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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Burn Your Bra: Ladies, Is It Time To Finally Remove Your Bra…For Good?

Burn Your Bra
Ladies, Is It Time To Finally Remove Your Bra…For Good?!


Did you know that wearing a bra can restrict and compress the already very thin lymphatic vessels? This can lead to a buildup of toxic fluid which would otherwise be drained through the system. When these vessels are constricted or closed, it’s more difficult for oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the cells, making it more difficult for toxic waste materials to be flushed away.

Professor Robert Mansel from Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales, and Simon Cawthorn, from Frenchay Hospital found that wearing a bra exposes women to a statistically significant risk of increased breast pain, cysts in the breasts and might even be linked to the development of cancer.

The scientists also emphasized that there is zero evidence showing that bras have any medical advantage, they don’t stop breasts from drooping, that’s just a natural part of the ageing process.

Mansen told The Telegraph that, with age, “the supporting structures which are made of collagen get thinner and thinner. That happens to not only the supporting ligaments which are holding the breast up but also the other tissues. If you have a mainly fatty blob on the chest in a bag of skin it is going to hang down. It is a complete myth that this is stopped by wearing a bra.”

The key word here is might, as we still do not know for certain. According to the American Cancer Society, there is absolutely no evidence that leads to the correlation between wearing a bra and contracting breast cancer. The apparent reasoning behind this stance is that no studies exist which show such a link, but they themselves have made no effort to disprove the theory either. However, several studies have been conducted which indeed show a correlation between wearing bras and the development of breast cancer, but correlation doesn’t mean causation.

In a study conducted by Syd and Soma Singer in May of 1991, 4,000 women in 5 major U.S. cities were interviewed. All of the women who were studied were of Caucasian descent and mostly of “medium income,” and their ages ranged from 30 to 79. Almost half had been diagnosed with breast cancer. The majority of the women who were interviewed said that they were unhappy with the shape and size of their breasts and wore a bra solely to improve their appearance. 3 out of 4 of these women who wore their bras to sleep contracted breast cancer, and 1 in 7 women who wore their bras for more than 12 hours a day did too. This study concluded that just 1 in 168 women who did not wear a bra contracted breast cancer, which is the same amount as men (who do not wear a bra. :P)

Historically speaking, this attitude isn’t surprising. In the 1930’s there was “no link” between cigarette smoking and lung cancer either, in fact, doctors were still promoting cigarette smoking in the 1950’s. It wasn’t until 1964 that the American Cancer Society finally admitted that there was a direct link between them. Of course, if they had established the link to cigarettes and cancer sooner, a pretty staggering amount of money would have been lost on the sale of cigarettes – and the treatment of cancer. Perhaps someday in the future, this will be the story of the bra, and people will say, “I can’t believe they didn’t realize that wearing bras contributed to breast cancer!’

Another noteworthy piece of information is that, much like the cancer industry, there is a huge bra industry as well. When you think about how many bras each woman is buying every year, this is a multi-billion dollar industry in the US alone.

Right now, we do not know for sure that wearing bras causes cancer, but at least we can look at some of the evidence, and from there make an informed decision for ourselves.


Minimize Your Risk



For me personally, on a day-to-day basis I do not wear a bra. I haven’t for about 4 years now. However, I will wear one for certain occasions and depending on what I am wearing, but this is very minimal. Up until about a year ago I had no idea of this potential link to breast cancer, but I stopped wearing one for the mere fact that it was extremely uncomfortable. I know a lot of women with big breasts are thinking that this just isn’t possible for them, but did you know that when you wear a bra all the time you are actually weakening the ligaments of the breasts? If you keep your breasts free of support for a period of time, these ligaments will grow stronger and then your breasts will support themselves a bit better.

A French study done by Professor Jean-Denis Roullion used calipers to measure changes in the breasts of 330 women over a 15-year period. He found that bras didn’t do anything that they were purported to do, and they didn’t alleviate back pain, but rather intensified it! Also, they didn’t do anything to prevent breast tissue from sagging. In his opinion the bra is a “false need.” The findings of the study suggest that breasts would gain more tone and support themselves if no bra were used because, as researchers explain, bras limit the growth of supporting breast tissue, leaving the breast to wither and degrade quicker.

Further, the study found that women who took off their bras experience an average of 7mm lift in their nipples from each year they didn’t wear a bra – amazing! An important thing to note is that Roullion suggests that if you are over the age of 45 not wearing a bra would do very little, if anything, to lift the breasts.

imagesI do think that a huge reason why women wear bras is because of what society tells us that our breasts should look like. If they are small, we should wear really padded pushup bras to make them look bigger, and if they are large, we should wear really tight bras to make them appear smaller and less saggy. There are plenty of women whose breasts are so small that they wear a bra for literally no reason, only to make it appear as if they had larger breasts. If only they knew the risk they were taking, all for aesthetic purposes. In society’s eye, all breasts should be completely round and perky, but let’s face it, for those women who still have natural breasts, this isn’t very likely. As of late, more and more people are adopting more natural habits and practices, and before we know it, natural shapely breasts will be back in style!

If you must wear a bra, consider buying ones that aren’t too tight and don’t have an underwire. Try to wear the bra for as short a time as possible, and give your breasts a good rub and massage after they’ve been released! By no means should you ever be sleeping in your bra. If you are worried about your nipples showing, maybe consider wearing a camisole under your shirt, but even if they do show, it’s not the end of the world.

Much Love



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  1. It's actually painful for a well-endowed female to exercise w/o a bra. Think of a well-endowed male playing sports w/o a jock strap. He wants to protect his testicles from bouncing about, correct? Also the fact that bras do nothing to prevent the inevitable droop with age is questionable. I personally know a woman from the 70's who never wore a bra, and yes, she got breast cancer. I suspect the woman who wrote this article is still in her twenties, come back in another 20 years after not wearing a bra, and let's have a chat about breast support. What many women do however, and it is quite common, is attempt to squeeze into a bra that is at least one size too small, which could conceivably minimize blood circulation.These studies did not mention this common factor. For small-breasted women, going w/o a bra is a defintite option, as there is not much weight to start and their breast tissue tends toward being very dense. But for voluptuous or average-size women, having their breasts flop about, as they go through the day, is not an option. There were reasons women wore corsets and the brassiere was created and became immensly accepted. In truth, for most average-sized women, going through the day w/o support is actually painful by the end of the day.


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