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Saturday, 15 March 2014

3D Printing Energy Global Network: Mission I’m possible - The Real Game Changer

3D Printing Energy Global Network  
Mission I’m possible: The Real Game Changer

What is it all about ?

3D Printing Energy Global Network :

Brief description of the creation of 3D Printing Energy Global Network:

The 3D Printing industry is undoubtedly the fastest growing futuristic industry right now which basically gives people in their homes the ability to create almost any item of personal value for themselves on a 3D printer that builds in layers and produces NO WASTE. Those household items can be of their own style and design too with a little bit of creative 3D Building computer knowledge: This is ideal for people who have their own vision or small eco-project of the future.


Now imagine an ever growing  team of spiritually awakened inventors, scientists, engineers and enthusiasts getting together and adding the subject of free energy to the 3D Printing Design Files Portfolio: This is exactly what has happened and this group of brainstormers have grouped together to discuss the potentiality of adding more free energy based 3D printable projects to the station set up network to offer on an open source basis for others to replicate at home or in their own small project office.

Bringing Nikola Tesla back  into your own home :

Free Energy has been suppressed for well over 100 years however what the Global ruling elite ( Euro Royals, Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Vatican/Jesuit Rulers in Switzerland) have not managed to suppress is the readily available information on the internet. The information to make a free energy vehicles and devices has been around for well over 80 years, it is this hidden information that is now becoming available, due to the vigilance in such networks, such as this.

Ancient technologies and energy.

The owners of all current energy companies are massive secret societies that the likes of John Lennon and President Kennedy spoke of  in the 60s and 70s; these controllers  have stealthily  been in corrupt control  of  every country in the world (with few exceptions) through a clever network of deceit  for 300 years, commonly know as the Cabal, Illuminati, Sabbatean mafia or Plain and simply The Banksters.

The real source of this global control not only  dates back even further to Roman Empirical days and even further back in ancient times, however the more research one embarks on, one finds that free energy technologies were available on earth and etched in stone going back more than 25,000 years.

Nikola Tesla should be a household name : WHO?

Do you not find it rather strange that All schools and colleges do not even mention The greatest modern day inventor of all times? For those who are still unsure about energy technology suppression can look up on Google or Youtube Nikola Tesla:


Today, Worldwide Suppressed Energy Intelligence can be found in Cars that run on water and many free energy devices from  Philippines  through India into Europe and over to the Americas and Worldwide  the inventors of Generators (Magno/Electro) that run on the quantum sourcefield are widespread. Nowadays this technology  is  convertible on to the computer in 3D Format and can be made readily available for the 3D printing Energy Global Network Home Stations that are freshly setting up worldwide:

Update of the current new stations:

Mission (I’m Possible) Statement: Mission One

It is the intention of the 3D Printing Energy Global Network to reach more inventors in time and store their files in our open source database to be held on this site xi4.com . The more devices that can be converted into modern 3D computer software programs that can be 3D printed, the more will be  made readily available all files and folders from inventors of free energy related devices (ie: water, electric or magnetic) This will enable other people to Pioneer their own groups worldwide from their own homes where they can access these files and in addition become part of  an otherwise Thought of, complicated  industry:


Our aim also is to provide concise instructions on building your own 3D Printer Station and technical support to get your own station set up and producing items for your Eco Village project or your own community. The vision in return of these groups who become a part of this open source network would be not only to provide and produce their own items for their own income and return,  also to give rise to providing  self replicating  3D Printers for others to pioneer likewise,  their own splinter stations within your local vicinity.

The Game Changer : Funding and Finance:

Whilst the modern day method of crowdsourcing is the preferred method of funding these days we seek like minded people who value this as THE GAME CHANGER so much so that they would like to ensure that this gets the best possible start by assisting in the funding of the database centre with a view of helping the set up process of visiting all new stations to maximise their potential. This of course costs money in the ‘auld paradigm’ and we seek a sponsor the ensure that this takes place : Currently we have set this up out of our own pocket and could do with an injection of financial assistance : To contribute in any way to this game changer please state your good  intentions in the contact form below:

Starting your own Station or Groups:

If you would like to form a New Group Network Station you will need people within your team that have attained basic knowledge in Mechanical/Electrical and 3D computer design and software. To request to join this network please fill in the form in the box at the foot of this article and state any relevant skills you may have. The minimum amount needed to form your own station will be approximately $800-$1000. For those with greater plans, a minimum of  $2000 for  more professional start up arrangements.


Enthusiasts and Model makers are often multi skilled people who reach for the imagination when needed and are often very valuable to such a team set up as they have the patience needed to set up and build your 3D Printer kit which all helps you pioneer your own station set up  in terms of knowledge, maintenance and project device building operations.

What is the Rep Rap Community and how does it help us  with Station set ups: PART 1

Rep Rap is often a word that many people run from when it is mentioned and needs not be misunderstood, Invented in 2004 by Dr Adrian Bowyer in Bath University in UK as a community of inventors and scientists in all disciplines not unlike we are starting in 3D Printing Energy Global Stations Network, Their sole purpose was to create 3D printing technology that would end up replicating itself.

Dr Adrian Bowyer explains why RepRap ! He also explains The Rep Rap Project ( Replicating Rapid Prototyper)

‘Symbiotics in your own home’: Or a “Computer controlled Glu gun” with materials that you can even grow at home.

Mission I’M Possible: With Special guest Panelists : Rena Iliades : Alfred L Webre and Tony Kilvert
Click on show Logo below to take you straight to the show:

From LightworkersXM @ http://xi4.com/2014/02/13/3d-printing-mission-im-possible/

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