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Monday, 1 April 2013

Did You Miss the Rapture?

Did You Miss the Rapture?
It May Not Be Too Late!

by Abdul Khalid Smith

Is the Earth’s ancient Nemesis – the true Adversary - poised to wreak havoc and destruction upon us all? Can it be true that thousands of people simply disappeared all across the world at the end of December 2012? Read this eyewitness report from Abdul Khalid Smith… in case it’s not too late!

It's time to ask yourself what you believe. It’s time to stand up and be counted. Do you believe the false evidence of your paltry human senses or the undeniable proof of eternal truths that have been handed down for thousands of years, since the Dawn of Time itself?

Have you always believed? Have you just always known you are one of the 144,000 truly innocent souls who will be saved when the Day of the Lord finally arrives with a great big bang and a blaze of trumpets - or are you one of the mass of misled idle worshippers that will be doomed to endless pain, destruction and flaming torments you can scarcely imagine when He separates the men from the sheep and the boys from the goats?

If you’re reading this I have bad news, for you and for me. We weren’t chosen. We were overlooked. But there is Good News – potentially! How can you know all this is true?

I know. I saw them go. I see them missing, even now. Everywhere. Take a look around you. Is the crowd at the the mall thinner? Did everyone just stay home today? What happened? Where'd they all go? Could it be true? Is there something big going on? 

‘I just know it’s true’, says Johnny Adams of Poughkeepsie, New York. “It MUST be true!’ says Sue-Ellen Winchester of Westlake, Ohio. And it is. I know it is. Don’t tell me I'm wrong, if you’re an ignorant unbeliever. Look into your heart – and into the sky - you know it’s true, too. You weren’t chosen.

You’ve been left behind.

Look up in the sky and you may still see the truth, passing you by, just as I did. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! Wait! Was it JESUS? It was! It was JESUS, glowing with a blinding radiance and bleeding for all our sins, bleeding a bright red rain that fell to the earth in one the most benighted regions of the world, where they still worship pagan devils and demons as ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’. Yes, the red rain that fell on the unbelievers in India was a sign written in blood for those with ears to hear.

I saw. I heard. It was Jesus in the sky with the saints and the apostles and angels and the elect, all leaving you and me and all the unelected sinners behind on a doomed planet – and all of them are heading for a better one, where God sits looking down in judgment from his holy throne, stroking his long beard - and looking directly at YOU since nine months before the day you were born!

He’s known what you’re really like all along. And he’s sent his only begotten Son back to leave you behind.

That's it! That explains it! The Rapture already took place. I knew it! I could feel it happening, but, but how come I'm still here? Left behind, right in front of everybody! No, this just can’t be right. I can’t have been left, because I’m all right. It just doesn’t make any sense. Just wait a minute, Jesus, hold on, I’m coming too…

Thousand are missing from work. Thousands are missing from the malls and freeways. Their saviour has saved them and called them home. THE RAPTURE ALREADY TOOK PLACE – AND YOU MISSED IT.

Jesus returned from the dead to gather his people, and the place he’s taken them to has always been a great unmentionable secret – until now. Might it have something to do with the big unmentionable N word… "NIBIRU"?. SHHH…

Now certain Christian sources are saying Nibiru is the work of the Devil. That shape shifting ‘reptilians’ (demons) who pretend to be kings and queens and captains of industry all come from Nibiru. Which is it? We'll explain that at the end of the article. *

Thousands upon thousands of people are missing.  Yes, it's true. They just aren’t here. The United States Census Bureau has declared thousands of people missing now that the 2012 End of Times has taken place. People have stopped turning up for work. You may know one of them. You may even have taken one of their jobs. After Christmas all the malls and big stores reported sudden drops in the sales of hoodies and guns. That's a big sign, like the undeniable signs that have been appearing in Heaven – and on Earth.

And all those so-called ‘zombie apocalypse’ stories you’ve been hearing? That’s just misinformation spread by Black Ops agents. They even include the word ‘apocalypse’ to throw you off the scent of the truth, and to confuse you with those stories of a Mayan Apocalypse, too (What would pagan savages know about such things, after all?). There is no zombie apocalypse. Don’t be silly. They aren’t zombies – they’re people who are rising from the graves at the advent of Judgment Day. Isn’t it intuitively obvious? Of course it is!

