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Monday 30 January 2012

How I learned to stop worrying and love the space aliens

WooWoo-do, Time Delay Epiphany, Consensus Churn, 0r how I learned to stop worrying and love the space aliens

by Clif High

photo“Dude! What’s up?” You barely hear it through the roar of the rushing torrent of blood pounding in your ears.

“Dude! Hey! You ok there, man?”

Finally you shake it off internally, lift up your glazed eyes toward the young man gently shaking your upper arm trying to rouse you from the stupor of it all, and nod. “Yes. Fine. I’m ok. Thanks”, you mumble, and sort of smile, moving off in the direction you were heading before being struck insensate by the wonder of it all.

The world, no the entire universal view, you thought you knew is gone in an instant of inescapable logic that rolls through your mind as a wind through wheat, rustling many millions of small pieces of chaff into a cacophony like a chorus rudely, roughly whispering….”It IS so…”

Of course you feel like an ass, standing glassy eyed and wonder struck in the middle of the mall parking lot, but you start shuffling away from your wonder moment, and continue to experience the after effects. Your mind reels…so much to discard. Nearly everything you have ever been taught is wrong. The universe is so far away from what the common consensus view that, again, and only for a moment, your body involuntarily stops as all your energy goes into your mind furiously working trying to comprehend just what the hell is actually real. And how much of your whole life has actually been lived in a gigantic lie.

For the next few years or decades, your mind churns up all your knowledge, examining it all in the new light of understanding. The mental churn takes huge amounts of your energy. Your daily life suffers. You annoy the hell out of everyone you know trying to bring them to your understanding. You pester them with endless entreaties to just ‘read this one book’ (of the many that you sucked down in the subsequent years), or to ‘just go read this one site’… and it is all useless. Or it can be even worse than useless, as you find your personal contacts abandoning you to your new mental illness as though you had a visibly contagious disease with which you were actively trying to infect them! Friends and relatives run at the mere sight of you, and that is when you know….you are now in the woo-woo world.

That’s right, your friends are saying that you went woo-woo on them. Slipped down the rabbit hole, ate the red pill, and nothing is the same. Of course, it did not happen suddenly, and, in fact, the wonder struck epiphany moment was actually the result of the accumulation of some number of small anomalous data items that pester your world view, attacking it like pebbles cracking your windshield until one day, seemingly suddenly, the whole of the glass gives way flooding the cab with an unobstructed view of reality. The initial cracks are always small, and could have come from anything….chance observation of chemtrail planes, seeing a ufo on video, strange political machinations, odd symbols in popular entertainment, reading the right wrong book…. anything could start the process of the breakthrough of your universe view as so much of it was based on lies.

And as the truly crazy know, once the patterns are seen, they are observed, and you cannot un-see the seen. The patterns exist. That’s when you really get it….when you look out and recognize that you are down the rabbit hole, and the whole of your old universe is gone. Wiped out by new understanding. Then you know you are woo-woo, and doomed. The good part is that at that point you finally also get it that you cannot tell people into enlightenment, and you stop trying. That at least removes some of the strains and pressures from your life just as you will need the extra energy as the rest of your life will be spent (apparently) trying to rebuild a universe view that is based on at least some facts. When you realize that the whole of the rest of your life is involved, you have taken the first step over to woo-woo-do.

In the world of advanced martial arts, there is no art more extreme than woo-woo-do. As linguists we note that the ‘do’ ending on the name of any martial art means ‘way’ or ‘path’, and carries the sub text of implied ‘way (to/toward) enlightenment’. Mostly the ‘do’ tag is applied to Japanese, (aikido, judo, iado, kendo….) or Korean (hopkido, taekwando….) martial arts, but we can take it as a standard that those martial arts, from any culture, where the whole point of the art is the ‘defeat of self’ are representative of being a ‘path’.

The Japanese so perfected (from the Chan Buddhism of china) the process of following paths to enlightenment, that their language grew to accommodate the thinking involved. In extreme martial arts such as woo-woo-do, the place in which the ‘way’ is practiced is known as a ‘jo’. So such places where aikido or judo are practiced are called ‘dojo’. The dojo is considered a very special place, in most cultures, it becomes an amalgam of the sweat, and the sacred. This comes from the basic tenet of the martial arts that ‘there is no enlightenment without work’. And when the work actually works, it can also produce the sweet perception of the sacred amidst the smell of work sweat.

Within the world, there is no more extreme martial art than woo-woo-do.

