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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Suppressed Antigravity Secrets Revealed

Suppressed Antigravity Secrets Revealed


by Jeff Smith © September 2014

The Nazi Bell, AntiGravity and the Secret Apollo Space program

The great German–American theoretical physicist Friedwardt Winterberg stated that the generation of gigaelectronvolt (GeV) potentials, made possible in the ultra-high vacuum of space, has the capability of leading to a workable antigravity propulsion system for spaceflight.  

It is the ultra-high vacuum of space by which this can be achieved; and if the spacecraft acting as a capacitor is charged up to GeV potentials in a total vacuum, it will levitate.

If the spacecraft is positively charged against the electron cloud surrounding the craft, and with a magnetic field in the order of 10,000 gauss, it becomes insulated against the Earth's electron cloud up to GeV potentials.  The spacecraft and its surrounding electron cloud form a virtual diode with a GeV potential difference.  This in turn produces positive magnetic buoyancy (antigravity) in the spacecraft.  

This is also the basis of the Biefeld-Brown effect and the working mechanism behind the crude electrostatic ion-lifters used by amateur experimenters into electrogravitics.

Recently declassified US Department of Energy/Department of Defense research conducted by Winterberg and other physicists working on the relationship between plasma and gravity has disclosed a number of interesting and yet publicly unknown facts about the true nature of gravity.  This information has been kept secret for over 50 years.  
ccX-6-fig7-10 by new_illuminati1.

The primary basis of the magnetic buoyancy theory of gravity is the simple concept of hydromagnetic displacement.  This dates back to James Clerk Maxwell's original 1868 displacement theory and his lines-of-force theory.  

Simply put, a plasma if charged to a high-enough density will act as a superconductor and will repel all external magnetic and electrostatic fields.  If the area of the plasma is great enough, positive buoyancy or antigravity  occurs.  

Normally on Earth, we absorb the magnetic field lines causing negative buoyancy—or what is referred to as terrestrial gravity.  The magnetic lines of force pull you to the surface of the Earth.  The gyroscope and the induction coil prove this to be true.  

No object can shield itself from this form of magnetism unless it is shielded by a high-density plasma sheet—a basic Faraday cage effect for gravity.  

A gyroscope actually locks on to these lines of force due to the homopolar motor generator effect, producing the so-called gyroscopic effect.  For antigravity, you just block or push out the lines of force and you become weightless.  

There is no mathematics needed to explain the basic theory of gravity.  You just need to teach it correctly.  Unfortunately, the connection between plasma and gravity was not known until World War II.  By then, it was classified as a military secret and kept locked up that way for over 70 years.  

Researchers into nuclear plasma ball effects at Sandia National Laboratories and other laboratories have made great progress in this technology since it was first discovered during the testing phase of the atomic bomb in World War II.  

During the war, this effect was first discovered by scientists while working on the German atomic bomb program, commonly known as the Nazi Bell Project.  It was later weaponised and tested at the Peenemünde Army Research Centre for use in a potential spaceflight program by Dr Wernher von Braun and company.  After the war, the technology was transferred to the USA under Operation Paperclip.  

The early research into this technology was first assigned to Larry Bell of Bell Aircraft Corporation.  After Bell's death, North American Aviation and Grumman took over the research.  Both companies were the prime contractors for the Apollo Command/ Service Module (CSM) and Lunar Module (LM).  

The very-high-voltage generator circuitry—called a Marx generator—that produced this effect was hidden in the upper section of the CSM within the emergency escape rocket and acted as the upper electrode for the system.  The rocket body acted as the lower electrode.  This was part of the so-called "Apollo weight reduction program".  

Edward Leedskalnin of "Coral Castle" fame once said:  "If you put my invention into the nose of a rocket, you will have no problem going to the Moon."  Apparently he had no idea as to how correct he was.

With the LM, the entire system worked by charging its outer skin to an extremely high voltage in the millions of volts.  The system could not be tested on Earth due to the capacitive plates shorting out—unless they were placed in a total vacuum chamber.  

For this reason, NASA constructed an extremely large vacuum test chamber, called the "environmental test chamber" as its cover.  To hide the system in full view, they came up with the story of covering the LM with a "micrometeorite shield".  This was in fact the outer capacitive plates used for charging the LM up to the power levels needed in order to repel the magnetic lines of force and the electron cloud potential (charge) of the Moon.

It took over three minutes to fully charge up the LM before zero gravity was reached.  The term used during the spaceflights was to "warm up the LM".

