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Sunday, 15 May 2005

Chemtrails: Jets Don’t Jest

Chemtrails: Jets Don’t Jest 

 Why are military aircraft dusting our air with strange substances? This sounds paranoid in the extreme, but having heard and read about the phenomenon for years I’ve been observing it regularly myself for over twelve months.

Jets crisscrossing the skies leaving long contrails behind them were a common sight in the unregulated and over-polluted 1950s and ‘60s. Later regulations brought the contrails down to size – except for military jets, which were exempted from pollution control laws. For a while I believed that the long contrails I’ve observed all up and down the coastal fringe of eastern Australia were the result of military jets at high, cold altitudes – despite the fact that the white trails extended from one side of the horizon to the other and, rather than slowly disappearing, spread out as they fell until they were a haze filling the landscape around the populated coastal region.

On closer observation, sometimes with binoculars, sometimes telephoto lenses and also with the unaided eye, it was obvious that the normal pair of jet exhausts were present for the normal short distance behind the aircraft – while between them a non-continuous series of discrete puffs was joining into what has come to be known as a long, white ‘chemtrail’, slowly falling to the ground. Internet searches will reveal many interpretations of what’s being sprayed on us all by these military jets. As we hear nothing official about them, it’s hard to believe they’re serving any benign purpose.

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  1. Bill Gates knows what evil he has paid to be sprayed on the population. He is a believer in population control and what that really means is the elite decide who dies and who lives. Hence the chemtrails and his other 'save the earth' projects.

  2. Did Gates Really say anything like that?

    Search agenda 21 and you WILL find that it was agreed that there should be many less of us on the planet in the future if we're going to be able to preserve a livable earth environment.,
    To the extent we just keep multiplying, we also increase the necessity of providing support for all. Alternatively, our quality of life will be better for all.
    If we can control reproduction the decrease will occur!

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