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Wednesday 18 January 2012

The SpacePlane Equation (revisited): The Secret Space Age

The SpacePlane Equation (revisited)

 The Secret Space Age

By Millennium Twain

Today I can acknowledge that it was, is, my fault. I am the one to blame, no one else.

I was an (ignorant, juvenile, clueless) leader. It was my responsibility, and I failed.


Yes, I could argue. Argue that I didn't have the social upbringing, the education in social refinement, the political wisdom.


I could even argue that 'history' wasn't ready. The world wasn't ready for global, or personal, fusion/integrity.

Yes, again, I could use the excuse that I was physically ill, with candida and coccidio, and thus mentally/intellectually diminished/incapable, during the decade of the 1980s.

I could blame Carolyn Meinel, Keith Henson, Gerry O'Neil. I could blame Barbara Hubbard, Robert Heinlein, Mark Hopkins, Max Hunter, Gary & Anne Hudson, Ida Hoos, Forrest Mozer, Ross & Jess Millikan, David Brandt Erichsen, Gordon Woodcock, Edward Gomersall, Eric Laursen, Chris McKay, Stan Kent, Steve Durst -- blame them and a thousand other of my closest L5, Space Frontier Society, UC Space Working Group, and California Space Program et al buddies, colleagues, co-workers.

I know now that I was an ignorant child, and I also know that none of our senior, mentor, guides in the L5 Society, the Space Movement in general, were naive. I assumed that the young professionals I was working and networking with had the same vision I thought I had: that of serving our global family through our expansion to the planets and the stars. In 1982, when I wrote the California legislation calling for the US Space Station Program (when President Reagan, from California, was in office) I only knew that 13 years earlier another California lobbyist had written legislation in California calling for the US Space Shuttle Program (when Nixon, from California, was President, and Reagan was California Governor.) I knew then, in 1982, that the Space Station Program should be a 'shoe-in', given the overwhelming dominance of California in the Aerospace industry.

Being, again, an idiot savant, an unsocialized country bumpkin immersed in a couple decades of science fiction and matrix-media programming, it never occurred to me to ask "Why the (trivial, three decades behind western Aerospace technology) 'Space Shuttle Program' took twelve years to put into operation?

It obviously hadn't yet dawned on me that the whole of NASA itself, the Apollo program, all, was a total farce, a DisInfo Operation, to distract the world from the Black-Budget-Government and Blue-Budget-Corporate-Nuclear-Aerospace-Military Space programs which had been flying to orbit for decades. In 1982 we were only just finding out that the Space Shuttle would actually NEVER be flying on a daily basis, and never for the millions-of-dollar per launch advertised costs, several times ACTUAL orbital-access costs. We HADN'T yet realized that the whole of the fraudulent program was inflating it's charges ('costs') by a factor of a thousand, to a BILLION dollars per flight, while charging thousands of (fraudulent, inflated) dollars (eventually tens of thousands) per pound of payload conveyed to orbit.

[The Shuttle Challenger was still 3-plus years from being exploded, and the L5 Society from being disbanded, 'merged' into Von Braun's National Space Institute, and it was still a year before Max Hunter (Lockheed VP) put me wise as to the irrelevance of my 'Space Station Program', before Edward Gomersall (NASA Ames Deputy Director) pulled the Saenger-Bredt Spaceplane artwork out of his safe to explain it all to me. (Six years before, on his deathbed, Gomersall 'donated' a copy of the USAF Orbital Trajectories Pilot's Flight Book, 1960 edition, to our adolescent-conceived California Space Program.)]

The 'Space Movement' spent the 1980s arguing about Aerospace Plane vs Vertical TakeOff & Landing Single Stage to Orbit vs Electromagnetic Launchers vs Big Dumb Launchers etc. etc., pretending to ourselves, for the benefit of our aerospace guild 'handlers', that somehow the gov't and military industrial complex were honest, just 'overcharging' (and under-flying) by a factor of a thousand, or of ten thousand, out of incompetence, bad accounting, or drug-induced stupor.

