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Wednesday 12 October 2005

New Climate Order: A New Heaven and a New Earth

New Climate Order
A New Heaven and a New Earth


In the 1960s the first incontrovertible evidence of impending climate catastrophe reached the ears of the Families. A decade of attempts to solve the problem showed that the coming Ice Age – to be preceded, like all glaciations, by a warming ‘greenhouse effect’ – could not easily be circumvented.

            So the industrialists and self-styled owners of the planet decided to continue with business as usual, in the erroneous judgement that the ecosystem could not really be damaged, as it was to undergo a radical state shift in any case – ‘a new Heaven and a new Earth’ would result, or so they believed, from the near-total destruction of civilization as they knew it. Strip-mine and log it all, they said to one another, before it’s all destroyed – and the devil take the hindmost.

            But they wanted insurance. The deep bunkers were begun under the US Kennedy administration (in an operation known as ‘Noah’s Ark’), each to accommodate at least 2,500 personnel in uncomfortable survival mode. The first stage of the project was completed while Gerald Ford was President, and the work has continued apace. Now the Families and their key employees have terrestrial survival centres scattered around the globe in areas under their control – and they have other plans in the net as well, coming to fruition.

            They were aware that when the ‘end time’ came it would be time to enact their endgame; a way to stop all the plebeian rats from deserting their places in the workforce when the global situation become obviously untenable - and stop them from attempting to invade their survival ranches and bunkers.

            How to distract the public from the collapse of their power, water and food supplies? How to control their movements and limit their freedoms?

            Now, at the dawn of the 3rd (or 6th or 100th) Millennium, apocalypse has begun to bite. Already, most of the northern half of the planet and large areas in the south are without real drinking water – the population has no access to rivers or even rain that’s fit to drink. They’ve all been contributing to the poisoning of the ecosystem for so long that they don’t know what ‘pure’ means any more and actually buy bottled water from those who’ve made the natural sources undrinkable.

Food, water and power supplies are totally controlled by the Families and the populace has been breathing poisoned (and radioactive) air and water and don’t seem to care that their ‘daily bread’ is toxic paste, and can’t discern that a THIRTY PERCENT CANCER RATE is unusually high. They spend the only thing they have – their time – wasting what remains of what they laughably consider to be their lives watching circuses, sport and cop shows on illusion screens which they voluntarily purchase and place between themselves and the real world.

            In short, they prove themselves as worthless as the Families believed all those decades ago despite the best education (programming) in history.

            It’s easy to get the muggle proles to give up what remains of their freedom to the neo-conmen in these Millennial protection rackets called ‘governments’ and ‘nations’. It’s easy to restrict their movements and their words and thoughts.

            All you have to do is scare the ninnies by making them fear their own shadows and they’ll sit in their toxic boxes watching their toxic boxes while the world caves in around them.

Transcend the deadly illusions of slavery – money and ‘jobs’. Turn on, tune in, opt out.

Let’s start something NEW!

-         R. Ayana


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