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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Area 51 scientist's deathbed video: UFOs are real, aliens have federal jobs

Area 51 scientist's deathbed video: UFOs are real, aliens have federal jobs

Scientist Boyd Bushman claims that he worked on top secret government projects that included 'reverse engineering" UFOs at the controversial facility known as Area 51.

Scientist Boyd Bushman claims that he worked on top secret government projects that included 'reverse engineering" UFOs at the controversial facility known as Area 51.

by Mark Q Peterson

In one of the most extraordinary and strange deathbed confessions ever, an Area 51 scientist and career government worker recently left behind a video revealing supposed federal secrets that are nothing short of a conspiracy theorist's dream come true.

The Inquistr reported on Oct. 28 that Boyd Bushman, a highly accredited aerospace scientist and the holder of numerous innovative patents, decided to come clean in his last hours and record what he knew about the U. S. government's dealings with aliens and its secret UFO program. Perhaps most astonishing of all, though, was his revelation that not only were UFOs real, but that 18 extraterrestrials were currently working for the U. S. government.

Boyd Bushman, whose career saw the man holding positions with Lockheed-Martin, Hughes Aircraft and other aerospace firms, died on August 7. But prior to his passing, he gave an interview that has caught the attention of many in the UFO community. His words affirm much of what many have come to believe -- that UFOs are real, that the government has had dealings with aliens for decades, and that there has been a concerted effort to keep the information secret from the general populace over the same period.

Bushman says in the video that he was responsible at Area 51 for "reverse engineering" alien technology for use in the U. S. military. Among his revelations was that the alien craft was indeed saucer-shaped -- it was an actual "flying saucer" -- and 38 feet across.

But far more shocking -- some might say more disturbing -- was Bushman's claims that aliens that had traveled to Earth were out and about, working for the federal government. The scientist said there were 18 extraterrestrials working for the government. Some of them were at least 250 years old.

Boyd Bushman isn't the first former government employee with inside knowledge of secret facilities like Area 51 who has been willing to share their experiences. However, he may be the most credible. His position as an aerospace engineer and his having opened up just before his death in what amounts to a deathbed confession (an act seen as having legal weight) lends extra merit to his words.

Bushman also produced several photos of what he claimed were aliens working at Area 51, some of which he says died while working at the top secret government facility. The Nevada facility has been operational since 1955 and has been the focus of speculation ever since. Being an experimental testing ground cloaked the base not on in secrecy but also added the atmosphere that gave rise to the idea of cover-ups and sinister goings-on.

It is a story worthy of "The X-Files." Still, is there any validity to the claims of the late Boyd Bushman? Is Area 51 exactly what conspiracy theorists and UFO true believers have claimed it to be over the years -- a hiding place for UFOs and extraterrestrials?

Although Bushman's claims may be difficult to verify, one thing is certain: His video testament has become something of note. Since it was posted on Oct. 8, the interview video has garnered over 2.6 million views to date.

From Examiner @ http://www.examiner.com/article/area-51-scientist-s-deathbed-video-ufos-are-real-aliens-have-federal-jobs



Scientist Boyd Bushman claims that he worked on top secret government projects that included 'reverse engineering" UFOs at the controversial facility known as Area 51.

Scientist Boyd Bushman claims that he worked on top secret government projects that included 'reverse engineering" UFOs at the controversial facility known as Area 51.


UFOs Are Real, Top Area 51 Scientist Reveals In Deathbed Video — 18 Aliens Work For U.S. Govt

UFOs are real and, in fact, the aliens who traveled here in their interstellar flying discs now work for the United States government — according to a top aerospace scientist who died in August, but left behind an extraordinary deathbed interview in which he reveals his high-level, inside knowledge of the United States government’s UFO program.

Boyd Bushman won numerous patents while working for Lockheed-Martin, Hughes Aircraft and several other aerospace technology firms over a 40-year career. Bushman is also credited, according to some reports, with developing the Stinger missile, the shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile that has played a key role in numerous conflicts for the past three decades.

Bushman died on August 7. But not long before passing away, he gave an extraordinary interview which turned up on YouTube earlier this month and has already accumulated more than 1.1 million views.

Given the nature of the purported revelations in the video, it’s easy to understand its popularity.

In the video, Bushman says that one of his top-secret jobs was to “reverse engineer” alien UFO technology for use by the United States military. But that’s not even the most extreme revelation offered by Bushman in his final living statement.

Bushman also shows what he says are photographs of aliens who work, and in some cases, have died inside the military’s highly classified Area 51 military base, also known as Dreamland, in the Nevada desert about 85 miles north of Las Vegas.

