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Friday, 25 October 2013

Evidence That Princess Diana Was Assassinated by the UK Secret Services

Evidence That Princess Diana Was Assassinated by the UK Secret Services


Ever since the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, Mohamed Al Fayed (Dodi's father) openly accused the British establishment of ordering their assassination and covering it up afterwards. [1]

In September 2011, the UK Police received a letter from the former mother in law of an undisclosed SAS sniper, known only as Soldier N, who boasted to his wife that his unit "arranged Princess Diana’s death". 

According to the UK "Express" publication, 

"Shortly before she died, Diana wrote a chilling letter to her former butler Paul Burrell saying she had entered 'the most dangerous phase' of her life. She spoke of a plot to tamper with the brakes of her car to cause a crash and 'serious head injury'."

The mother of Diana's driver, Gisele, 83, said: 

“We believe there was a plot to kill the Princess. We know in our hearts that our son was murdered and we still live in hope that one day the truth will be known.”

Tormented by fears of assassination, Diana also appeared to predict her own death during a confidential meeting with the late Lord Mishcon in 1995. He later wrote an aide-memoire of the conversation.

Part of it says: 

"Efforts would be made if not to get rid of her (be it by some accident in her car, such as a pre-prepared brake failure or whatever) at least to see she was so injured as to be declared unbalanced."

The lawyer added: “She was convinced there was a conspiracy.” [2]

The Motives

According to investigative writer Alan Power, the Princess was keeping a journal in which she wrote about the sexual affairs of the British Monarchy.

He added:

"The dossier she was compiling was powerful stuff. But it also directly endangered the monarchy. It contained what Charles liked in bed, women he had affairs with and what he got up to with Camilla. There are bits about a senior royal and a male servant."

"The royal was allegedly accused of being discovered in bed with one of his servants."

Mr. Power believes that this was the main reason why Diana was murdered. [3]

A biographer making a film about Diana's life received death threats 

Author Brian Watson claims that he received threats on his and his family's life, after claiming Princess Diana's fatal crash was caused by assassins.

Before making his theory public, he received a phone call threat: 

"Drop the idea if you value your family’s life."

After thorough research, he reached the conclusion that Diana's Mercedes was steered into the 13th pillar (!) of a Paris tunnel, with the use of a remote control device.

He believes that the assassins followed Diana's vehicle in a white Fiat Uno, which was seen by multiple witnesses, but never been found by authorities.

Mr. Watson now fears for his life and revealed, "I said to my co-writer: ‘Have I got too close to the truth?'"

His documentary will be entitled "Who Killed The Queen Of Hearts?", and Mr. Watson already sent the script to film studios. [4]

By Alexander Light

Dying Diana 'finished off by the SAS'


SAS hitmen on motorbikes swarmed around Princess Diana’s crashed car to ­“finish her off”, it was claimed...

princess diana, paris, crash, sas hitmen, john morgan, photographers, scotland yardJohn Morgan believes Princess Diana was trailed by SAS hitmen [GETTY]

Royal author John Morgan ­believes a squad of Special Forces soldiers disguised as press photographers had trailed her. And they were first to the stricken car after the smash in a Paris road tunnel to make sure she did not survive.

But Morgan, who has written nine books about Diana, says they made one major mistake during their mission.

They rode “heavy duty” bikes rather than the light scooters favoured by the Paris paparazzi at the time.

Morgan, who has spent 16 years researching Diana’s mysterious death, wants his claims to form part of Scotland Yard’s new probe into the 1997 car smash.

The inquiry was triggered by a former member of the SAS, known as Soldier N, who claims Diana was murdered in an ­Establishment plot for fear she would undermine the monarchy by marrying Dodi Fayed, 42.

He said: “There was a group of motorcyclists. They were seen by quite a few witnesses between the Place de la Concorde and the Alma tunnel where the crash happened. Those motorcyclists were riding heavy machines, big motorbikes.

“It’s been shown that those motor-cyclists were not paparazzi because the paparazzi were all accounted for and were way behind because they were on scooters.

“It’s been shown that those motor-cyclists were not paparazzi because the paparazzi were all accounted for and were way behind because they were on scooters”

- Soldier N

“So the question is, who was on those motorbikes?

“It is a quite possible that MI6 employed SAS personnel to ride on those motorbikes.”

Mr Morgan is convinced the SAS men were on hand to ensure Diana’s injuries were non-survivable, as they proved to be.

He also believes three senior MI6 o­fficers moved to Paris shortly before the smash to co-ordinate the operation.

Australia-based Morgan says the claims of ex-SAS sniper Soldier N are a breakthrough in solving the riddle.

