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Saturday 17 March 2012

Alien Tissue and Fluid Samples

Alien Tissue and Fluid Samples:
Preliminary Report II

Updated: 01-06-2012


By Robert M. Collins
Analyzed by a W.C. Levengood and Amanda N. Nimke

Samples purported to be alien extraterrestrial tissue and fluid samples were shipped from a ranch near Phoenix, Arizona where bizarre incidents have taken place over many weeks, months and years, culminating in a number of extraterrestrial entities being stabbed, wounded or killed in the ranch house by its owner, John Edmonds, who wrote:

"...wiped up the blood/Fluid and tissue of the Gray I nearly split in two parts with an exceptionally well sharpened Samurai sword. After hand to hand combat with these little parasites. We have plenty of evidence to prove it, gathered over many years." See, "John Edmonds elaborates," at bottom of page.

This gave plenty of fluid and tissue samples to work with. In summary:

Blood found?

The sample appears to be pure hemoglobin like that found at the Cattle Mutilation sites with what appears to be segment rods in the blood, never seen anything like it. ---Levengood, see attachments 1 & 2.


Looks like segmented grass except it's not grass Levengood said, see attachment 2.

Details/data and analysis

Numerous samples have been collected under correct forensic technique by several skilled investigators and were sent to independent labs of high regard. All came back with the same result that the proteins in the samples could not be identified as anything they had seen before either plant or animal or human. One lab did add that the samples sent to them did match the samples they had tested over the last 30 years of fluid specimens they had tested from various cattle mutilations across the South West US. They believed that there was a 100% compatibility that the two were from the same creature(s). Finally a smoking Gun that absolutely links cattle mutilations to alien life forms. One scientist was extremely elated by the discovery!

The important significance of these fluid matches is that according to W.C. Levengood, the fact that they matched so well was proof that indeed they were both extraterrestrial as the samples match nothing from the animal or plant kingdoms on Earth. However, as said above, the samples match the samples from mutilated cattle sites, and that would in Levengood's words show a correlation between aliens, cattle mutilations, and the obvious hostile intent of the Gray Aliens.

"You have the smoking gun. This is proof of alien life visiting Earth and links the phenomenon together positively!" These were Levengood's words!

Robert Bigelow and his agency spent close to a month studying the ranch and the events here and my wife and I under went extensive interviewing, video taping, and analysis by ex FBI and CIA investigators. Everyone involved has had a consensus that the events here are real, accurate in nature, and have not been publicly released due to my desire to avoid a deluge of publicity which will neither further the investigation nor heighten the hard science approach to an unexplained phenomena that deserves the respect of remaining a discussion between professionals.

Further details/data

W.C. Levengood 06-30-011: He said he is not going to write a report at this time, however, recent phone conversations suggest he may never write a report, but he was very excited about the samples sent which contained tiny segmented fibers. These were not cloth. This is what was in the photomicrographs he sent.

Levengood explained blood as we know it does not contain segmented fibers. 

This made the sample highly unusual. He also explained normal antibodies that are positive or negative determine the type of blood which is something totally different.

It is very peculiar because "the cell parts look like joint grass, but are not grass." 

He has not written a report as stated above, but he did mail the photomicrographs, which are photographs taken through a microscope, attachment 2. Levengood said the material did not look like human skin. "It was weird," he said.

When asked why he didn't send the tissue out for DNA testing, he said there wasn't enough material and it was very expensive and to do so. W. C. Levengood can be reached below, but may not respond or even lie given the threats against him:

W.C. Levengood
4853 Wolf Lake Rd
PO Box 388
Grass Lake Michigan

Papers by W.C. Levengood:


John Edmonds elaborates:

Let me be absolutely clear for the record on the samples of Alien DNA collected from our ranch in regards to the death of a Gray I killed in self defense after repeated home invasions by similar creatures over a period of many years. The assaults by these creatures were responded to in the most violent behavior I could respond with because of weekly and some times daily confrontations during which our home, ranch, horses and dogs were killed. Our bedroom as well as our own bodies were assaulted leaving bleeding holes from syringe like wounds. Large bruises on both myself and my wife in the inner thigh, lower stomach, and upper shoulder areas has occurred on many occasions. As a result my wife and I both have contracted diseases.

My wife has a thyroid condition and I have type II diabetes. Neither of us have a personal history nor a family history of these diseases. The events coincide with the onset of these diseases. Is it related? We believe it could be as we have no contributing behavior from a lifestyle point of view that likely caused it. We are not drinkers, people who use drugs, we watch our diets closely, and we are both very physically active. We have no reason to believe the fact we are both ill from these conditions has anything to do with our behavior.