Founded in 1955 as a testing ground for what was then the United States’ most closely guarded secret project, the U2 spy plane, the so-called Area 51 has become at the same time one of the most secret and also best-known military research facilities. The base is no longer officially known as Area 51, but instead called the National Classified Test Facility.

Due to the extreme secrecy enveloping the “black” technology projects developed and tested at Area 51, the base has long been the subject of conspiracy theories, in particular UFO conspiracy theories. The idea that captured UFO spacecraft and even actual aliens are kept at Area 51 is far from a new one. Occasionally, individuals claiming to be Area 51 insiders have come forward to tell stories of the UFO research taking place inside the super-secret research facility.

But Bushman’s revelations would seem to carry a unique credibility, coming as they did shortly before his death when he would appear to have little to gain or lose by telling what he knows about the government UFO projects.

Among Bushman’s allegations, he says that the aliens at Area 51 traveled from a planet known as Quintumnia, but their technology allows them to travel to Earth on a relatively speedy 45 year voyage. The UFO craft are saucer-shaped and 38 feet across — and 18 of the visiting aliens, some of whom are 250 years old, now work for the U.S. government.

Watch the final testament of Boyd Bushman in the above video and decide for yourself. Is Bushman revealing the greatest secret in the history of mankind? Or is he just old and losing his mental faculties? After watching him speak, are you any more or less convinced that UFOs are real?

From Inqisitr @ http://www.inquisitr.com/1569327/ufos-are-real-top-area-51-scientist-reveals-in-deathbed-video-18-aliens-work-for-u-s-govt/

Former Lockheed Martin Skunkworks Senior Scientist comes out about Antigravity Propulsion Devices and how they tie into what is known as "Singularity" which allow you to move anywhere within the universe instantaneously.

Humans have this technology, and have had for more than 50 years.

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  1. Regarding the 18 aliens who work for the U.S. government. First off, we'd ALL be wise to ask what the U.S. government is based on? The government is a private multi-national banking cartel. They base their control and or ownership on socially accepted social contracts that are set up to deceive the so called public sector through related to their private money supply and laws. All monies and or laws that protect and expand their (governments) ownership and control are based on MYTHS, symbols and or subjective interpretations of value. All their controlling BS is based in Alice's Wonderland, and so how can anyone view the alien exposer BS as being real if these aliens are directly in line with these Hollywood type government officials?

    1. Though your points are valid they are virtually irrelevant to and a pointless distraction from the VITAL issue exposed in this post - the reality of extraterrestrials on Earth as exposed by a dying whistleblower who has been leaking antigravity information for some time now, despite having signed the usual nondisclosure agreements that successfully bind almsot all the other, less courageous, personnel in the know.

  2. BUSHman said there are 18 aliens working for the "GOVERNMENT." "GOVERNMENT," is a corporate fiction set up to control the minds and actions of the sheeple who BELIEVE in it. Corporate fictions would be wise to align themselves with a fairy-tale about a so called superior RACE because then the sheeple will go, Oh, WOW better not mess with those corporate FICTIONS and their Hollywood stories, they just might sick the aliens on us in the form of holographs and laser beams etc......Kind of gives the corporate fiction government a sense of invisibility and mystery, doesn't it? Lions and tigers and bears and aliens OH MY!

  3. Hey Illuminator, you too have a BS detector built into that brilliant mind of yours, don't you? Well, Even though I've allowed myself to be dragged through the mud for most of my adult life, I still have somewhat of a brain left, and my brain (BS detector) is ringing loudly after reading the first few lines of this BS article.

  4. And UFO's and aliens are always suspected of potential "terrorist threats," aren't they? Lots of funny money in the NOTION of terrorism to our private FICTION GOVERNMENT, right?

  5. Why do I allow myself to get SUCKED into these rebuttals? Well, when one realizes that this site is probably nothing more than part of a vast disinformation (opposed opposition network) then one may need to contest the disinformation that is being shoveled out by various ANTI-intelligence operatives, primarily of the MOSSAD variety. So lets just say, I'm doing this contrarian work for the common good of ALL the sheeple

    1. You provide no data, merely opinion and an apparently closed mind. Just because we build antigravity craft here on Earth is no reason to believe we're the only ones in the multiverse to do so! Bushman was exactly who and what he claimed to be and his testimony dovetails perfectly with those of others including Lt Col Corso - who also died not long after announcing his revelations.
      Naturally the 'government' isn't in charge. Governments come and go and those behind this technological advancement are dynastcally minded.
      Do you have any actually pertinent information?

  6. I post all free and clean photos (fiction humor) etc. at http://area51milfsreview.blogspot.com/ if you would like to trade url's on our blogs? Thank you, and continued GREAT blogging! Help your self to download anything you wish from my bloggs. They are Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)!


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