Soldier N is due to be quizzed by Scotland Yard after telling his wife that security forces caused the smash by shining a bright light into ­Diana’s driver Henri Paul’s eyes.

Former Royal Protection officers insist that Diana’s death was a tragic accident.

The scene of the crash in Paris [GETTY] 
The scene of the crash in Paris [GETTY]

 Was The Death Of Princess Diana A Murder Or An Accident?

By Sean Esco

On August 31, 1997 Diana, Princess of Wales died as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris, France. Her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and the driver of the Mercedes-Benz W140, Henri Paul, were also pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Many different reports regarding her death have been released…. including the anonymous letter that RAL received regarding the Diana’s death. In the anonymous letter much information is stated that Diana was murdered and that her death was not some sort of “accident.” Once again what you are about to read was an “anonymous” letter we received and not based on research from RAL.

Read the letter and share your thoughts below:

The death of Princess Diana sparked much controversy and the original reaction of the public was that she was murdered. After a media campaign that called the event an accident and blamed the paparazzi, the public was divided on the issue. Examining the evidence makes this issue a lot clearer. The film “Unlawful Killing” examines the evidence that was largely concealed from the public for years. This movie can still be found on torrent. The evidence presented in the film includes:

Diana left a note saying that she was suspecting there is a plot to murder her in a car accident. This note was hidden for years after the murder.

Was The Death Of Princess Diana A Murder Or An Accident?

Evidence used during the inquest was doctored, including blood samples, autopsy results, etc. For example, only a bottle of champagne was found at the driver’s apartment when the police searched it, so the police searched it again and found a lot of alcohol. The blood samples of the drivers had numbers that are physically impossible.

Witnesses saw a bright flash in the tunnel at the time of the incident. A former MI6 agent revealed that MI6 had a plan to assassinate a Serbian leader by blinding the driver in a tunnel with a bright flash.

Was The Death Of Princess Diana A Murder Or An Accident?

The ambulance ride took an incredibly long time to get to the hospital.

The media distorted the verdict of the inquest. The inquest found that Diana was murdered and other road vehicles were responsible for the murder, not paparazzi.

Was The Death Of Princess Diana A Murder Or An Accident?

A white Fiat Uno was seen by witnesses at the scene of Diana’s death and left paint on Diana’s car. James Andanson owned a Fiat Uno and lied about his whereabouts on the night of the murder. James Andanson’s body was found in his burnt out white Fiat Uno. It was locked and the body had no keys on it. The fireman that found his body said that he saw two bullet holes in the back of his skull. The police declared that it was a suicide. How did he shoot himself twice in the back of the head and then set the car on fire, before he died?

Was The Death Of Princess Diana A Murder Or An Accident?

People say that the royals are a harmless relic of the past. Instead of just enjoying their lavish lives that are paid for by the taxpayers, they are using their wealth and influence to murder people they don’t like. Sure, they don’t murder people with their own hands, but that doesn’t make them any less guilty. Diana’s murderers must be brought to justice. The actual assassins might be hard to find now that much of the evidence has been covered up and/or destroyed, but the people that ordered the hit can be located easily. These bloody aristocrats are living in luxury. Princess Diana tried to use her position to help people and she was murdered. Good always defeats evil and one day justice will be served.

-What do you think? Do you believe Diana was murdered or she died of the result of a everyday car accident?


From Red Alert Live @ http://redalertlive.com/2013/03/19/death-princess-diana-murder-accident/

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  1. Always take the contrarian point of view as you look into any so called conspiratorial theory. First admit to yourselves that you don't have any of the FACTS to this case, and for all those want to know what a FACT is, I'll tell you. A fact is a close agreement of a series of observations of the same phenomenon. Now that you know what a fact is, do you have any of them as the relate to this Diana case? No, so what we're left with is an entertaining notion about what happened to Diana. Is she alive or really dead? We don't know, because what we're left with are the alleged stories about what happened to her on that day. These stories are for entertainment purposes only, I'll speculate and say that she's still very much alive and I'll give you some theories as to why I believe she still might be... Many famous people are under the constant eye of the prying publics eye and as a result they often suffer from severe cases of burn-out, and they want nothing more than to escape from the exposer of being in a kind of circus cage at a photographers zoo... So they simply change their names, and alter their appearances and move out of the circus cage by creating an elaborate hoax, a staged event whereby the entire public (suckers) will be duped into believing in her fictional death as she lives her life comfortably ever after in the private sector and far, far away from anymore prying eyes.