It didn't occur to we 'wee' children, until 1986, that we had all been taken for a covert (blue & black) aerospace industry owned government-ride, just like Vietnam again, just like Air-America's world opium operation, just like our CIA's South American cocaine cartel, Rockefeller's continent-wide 'banana-plantation' slave dominion.

Now we were 'wised' up -- a few years, and decades of Intel, older. We could now look back in amazement at the perverse 'wonder' of 'it' all. The 'Thingy' as Jo Rawlin's named 'it'. And we had been zombie fools, brought up in the (blue & black) arms of that Thingy.


There were two (2) physics truths taught to every new member of the L5 Society, for those that didn't already know:

1) the Lagrange points, orbits, L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5 were regions between and around the Earth and the Moon where a body, an asteroid, or a space city would remain in relative stability, again with respect to the Earth and Moon. 

2) Space was, is, a VELOCITY, an orbit. Not an altitude. It is a measurement, embodiment, realization of Delta Vee, ∆V, acceleration. [Your admission to the realm of velocity, electicity, the plasma realm of 'space'] Despite the bs/propaganda of the United Nations decree, space orbits, velocities, never would be, and never could be, an altitude, a height. Thus, as every student of physics or orbital mechanics knows, sending a rocket or an aircraft up, to 50 miles or five hundred, does NOT result in achievement of orbit, placement into space. As soon as you run out of thrust you will fall back to the Earth. Achievement of Earth orbit is through the horizontal, not vertical, acceleration to Mach 25, 25 times the Speed of Sound, 8 km/sec. (Mach 1, the Speed of Sound, equals 0.33 km/sec, 1/3 km/sec.) Only NASA's idiot public consumer clone cattle would ever 'think' (moo) differently. And, yes, Space (electric orbital velocity, the plasma realm) is a Vector, requiring the correct magnitude AND direction of the 'speed'. [Try that question out on the runaway 'shopping-cart drivers' in your neighborhood ...]

Thus ∆V, Delta Vee, and the Plasma (Electric) Mother-Verse became the insights and buzzwords of the space society 'insiders'. Stan Kent sailed the 'high frontier' seas of Chucky Cheese's Pizza Parlors -- Mark Hopkins took over the reins of guiding the aerospace industry 'Space Station Lobby' -- Gary Hudson built expendable launch vehicles -- George Koopman and Jim Bennett did the hybrids -- Steve Durst printed the newsletters -- the Roth brothers and I paraded our Electromagnetic Launcher business plans -- 

And here we are today, now -- a whole world, youth and elders, waking up to the same truth, of our 2011 Totality of World Culture, Personality -- now, after 60-70 years of Global Dominion by the California-&-US-based Nuclear Aerospace Mobster Industrial / Intelligence 'Complex' (MIC), the infamous 'Baby-Boom', wherein 5 percent of the world's population feasted on fifty percent of the resources, taken at nuclear-aerospace gun-point -- asking ourselves, "What now?"

Understanding, now, that the GE-Westinghouse-Pratt&Whitney-McDonnell-Douglas-Lockheed-Boeing-UTC-L3-TRW-Hughes-Northrup-Gruman-Martin-Marietta-Rockwell-Rocketdyne Rockefeller Mobster has run the world for the last half-a-century. Admitting to them -- the old boys, as they are standing right next to me and run this town, run this county, run California, run North America -- admitting that yes, "somebody had to bring the World together, somebody had and has to run it" -- but, speaking honestly, with integrity, that someone, today, now, has to be EVERYONE, the whole World, All cultures, All peoples -- openly, publicly, 'voluntaristicly'. It has to be managed to end violence, end war, end wanton consumption, end wanton procreation, end inequality, and thus increase our economy tenfold. It has to be managed to return the rivers & wetlands, return the forests and rainforests so as to expand that economic upturn from tenfold to a hundredfold.


Looking down from the mountain-top of this, the 21st Century, looking down from the "HIgh Ground of Space" -- after 60 years of orbital spaceplane flight history, lunar & interplanetary flight and military buildup, with an in-situ population of 500,000 to 700,000 prisoners and personnel (the best public numbers we have as of this writing) -- what 'culture' do we see? Whom is it that MIC wants to protect, bloat, isolate, insulate? What happiness, evolution, refinement does a western white patriarchal monoculture derive from maintaining it's own (in-situ) population in servitude and ignorance, and what benefit does it derive from exclusion of the hundred-fold greater intelligence/perspective of World-culture? None. It only retards/diminishes itself, and all of human evolution.