Welcome to the WooJo. Within the very few mat rules of woo-woo-do, the key is flexibility of thinking to allow for the absorption of new facts many of which will alter your universe view yet one more time.. This takes lots of energy, and will require lots of pies and other tasty carbs to maintain a sound mind in an energized body.

To aid with your flexibility of mind, we learn to roll.

Prepare for forward rolls. Aikido style, with ki extended out to universe through your finger tips, with the arm in a natural, unbendable state….

Why ask for disclosure? That merely means desiring ‘official’ acknowledgement of your reality? From a politician? Please….not to put too fine a point on it, politicians, in the Piscean age, are liars. That is their job. They are very petty, manipulative, and manipulated minions of a vastly more powerful class of beings that does not give a rat’s ass about humans at any level, let alone as far down the power curve as those involved in woo-woo-do.

· Humans, as a species, are not alone.
· Humans have never been alone.
· Modern humans are most likely the result of genetic manipulation.
· Modern humans genetic structure has most likely been altered by parties unknown for agendas also unknown to humans. Claims to know details about the genetic history of the human species are most probable spurious and not to be accepted without serious due diligence.
· Religions are a tool of the manipulators and their controlled minions.
· Religions are a tool to make the masses of humans, via social and cultural pressures, accept control by minions of the actual owners of planet earth.
· Religions are control tools, and most modern religions are the result of claimed channeled material.
· “Channeling”, as an activity, is Piscean in nature, and will not survive into the Aquarian age where ‘analysis’ will be a key component of the personal awakening of humans en masse. Accepting information without personal verification and analysis is also a Piscean form of thinking that will not survive into the coming age (2012 ->). The Piscean ‘acceptance’ of information supports both religion and channeling among other control system tools.
· There is most probably a break-away civilization from Terran humanity which is close to obtaining, or has obtained, Type One status. How they feel about their recent antecedents (us terran humans left behind) is anyone’s guess.
· There is most probably some form of space warfare underway at this moment over your head. The amount of earth orbit space activity visible with 3rd generation night vision goggles will alter the local universe view of anyone who gets a chance to observe on even a few chemtrail free nights. The reason de guerre, and the participants are unknown. Those claiming to know are speculating or delusional or both.
· There are huge levels of conspiracies in existence now which are detrimental to most (90+ per cent) of terran humanity. Examples include chemtrails, deep underground military bases, doomsday vaults (more than just seeds), known space alien bases, and the list goes on…
· The ‘unawakened masses’ are NOT your friend. They prefer their controlled lives, and universe view, and WILL defend it. Remember, that approaching those outside the woo-jo, and inviting them, or even insisting that they join, will not work. To the unawakened you are attempting to kill off their comfortable existence. It is like teaching a pig to sing, it will not work, and will only annoy the pig. It is up to universe whether any specific individual shifts over to an awakened state. Repeat…it ain’t up to you.
· The agendas of the Powers That Be and their minions can be ascertained (to some extent) by the evidence of their actions. Some of the evidence points to an attempt toward planetary human population control, however, there are some deep evidentiary points which suggests that the ‘kill-off’ scenario just may be a feint, and part of the ‘keep them distracted while we prepare for the end of civilization’ plot.
· The agendas of the powers that be are being pursued with increasing speed that has recently taken on something of a desperate quality.
· The agendas of the powers that be include the use of toxic chemicals and planetary level saturation with electromagnetic and other energies against the planetary populace.
· Research provides evidence for periodic (11 thousand 500 year cycles – more or less) cataclysms which kick humanity back to near barbarism each time. The Powers That Be know about these cycles.
· Research provides evidence that the powers that be (TPTB) are preparing today (and for last 4 decades at least) for one of these cataclysmic cycles. Further research points to the cataclysm being here within 3 three years or less. Note that attempts are underway to shift the 2012 date outward in the mind of the awakening public by TPTB disinfo agents that are now, and will be in future, quoting “out to 2017”, and 2020 as the dates for concern. Or alternatively, the disinfo agents would be emphatically stating that the ‘cataclysmic timeline’ has been derailed or changed by some human activity.
· There are certainly ancient bases on our Moon and Mars. There are likely current bases and habitations throughout our solar system, including Moon and Mars, as well as various moons of other planets within the solar system.
· There are certainly deep underground bases here on terra. Some of these may not be terran human ‘owned’.
· Space Aliens must be assumed to have agendas not favoring terran human interests. Space Aliens must be assumed to be lying foreigners until proven not. Any other stance is absurd given the vast amount of unknowns. Space Aliens must be assumed to be inimical to humans and life here on terra. Just common sense to keep a little paranoid in this universe which has demonstrated its nature here on earth.
· A power structure exists here on terra that is controlled by a very few individuals. Neither the systems within the power structure, nor the few people who control give a rat’s ass about you or your family or friends.
· The power structure here on terra is unraveling as its secrecy is shredded over time. The rate of shred is increasing. This is leading to larger numbers of aware individuals who go do their own poking around, and thus increase the rate of secrecy shred. The secrecy shred is causing fear among The Powers That Be and their minions.
· Terra is an increasingly unstable planetary environment for humans and other life. The causes of both the inherent instability and its recent increase are open to speculation, and are not definitively known. However, both are evident in recent human experience. Things are shaking all over, and this is likely NOT a good sign for life here on Terra.
· The Powers That Be are having strange damn stuff done all over this planet, and as evidence shows, none of it favors the regular human. This includes polluting the ‘food body’ of the planet with genetic experimental foods, as well as inserting questionable commodities such as HFCS.
· There is evidence that ThePowersThatBe are not their own masters, and further evidence that their fear levels are increasing daily.
· The US Military/Corporate Complex rules the planet from the ‘shadow world’. The creatures that run the USMILCORPCOMS are not necessarily of terran origin, nor homo sapiens sapiens.

