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Wednesday 11 January 2012

Divine Creation

Divine Creation

A brief lapse in the history of covert physics, a period of ecstatic truth, erupted a century ago -- a period for whom the name Nikola Tesla is best associated with. In the spirit of his contemporary Kristian Birkeland, and predecessors Andre-Marie Ampere, Michael Faraday, and Galileo Galilei -- Tesla and others participated in a public awakening of our knowledge of the living electromagnetic aether of consciousness, of electricity (fire, plasma) and magnetism, of the discovery of the two (and only two) forms of matter or charge, the electron and the proton.

To all who were clear, honest, scholars it was to become abundantly revealed that light or electromagnetism (experience, consciousness) was the source and construct for the physical world, for matter. Soon, a few honest physicists and electrical engineers, like Winston Bostick, would even assign numbers, frequencies and wavelengths and radii, to the Lissajous Standing Wave topology of the Electron -- though none, publicly, were to do so for the Proton ...

As the British and European institution of covert physics responded immediately.

The 'Copenhagen' Intelligence school, led/followed/orchestrated by Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger, and Paul Dirac et al insisted upon a philosophy (politics) which demanded that the proton and neutron, the nucleus of the atom, never be looked at, never be discussed as an electromagnetic wave. This was very similar to the Western-World wide hush (and chuckle) that followed the publication of Albert Einstein's nonsense by Max Planck, the 'Special' Theory of Relativity that required that light be defined (not derived) to have a constant velocity (and involved, oops, a division by zero) -- though every experimenter in the world (viz. the peerless Sommerfeld and Brillouin who DID laugh, in print) knew lightwaves have a variable velocity dependent upon the media and frequency.

The response of the 'free and loose' North Americans was labeled 'numerical' -- that is they just went ahead and did it, iterated through the experiments and measurements, not caring whether their language was academically appropriate, or approved of by the "King or the Continent". That is they were the first to develop, test and deploy the nuclear bomb, along with a vast industrial base of globally-reaching aircraft. The UK, Rothschild and European Monarchy could not prevent the development and application of the knowledge of electromagnetism, electronics, and nuclear technology, but they did end up owning and controlling more than enough to further the world-domination they retained and expanded, courtesy the US and Rockefeller.

It only took another decade, in the US, for the lid to be clamped down HARD on experimenters and theorists in the area of electronics and electromagnetism. The pioneering days of radio and television, and energy research, were to be submerged by computers and microelectronics and solid state physics, and the theoretical and experimental knowledge of electronics and electromagnetism was erased from the textbooks and disappeared from the media and schools.

Ditto the knowledge of Rocketplanes first flown by the Germans in the 1940s, later reincarnated as Spaceplanes (Aerospace Planes) by the US in the 1950s. The Spaceplane and Nuclear Fusion technologies, pioneered in the early-to-mid 20th century, gave the Rockefeller/Rothschild Corporate-State uncontested and unsung access to orbit and all of the Solar System, and hands-down control/ownership of every government, every institution, every corporation on the Earth. What our 'handlers' at Lockheed and the Aerospace Industry in general labeled the "High Ground" of outer space.

In the case of Astronomical and Astrophysics knowledge, the dumbing down, the controlling dogma of the JudeoChristian Corporate State never got to see the volcanic eruption of a Tesla, a wide 'opening' or brief 'renaissance' ... only a gradually accumulating karma and challenge to the Covert Physics, pioneered by thousands of plasma physicists and geophysicists, and 'free-energy' researchers, for whom the trivial and obvious lies of the "Science Machine" were too laughable to believed, and too murderous to be obeyed.

Amaterasu, our GrandMother Sun, of a (Hundred?) Thousand Names ...

Yes we are still awash in a sea of Corporate-$hills... and Consumer-trash … and the majority of the alcoholic New Age and similar illiterates who don't have the language or the eye-sight to distinguish between a Spaceplane, a Flying Disk, a Giant Aerospace Dirigible, a Cloud, the Moon, the Sun, an Aurora, an Airliner, a Balloon, a Star, a Planet, or anything.

