"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Saturday 24 June 2006

Psychedelic Water: An Extract

Psychedelic Water
An Extract


“…how there are a number of multiverses and that this entire universe is only one among many,” Amara continues for him. A long black scarf wraps round her neck draping over one shoulder, a black boa constrictor smiling at Ram with sharp, pointed teeth. 

         “Aye,” he nods, and the serpent nods in time. Tattooed patterns swarm in deep red and blue spirals across Amara’s tall cheeks and proud, burnished chin. He feels the words well from deepest reservoirs, shaping themselves with his breath and mouth; “From the perspective of this particular unfolded, unfolding potential, all other possible realities are merely virtual – but it’s all a matter of perspective and location, and this universe is a virtual reality too, from any other location but the one where you’re sitting right now.
     “The real question is, if all the world is mind-stuff, then is it changing continually, moment to moment ahead of our light-speed limited sensory perception - which fails to notice that we are, in fact, creating it all as we go along – or does it change only when we’re subjected to moments of maximal stress, focusing the will on the present moment in times of peak experience?” He finally notices Amara’s mouth is open. “Sorry.” 

         “No, no, no! Don’t stop! Please go on…” 

         “Yes,” agrees Phico. “it’s that Random Access Memory of his…” 

         “So you believe we’re creating it all?” Amara asks, leaning forward and flinging the boa scarf back over one shoulder. 

         “In the early third Millennium, the question is not if, but how. Do you meditate?” She shifts in her seat at his enquiry. 

         “I have.” 

         “Then consider that the monkey mind functions at a level of language which is always at one stage removed from the central ineffable substance of which we are composed.” The prince feels the voice flow through him from archetypal realms, echoing through the canyons of his mind in resonance with the pulsing music. “At that level – the being which remains when all else is gone, after the monkey has given up resisting the peace that it mistakes for extinction – we’re creating the material world continually, shaped by the interweaving, reinforcing and conflicting wills of those drives that combine to create a personality in the three-dimensional realm. And there are multiple perspectives combining in a massive, interwoven co-creation, in which consciousness leaks like a sieve continually through each point in timespace. We are all one being peeking through many portals.” He pauses for breath. 

         “And that brings us back to the zero-point potential.” Phico raises his spliff in triumph. 

         “But what about changing from this reality to some other one?” Amara continues undiverted. 

         “Everyone does, each night – if they achieve ‘Delta’ level sleep, beyond dreaming, beyond thought, beyond the gate of the beyond. Each day we all awake in a different universe that we’ve directed ourselves to, but the differences are usually so subtle they’re easily ignored - and even when we notice a slight change we usually relegate it automatically to ‘faulty memory’. So there is no such thing as proof – but there is undeniable evidence lurking everywhere for the inquiring mind.” Phico injects the herb into the conversation as Ramses finally pauses for breath. 

         “Can you change it consciously? When you’re awake?” Amara quickly passes the log to Ramses, her brow furrowing into slashes of lightning beneath the brimming black brim of her hat as it slips back to release unwinding spirals of jet black hair.
         “You’re never actually unconscious,” he speaks through the smoke pouring from his mouth, “but at moments of stress, moments that imprint themselves deeply on your consciousness and etch themselves into your nervous system, your attention is concentrated so strongly on the present that you can magnetise the mindstuff that is the manifest realm,” his arm takes in the orb of the globe and the spray of the milky way in a elliptical sweep, “and shape it to your will. 

         “The strongest emotions and their associated images will direct the manifestation of reality, whether they be hopes or fears…” 

         “The universe will take the strongest imprint either way,” agrees Phico, “It won’t differentiate.” 

         “Wow,” says Amara. “Then it’s all… malleable?” 

         “It’s all a fractal hologram in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” the prince exhales a purple and green cloud shot through with scintillating sparks of orgone that dance around the firelight in counter-rotation to the rising central core of embers spiraling up to the numberless stars winking down on them. 

         “As above, so below,” she says, meeting his gaze and winking. For an instant the ghostly visage of Amber washes across her face, and then she’s Amara again. He checks the height of the moon and the shading of the eastern sky, but there’s still no sign of dawn. “Like a hologram. But how do you change it?”
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“You’re always changing it. It’s living fractal hologram in which each and every being makes their own reality – because there are an infinite series of possibilities that each of us can choose to manifest, and we do. Each of us creates our own private heaven or hell, populated with a vast collection of beings, or versions of beings, whose intentions are headed in the same direction. We are limited only by our imaginations. Everyone has free will, is a free agent in this malleable manifestation we dimly perceive as reality. The first step is noticing the changes as they happen, and to notice the decisions you make that are marked by synchronicities - nodal points of change in the pathways branching through your potential futures. Slowly, you gain the ability to steer yourself – so that the world grows progressively better.” 


         “By learning the true sources of your emotions and thoughts so that you can steer them consciously. Then the rest follows.” 

         “Your passions energise your visualisations,” Phico ruminates over another steaming saucepan of coffee, “so it behooves one to be aware of what we’re creating with our daily thoughts - and our reactions to the dramatic variables of existence in the physical realm – magnificent as it is.” 

         “Paradise,” agrees Ramses. The tatvic tide turns...


  BEWARE - implicate & xplicit concepts & images!

- R. Ayana

images - author's collage - Psychedelic Water  
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