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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Ice Age Ahead: Ice Age Precursors Upon Us

Ice Age Ahead
Ice Age  Precursors Upon Us - full length feature presentation

How close is the return of the Ice Age?
Ice Age Climate Change vs. Global Warming Carbon Politics

No, the Ice Age isn't coming. It is already here. The Earth has been in an Ice Age Epoch for 2 million years already, with deep glaciation that piles up ice sheets up to 13,000 feet deep that typically cover all of Canada and extend into the northern U.S. States. The cause for the ice age cycles has been poorly understood in the past. Many new discoveries have been made that open up a new perspective of the ice age dynamics and our relationship with it. 
During the last million years the long Ice Age deep freeze has been periodically interrupted with nice warm interglacial holiday periods, like the present one that has run its curse. We now face a return to the normal Ice Age climate for the Earth. This poses some big questions:
·         Are we prepared for the impending return to the normal Ice Age world that is typically 30 times colder than the Little Ice Age had been? 
·         Are we prepared to relocate our endangered agriculture that our food-supply depends on, into areas that the Ice Age cooling cannot reach?
·         Are we prepared to launch the needed industrial revolution for creating infrastructures to meet the Ice Age Challenge that now confronts us?
·         Are we prepared to face reality, with real scientific advances that have been made quietly in the background, rather than to continue dreaming the politically orchestrated dream of global warming that has lulled humanity to sleep for the profits of a few?

Next Ice Age




The modern Ice Age cycles that started two million years ago are far from over: we may be at the half-way point

The current interglacial period is ending
The condition for glaciation is resuming
Beware of the corresponding loss of agriculture

Interglacial warm periods, like the present, are rare anomalies,
they are short 13,000 year holidays every 100,000 years. 

Numerous cycles are interacting

The longest cycles are the 150 million year cycles

They have caused four major glaciation periods that are known to have occurred in geologic time, spaced 150 million years apart. These extremely long cycles appears to reflect cyclical variables outside of our galaxy, as all other explanations are seriously flawed to the point that they don't make any sense at all.

Superimposed are 'shorter' 62-million-year cycles

Some theories have it that the shorter cycles are caused by the solar system bobbing up and down across the galactic plane (ecliptic) as it orbits around the galactic center. No cause for such an effect is known. However, in an electric galaxy such an effect would mirror on the large scale what has been observed within the solar heliosphere in the form of the spiraling nature of the heliospheric current sheet. A similar phenomenon appears to exist on the galactic scale.  The 62-million year cycles can be explained as a phenomenon that is caused by electric action as we see it reflected in the wave action of the current sheet that extends across the solar heliosphere on the ecliptic plane. A spinning wave-like pattern has been observed resulting from electromagnetic interaction of the electric current with the 'spinning' solar magnetic field. On the galactic scale such a phenomenon would lift our solar system cyclically above and below the galactic ecliptic, as is currently assumed to be happening.


On this larger stage the galactic spiral arms are the current sheet. Consequently one would expect to find similar wave actions occurring on the larger stage of the galaxy, affecting the stars and their relative position to the galactic ecliptic plane, resulting in electric current density variations and corresponding cosmic-ray density variations, such as we see secondarily reflected in the 62 million year cycles superimposed in the above graph. 

If we look at the last of the 62 million year cycles (above) and compare it with known events, we find the freeze-up of Antarctica (around 30 million years ago), and its subsequent melting, and renewed freeze-up, to fall perfectly within the timeframe of the current 62-million year cycle.

palaeotemperature covering the entire Phenerozoic Eon

We are presently at a low point of the 62 million year cycle, which corresponds with the current Pleistocene Epoch, the most intense Ice Age Epoch of this cycles, which began 2 million years ago and appears to be presently at its mid point, being centered at the low point of both the 150 and 62 million year cycles. 
During the last million years of the Pleistocene Epoch (the current Ice Age Epoch), deep glaciation has occurred, interspersed every 100,000 years with warm interglacial periods of an average duration in the 13,000-year range. 