The Pope knew all this was brought about because of the blessed Rapture and the return of Jesus.  Some questioned the reality of the Rapture, asking, ‘well, why is the Pope still here?’ That makes sense. We can all see the truth now - the real reason for his resignation. It was hiding in plain sight. He made it! And now he’s gone, too, a little later than the others, but definitely gone, because Jesus needs him to help Saint Peter guard the Gates in Heaven – so if it wasn’t too late for the Vicar of Christ then maybe it isn’t too late for you and me either! The Pope has gone to lead the way for all those of us who weren’t quite ready when the first trumpet blew and the first vial was opened. Have faith! Maybe He still has a plan for us, too…

It’s important to remember the important thing. If you are here and reading this article, it's quite possible you could spend the rest of your eternity in Hell.  Repent Now! Who knows, standby seats to Nibiru may still become available! But they will still be at full price… the price of your eternal soul. And Jesus doesn’t need the TSA to tell him if someone’s carrying something they shouldn’t. Jesus sees all. Jesus has X-ray Vision. Anything Superman can do, Jesus does better. You can’t smuggle a tainted soul through the scanners at the Pearly Gates!

You Want Proof?

But don’t take my word for it if ye are of little faith. There is empirical evidence that the Rapture took place at the end of 2012(see below).  Doomsday prophets have been talking about it for years and years, over and over. Hitherto inexplicable reports of what looked like things floating up into the sky from the earth were actually people coming out of the tops of Seventh Day Adventist and evangelical churches and being hurled skyward.

Reports from CERN and the Hubble telescope indicate that NIBIRU may have actually sucked these people into its big round body and will wreak havoc on the rest of the non-believers as it passes over (The hell-bent Jews have always known this secret truth, and have kept the truth hidden in plain sight all this time. That’s why they have a holiday called Passover).

Other reports have concluded that startling new evidence has appeared about where the missing thousands of people have gone, but these have been questioned by a certain Christian organization with entrenched beliefs about how God hates homosexuals, loose (so-called liberated) women, disrespectful children and loose-lipped altar boy, and so on, so I won’t go into them here. 

Pictures have emerged showing Jesus taking people up into the embrace of blessed Nibiru, mankind’s true home and the real, actual location of Heaven. And now the asteroids and meteors are coming – and that’s just the beginning!

There Is Still A Chance

I too was once an unbeliever. I followed a false religion with a bogus prophet and a bunch of silly made up rules that were all designed to hide the real, eternal truth of Jesus’s just and powerful and blessed red reign over Heaven and Earth.. I too failed to heed the call, and, like you, I too may now be damned for all eternity. But maybe not! It’s never too late to repent, or to be absolved of everything you’ve ever done (or failed to do) by a duly certified representative of The Lord. And, like me, you can still take Jesus into your heart as your Lord and Saviour and cast out the lies of false religions that worship demons pretending to be God or his Son, or the blessed Virgin Mother of his Son, or his other father, the holy carpenter.

Nibiru hasn’t gone yet! It’s still up there in the heavens, waiting to pass by and doom all those trapped on the Earth to painful, dismal, terrible deaths according to the eternal plan of our just and merciful Lord! It doesn’t matter what happens to planet Earth, because it’s all going to be destroyed by God and Jesus and the avenging host of the Lord’s angels in the final battle anyway! But there’s still a chance for people like you and me. It’s all about you and your immortal soul – nothing and no-one else matters! Repent and be saved!

NOW is the time to visit your local certified Megachurch and tithe everything you can afford – preferably all that you own, all your goods and chattels – to the pastor or reverend or priest of the day, that he may see fit to redeem your soul and arrange for you to get a ticket to Nibiru before it’s too late!

You and I may still get to Heaven on Nibiru. It’s not too late – yet – for those who can make themselves believe…

What’s more important – your eternal soul or a bunch of stuff you’ll never get around to using, stuff that the Megachurch will have a real need and use for when the Day of the Lord arrives. Have no doubt. Give generously. No donation is too small – or too large. God’s church needs it all!

For He works in mysterious ways.

I'm Abdul Khalid Smith reporting for "THE TRUE GOOD NEWS". Have a nice day. Inshallah.

Abdul Khalid Smith

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