The collection process of the fluid samples was done immediately after the incident where the fluid from the Gray Alien was I believed killed or at least mortally wounded, was done using the best forensic technique I could muster and was sent to W.C. Levengood in Michigan for analysis. He responded to me by phone conversation that it matched the many samples of blood and tissue he had collected over a thirty year span with regard to the many cattle mutilations he had studied. He is the individual who repeatedly stated that "We Had The Smoking Gun"

He went on to state we were the first to tie the cattle mutilations and the occurrence of alien life directly together with specific verifiable and documented proof. He was very excited about this fact and said he would continue to explore the subject more. He requested additional samples. I sent W.C. Levengood a second sample and included a piece of actual tissue left on the sword blade at the time of the incident that had been in cold storage in a container to preserve it.

He later reported he used this to vivisection samples and send them to other professionals for further study to verify his findings. Approximately two months later I had an additional phone call with Levengood and he said that he had received confirmation of the information he had already discussed with me and that his other associates from Michigan state and the University of Michigan were also amazed by the evidence and couldn't identify what or where the samples came from since they didn't match any plant or animal species they had any knowledge of and couldn't identify the sample origin. They were both perplexed and amazed by this development.

At the time Levengood stated he would prepare a report for world release to the press and I told him to please proceed, but to release it only to me and not the general public through the news media. I wanted to be able to control the release of this information and wanted to get suggestions on the most professional and scientific method for doing such. It was my hope do do so would be in the best interests of both myself, my wife, and Levengood to avoid any negative side effects from what I perceived would be quite a bit of attention and the perception it could have a negative impact on our lives.

As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about because Levengood stopped communicating with me and no longer expressed any interest in the subject. Repeated efforts to obtain the report nor any follow up from him at all were futile. Derrel Sims and I had several phone conversations after he was recommended to me, and he and Ron Regehr visited our ranch for nearly a week last summer.

During that time Derrel collected numerous dried residual samples from the same area left behind after the numerous violent encounters I have had with the Grays in our master bedroom, master bathroom, halls and walls from various locations in our home. Please understand the fluids left behind are clear in nature and slightly oily. They are easy to see on a surface like a glass door, a white drywall type wall, but very difficult to see against a natural exposed brick wall. We have many such walls in our home. 

Derrel using a special light was able to detect many many stains left behind that are apparently impossible to detect using only the naked eye. He scraped these stains off the surfaces he detected the samples on and reported to me they would be sent to experts he had available to him for analysis. He took comprehensive testimony from me, my wife, and observed photos and video collected at this ranch related to this phenomenon.

With regard to subsequent follow up: The samples collected by Derrel Sims: Unknown. He has recently stated to me he has made preliminary analysis, but to complete the study it will require expensive lab analysis that may exceed $12000. in costs. I suggested he appear with me on Coast to Coast and report his findings and that we request a fund to be established so that interested contributors could fund the research through Pay Pal contributions set up for that express purpose. The request was declined. Coast to Coast contacted me and I referred them to Derrel. I have no understanding of why he has declined this interview since he and I have already done the show together on this subject one year before.

So to wrap this up, I believe this is an important story that has important scientific as well as societal implications. I have done the best I can to report the events as they occurred. I used my best intentions to collect the samples and forward them to people who expressed great desire to follow up and provide expert witness testimony and scientific analysis of them. Beyond the control of the collection and distribution to these individuals I have had no control over what occurred. I have always tried to answer any and all questions about the information truthfully to the best of my ability. I have no answers beyond what I have reported as to the current status or disposition of what is happening in regard to the samples or any information about them. We continue to live at the same address where the events occurred as reported and we continue to experience many strange events. These events are no longer reported by me as I see no purpose in continuing to do so. No positive result has occurred by my previous reporting. I will continue to make a record of the events as they occur...

-         JOHN EDMONDS

Update: November 8th, 2011
Teleportation and Humming...

Humming felt, but not heard. ET communications
with the government reportedly uses a hyper burst. The signal is carried by a dimensional space-time and is instantaneous from point A to B.

It's the space that moves, the object or information is carried by the dimensional space. The Alcubierre Warp drive is a good example of space carrying the object/craft.

October 8th & 9th at bedtime, 'they' were down loading data and the implant, located on right hand and my personal toy, see below, would turn on every 10 seconds with a strong humming sensation felt, but not heard. TS/SCI clearance not required, but measuring ~1/2 x 1/2 inches.

