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Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Nazi Redoubt in Antarctica: Ancient Antarctica Was As Warm As Today's California

The Nazi Redoubt in Antarctica
Ancient Antarctica Was As Warm As Today's California


According to scientists using a new way to measure past temperatures, parts of the ancient continent were as warm as California's coast today.

The new measurements could help to improve climate models used for predicting future climate, as well as help scientists to better understand Antarctica's past. The findings were published the week of April 21 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

By measuring concentrations of rare isotopes in ancient fossil shells, the scientists found that temperatures in parts of Antarctica reached as high as 63 degrees Fahrenheit (17 degrees Celsius) during the Eocene, with parts of the southern Pacific Ocean reaching 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius), - similar to the average annual temperature off the coast of California today.

 Today Antarctica is consistently one of the coldest places on Earth, but it wasn't always that way.

The average annual South Pacific sea temperature near Antarctica is about 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius), a far cry from the milder climate of ancient times.

"By measuring past temperatures in different parts of Antarctica, this study gives us a clearer perspective of just how warm Antarctica was when the Earth's atmosphere contained much more CO2 than it does today," researchers told Science Daily.

The continent remained warm even after the extinction of the dinosaurs, an era known as the Eocene (40-50 million years ago). And remarkably, forests were still there as early as 12 million years ago. It's hard to imagine, but Antarctica was ice-free and full of lush forests.

In 1938, the Third Reich claimed New Swabia in Antarctica. The vessel called “Schwabenland” just before the outbreak of WWII, headed into western Antarctica. This was done under the auspices of “securing Germany's whaling industry.”

This seemed feasible, given the fact that much could be manufactured from whales including nitroglycerin, margarine, and mechanical lubricants. It was, however, their goal to build a massive subterranean base there for operations named "base 211", but the war broke out and not much else information has been released on the subject.

Although there is a known record of Nazi activity around Antarctica before May 1945 when Germany surrendered to the Allies, events after that date suggested something was happening that did not form a part of recognized world history.

Karl Donitz (1891–1980) had led the German U-Boat fleet from the 31st January 1943 until the end of World War II.  He also has the distinction of briefly becoming head of the German state for 20 days after Hitler’s supposed death until his own capture by the Allies on 23rd May 1945.

His contribution to the mystery of post-war Antarctic activity came in a statement he made in 1943 when he declared that the German submarine fleet had rebuilt "in another part of the world a Shangri-La land – an impregnable fortress."

Could he have been referring to the alleged base in Antarctica? Certainly there are records of continued German naval activity in the area after the war had apparently ended.

A book published in 1978, called Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions, relates how the Germans had taken a ship with a small airplane on it that they launched from their ship after reaching the ice near Antarctica. 

It flew over the ice to Antarctica, presumably on a scouting flight, and then back to the ship. 

But the book didn't say anything about what it supposedly found or what the Nazi party elite believed was an entrance to the inner (hollow) earth.

An interesting document has recently surfaced obtained by a Joe Watson of Talkeetna, Alaska.

Mr. Watson claims it is a copy of a letter written on 2 March 1985 in the German language from a German submarine crewman who was on board.  In it is given certain coordinates for their mission, which apparently was to travel to the center of the earth.  

Their submarine was called U-209 under Captain Heinrich Brodda. The image below is a copy of the original hand-written letter from Karl Unger, crew member of the German U-209, as well as an English translation (click to enlarge).  In it Karl confirmed that the earth was indeed hollow and that they had successfully reached the inner inhabited earth in the German U-209 submarine after World War II had destroyed Germany.

The letter was sent to his friend here on the surface world who gave a copy of it to a Mr. Woodard, who gave a copy to Joe Watson. Karl had sent the letter from the hollow earth through a German colony in Brazil that had found a cavern that reaches to the hollow earth many years previous.  This German colony in Brazil is documented in Genesis For a New Age, having supposedly discovered the cavern entrance back in the 1500's.

When one does a search at the German archive website looking for information on the missing U-209 German submarine, it shows that the submarine was indeed reported missing.  On July 5, 1943 was it's last reported position between Greenland and Iceland at coordinates 52°00'N-38°00'W.  The report said the Commander of the submarine was Heinrich Brodda.

In addition, documents obtained by the soviets at the close of WW2 recently surfaced which shows a 1944 map from the Third Reich detailing not only the direct passageway used by German U-boats to access this subterranean domain, but also a complete map of both hemispheres of the inner realm of Agharta, the mythical name of the inhabited subterranean world (click image to enlarge).

If that seems too unbelievable, compare with those maps, this map done by the famed Tyrolean cartographer and artist Heinrich C. Berann for the National Geographic Society beginning in 1966.

This map clearly shows the continent of Antarctica without its cover of ice.

The intriguing detail here is that there are underwater passageways that run nearly the entire length of the continent and seem to converge at the exact location identified as the opening into the deep inner or subterranean earth.

