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Sunday, 14 August 2016

UFO Investigators Murdered

UFO Investigators Murdered

UFO investigators being murdered


There`s still too much suspicion raised when it comes to various deaths of UFO investigators. It is to frequent and they are too many. And this has been going on since 1947. And still does. It’s all from death by gunshot to the head. Death by probable poisoning. Death by alleged suicides, Death by strangulation. Deaths by implantation of radioactive isotopes, Deaths by implantation of deadly viruses. The list goes on and on.

I Remember how I got into this topic regarding UFO investigators mysterious deaths. It started when I read the first reports 1981 of the late astronomer Dr. M.K. Jessup? He was the first to reveal details of the famous Philadelphia Experiment, he died in 1959 in Coral Gables, Florida, an apparent suicide. And now many years later I still keep an eye on whats happening to our investigators.

Yet the recent suspicious deaths of UFO investigators John E Mack, Lloyd Pie, Alistair Beckham, Mr.X, Uyrangê Hollanda, Phil Schneider, Ronald Rummel, Dr. Alan J Hynek, Danny Casolaro, Dr Karla Turner, Ron Johnson, Con Routine, Ann Livingston as well as the deaths of a host of researchers in the past and many more, only add emphasis to a reality with which many of the more aware UFOIogists are now quite familiar. Not only is UFO research a potentially dangerous area, but the life span of the average serious investigator falls far short compared to the national average.

Because if you investigate this you will find that, many UFO researchers working on their research in the 1970s and 1980s died under some very mysterious circumstances, and many things points towards that may have been killed. This is also the conclusion reached by an amateur astronomer, a former U.S. government adviser Timothy Hood.

Hood made this statement at an international conference in Amsterdam dedicated to search for extraterrestrial intelligence. And I believe his statement to be true. But for all the researchers trying to find extraterrestrial life and revealing the truth it’s still unpleasant. Hood’s conclusion was prompted by a 30-year study of this topic.

“In a relatively short time, 25 people who worked in the space field died for various reasons. When discovered this tragic phenomenon, seriously believed that it had to do with aliens. According to Timothy Hood, these deaths were not accidental, but rather, were the work of special services that eliminated the experts because they knew too much.”

Let’s take a look at some of these unusual “deaths” allegedly done by suicide…

Captain Uyrangê Hollanda – Brazil

Captain Uyrangê Hollanda

During the months of September through December 1977, the Brazillian Air-Force under the command of a Captain Uyrangê Hollanda, was sent to the island of Colares to investigate a series of incidents in which over 80 people reported being attacked by beams of light from UFO’s, paralyzing two of them and leaving puncture and burn marks on their skin.

The investigation was codenamed “Operation Saucer”. This operation collated over 15 hours of film, 500 photos, and hundreds of documents with detailed drawings and interviews with over 3000 witness’.

The files were to remain classified by the Brazillian Government until 1997, when UFO investigator’s A J Gevaerd and Marco Petite of UFO Magazine were allowed partial access. They were also contacted by the then retired Cpt Hollanda who gave them a vivid recollection of the whole series of events.

In 1997, two decades after the operation, Captain Uyrangê gave an interview to researchers Ademar José Gevaerd (editor of UFO Magazine, founder and president of the CBPDV (Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas de Discos Voadores, or Brazilian Center of Flying Saucer Research), national director of the Mutual UFO Network) and Marco Antônio Petit. In this interview, he recounted his experiences living alongside his men.

Some three months after the interview, he was found dead hanging by his own belt.”

Ron Rummel


In early August, 1993, Ron Rummell (also known as Creston) was found dead in a Portland, Oregon park. He had been shot through the mouth and was supposedly holding a gun in his hand. The police labeled it a suicide and cremated the body the next day without performing an autopsy or notifying relatives.

Allegedly having shot himself in the mouth with a pistol. Friends say, that no blood was found on the pistol barrel and the handle of the weapon was free of fingerprints. In addition, according to information now circulating, the suicide note left by the deceased was written by a left-handed person. Rummel was right-handed. Perspiration on the body smelled like sodium pentothal.

