global civilizations was reduced to remnants and fragments, littering exoteric prehistory with enigmatic artefacts.


All over the world, stone ruins on the continental shelves bear mute witness to an identity of culture, architecture and engineering, a global trading civilization that was swallowed by the sea, by the literal waters of forgetfulness. In most places these ruins exist above a depth of three hundred feet – but not in all. As many have remarked, it’s a miracle that anyone survived. Some bastions remained largely intact, although many other surviving bands of humans were reduced to cannibalism.

 This global civilization is recognised only in memories of its mythic remnants, bearing names such as Atlantis, Mu and Hyperborea. It is often romanticised and exemplified as a grand Utopia to whose heights the modern world should aspire. But this civilization was fed by slavery and overseen by a race of global masters of geometry and technology whose existence is only hinted at in many of the legends. And there was contact with other inhabited spheres as well.

Look at today’s continental shelves – their extent will only give a low estimate of how much land has returned to the abyss since the antediluvian times before the Holocene era – our own long interglacial period. Imagine what a two hundred foot sea level rise would do to today’s civilization; that’s how much water is still frozen at the poles.

With sea level changes comes an attendant climate catastrophe and global tectonic shift as the weight of water is redistributed.

          There is still time to mitigate the worst of what will otherwise destroy this ‘modern’ global civilization that has achieved by brute force and force of numbers almost all that was wrought in the past by the careful application of knowledge about the structure of reality.

- R.A.


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