Four major 'short-term' cycles are related the 100,000-year glacial/interglacial cyclical patterns. Of these three cycles are related to the orbital characteristics of the Earth. They are generally referred to as the Milankovitch Cycles. And there is a fourth cycle in the 100,000-year timeframe that is superimposed in step with the Milankovitch Cycles are related to. Since this fourth cycle is driving the Ice Age show, that the Milankovitch Cycles stand in the background of, and this cycle is evidently routed in the dynamics of the galaxy itself, precise perditions of the start of the next transition to glaciation is not possible, the moral imperative must therefore be to make the necessary preparations for a new agricultural infrastructure for mankind that won't be affected by the cold of the coming glaciation, regardless of when this may happen.

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  1. Yep, I've been trying to tell people this for years...

  2. I remember back in the 1970's, scientists were warning about the approaching ice age. Here is a clip of Walter Cronkite, then the father figure of the mass media, speaking of the approaching ice age. The manufactured "global warming" changed to "climate change" when the figures didn't add up, is a New World Order scheme to manipulate humans natural concern and outrage over corporate brutality of the environment (totally unecessary) and use it as a way for futher enslavement via the infamous Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is rarely if ever mentioned by the pushers of the climate change meme. That is a very, very important indication of dark intent. First get as many on board supporting the idea of climate change and then reveal Agenda 21 as the only solution. Hegelian Dialect once again. Massive greenhouses should be constructed, hydroponics, etc. And what of all the hidden suppressed alternative energies? The Controllers seem blindly intent on carrying out their plans despite contrary evidence they should do otherwise. But such is what occurs when genetic psychopaths from family bloodlines are allowed to continue ruling. There is so much hidden, suppressed information, and that is exactly what humans need the most, relevent, useful information. According to last summer's annual meeting of the Royal Academy of Astronomers, in which over 500 scientists met, the incoming "Maunder Minimum" will be full blown within 15 years. How wll the Controllers explain the shift? Perhaps they think that within 15 years, the NWO will be fully established, and it won't really matter what the average human thinks or feels, for the average human will no longer exist. Perhaps that's a bit dramatic, but at the speed of false flags and an almost complete and in your face flaunting of corruption, it could very well happen. And the science on human splicing with animal genetics is expected to go full throttle as the US federal government announced plans to lift a moratorium on funding of certain controversial experiments that use human stem cells to create animal embryos that are partly human. The Chinese are going full throttle on this research.
    That is why it is important for humans to have a general awakening.
    Good article New Illuminati, thank-you for questioning the climate change propaganda. It's really simple common sense. The Controllers LIE about everything, so why should the masses accept another platform widely promoted by mainstream media and mainstream academia, and gov-paid scientists, a meme which will drastically change our existence? Smart meters are on our properties for a reason, and it isn't about saving the people any money, as we were told. Ha! the Controllers don't give a damn about the people. They would just as soon the a great majority of humans starve or freeze to death. Thinking the planet is heating up when actually it is turning colder. Now isn't that some typical irony now to be expected from the psychos who are currently in charge? We must never discount geoengineering as well, how much of our weather is natural at this point, and how much weather is actually "engineered". The desire to control within the physical realm of energy, is an irony in itself, a totally deeply felt laugh eminating from the heart of the
    Cosmos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4JX1S9YZBo

    1. Thanks. The planet IS actually warming at present, and soon it will be much, much cooler if many millennia of solar data and other swathes of evidence are to be believed.

      However, fossil fuel use is utterly untenable, filling our soils and waterways with coal ash deposits of toxic minerals, filling the oceans with mercury at such high levels that all coastal fisheries are now inedible, acidifying soils and waterways, killing forests, suffocating people... AND raising atmospheric CO2 to levels unprecedented since long before humankind inhabited this planet... the list goes on and on.

      We need to be aware of both problems, and the fact that far more than one disastrous process are occurring simultaneously.


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