Sverdlovsk Case – Russia

ufo-187 Sverdlovsk

This entire alleged incident was actually reported on a 1998 TNT special, “The Secret KGB UFO Files,” and hosted by former James Bond actor Roger Moore. The program showed startling filmed segments of the alleged UFO crash — as well as several minutes of the supposed autopsy of the dead alien. According to records the UFO crashed in 1969. I believe that this case is true. But I don’t believe the actual autopsy was genuine. This was probably added later and had really nothing to do with the Sverdlovsk crash.

And In April and May 1979, an unusual anthrax epidemic occurred in Sverdlovsk, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Soviet officials attributed it to consumption of contaminated meat. U.S. agencies attributed it to inhalation of spores accidentally released at a military microbiology facility in the city. Epidemiological data show that most victims worked or lived in a narrow zone extending from the military facility to the southern city limit. Farther south, livestock died of anthrax along the zone’s extended axis.

Many scientist allegedly also died during this outbreak. So the “TNT special” crew had a hard time getting in touch with several of the scientists who dealt with the craft. And It is now concluded that the escape of an aerosol of anthrax pathogen at the military facility caused the outbreak. Convenient?

U.S. Secretary of Defense

James Forrestal

May 1949, the life of the first U.S. Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, came to an end when he plunged to his death, from a window of the Bethesda, Maryland, National Naval Medical Center. Rumors abound that Forrestal’s classified, government work gave him unique access to the U.S. Government’s most guarded UFO secrets of all – secrets that Forrestal was intent on disclosing to the world, had his untimely and suspicious death not got in the way.

Lets also take a look at Alaistair Beckham and his fellow colleagues as yet an example. Were these scientists victims of a corrupt defense industry? Have they been espionage pawns? Are the deaths nothing more than an extraordinary coincidence? I don’t think so..

Did 22 British SDI Researchers really ALL Commit Suicide?

This is from the “Sheldon list.” The famous American writer Sidney Sheldon, working on his novel “The End of the World”, drew attention to a series of mysterious deaths among British specialists developing space weapons.

Fifty-year-old Alistair Beckham was a successful British aerospace- projects engineer. His specialty was designing computer software for sophisticated naval defense systems. Like hundreds of other British scientists, he was working on a pilot program for America’s Strategic Defense Initiative better known as Star Wars. And like at least 21 of his colleagues, he died a bizarre, violent death.


AUTO ACCIDENT–Professor Keith Bowden, 45, computer scientist, Essex University. In March 1982 Bowden’s car plunged off a bridge, into am abandoned rail yard. His death was listed as an accident.
MISSING PERSON–Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Godley, 49, defense expert, head of work-study unit at the Royal Military College of Science. Godley disappeared in April 1983. His father bequeathed him more than $60,000, with the proviso that he claim it be 1987. He never showed up and is presumed dead.

SHOTGUN BLAST–Roger Hill, 49, radar designer and draftsman, Marconi. In March 1985 Hill allegedly killed himself with a shotgun at the family home.

DEATH LEAP–Jonathan Walsh, 29, digital-communications expert assigned to British Telecom’s secret Martlesham Health research facility (and to GEC, Marconi’s parent firm). In November 1985 Walsh allegedly fell from his hotel room while working on a British Telecom project in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Africa). He had expressed a fear for his life. Verdict: Still in question.

DEATH LEAP–Vimal Dajibhai, 24, computer-software engineer (worked on guidance system for Tigerfish torpedo), Marconi Underwater Systems. In August 1986 Dajibhai’s crumpled remains were found 240 feet below the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol. The death has not been listed as a suicide.

DECAPITATION–Ashaad Sharif, 26, computer analyst, Marconi Defense Systems. In October 1986, in Bristol, Sharif allegedly tied one end of a rope around a tree and the other end around his neck, then drove off in his car at high-speed. Verdict: Suicide.