Below is a translation of the Top Secret instructions and specific detailed directions left for the Nazi U-boat Captains to follow in order to reach the inner-world kingdom of Agartha (click to enlarge).

Right after World War II, Admiral Byrd, the famous American Arctic Explorer, was ordered to Antarctica by President Truman in 1946 with a military task force of 4,700 men, equipped with the latest military hardware including air craft carriers, submarines, helicopters, even tanks.

What was he looking for with such a substantial military force - in, of all places, Antarctica? There are all kinds of strong indications now suggesting that he was sent to smoke out Hitler's last stronghold there.

The United States mission "Operation Highjump" ended in failure and defeat in under 8 weeks,  far short of the 8 months that was intended, as Admiral Byrd headed back having suffered heavy casualties. In his unofficial comments to the South American press, Byrd stated that he was attacked by "enemy aircraft" that "could fly from pole to pole at incredible speed".
Subsequently, the modern UFO phenomenon sprang up in 1947 and US disc development programs were initiated that have continued on to present-day "black project" aircraft operated by the CIA, NSA, and NRO.

So the story of the Third Reich's advanced technology programs does not end with the collapse of the Third Reich itself.

Would it not have been painfully embarrassing to admit to the American/world public that...

"... here we were, having clubbed the Germans to a pulp in massive bombing raids, monkeying around with that outdated, old-fashioned, glorified fire cracker rocketry the departing Hitler regime left behind, along with Wernher von Braun - while a still-undefeated bunch of high-tech Nazis are hot-rodding it around the globe and maybe even through the universe, snugly ensconced in their never-captured, Antarctic based UFOs?"

From Atlantean Gardens @ http://atlanteangardens.blogspot.com/2014/04/ancient-antarctica-was-as-warm-as.html

New Illuminati notes: The world is not literally a hollow shell – certainly not in the manner described by many “hollow Earth” enthusiasts, although there is a small spherical cavity at the core. The Nazi ‘Unterland’ is a region of huge, mainly water-carved, caverns spread throughout the Earth’s crust, some of which are so large they have their own weather systems and ecosystems.

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  1. One has to realize that many diversionary fantasy places were set up either though clever disinformation, or through a simple guise of deception. It simply wasn't practical for the Germans to create some elaborate set up under a sheet of thick ice in Antarctica in the 40's. One needs easy access to raw materials for creating high Technologies, and it simply wasn't feasible for them to set up shop there. Nevertheless it's a highly entertaining story line, don't you think?

    1. They started constructing the Final Redoubt from the 1930s, making use of huge subterranean caverns in geothermally warm areas - between fire and ice. There is ample evidence that morte than one base was contructed (and later destroyed by the British after the supposed end of WW2).
      Please note that they didn't enter any hollow space leading to the core of the planet as many believe, but entered what they called the Unterland - vast subterranean chambers accessed via Uboat, some a mile or more high with their own weather (condensation and precipitation) systems. These were far more easily rendered habitable than any contructions 'under a sheet of thick ice'.

  2. No, if you really want to cloak your work, you do it in the open at some major University. Columbia University was a primary hub where a lot of so called UFO work was done, by Tesla himself. The diversion was the Technical Alliance who also happened to be working out of Columbia U

  3. Why was the Technical Alliance A.K.A. Technocracy inc. a diversion? Simply because they used a process known as ENERGY ACCOUNTING, the basis of ALL forms of a price system to perpetuate a scarcity determining commodity valuations. In other words they were bogus. Tesla wanted to base his entire FREE ENERGY system on energy that was limitless. An energy distribution process whereby there would be no need to account for energy simply because it was abundant beyond the need to account for. Tesla was the authentic Technocrat and swarms of impostors were surrounding him at Columbia University... Morgan finally shut him down. Now, the so called powers that be are using and enhancing Tesla's Free Energy Technologies and charging us a PRICE for using it. How utterly stupid are we?

  4. Today, a lot of High Technology stuff is being developed at places like Cal Tech, MIT, Wheeler Labs, etc.... It's always produced in the open and experimented on in some secret place. I assure you, nothing is going on in area 51 or groom lake, maybe you'll find a fake moon landing set there, and a bunch of Hollywood type staging sets, security cams, bogus private patrolling people etc... It's just another private government distraction to lure all the gullible sheeple!

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  7. I'm extremely skeptical about a true "hollow Earth," but two things give me pause; one, our dear lady, Maria Orsic, believes it, and two, we know that a number of celestial bodies such as Iapetus (and perhaps even our own moon) give every indication of being hollow. It is also verifiable that there was a sizable transportation of both people and materials to Antarctica, just as Admiral Donitz said. So, I'm forced to remain open minded on that one. I agree with the above statement that it's far more likely that such bases were built in what would essentially be giant caverns. Oh, and Maria tells us that Hitler did indeed die in 1945. (Those interested in such things are invited to check out "Conversations With Fraulein Maria" on Kindle Ebooks, and so much for the free plug. Thank you.)

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