44 years ago, in 1967, Max Hunter of Lockheed publicly released his paper "Commercial Space Transportation Possibilities" pointing out that, as every student of the rocket equation knew, that delivery costs to low Earth orbit were only a few dollars per pound. Two decades later, Gordon Woodcock (Boeing) publicly released his paper "Lower Bounds on Launch Costs", again making it clear that delivery costs to LEO were only of the order of a few dollars per pound of personnel or payload. 

"Nuclear Propelled Passenger Vehicles for Lunar Planetary Exploration", Maxwell W. Hunter and Charles D. McKereghan

Again, "Why did we do it?" What did we get for our prolonged infancy, lunacy -- supplanting consciousness with entertainment and programming; ethics and wisdom with politics, money-and-power seeking? Stan Kent (left) and his "Delta Vee" organization never (to my knowledge) pushed for a release of the (Corporate) Blue spaceplane designs and missions from the 1950s and 1960s ...

How could he, any more than I, ask the truth of an aerospace military industry organization which we, as youths, had only skirted the edges of? To this day I don't recall I ever met one honest person in my entire career in aerospace, and only a handful of (relatively) honest physicists (amongst the hundreds I have interacted with, thousands I have reviewed); almost no honest corporate scientists, engineers or managers who moved from ethics and enlightenment rather than being driven, guided, by money, power and politics. Where were we to find ANY good examples, mentors, in California of all places, the "fat, dumb and happy" hands-down world power/control center for the World Aerospace Dominion? Certainly none in Washington State, in Colorado, in Connecticut, in New York, in Utah, in Texas, in Florida, in Virginia ... in Washington DC!

I was still in my twenties at that time, when I wrote the Space Station legislation. Only a few years earlier I had graduated from being a math, physics, chemistry and electronics aide and tutor at COS, receiving a scholarship to UC Berkeley, and landing on the doorstep of the Space Sciences Laboratory in 1975 volunteering to help solder together circuit-boards for the S3-3 Air Force Satellite, and write simple fortran routines for downloading electric probe data from existing ionospheric satellites. It would be twenty years before I would discover the superluminal lightwave topology of the proton, twenty-five before I would do the rocket equations for myself (give up relying on the hand-me-down disinfo from my 'rocket science' teachers), then publish the original "Spaceplane Equation", before finally publishing the structure of the atomic nucleus and seeing the whole of my FireShips Pty Ltd office, library, and lab stolen by the ('Intelligence') powers that be. [Year 2001 'Aeros" X49 Scramjet (Hyperjet, Plasmajet) design below.]

1975 brings to mind one of the very VERY few physicists of integrity I met along the way. Professor John Christ at College of the Siskiyous. When I learned physics and electronics from Professor Christ (pronounced with a 'short' i) it was always experientially and observationally based. Thus mass, force, velocity, inertia, acceleration -- charge, current, voltage, resistance, impedance -- coils, capacitors, transformers, motors, transistors -- all echoed the Songline of our experience. I recall the last, and most revealing, lesson I learned from Professor Christ. Before l left, he made a gift to me of a Quantum Mechanics textbook, which I would need at UC, apologizing to me as he did so, in words and expression. It didn't take me long to find out why -- as there was no phenomena, no physics, in the book! [I returned it to him the next day, shrugging my shoulders in my untutored country-boy way of saying "nothing here of interest to me."]

I guess that is why we have Hollywood, why the sugar and the gravy is piled on so thick for the public sector underclass of our California- and US- Military Aerospace Complex economy -- to maintain the drugged-mindedness of the cattle. Obviously it didn't make any difference in my consciousness simply 'knowing' the truth of the science, technology and economics of Aerospace Plane flight -- and of the Nuclear Aerospace Military hegemony running the world, making our/their wars against China, Korea, Vietnam, the whole of Asia, Africa, Latin America -- the newspapers, the television, the schools, our families, our universities, our employers, ALL sounded, spoke, enrolled us in the Black Mobster Speak, the Brave New World Order Speak, the Newspeak, of the NASA frauds, the Apollo fraud, the Space Shuttle fraud. And I never had any ability to stand up for the truth, no 'mind' to do so with. We were ALL dipped in its chocolate-soma like Santa Claus in Macy's, by the Pastor and Choir in every church, by our sisters, brothers, friends, neighbors, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents -- one big mindless Christmas pudding blog, borg.


