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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Revelation of the Pyramids: 'Lost' Secrets Finally Revealed

The Revelation of the Pyramids
'Lost' Secrets Finally Revealed


The Revelation Of The Pyramids - TRUE english version - 1/2 from rapanui on Vimeo.

In title it's specified "TRUE ENGLISH VERSION" because, there is an UNTRUE one available on youtube and vimeo.
Make sure to see the film narrated by a WOMAN VOICE.

The Revelation Of The Pyramids - TRUE english version - 2/2 from rapanui on Vimeo.

facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pyramids-Pooyard-Grimault-Revelations/312309982163991

Patrice Pooyard – Director                     Jacques Grimault – Author

For the first time ever, a historical paradigm – scientifically valid and robust – has been directly presented to you. By itself alone, this demonstration may shake the artificial constructs imposed by education through disregard of inconvenient facts: These facts, the size sometimes of the great pyramids, are not included in the official palace claimed by the body of so-called rational knowledge and will, sooner or later, challenge and reshape it.

What you see in the film The Revelation of the Pyramids – based on my manuscript of the same name – is the sketch, the mere introduction, revealing the beginnings of many discoveries, already capable of redirecting skeptical thinkers and encouraging them to rethink and to reposition themselves.

Thanks to the persistence and courage of Vesna Tallar Wittke, my wife, and the talent and indomitable perseverance of Patrice Pooyard, the director, and with a team of friends - they will recognize themselves and I thank them all very much here - you can finally see a documentary film based exclusively on verifiable facts and on the experience of the best experts in the field worldwide. We are thus engaged in a demonstration that matters.

Further implications will be offered throughout the following six works that go beyond my manuscript "The Revelation of the Pyramids."

All these facts belong to you, and it is your duty to question them until they finally surrender their essence: Truth.

The Old Equator


After this first film, I had this paradoxical feeling of both having gone too far and done too little: Too far because, for the public, to which I also belonged at the start of this investigation, the necessary conclusions seem impossible, and not merely highly improbable. Not enough, because “The Revelation of the Pyramids” raised far more questions than it answered.

For my part I am convinced that everything we had shown in this film could not be coincidental, neither with regard to the Great Pyramid, nor what is on the equator tilted at 30°, nor the accumulation of culturally incomprehensible anomalies worldwide through all ages. Not to mention the many challenges to established theories by scientists themselves.

Then the work began anew, and that's when, slowly but surely, always with the same rigor, my informant (Jacques :) disclosed the new elements that we will document in our next film. 

Not only is it possible and relatively easy to go beyond the demonstration of “The Revelation of the Pyramids”, but the new conclusions are much more dramatic and amazing than anything I could have imagined.

To quote Sherlock Holmes: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” 

Image © courtesy of Chris Dunn (visit  gizapower.com)


I derived the “Lop-Sided Equator” (LSE) from the relation between the most central point of the earth – Giza – and the most remote – Easter Island: the distance between the geometric center of the island and the top the Great Pyramid is 16,180 km, which equals Phi x10,000 km, worth a quarter of the land perimeter. 

It is within the dimensions of the spherical triangle that we find the geomagnetic North and its importance as a link to calculate:

  • The nature of a cyclical astronomical threat to our species 

  • The precession of the equinoxes in conjunction with the “landmark”

  • Mathematical language analogies used by ancient builders

  • The link between space-time and the speed of light

  • The link with the moon and the rest of the solar system, which will be the topic of our next project, LSE.

I explain fully in LSE why large sites that are aligned on this new equator and no other, for it is only in relation to the geomagnetic north. We will link the myths and legends of the world as well as other visions and predictions of the Apocalypse (Revelation in Greek).

 We will also demonstrate physical factors referenced and embodied in the Great Pyramid: the speed of light; the  speed of movement through space of a point on the Equator, in particular, etc.

Finally, what I discovered for Earth is reproduced almost identically in the solar system, with the same characteristics with respect to Pi and Phi... Everything will be demonstrated in the next film, LSE, among other more incisive insights.

Thank you for coming with us on this vital journey.

From The Revelation of the Pyramids @ http://revelationofthepyramids.com/enigma.php

The Discoveries that underpin the documentary « The Revelation of the Pyramids » are based on over 37 years of solitary study, corroborated by direct evidence on the ground in all parts of the world and across many disciplines learned.

The onset of the Internet, Wikipedia and GoogleEarth - as tools for an independent audit and always available – convinced me to start all the hard work of documentation for the film.

Before the movie shoot, I demanded of Patrice that I never appear anywhere, preferring that viewers focus on substance rather than the person of the Author. Which is why he appointed me the Informant, faute de mieux. It was neither a masquerade nor a director’s trick, but the expression of my will, perfectly respected.

Together, we now turn to the following six films that will show you the true, the good, the useful, the vitalizing and most importantly, how to face victoriously a test announced since the dawn of time.

I am now at your disposal ... I ask for your help, and my name:

Jacques Grimault, author of The Revelation of the Pyramids, the Informant.

From http://revelationofthepyramids.com/informants-blog.php

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  1. I'd like to know if scientists have looked at the Egyptian 26,000 cycle & the reversal of the earths magnetic felid.
    To see if it matches up


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