The same humming reported by John Edmonds 2nd below. 

From January 24th, 011

From November 6th, 011, same object from January, right hand; puffy area below reddish mark (object) is a needle mark.

No EMF detected coming from the implant/object using a gauss meter, but a magnet does turn the object on.

We do primitive quantum teleportation in our laboratories, other species (reportedly 10,000 years ahead in some cases) have come a lot further it seems.

-         RMCollins

John Edmonds writes:

I have heard and seen critters moving around
on our enclosed sun room. The west wall contains four large windows. The speed generated by their movement (3 critters) at once made the glass in the double pane windows actually buzz and misalign in the frames to the point the windows are now very difficult to close and lock properly with out using a screw driver to realign them in the frame first. I believe the high frequency buzz is a side effect of their partial in phase or out of phase inter-dimensional travel. In a safe situation critters transcend cleanly from one dimension to another. In what they perceive as risky circumstances, they only physically materialize to a point of just crossing the dimensional physical threshold.

The buzzing occurs at a quantum level as they are partially in both dimensions at the same time. If they are suddenly startled they pull back out of phase into their regular dimension. If they feel safe, then they come completely into this dimension and the buzzing stops. This is the perfect opportunity to physically grab one and then hold on as hard as possible because they will try to "bug out" again immediately. I have seen this time and again even after mortally wounding one with a Samurai sword. Pierced by the sword with six inches of cold steel perforating the body cavity and seemingly lifeless, the Gray alien still managed to disappear before I could withdraw the weapon and chop off the head. My intention in removing the head was to see if this would prevent it from disappearing. It is my hypothesis the head controls the ability to control the dimensional transference between one place and another. I had hoped to interrupt the process by diminishing the body integrity.

-         JOHN EDMONDS

Robert M. Collins, Editor.
Authors, Writers, Consultants, and Contributors to Peregrine Communications...here 

click on attachments

attachment 1-Lab Analysis Of Grey Alien Blood0001.jpg (390307 bytes)
Attachment 1

attachment 2-Lab Analysis Of Grey Alien Blood0002.jpg (828948 bytes)
Attachment 2

Bobby, left side 1, polarized image. Photo was taken 3 seconds after 2am on June 28, 2011 with a 1 second exposure time..jpg (584890 bytes), Bobby, hallway, daytime, railing 38inches, pic 1.jpg (2662335 bytes)Click on thumbnails, taken June 28, 2011 by Bobby Morrison, NOAA, Boulder CO using a Nikon CoolPix S630 at ~2am. Upstairs railing is to right and unknown entity is to extreme left. Notice a head, torso, legs and very long arms. Then an eye on right side of its head. It was no easy task getting this one photo requiring hundreds of random shots. These critters as we call them are very stealthy and move incredibly fast, they don't stand still unlike that "mechanical alien in the window."

Introducing Real "Cowboys and Aliens"

Vet and assistant at Edmunds' ranch

The events described above occurred at Hopeful Hooves Ranch, which is owned and operated by John Edmonds. Shortly after his college graduation in 1990, Hopeful Hooves, Inc. was founded by John and Joyce Edmonds, avid horse lovers. Presently, in continuing their work, Hopeful Hooves is in need contributions to help take care of abused horses and other animals. I encourage our readers to help John & Joyce continue their mission, which is to prevent the cruel and needless neglect and death of what otherwise would be perfectly good horses.

And, now something new, John's bother Tuklo (severely damaged heart) is in dire need of a heart transplant/stem cell treatment which is extremely expensive as all the readers must know. Any contributions through Hopeful Hooves marked for the cost of a heart transplant/stem cell treatment will be treated as such. I encourage the readers to help.

Click the link below for more information about Hopeful Hooves:

About Robert Michael Collins


Born in Oconomowoc Wisconsin and son of an Episcopal Priest (Priest in the Anglican Church) moving many times in a churchly career eventually graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a major in Physics and a minor in mathematics. A second career as a former Air Force Intelligence Officer, Capt, O-3 (Chief Analyst in theoretical Physics holding a Top Secret/SCI clearance) at the Foreign Technology Division (FTD), (FTD Air Force Achievement Award) now NASIC Wright-Patterson AFB Ohio with an extensive background in Aircraft Avionics Systems, Ground Communications, and Engineering Physics (graduate school) (Electro-Optics, Plasma, and Nuclear Physics) totaling over 22 years (Air Force Commendation Medal). His first UFO contacts were made at FTD starting in 1985 and continue to this day with research and publications...here 

The Black World of UFOs: Exempt from Disclosure

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