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Monday, 16 March 2015

The Dimming Sun and the Coming Ice Age

The Dimming Sun and the Coming Ice Age

  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Ice Age of the dimming Sun in 30 years

Introduction to the dimmer Sun

In December 2012 the plasma physicist David LaPoint published a series of videos about a phenomenon that he called: 'The Primer Fields.' With his discovery he takes aim at long-held mistaken theories about the physical universe, including black holes, dark matter, and dark energy, which are not required to interpret the observed evidence of the universe. 

In his videos David LaPoint illustrates the existence, and the operating principles, of the most basic electromagnetic fields that shape the solar system, the galactic system, and ultimately the cosmic environment. He suggests that these basic primal fields, which he discusses, are fundamental to the order and operation of the universe, and are even reflected in the transmission of light and the structure of matter itself, all the way down to its smallest subatomic forms. 

On the gigantic scale the electromagnetic fields that he recognized to exist, and has explored in the laboratory, shape entire galaxies. They are so fundamental to almost everything, that he calls them "The Primer Fields." In fact, without the Primer Fields and their effects on our Sun and planets, even the galaxy itself, might not have been created, so that nothing would actually exist without them. 

Star formation in a galaxy typically occurs in intensely focused and compressed plasma that the Primer Fields facilitate, to the point that nuclear fusion occurs, by which atoms, stars, planets, and entire galaxies are formed. 

The term, Primer Fields, is also justified, because on the ' smaller' stage of our solar system, the operation of the Primer Fields, though they are correspondingly smaller in size than on the galactic scale seen here, is critical for the dynamic operation of our solar system as a single functional unit.  

David LaPoint also discovered that the principles of the fields, that he calls the Primer Fields, is such that the galactic plasma streams that flow through the solar system become concentrated to a high degree of density around the Sun, which he replicated in principle in laboratory experiments. The result of his work brings a radically new dimension to the perception of the Sun and also of the dynamics of the ice ages. 

The perception of the Sun as an electrically powered star has existed for a long time already. A large body of evidence exists to support the electric Sun theory. But it had a weak point. For the theory to work, a high concentration of electric plasma is required to exist around the Sun, which put the theory in doubt. As an alternative, the theory of the nuclear fusion-powered Sun was created, except the observed evidence doesn't support this theory either. 

The sunspots on the surface of the Sun show the Sun to be darker below the surface. We should see the opposite if the Sun was internally powered, instead of it being electrically powered at the surface. 

Also the fusion Sun theory cannot readily explain the 11-year solar activity cycles in which the brightness of the Sun varies by a factor of 20 when observed in the high ultraviolet band. The fusion Sun theory has it that the photon travel time from the Sun's deemed fusion center to the surface, is deemed to be in the range between 10,000 and 170,000 years, while the assumed energy-transfer time itself, from the center of the sun to the surface, is deemed to be on the order of 30 million years. This hardly supports the 11-year solar cycles, in which the Sun's magnetic field changes direction at every cycle.

The contribution that David LaPoint brings to the table in this debate weighs enormously in support of the electric-Sun theory by illustrating how the high density plasma field is created around the Sun that the theory depends on. The Primer Fields theory takes away the barrier against the electric-Sun theory, which thereby becomes totally plausible, together with a number of related theories that thereby likewise become plausible. However, the Primer Fields theory takes us one critical step beyond merely supporting the electric-Sun theory. It renders the functioning of the electric Sun subject to a minimal threshold of conditions that must be met for the Sun to be powered, which, when it is not met, causes the Sun to become inactive, dim, and 'cold.' 

While David LaPoint may not have intended to support the electric-sun theory, his work illustrates that the process that creates a dense plasma sphere around the Sun happens, because the Primer Fields have that effect. It is known in plasma physics that these fields themselves depend for their existence on a minimal density in the plasma that flows through the system. If the threshold is not reached, the fields do not form. If the fields do not form, or cannot be maintained, the Sun does not have the condition established for it to be powered. 

The Sun simply turns off to an inactive state in which it glows dimly by its stored up energy and some nuclear decay processes within it. 

The required threshold, therefore, becomes an important factor in considering the dynamics of the ice ages. Just imagine the consequences on the Earth when our brilliant sun is suddenly turned off as the Primer Fields collapse, and looses more than two-thirds of its energy output in possibly a single day. 

The conventional theories of the ice age dynamics all regard the ice age glaciation as the result of a gradual cooling of the Earth. One theory sees the cooling being caused by cyclical variations of the orbit of the Earth around the Sun, with the Sun remaining an invariable constant by this theory. In the fusion-Sun theory, the Sun is deemed to be an invariable constant, so that the ice ages are caused by anything else except the Sun.

The resulting orbital-variation theory, known as the Milankovitch theory, however has so many holes in its fabric that it is generally no longer seriously considered as a cause for the ice ages. 