In order to provide a graphic view of how the universe is balanced, we have provided a small graphic in a PDF file that needs to be printed to be read. To obtain this file, click on the lick and choose "save file as".....Clif's Whirld View


Diversions and related digressions

There are statements out and about in the wild that the Mayan long count day calendar which ends on December 21, 2012, has no accompanying texts, and merely is described by the Mayan’s themselves as ‘the end of cycles’. This is actually incorrect. There are several (3/three known for sure) codex tablets in western museums which have statements relative to the Long Count end date. None of these are positive about the end of cycles and humanity. One includes a reference to the ‘great harvest of souls’ which will begin at the time of the ‘end of cycles’.

There are other Mayan historical sites which have carvings that relate to the 2012 end date for the Mayan Long Count. There are Mayan historical figures of some gravitas who have made statements about 2012. One of the more important of these is the personality whose title and name we translate as “Lord Pakal Ahau”. The curious linguistics of the title for Lord Pakal aside, his legacy to us provides a substantial amount of information about 2012, and the reasons that the Maya were so set on its study. Some of his quotes are below:

“End of Long Count (2012) is Eternity, Brother.
This is the end of that line.
No one can return.
Then is forever.”

It also needs to be noted that the word ‘line’ has meaningful contexts to the ancient Maya that do not exist today. The Maya had very effective methods of counting which involved drawing lines, usually in ‘plates of sand’. These lines were used in lieu of calculators to provide arithmetic functions for very large numbers. Examples can be found on line (hmmmm, contexts abound): Mayan line counting method

There are several other extra contexts to the word ‘line’ as it is used within Lord Pakal’s statement. None of these ‘line’ contexts are considered (usually) by today’s readers. The ‘end of the line’ statement as it is used by Lord Pakal includes the mathematics or arithmetic function meaning that can be translated as ‘final sums’, or ‘finishing the summation’, or …..”reaching the conclusion”.

And specifically about the End of the Long Count day, Lord Pakal says (via funeral prophecy):
“Resurrection (of life) shall come by Solar Cycle (ending).
At that moment, the Stone Gate of Time will close, it (in) so (named/found) is mine.
None shall follow the end of cycles.
Then (is the face of ) Eternity.”

Referring to the actual timing of the Long Count end, Lord Pakal has several images symbolic of hyperdimensional reality. These include the intertwined tetrahedrons, as well as clear ‘torsion field’ glyphs. These ‘words’ have been translated toward a religious meaning by many, but if taken at their ‘word’ and treated as descriptors of actual physical components of reality, the interpretation could be read as follows:

“…beyond (the end of the long count) resurrection changes. Universe bares its hyperdimensional form as the action (of colliding universes) is completed. Finishing action (begins with) solar activity. A huge harvest of souls happens in all of an instant (moment). Time ends. Eternity begins.”

There are many other statements within already translated material from a number of Mayan sites, which, if retranslated as expressing hyperdimensional physics and planetary astronomy, and not religious themes, specifically focus on 2012 and the end of the Long Count calendar.

Some of these include the “9 underworlds”, which, given the nature of the glyph involved, can easily be transliterated as ‘9 planets’, and thus thereafter the references are focused on our solar system. If so focused, then some of the other glyphs easily have new, and rather practical meanings. As an instance, the glyphs describing the ‘end of the 5 cycle’ which presumably meant a temporal cycle, then can be read as focusing on ‘out to the 5th planet, which is another way of saying ‘out as far as Jupiter’. So a possible interpretation of the ‘end of the fifth world age’, would change to ‘the end of the worlds out to the fifth planet’. Hmmmm. A bit of a difference there.