    1. Innertesting perspective - but remember that 'conspiracy theories' are automatically contrarian! Watching, hearing or reading the freshest, earliest reports of such events - and remembering them, as they often disappear - can often be illuminating. In this case the rationalist guillotine of Occam's Razor would seem to come down on the side of murder most foul. Accidental death would be much easier to fake that what occurred in that Parisian tunnel, and the plethora of disturbing details would be utterly unnecessary to include in any faked death scenario. Diana was pregnant to a muslim and her child would have been a muslim third in line to the throne. Her second son was not the child of Charles either...

    2. Yes, diana may have been pregnant to a muslim, all the more reason to get out of the public zoo, no?

    3. http://simondoranteday.com/index.php/who-am-i/5-an-inconvenient-truth-for-who

      Aussie connection

  2. William and harry must know something as to what happened to their mum or are they covering up as well.????

    1. Family secrets are always hidden inside the family

  3. I thought conspiracy FACTS were more prevalent than conspiracy theories, Illuminator.

  4. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  5. She was murdered. Charles only married her so his kids will have some sort of 'prestigious' blood in them, after all Camilla was a nobody. Once he was done with her, he discarded her.

  6. If you accept the fairy tales of a lying media, then yes, she was murdered, but again, you have no facts to back your theory.

    1. Actually, the afiry tales of the lying media claim it was all just an accident. Please wake up before commenting. There are a vast array of 'facts' that demonstrate that this was no accident but a hit. The fact that it took so inexplicably long for her yo reach hospital is just one obvious 'fact'. So is the 'fact' that the media were vilified for trying to report the event and had their film evidence 'confiscated' - after reporting that an unidentified 'doctor' had suddenly appeared and treated Diana in the back of the wreck before disappearing. The damaged vehicle leaving a smoke trail from the tunnel also 'disappeared'. Diana claimed she was to be murdered in a car accident by the royal family. Go look up some 'facts' for yourself and stop shooting the mesenger.

    2. Talk about being sucked dry and cast aside...

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  7. FACT Diana hated the public pressure cooker and wanted OUT, so she opted out. You of all people should understand what Diana was living through, Illuminator. The same can be said about, Elvis, Michael Jackson, JFK jr. They all wanted out, and the best way to do this is to stage and or fake your own death. If I had the money and was famous and I wanted out, that is exactly what I would do to escape all the BS. JFK jr is a prime example, His pregnant wife wanted OUT of the media circus and gave him an ultimatum, so they staged his death near his hometown of course where it could be concealed.....

    1. r u a nai??? stupid fuck

    2. No, just an awakened guy that actually knew someone who staged faked deaths in order for some really famous people to get out of the insanity that is the public eye.... Makes total sense... If you think about it, can you think anon? probably not!

  8. And the media doesn't want to admit that these faked event go on quite often, they simply can't admit that they've been out foxed by the theatrics that they themselves use for their false flag events (Hollywood Style)

  9. Here's another and another probable faked death, JFK and Bobby. Sounds crazy, right? well, not when one awakens to the FACT that we're living entirely in socialistic Alice's Wonderland

  10. So what did JFK Jr. Do to fake his death, probably paid off the air traffic controller off the cape, turned off his transmitter, bought some old plane wreckage, dumped it at the alleged crash site, and let the media circus take it from there. Pretty easy to figure out that one... The search team, had to give off the perception that they found the royal child, his wife and sister, failure was not an option so they to crafted a fiction of recovery... LOL.. One needs to keep your sense of humor in all this, use your imagination, get down into the psychology of the people who decide to OPT OUT, and you'll find lots of originality in the process of moving on to another chapter in their lives.

  11. Trickery forms the very basis of our socially accepted society, enough said!

  12. Hey, and how about Robbin Williams??? He probably faked his own death. He goes off to the Hazelton Treatment center in Minnesota, spends a month or longer to reflect on his life, decides he needs to make some radical changes in order to escape the problems associated with fame, so he simply OPTS OUT by paying off the right people.... Takes on a a new appearance, a new name and away he goes into anonymity and a new role in life..... Love these speculative blogs!

  13. Center in Minnesota....Ochen jal...

  14. Diana was murdered because she was seeing a muslim the royals have no respect for William or Harry and now her grandchildren will never no there grandmother that is very sad

    1. No she wasn't murdered, she conned us, and deserves her peace, far, far away from the insanity that is our accepted society.

  15. What we must always remember is that usually the official story itself is a conspiracy theory.

  16. I think this ALL MAKE SINCE NOW and there is 1 person im 100% sure is a clone!!1 AND THAT IS BEYONCE SHE SHOWS SO MUCH SIGHNS

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