The very-high-voltage power supply, called a Wimshurst generator, was disguised as the central gyroscope for the spacecraft in order to ensure flight stability.  This is why the LM and all UFOs can only move in an up–down, left–right, forward–backward motion while in flight.  

It was centred directly over the 500-pound [~227 kilogram] kick motor that could run for only a maximum of 30 seconds before burnout.  With both the kick motor and the on-board magnetic buoyancy system in operation, the LM had to be able to dock with the CSM within three orbits.  

If the weight reduction system failed to work, the LM could not take off; weighing in at over 3,000 pounds [~1,361 kilograms] with only a 500-pound kick motor to lift it, it would be futile.  

During the Apollo 13 mission, the weight reduction system was used to return the astronauts safely back to Earth.  Astronaut James Lovell was quoted as saying that "the damned thing bucked like hell and it was all they could do to control it".

One slip and they would have shot off into space, never to be seen again…

Electron disconnect, Magnetic Buoyancy and the antigravity effect of a nuclear fireball

It is well known that even small detonations of chemical explosives will produce electromagnetic pulses, so it is not surprising that similar pulses are produced in nuclear explosions.

The first type of explosion is associated with the creation, by radiation from the burst, of some kind of asymmetry in the electric charge distribution surrounding the region of detonation.  The second is the result of rapid expansion of the essentially perfectly conducting plasma in the Earth's magnetic field.

The first is called the Compton electron model.  The other is called the field displacement model.  Field displacement occurs when the expansion of the plasma fireball is restricted into a more or less spherically symmetrical manner by the surrounding material.

When the electron field density of the plasma fireball reaches over 3 x 103 per cubic centimetre, electron disconnect between the plasma fireballs, atoms and the electromagnetic field of the Earth will occur.  This produces an antigravity effect that allows the plasma fireball to repel and rise up against gravity.  This is due to a substantial difference in the magnetic field density of the Earth and the electron field density of the plasma fireball.  It is called magnetic buoyancy.

Electromagnetic buoyancy occurs when the Earth's magnetic field lines are very rapidly stretched, expanded or moved due to the presence of the hot, expanding plasma in the nuclear fireball.  This produces a form of electromagnetic buoyancy similar to standard hydrodynamic buoyancy.  It is a magnetohydrodynamic process which can be demonstrated in any charged plasma if the plasma's electron density is high enough and the plasma losses are low enough to be negligible.

Immediately after the detonation of a plasma fireball, the highly ionised vapour or plasma expands rapidly.  A property possessed by all plasmas is a tendency to exclude a magnetic field from its interior.  The expanding plasma thus causes a violent distortion of the Earth's magnetic field as a result of the interaction between the Earth's magnetic field and the charged particles in the expanding plasma and surrounding ionised gases.  This disturbance propagates away as a hydrodynamic wave.

A plasma in a magnetic field always tends to exclude the magnetic field lines from its interior.  Hence, when the plasma expands it will cause the Earth's magnetic field lines to expand or to be stretched in such a way that they remain outside the conducting volume of plasma.  This produces an electron disconnect between the charged particles in the plasma and the local electromagnetic field of the Earth.  In this state, magnetic buoyancy occurs.

When part of the plasma ball becomes electrically neutral by recombination of the ions and electrons, it will no longer be affected by the Earth's magnetic field so it can now escape from the region of confinement.  The remainder of the gas which is still charged will be recompressed.


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About the Author

Jeff Smith has a degree in electrical engineering, applied science and physics.  He is a former a nuclear weapons specialist with the US government and a former UN weapons inspector specialising in nuclear nonproliferation issues.  He is now semi-retired and works for a private nonprofit research library as a cryptographic curator and historian, preserving restricted documents that are of historic and scientific value.  Correspondence for Mr Smith can be emailed to editor@nexusmagazine.com.

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by Jeff Smith © September 2014
Published in NEXUS Magazine, Volume 21, Number 6.  October-November 2014.
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Summary of Townsend Brown's Original Patent Specification
A Method of and an Apparatus or Machine for Producing Force or Motion


This invention relates to a method of controlling gravitation and for deriving power therefrom, and to a method of producing linear force or motion. The method is fundamentally electrical.

The invention also relates to machines or apparatus requiring electrical energy that control or influence the gravitational field or the energy of gravitation; also to machines or apparatus requiring electrical energy that exhibit a linear force or motion which is believed to be independent of all frames of reference save that which is at rest relative to the universe taken as a whole, and said linear force or motion is furthermore believed to have no equal and opposite reaction that can be observed by any method commonly known and accepted by the physical science to date.