And the entirety of the 'Space Movement' of the seventies and eighties? Did colleagues like Mark Hopkins, left, having attended 'a' Harvard University, have a greater or insider awareness why the 'California Space Cattle' were being driven, rather than educated, awakened, empowered to connect our world, heal our planet? As this NSS puff piece below shows one-third of the US Space Activist Community were centered in California, where the industry was. Another full third was located in Washington DC, where our handlers were ...

Is our 'Sky' Blue, or merely 'light' Black?

Were, are, we all members of a gray world, One Shadow world, the $pook world? Victims of the  California-Unconsciousness 'gravy-training'? Enslaved in the Security State "Chain of Command" also known as 'British Admiralty Law'. Willing Rockefeller-U$-serfs, under a more-than-willing Crown Rothschild Mobster-Monarchy (patriachy-pecking) order?

$hall we "wax covert poetic"? ('Peer Politic, ormalistic'?)

And why is oody llen crying?

Does Barbara Marx Hubbard hold the eys to the 'Sly-Sky Kingdom'? The 'Spook-Easy'? The Beltway Bandits Club, the Washington DC Masonic Lodge, the California Church of the New (Whirled) 'UFO DisInfoClosure' Odor?

(I? You? Black, Blue?)

"Glow Plasma Super-Aeroshell Drive" X49 FireShip design from 2001, oncoming, frontview -- augmented with Twin PlasmaJet Fusion engines. {Google Glow Plasma Discharge, Proton Conductors, Spaceplanes, etc.}

I met Gary & Anne Hudson at a Delta Vee party, a decade before I worked with them at Pacific American Launch Systems, and on the SkyRocket Spaceplane project, 1990. The VERY inexpensive Sky Rocket project (financed by Tom Clancy) had to be scrapped, as it showed the world that any California amateur 'epoxy and fiberglass' aircraft builder could layup an airframe, and add off-the-shelf Pratt & Whitney RL10 rocket engines, and have a rocketplane. Build it to larger airline scale and it would be big and dragfree enough to accelerate to Mach 25, to Orbit -- a low cost Spaceplane for the WHOLE World!

Six years later, our L5 and SciFi and Space Activist buddies got together to launch the X-Prize Foundation. [I would NOT participate in the misanthrope, whose purpose was to focus the world with a $10 Million prize on building fraudulent non-'Spaceships' going to 100 miles altitude, and NEVER the (real, and trivial) designs which accelerated to Mach 25, which went to orbit, which ended the covert hegemony of the California Aerospace World Dominion. The Mobster 'MIC' which would NEVER allow our world to come together as ONE culture of truth and collaboration.]

Gary Hudson, Bevin McKinney, James Grote and others of my rocket and university buddies had to accept (large) financing, again in 1996, for something that in NO WAY WOULD GO TO SPACE, and would in NO WAY BE INEXPENSIVE. Thus was born the Roton Project and Rotary Rocket Company, guided by our own aerospace mentor, Max Hunter of DC-X fame. [Once again, I dropped out of the project when it was clear what the (in my mind) less-than-honest (less-than-above-board?, subrosa? sub-orbita?) intentions were.]

'Kind' of a Drag? ALL Kinds of Drag!

The tears of "Sleeper" Woody Allen for a Corporate Mob$ter $tate which has erased all truth and reason have come full circle in 2011. When the trivial, miniscule, nothing Space Shuttle trash has been discontinued -- with NO FORTHCOMING PUBLIC RELEASE of the thousand-times greater operational SPACEPLANE FLEETS of the Military Aerospace Complex!