SUFFOCATION–Richard Pugh, computer consultant for the Ministry of Defense. In January 1987 Pugh was found dead, wrapped head-to- toe in rope that was tied four times around his neck. The coroner listed his death as an accident due to a sexual experiment gone awry.

ASPHYXIATION–John Brittan, Ministry of Defense tank batteries expert, Royal Military College of Science. In January 1987 Brittan was found dead in a parked car in his garage. The engine was still running. Verdict: Accidental death.

DRUG OVERDOSE–Victor Moore, 46, design engineer, Marconi Space Systems. In February 1987 Moore was found dead of a drug overdose. His death is listed as a suicide.

ASPHYXIATION–Peter Peapell, 46, scientist, Royal Military College of Science. In February 1987 Peapell was found dead beneath his car, his face near the tail pipe, in the garage of his Oxfordshire home. Death was due to carbon-monoxide poisoning, although test showed that the engine had been running only a short time. Foul play has not been ruled out.

ASPHYXIATION–Edwin Skeels, 43, engineer, Marconi. In February 1987 Skeels was found dead in his car, a victim of carbon-monoxide poisoning. A hose led from the exhaust pipe. His death is listed as a suicide.

AUTO ACCIDENT–David Sands, satellite projects manager, Eassams (a Marconi sister company). Although up for a promotion, in March 1987 Sands drove a car filled with gasoline cans into the brick wall of an abandoned cafe. He was killed instantly. Foul play has not been ruled out.

AUTO ACCIDENT–Stuart Gooding, 23, postgraduate research student, Royal Military College of Science. In April 1987 Gooding died in a mysterious car wreck in Cyprus while the College was holding military exercises on the island. Verdict: Accidental death.

AUTO ACCIDENT–George Kountis, experienced systems analyst at British Polytechnic. In April 1987 Kountis drowned after his BMW plunged into the Mersey River in Liverpool. His death is listed as a misadventure.

SUFFOCATION–Mark Wisner, 24, software engineer at Ministry of Defense experimental station for combat aircraft. In April 1987 Wisner was found dead in his home with a plastic bag over his head. At the inqust, his death was ruled an accident due to a sexual experiment gone awry.

AUTO ACCIDENT–Michael Baker, 22, digital-communications expert, Plessey Defense Systems. In May 1987 Baker’s BMW crashed through a road barrier, killing the driver. Verdict: Misadventure.

HEART ATTACK–Frank Jennings, 60, electronic-weapons engineer for Plessey. In June 1987 Jennings allegedly dropped dead of a heart attack. No inquest was held.

DEATH LEAP–Russel Smith, 23, lab technician at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment. In January 1988 Smith’s mangled body was found halfway down a cliff in Cornwall. Verdict: Suicide.

ASPHYXIATION–Trevor Knight, 52, computer engineer, Marconi Space and Defense Systems. In March 1988 Knight was found dead in his car, asphyxiated by fume from a hose attached to the tail pipe. The death was ruled a suicide.

ELECTROCUTION–John Ferry, 60, assistant marketing director for Marconi. In August 1988 Ferry was found dead in a company-owned apartment, the stripped leads of an electrical cord in his mouth. Foul play has not been ruled out.

ELECTROCUTION–Alistair Beckham, 50, software engineer, Plessey. In August 1988 Beckham’s lifeless body was found in the garden shed behind his house. Bare wires, which ran to a live main, were wrapped around his chest. Now suicide note was found, and police habe not ruled out foul play.

ASPHYXIATION–Andrew Hall, 33, engineering manager, British Aero- space. In September 1988 Hall was found dead in his car, asphyxiated by fumes from a hose that was attached to the tail pipe. Friends said he was well liked, had everything to live for. Verdict: Suicide.

When you collect the information and put together in these cases, you can clearly see that there are a surprising huge number of ufologists who have died in the most strange ways and circumstances since the 1950s. Prominent activist Stephen Bassett, supports the idea that the U.S. government has regularly murdered innocent citizens who have tried probing into UFO cases like Roswell or who have tried to get the Government to reveal the truth about UFOs.” And if you look at the latest headlines in this area, there are no exceptions.