Such a machine has two major parts A and B. These parts may be composed of any material capable of being charged electrically. Mass A and mass B may be termed electrodes A and B respectively. Electrode A is charged negatively with respect to electrode B, or what is substantially the same, electrode B is charged positively with respect to electrode A, or what is usually the case, electrode A has an excess of electrons while electrode B has an excess of protons.

While charged in this manner the total force of A towards B is the sum of force g (due to the normal gravitational field), and force e (due to the imposed electrical field) and force x (due to the resultant of the unbalanced gravitational forces caused by the electro negative charge or by the presence of an excess of electrons of electrode A and by the electro positive charge or by the presence of an excess of protons on electrode B).

By the cancellation of similar and opposing forces and by the addition of similar and allied forces the two electrodes taken collectively possess a force 2x in the direction of B. This force 2x, shared by both electrodes, exists as a tendency of these electrodes to move or accelerate in the direction of the force, that is, A towards B and B away from A. Moreover any machine or apparatus possessing electrodes A and B will exhibit such a lateral acceleration or motion if free to move.

In this Specification I have used terms as "gravitator cells" and "gravitator cellular body" which are words of my own coining in making reference to the particular type of cell I employ in the present invention. Wherever the construction involves the use of a pair of electrodes, separated by an insulating plate or member, such construction complies with the term gravitator cell, and when two or more gravitator cells are connected in series within a body, such will fall within the meaning of gravitator cellular body.

The electrodes A and B are shown as having placed between them an insulating plate or member C of suitable material, such that the minimum number of electrons or ions may successfully penetrate it. This constitutes a cellular gravitator consisting of one gravitator cell.

It will be understood that, the cells being spaced substantial distances apart, the separation of adjacent positive and negative elements of separate cells is greater than the separation of the positive and negative elements of any cell, and the materials of which the cells are formed being the more readily affected by the phenomena underlying my invention than the mere space between adjacent cells, any forces existing between positive and negative elements of adjacent cells can never become of sufficient magnitude to neutralize or balance the force created by the respective cells adjoining said spaces. The uses to which such a motor, wheel, or rotor may be put are practically limitless, as can be readily understood, without further description. The structure may suitably be called a gravitator motor of cellular type.

In keeping with purpose of my invention an apparatus may employ the electrodes A and B within a vacuum tube. Electrons, ions, or thermions can migrate readily from A to B. The construction may be appropriately termed an electronic, ionic, or thermionic gravitator as the case may be.

In certain of the last named types of gravitator units, it is desirable or necessary to heat to incandescence the whole or part of electrode A to obtain better emission of negative thermions or electrons or at least to be able to control that emission by variation in the temperature of said electrode A. Since such variations also influence the magnitude of the longitudinal force or acceleration exhibited by the tube, it proves to be a very convenient method of varying this effect and of electrically controlling the motion of the tube. The electrode A may be heated to incandescence in any convenient way as by the ordinary methods utilizing electrical resistance or electrical induction.

Moreover in certain types of the gravitator units, now being considered, it is advantageous or necessary also to conduct away from the anode or positive electrode B excessive heat that may be generated during the operation. Such cooling is effected externally by means of air or water cooled flanges that are in thermo connection with the anode, or it is effected internally by passing a stream of water, air, or other fluid through a hollow anode made especially for that purpose.

The gravitator motors may be supplied with the necessary electrical energy for the operation and resultant motion thereof from sources outside and independent of the motor itself. In such instances they constitute external or independently excited motors. On the other hand the motors when capable of creating sufficient power to generate by any method whatsoever all electrical energy required therein for the operation of said motors are distinguished by being internal or self excited. Here, it will be understood that the energy created by the operation of the motor may at times be vastly in excess of the energy required to operate the motor. In some instances the ratio may be even as high as a million to one. Inasmuch as any suitable means for supplying the necessary electrical energy, and suitable conducting means for permitting the energy generated by the motor to exert the expected influence on the same may be readily supplied, it is now deemed necessary to illustrate details herein. In said self excited motors the energy necessary to overcome the friction or other resistance in the physical structure of the apparatus, even to accelerate the motors against such resistance, is believed to be derived solely from the gravitational field or the energy of gravitation. Furthermore, said acceleration in the self excited gravitator motor can be harnessed mechanically so as to produce usable energy or power, said usable energy or power, as aforesaid, being derived from or transferred by the apparatus solely from the energy of gravitation.