Welcome to 'HollyWorld 2011' and the bathroom comedies of the Burt Rutans, Richard Bransons, Scaled Composites, Virgin Galactics, Armadillos, Blue Origins, Bigelows, Xcors -- with the world deceptions of their small, fat, clunky so-called 'SpaceShips, which aren't even up to low drag aeroshell design knowledge of a hundred years ago, let alone for flight to orbit, flight to Mach 25! [To maintain the fictions of the European, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and other fraudulent space programs, and encourage similar fictions for every Bankster-Nation-$tate on the planet. To bankrupt, and thus continue Aerospace-Bankster ownership of, a murdered planet.] No one from the million times larger and more powerful Aerospace-Bankster MIC, in a hundred years, would ever have been so drunken-silly as to buy into these consumer cattle cointel toilet jokes (unless they supported the global deception, rapacity):







compare the real, world-murderous, mobster aerospace matrix

It had, indeed, seemed an adolescent's summer daydream: in 1976 when Ross Millikan took me over to meet David Brandt-Erichsen, for a meeting of the newly founded East Bay L5 Chapter; in 1977, on sabbatical at Harvard and MIT, meeting Gerry O'Neil, Henry Kolm, Eric Drexler, and joining an L5 lobbying excursion in Washington DC, meeting Barbara Hubbard and others; back at Space Sciences in 1978, spending every other day reconnoitering around Silicon Valley, picking up satellite chassis and circuit boards for the ISEE-3 spaceprobe, later renamed ICE; founding the UC Space Working Group in 1979, with Richard Deck, Gary Noreen, John Oldson, Judson Hewitt, Larry Willams and others; invited to UNISPACE in Vienna, where I met Arthur Clarke and an expanding world of space scholars, scientists, engineers, 'activists'; launching of the Space Frontier Society, in 1980, and the California Space Program, with Chris McKay, Barbara McQuiston, Ethan Cliffton, Betty Walton, Brad Huss and others, in 1981 or 1982; all those years studying (supposed) Rocket Science under Edward Gomersall, Rudi Beichel, Gary Hudson, Philip Bono, Robert Salkeld, Dietrich Koelle, Krafft Ehricke, Max Hunter ...

In the whole San Francisco Bay Area, of course, the center of it all, there was ten times more 'Space Action' going on, from annual Space Days we had to organize, the other L5 and AAS and AIAA chapters, the Hypatia Cluster, Progressive Space Forum, Space Alliance, Northern California Space Caucus, I'm not going to remember a fraction of the groups or meetings and activities; the constant shuttling, again, back and forth to Southern California OASIS, Andromeda Society, Planetary Society and other space group meetings, attendance at Shuttle launches and landings, the NASA Ames and JPL Voyager spacecraft mission 'video-science' celebrations; my work in John Glenn's presidential campaign, and on Jerry Brown's US Senate campaign. And a hundred times more going on worldwide, hundreds of space groups popping up, I lost count of the number of 'chapters', maybe 50, of my Space Frontier Society that launched themselves worldwide. We all moved at a breathless pace, in some kind of a global 'adolescent' hormonal madness. Without total sobriety, and economic security, which some of us possessed, without honest mentors, without an upper class aristocratic or international multicultural family indoctrination, brought up in the public school (serf-programming) system, what chance had we, short of total fasting and enlightenment, of getting even a glimpse of sanity, clarity, truth?

And then the Mobsters blew up the $pace $huttle, and Christa McAuliffe. Now, I am sure, you begin to feel what we all felt. Crying in the streets, in our offices, at Space Age Publishing Company. And now we finally understood the Mon$ter, understood the rea$on for the decades of being put off, treated like children, $laves; our lives, our truth, our integrity, our destinies, denied. Photo: Steve Durst, publisher of Space Age Review, Space Calendar, Space Daily.

Let me take you back to those times. I was the writer/editor for Space Daily, in Santa Clara, in Silicon Valley. No one else wanted to do it, no one else could. Imagine, every day having to read and research, make all the telephone calls, line up all the interviews, solicit all the business plans and research reports, search through all the Stanford tech libraries, and write several stories, find the photos and illustrations, do the proofing, do the lay-up, do the printing, do the folding and stuffing and mailing, do the electronic translation and uploading online, for a 5-8 page daily space industry insider chronicle? I usually had 1-2 part-time helpers, but they would be busy with the weekly Space Calendar and other duties, and no one had my background, my lack of political correctness, or my passion for writing, educating, awakening.