“A crop circle researcher found floating in the sea”

“A plane supposedly shot down by the U.S. military is believed to have been carrying fragments of a flying saucer”

“The rapid decline of a UFO expert who believed he had found an alien skull

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  1. This is amazing, I had no idea that such suspicious deaths have occured. I was just listening to a podcast, of suspicious deaths amongst celebrities, especially musicians such as John Denver. Apparently he was an anti-war activist and was being harassed by a criminal outfit over a business venture, this from FBI files. That's right, the FBI had a file on the sweet John Denver. The alleged accusations of his cocaine use are unsubstaniated, by the FBI's own admission. And listen to this, John Denver's father was an Air Force officer and worked........at Roswell Air Force base. The method preferred seems to be plane crashes. We can observe this with political leaders who spoke out as well. Just remember, we currently live in the physical realm of energy, and that goes for aliens as well. In this realm, organisms eat other organisms. But this realm is not the only ride in the Cosmos. There is space consciousness, and the only true power is that space realm propels energy and mass consciousness. One choosing to kill maliciously will never enter Paradise. A salute to all those who speak out, may their essence be in Paradise. It is so sad, isn't it, how easily certain humans can kill? If they indeed are human. I used to ponder over whether or not genetic psychopaths are a hybrid created long ago by some outside manipulation. For certainly it appears that psychopaths have taken over this world. Love you New Illuminati, keep shining.

    1. Most people have the ability to discern between FACTS and fictions, but they often don't use their abilities and instead they'd rather believe in someone else's FICTIONS and are willing to die for them, and this is the nature of our psychopathic world, FYM!

    2. You've managed to do the reverse of hitting the nail on the head. These suspicious deaths are an indication of the opposite - that something IS being covered up, whether of a military or extraterrestrial nature - or both. There's a faction to YOUR fiction, and it fails to pertain to the evidence provided.

    3. Thanks FYM. You make the relentless slog through naysayer terrain worthwhile!

    4. What evidence? This is a bunch of hearsay!

  2. Really, Illuminator, respectfully where is the evidence? Can you yourself provide the proof or are you simply a BELIEVER in what others tell you? This stuff is an example of the source of our INSANITY. And INSANITY is simply holding any BELIEF or system that is NOT supported by FACT! Provide the evidence, place it at my feet and it will cease to be UNIDENTIFIED and I'll be the first to hop on board into the realm of observable FACT!

    By the way, I have a moon rock for sale, do you wish to purchase it? It's sitting right next to my pet rock!

    1. You could probably shriek a little more loudly if you try (that's all capitalising words means online, you know). Please discuss the 'facts' - data - presented in the article if you expect any meaningful reply. Failure to address the material provided is a sign of a blind mind, not an inquiring or skeptical one.

  3. Well, thanks for your opinion, Illuminator.... Capitalization can mean many things (emphasis added) to many different sheeple (CORPORATION FICTIONS)Again, I THINK UFO's and it's FICTIONAL topic is a good fairy-tale told to us by people like Stephen Spielberg, and George Lucas, and maybe Howdy Doody! Thanks again for your OPINION.

    1. I think Anonymous you need to do more homework then the fairytale life you are living and breathing in.

      Did you know the Smithsonian has hidden hundreds and hundreds of 15 foot Bones excavated and other evidence of Elongated-skulls of Humans mixed with other DNA?

      Did you know that the Smithsonian is an advocate of the Evolution theory and anything against it is considered anathema to them?

      Did you know about the US Governments highly secret "Majestic 12" Classified Files working with UFO's since I believe the 1950's or so?

      Did you know that these UFO abductions stop when some patients call on the name of Jesus?

      This is just "scratching the surface" of the 100's of Videos and Classified files I have gone through.

      My point is before you debunk someone, maybe it's time you think about those famous lines like "NOTHING IN THIS LIFE COMES EASY"


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