As the Mayans, like ourselves, can have no damn idea of what far distant progeny may use for a language, it cannot assumed that the name ‘Jupiter’ would be meaningful. Therefore to speak to distant not-yet-born beings about our solar system, it is assumed that references to the orbits of the planets from the sun outward would be the best approach. Taken in this light, much of the translated ‘religious’ material from the various tombs and other buildings and stellae, actually are discussing physical effects within the solar system. There is even on the ground (pun you will get in a minute intended) support for the idea, as several ancient Mayan cities are laid out according to the orbits of the planets relative to the sun.

Nonsense and nonesuch

photoIf you ever hear it stated that “no one can predict the future”, you may instantly reply “bullshit!” and be absolutely assured that you are correct. We all make accurate future predictions daily…hell, pretty much constantly. Imagine trying to drive a car in major road system without making future predictions. True, the predictions are basically only seconds or perhaps minutes ahead, but they are there. You predict that the light will remain yellow just long enough to scoot through the intersection. You predict as a pedestrian just how long you have to get across the street before the light changes.

These days some smart intersection control lights are providing a 10 second count down to assist the ‘predictively challenged’ pedestrians. In the main, millions, perhaps even trillions of accurate predictions about future manifesting reality are made every second of every day by humans here on terra. And it is not just humans. Animals also exhibit future predictive behavior. It is constantly used on both sides of the predator and prey relationship.

While such future predictive behavior usually is in the range of only seconds, perhaps up to minutes, there have been many famous cases of the ability of humans and animals to predict major events out many hours, even some days. Many animals are earthquake sensitive and no more famous a case than the Banda Ache earthquake/tsunami need be cited. Animals did not die in the tsunami. They knew it would manifest and got out of its way. Very successful use of accurate future predictive behavior.

As noted, humans also exhibit such behavior. Obviously, since we are in this universe, the future predictive behavior potential range among humans is vast. It extends from the doofus end where the statement “no one can predict the future” originates, out to the naturally talented future predictive individual at the extreme edge of sensitivity. Some individuals are able to absolutely ‘know’ a number of years ahead, that ‘war is coming’, and to make successful preparations well in advance of stressful manifesting circumstances. Other examples include those individuals who know when threatening weather such as tornadoes and thunderstorms are pending, sometimes several days ahead of their arrival. The ability to be predictively sensitive extends out both in duration, and in area of focus.

It is worth noting that almost invariably, accurate future predictive behavior is related to threat conditions. As with our software, it would appear that humans and animals can much more easily ‘feel’ a threat coming than a blessing. It is likely very true that humans in general owe continued species existence to accurate future predictive behavior.

Courage, mon ami
As strange and threatening as these times are, we need to remember a few key points.

Universe rewards courage. Count on it. Courage is continuing in spite of the fear. Universe gets a big kick out of personal acts of courage, and will let you know.

Something else you can count on; universe is geared in cycles. These cycles should be thought of not as circles, but rather the peaks and valleys of waves. Just when things get to their most extreme state in the wave, either top or bottom, is also when things change and start moving the other way. Learn to notice this, and then harmonize with it.

Harmonization with universe means that universe directs, we agree, and amplify. In so doing a link between the goals of universe and our puny ass little selves is formed such that in order to defeat us, an enemy would have to defeat universe itself. Count on this too….that ain’t gonna happen.

Remember that poems penned passionately periodically proclaim pertinent points of perception:

With apologies, a slight rewrite….

“Humans of earth,”….

"Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number-
Shake your chains to earth like
Which in sleep had fallen on you
Ye are many-they are few."
— Percy Bysshe Shelley (The Mask Of Anarchy: Written On Occasion Of The Massacre At Manchester)

Of all of the impacts of woo-woo-do, it is the focus on personal liberation, and mental strength that makes this a true martial art and a part of the long tradition of budo. {Budo = path to enlightenment through personal martial discipline or the greater collection of all martial arts}.

The newest of the budo arts, woo-woo-do has yet to define its core, though there is no need as, during the transition of the planet into the ‘new order of the age’, the woo-woo-do-ka (those persons pursuing woo-woo-do) are busily employed mapping the Path. Care to explore with us?

Welcome to the mat.
Make it yours.
Demonstrate your arts.

clif high
copyright to HalfPastHuman. All rights reserved.

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