[The peerless Nikola Tesla was clear and emphatic, Special Relativity (which the Black Hole cointel requires) is a fraud. Tesla's honest physics included electrons accelerated to many times lightspeed, and cosmic rays traveling at fifty times lightspeed!]

No adult of any intelligence every believed the frauds for long, that of Big Bangs, Black Holes, Cosmic 'Expansion', the dogma spewed by Hubble, the covert lines by Feynman, or his Shuttle cover-up ruse; the dumbing down by Sagan, the pre-literate textbooks scribbled out by the graduate students of Stephen Hawking...

For nearly a century we have known they have been fudging the numbers over the size of the cosmos, and re-fudging the numbers (off by an order of magnitude) every decade or so. Halton Arp, of the Redshift Controversy, is one of the most visable of astronomers to point out that the numbers for the galactic scales and quasar distances are too large by a factor of two or so, approximately doubled.

In the case of our Local Stellar Neighborhood -- Stars to whom the Black Aerospace Industry now has StarShip Access -- the numbers have been fudged, expanded, by a factor of 2-4. Thus Alpha Centauri which NASA and the Covert Institution claims is some 4 lightyears distant -- a journey of about four years at one gravity starship acceleration -- is actually but 1-2 lightyears distant, by my current estimates -- a journey of only 2-3 years at one gravity acceleration. For any Solar-binary companion of our Sun, say a Red Dwarf or Brown Giant, at a quarter or half light-year distance, the travel times by 'Rockefeller Starship' would be relatively short.

Essentially ALL physics, electronics, aerospace and astronomical knowledge of ANY economic or strategic value, as all scientific knowledge, is held strictly proprietary and secret within the Black Security State. Not more than one percent of our knowledge, for example, of our interplanetary environment (including infrastructure) and our local interstellar space -- not more than one percent is released into the public media. About ninety-nine percent is retained classified and secret. Whereas the Hubble Space Telescope, for example, and NASA, will conceal and prep and sanitize their photographic and other data for a year before public release, the Black Sector Space Industry has more than a hundred times the observing and data recording capacity of Hubble and NASA ... and apparently tens of thousands of scientists, technicians, and prisoner/slaves in orbit, on the lunar farside, on and around Mars, and now amongst the nearest stars. (NASA was founded in 1958 to take the world's attention AWAY from our Spaceplanes and Corporate Space Program, to dumb down the world for decades with exploding rockets and rocket-shuttles.)

Is there anything I have left out of this overview of the Covert World Bankster State? Did I make it abundantly clear that EVERYTHING, all history, all science, is disinfo, cointel, propaganda, brainwashing for the purpose of identifying the willing consumer/soldier cattle, to better aggregate them into their caste/lives of ignorance and servitude? [Google "Millennium Twain" if you are 'dieing' for more ...]

Have any of our thoughtful friends on facebook NOT read the breathtaking portraits of our living cosmos by the handful of honest physicists of the 20th century? Robert L. Carroll, Thomas G. Barnes, Jack Hobart Piddington, Philip Kanarev, Winston Bostick, Milo Wolff? I am sure everyone reading this note knows of Viktor Schauberger, and has access to the books by Halton Arp and Eric Lerner, who spoke half of the truth before selling out to the institution.

The functions of CERN's 'Large Hadron Collider' by the way are: 1) Particle Beam missile defense shield for the European Union, 2) Nuclear (Plasma) Fusion energy power plant, 3) global Supercomputer Intelligence Engine, and 4) Superluminal Proton-wave transceiver for interplanetary communications.

Why does the JudeoChristian and Corporate State in general label our living wilderness of Ancestors, of Stellar and Galactic Deities, a 'Universe'? Why a living rainbow superluminally-spinning SuperStar, Central Mother Sun, a Black Hole? Why non-existent Big Bangs, a non-existent 'Expanding Universe', non-existent Entropy, universal death? Because death is their ruling paradigm, the ways and means of creating and maintaining a consumer-clone-idiot world ...