The gravitator motors function as a result of the mutual and unidirectional forces exerted by their charged electrodes. The direction of these forces and the resultant motion thereby produced are usually toward the positive electrode. This movement is practically linear. It is this primary action with which I deal.

As has already been pointed out herein, there are two ways in which this primary action can accomplish mechanical work. First, by operating in a linear path as it does naturally, or second, by operating in a curved path. Since the circle is the most easily applied of all the geometric figures, it follows that the rotary form is important.

There are three general rules to follow in the construction of such motors. First, the insulating sheets should be as thin as possible and yet have a relatively high puncture voltage. It is advisable also to use paraffin saturated insulators on account of their high specific resistances. Second, the potential difference between any two metallic plates should be as high as possible and yet be safely under the minimum puncture voltage of the insulator. Third, there should in most cases be as many plates as possible in order that the saturation voltage of the system might be raised well above the highest voltage limit upon which the motor is operated. Reference has previously been made to the fact that in the preferred embodiment of the invention herein disclosed the movement is towards the positive electrode. However, it will be clear that the motion may be had in a reverse direction determined by what I have just termed 'saturation voltage' by which is meant the efficiency peak or maximum of action for that particular type of motor; the theory, as I may describe it, being that as the voltage increases the force or action increases to a maximum which represents the greatest action in a negative to positive direction. If the voltage were increased beyond that maximum the action would decrease to zero and hence to the positive to negative direction.

The rotary motor comprises broadly speaking, an assembly of a plurality of linear motors, fastened to or bent around the circumference of a wheel. In that case the wheel limits the action of the linear motors to a circle, and the wheel rotates in the manner of a fireworks pin wheel.


I declare that what I claim is:

1.    A method of producing force or motion which comprises the step of aggregating the predominating gravitational lateral or linear forces of positive and negative charges which are so co-operatively related as to eliminate or practically eliminate the effect of the similar and opposing forces which said charges exert.

2.    A metod of producing force or motion, in which a mechanical or structual part is associated with at least two electrodes or the like, of which the adjacent electrodes or the like have charges of differing characteristics, the rsultant, predominating, unidirectional gravitational force of said electrodes or the like being utilized to produce linear force or motion of said part.

3.    A method according to Claim 1 or 2, in which the predominating force of the charges or electrodes is due to the normal gravitational field and the imposed electrical field.

4.    A method according to Claim 1 or 2, in which the electrodes or other elements bearing the charges are mounted, preferably rigidly, on a body or support adapted to move or exert force in the general direction of alignment of the electrodes or other charge-bearing elements.

5.    A machine or apparatus for producing force or motion, which includes at least two electrodes or like elements adapted to be differently charged, so relatively arranged that they produce a combined linear force or motion in the general direction of their alignment.

6.    A machine according to Claim 5, in which the electrodes or like elements are mounted, preferably rigidly, on a mechanical or structual part, whereby the predominating unidirectional force obtained from the electrodes or the like is adapted to move said part or to oppose forces tending to move it counter to the direction in which it would be moved by the action of the electrodes or the like.

7.    A machine according to Claim 5 or 6, in which the energy necessary for charging the electrodes or the like is obtained either from the electrodes themselves or from an independent source.

8.    A machine according to Claim 5, 6 or 7, whose force action or motive power depends in part on the gravitational field or energy of gravitation which is controlled or influenced by the action of the electrodes or the like.

9.    A machine according to any of Claims 5 to 8, in the form of a motor including a gravitator cell or a gravitator cellular body, substantially as described.

10. A machine according to Claim 9, in which the gravitator cellular body or an assembly of the gravitator cells is mounted on a wheel-like support, whereby rotation of the latter may be effected, said cells being of electronic, ionic or thermonic type.

11. A method of controlling or influencing the gravitational field or the energy of gravitation and for deriving energy or power therefrom comprising the use of at least two masses differently electrically charged, whereby the surrounding gravitational field is affected or distorted by the imposed electrical field surrounding said charged masses, resulting in a unidirectional force being exerted on the system of charged masses in the general direction of the alignment of the masses, which system when permitted to move in respone to said force in the above mentioned direction derives and accumulates as the result of said movement usable energy or power from the energy of gravitation or the gravitational field which is so controlled, influenced, or distorted.

12. The method of and the machine or apparatus for producing force or motion, by electrically controlling or influencing the gravitational field or energy of gravitation.

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