"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Monday, 3 October 2016

The Lie We Live: Is This What It Means to be Free?

The Lie We Live
Is This What It Means to be Free?

[Transcript about freedom removed due to copyright complaint - Ed] 

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  1. Ok, great! Now I wish for more specifics... So we leave the system, then what? Specifically what alternatives are you suggesting for all us who opt out. Like you said we'll be jailed if we take what the earth provides... Don't we need a viable alternative, now focus on that.

    1. This comes to you from a small wooden cabin with a satellite dish on the roof powered by solar energy in a remote rainforest. Please feel free to join us if you're into nonviolence - or to replicate this lifestyle yourself elsewhere - WALK the WALK!

  2. This was a beautiful essay, so true. The study of logic was deliberately removed from public schools. Most people in our country think very compartmentally and seem unable to connect dots to form a larger picture. That is because the study of logic teaches one how to break down the who,when, where, thus the why, and then the how of a given scenario. Returning the study of logic throughout k-12 would go a long way in turning the situation around. If you can, leave the cities, get as far away as you can. Before the 1950's most Americans were not wrapped up in consumerism. They lived simple lives. If you study a Sears catalog before the 50's, you will see people purchased on a NEEDS basis not a WANTS basis. Start growing your own food, even on a small plot. TURN OFF THE TV. There are billions of humans that still revere the bible. It is literally a handbook promoting war and genocide. Yahweh is evil and Jesus said don't resist evil. People still worship a war-volcano god, created in the Iron Age! How many have gone to war
    out of reference to this book, and how many think of God on a conscious or unconscious level and think of brutal war, slavery and burning in hell forever if they don't submit? Yet if you dare speak this truth, the zombie followers will be "triggered". So steeped are they in their brainwashed mentality. Again, there was a reason the study of logic was removed from public schools. And not the boring horrid logic courses offered in college. Rather the Trivium, the classical study of logic.
    Honestly though, it's looking bleak for humanity. The Pentagon is discussing "limited nuclear exchange" This was reported 28 September 2016:

    US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter delivered a speech to “missileers” at the Air Force Global Strike Command base in Minot, North Dakota Monday, defending the massive modernization of the US nuclear arsenal and issuing bellicose threats against Russia. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2016/09/28/nuke-s28.html
    In addition, we now have the Rothschild's central banking Ponzi scheme system based on fiat digit monies teetering closer to collapse, as Deutche Bank in Germany is at risk of collapse.
    Yet the sheep continue to walk around like zombies. It is quite sad and demoralizing. They seem to have little or no awareness, and think Donald Trump is the answer. I have always known this world is not the only game in the Cosmos. And unlike the Eastern religions, I do not think one has to return continuously back to physical realm of energy on the wheel of Samsara. How can one be perfect in an imperfect realm?
    At this point I don't hold out much hope for humanity at large, they refuse to wake up, preferring the pleasure of sleep over the pain of awakening. So I do what I can, but then let it go. I send out much wisdom, love,comfort and inner peace to all seekers. No matter what happens, I am conscious all the time.

    1. How can the "Rothschild's central Ponzi scheme" be teetering closer to collapse? If someone has the ability to print as much fiat money as they want, and we accept their fictional game of monopoly, then they can continue on as long as we socially agree to believe in their fairy-tales. All the need is resources and the agreement of the sheeple to keep the scheme going, FYM... And again, forget the religious BS, people sell war for profit driven reasons and the marketers of war often use the scapegoat of religion to stir up the masses so they'll be ready for a fight.

      Religion is a convenient shield to hide behind as the politico-financial war drummers steal us blind with our consent, of course!

  3. Free and Anonymous9 October 2016 at 20:53

    LOL! Removed? An article about freedom called The Lie We Live? From a site called Humans Are Free? A TRANSCRIPT??? Censored??? Copyright???!!! ROFL!!!!


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