And life, consciousness, the sacred, the divine, the Song of its ending!

Nearest local Stars, about Sol, our Sun ... including in order of closeness (to 10 Covert lightyears) Alpha Centauri Trinary, Barnard's Star, Lalande 21185, Luyten 726-8 AB, Ross 154, Sirius Trinary, UGPS 0722-05, Wolf 359 -- (to 20 lightyears) 36 Ophiuchi trinary, 40 (Omicron2) Eridani trinary, 61 Cygni binary, 70 Ophiuchi binary, 82 Eridani, Altair, CD-46 11540 / Gl 674, CD-49 13515 / Gl 832, Delta Pavonis, DENIS 1048-39, DX Cancri, Epsilon Eridani, Epsilon Indi, Eta Cassiopeiae binary, EV Lacertae, EZ Aquarii trinary, Gliese 229, Gl 570 / HR 5568 ABC, Gliese 876 / Ross 780, Groombridge 34 AB, Groombridge 1618, J. Herschel 5173 AB, Kapteyn's Star, Lacaille 8760 / AX Mic, Lacaille 9352, LHS 1565 / GJ 1061, (LP 944-20), Luyten's Star, Procyon binary, Ross 128, Ross 248, Sigma Draconis, Struve 2398 AB, Tau Ceti, Teegarden's Star, Van Maanen's Star, Wolf 424 AB, Wolf 1055 AB / VB's Star

Why do the Personalities, the Deities, Planets and Stars of all sacred peoples of all times -- why do they have names? For the same reason every human and every one of our ancestors had names, minds, consciousness.

Only those who are committed to the path of genocide, of planetary murder, of global enslavement, deny the names and personalities, the light and consciousness and evolution of every personality, every thee and me.

When we sing the death-song, we invite and spread death, a diminishing economy.

When we Sing the harmonies of life, the sacred, every culture, every ancestor, all wisdom of all time, we become the Voice of Creation Divine.

A growth economy!

My original X49 Scramjet Spaceplane engineering design, in Cinema 4D, from 2001 ... added to backdrop of our neighbor Alpha Centauri trinary system. feathers are from the Tombi, or Japanese Kite, of the Hawk family.

for an introduction to Spaceplane Design and Economics see:



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Sirius Sol

Rigil Kentaurus

Remote Viewing Group

The Electron, outer ring -- and Proton, inner toroidal ring of 137 loops -- standing 'Lissajous' Topology electromagnetic waves of known, and published, 'octave-based' harmonic frequencies, velocities and wavelengths! the two forms of charge, matter, physicality: woven of universal light, song, spirit ... por todas las cosas, all our relations ... fear, conflict, division, servitude, ignorance, separation ending ... divine completeness, birthing ...

Links to Chapters of "The Undiscovered Physics":

And yes, have you NOT noticed the Topology of Stars of greater and greater mass and brilliance? Small stars are orange or yellow, generally spin slowly, and are nearly spherical, only slightly flattened -- Medium stars are white and bright, spin more rapidly, have greater magnetic polar fields and radiation, and are flattened in the North/South polar direction, like a rubber ball which someone is standing on.

The larger brighter Blue-White stars are spinning VERY rapidly, are very flattened, with VERY strong poloidal fields and radiation. What happens at the next stage of increase of stellar mass, temperature and spin?

The spin velocity reaches the speed of light, and the magnetic field and radiation reaches such intensity that the flattened disk pops into a torus, a donut shape, is 'skewered' by the intense poloidal magnetic fields and oft-accompanying particle beams.

It becomes a Toroidal SuperStar, a Central Sun, as is Sagittarius A*, the Superluminally-Spinning Mother Star at the Centre of our Milky Way galaxy where (nearly) points the Solar Conjunction of 21 December 2012...

The Awakening to all our Ancestors, not one of us an 'Alien' -- each a Divine Personality, All Our Sacred Relation ...

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