The standard electric-sun theory doesn't have this problem. Plenty of evidence exists that the power output of the Sun does vary with the density of the electric input. The large temperature fluctuations that are known to have occurred over the last half billion years are evidently the result of cyclical electric input fluctuations. The Primer Fields theory does not change that, but it does open the gate to the recognition that the entire process of the powered Sun can collapse when a minimal power-input threshold is not met, as we have seen happening during the ice ages.   

The Primer Field theory brings a huge difference to the table. In the past it was believed that ice age conditions develop slowly and gradually over extended periods, so that humanity can adjust itself to the changing conditions, even in cases when the Earth becomes five times colder than the Little Ice Age had been, over the span of 50 years. The Primer Fields theory jolts us out of this dream, or at least it should. 

If the fields are not maintained sufficiently that they collapse and vanish, extremely radical changes occur in as short a time as possibly a single day. The Primer Fields theory takes away the general notion that we have a long time to prepare for the coming Ice Age and don't need to respond yet. It tells us that the opposite is true; that we need to get prepared as fast as possible, which almost no one is yet willing to even consider. In this context the Primer Fields theory presents us a great blessing in disguise. 

 It forces us, if we are willing to respond, to re-develop our humanity as fast as possible, which we urgently need in the present to avoid the catastrophe of nuclear war that no one will likely survive, for which the preparations are evermore intensely pursued in numerous ways.  

In this regard the potentially near, rapid ice age transition that the Primer Fields theory brings into view, offers us an incentive to get our act together, which would be the greatest salvation that we could experience on every front where civilization is presently fast collapsing. 

The Primer Fields theory illustrates a single basic principle that applies to all complex systems, including civilization. In economics, when the creative and productive power of a nation diminishes below a minimal threshold, the entire economic system disintegrates. It becomes inactive. The nations collapse. The world becomes cold. The people die.  

This happens to cultures too when the recognized value of our humanity drops below a minimal threshold. Nuclear war happens then, when the humanist culture disintegrates. 

We are close to the minimal threshold on a number of these vital fronts, especially in economics.  

For example, when the assumed value of money drops below the point where the value of money becomes uncertain in the markets, it becomes meaningless at this point. At this point the financial markets collapse, banks close, stores close, gas stations close, transportation collapses, the food supply system stops, the entire platform of physical infrastructures becomes inactive.  

The world's money-value system can unravel in a single day. No one knows how close we are to this day. The Glass Steagall law that once protected the value of money in the USA, has been repealed in Congress in 1999 by a bunch of traitors who were bribed to do so with a $350 million slush fund. To date all efforts have failed to restore even this minimal protection of the value of currency that the repealed law had afforded for the 66 years in which it was active. Against the background of the now fast collapsing value of money the entire economic system can collapse in a single day, just as the presently powered Sun can go inactive in a day when the fields collapse that prime its operational environment.

David LaPoint's work illustrates that the electric Sun, which varies only slightly during the interglacial warm period that we are presently enjoying, will with great certainty go completely inactive when the plasma density of the electric streams feeding into the solar system falls below the threshold level where the primer fields collapse.

In astrophysics, that's the point where the ice age transition begins. That's what happened 120,000 years ago. 

The current trend suggests that we will cross the cut-off threshold in the near future. An ice age begins when the minimal conditions no longer exist for the system to function, that powers the Sun.

The Sun reverts to its default state then - its inactive state. It turns dim in a single short step, and the climate on earth that looses two thirds of its energy input, turns cold. At this point rapid deep cooling begins all across the Earth.

Before this point is upon us, all the preparations for the dramatic changes in the Earth's environment will have to be completed. To fail is not an option if we want to continue to live. For this reason it is not an option either that we raise the value of our humanity far above the present level and protect it on all fronts. And this needs to begin now. 

The analysis of ice cores drilled from the ice sheets of Greenland indicates that the Sun became inactive 120,000 years ago. That's when the last Ice Age started. The ice core records also tell us that the Sun became activated for short periods, every 1470 years, throughout the entire glaciation period. The periodic re-warming may have prevented the Earth from freezing up completely. 

The inactive periods of the Sun were nevertheless long enough to create the huge cooling on earth that lays up ice sheets across the northern hemisphere more than 10,000 feet deep, which are known to have existed. 

It is here, that the theoretical becomes important for us all in a critical practical manner. The present trends suggest that the turn-off transition that makes the Sun inactive, might be upon us in 30 to 50 years time. When this happens the entire world will have to live with a dimmer Sun on a colder earth. Of course this poses some challenges for maintaining our food supply. 

The chlorophyll in plants will have to function at reduced energy levels and with a shifted radiation spectrum.

Here a great challenge arises for humanity as a whole, to work together to create infrastructures that are needed to maintain our food supply in the coming dimmer and colder world. While it is technologically and economically possible to meet this challenge, the question remains whether we will do what is needed to maintain our existence? 

The wide range of considerations that come into focus in the context of the dimming Sun, evidently determines the topics that this video is focusing on. The video focuses on the theories and the evidences, and how they will impact us all when the changing conditions unfold as expected. And at the end, the video will also focus on the dimension of our response to the expected conditions. This remains presently the biggest open question of them all. 
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