Let's go back five years earlier. The scene is 1981, CalTech, the Planetfest. A BIG, celestially-beautiful, conference room had been set up for us. With one LONG table, suitable for several Camelot sets. Our political handlers in DC had been busy. A subterfuge had been contrived, to subsume the whole of the California and US space movement under the patriarchal provincial (some would say Nazi fascist) legacy of Von Braun and the National Space Club. A National 'Coordinating' Committee for Space was set up, and all us wee-obediant space movement groups 'Nation' wide would be granted a 'seat' on it. I can't remember if I was allowed to represent one, or two, or three groups, but I showed up with perhaps the 'star' of the Space groups of the time, a representative of the 'dazzling' Hypatia Cluster. There must have been 20-30 of our friends and colleagues seated around the table, each representing one California space group. Surprise, we were NOT there to talk, or compose a statement of purpose and mission. We were here to sign on to one fraud, fait accompli, already composed for us. I balked. The language was all to line us up behind the Aerospace MIC, all space industry (manufacturing, development, slave settlement) -- with no space 'education' component allowed. I balked, and (Korean vet) Science Fiction heavyweight Jerry Pournelle, thundered at me. I rejoined. Jerry hurled his lightning bolts.

We all shifted back in our chairs. Hal (lawyer, diplomat) Harold White, entered the fray. Jerry and I should retire to another room for a conference in order to sort this 'thing' out. Hal shepherded us. Jerry sat in the room, fuming. I watched in curiosity. Hal implored me to apologise to Jerry. Not Jerry apologise to me. Not Jerry apologise to all of us. [Can't recall at the moment exactly how it turned out. I THINK I apologised, and I THINK somehow, after returning to the Round Table, that I managed to sustain that modest amendment to our document of servitude. It didn't matter obviously; no space group I have ever been a part of, or heard of in a hundred years, has stood up to brother MIC and told the truth, let alone stood him down. 

Infinite money, infinite power, infinite subtlety, infinite Rome always 'wins', until it falls. Witness how, today, it is done for us under their 'Obama-Bush' facade. Several TRILLION dollars per year given to MIC and the Banksters. The opposition receives a few Billions (along with the debt note on the Trillions!) and line up to bow and scrape, and lick their Jackboots and re-elect them.]

Twenty years later we were all hopefully expecting a 'Millennium' shift. In January of 2000, I founded FireShips Pty Ltd, in New Zealand. Our press releases, our publicity campaign was heard worldwide. I hosted over a hundred local radio shows, published 50-60 articles in their Nexus magazine on Spaceplane Design, Nuclear Structure, on Covert World Physics and Aerospace; produced a dozen TV spots which aired daily, over and over again. I was interviewed live by radio stations worldwide, featured in many New Zealand magazines and newspapers. When Rockefeller's 9/11 'Market Short Op' went down, I was already on record, worldwide on the internet, sharing the details of the $50 Trillion leveraged takeover of the US economy, and their renewed global campaign of genocide.

The Mob$ter just walked in and took everything; FireShips library, office, studio, shop -- every book, every video, file, notebook, personal journal, instrument, tool. [They were not harsh, always kind and friendly, but not to be dissuaded. One of our FireShips team friends, I recall, an innovative Kiwi aircraft engineer, was offered residency in the United States. The price?  Signing on with the U$ Air Force. He declined the honour.] I was able to save only one box of my books and files, and all my X49 design disks I had backed up as a contingency. Fortunately ALL my physics had been circulated on the web, and archived by friends planetwide, so there was no significant loss to the world, to the future, to history. [Better said 'Herstory', history's ending!] I set up again in Santa Monica, and spent a year in Japan where we did more press releases, held a press conference, presented our X49 design at the Japan Near-Future Technology Exhibition, circulated 10,000 FireShips artcards worldwide.


How did Ida, my thesis advisor Dr. Hoos (Dr. Who?) put it? She, as far as I knew, was never invited into the MIC board-rooms, into the Blue "up-above", as C.J. Cherryh named it. Nor onto the estates of their/our owners, the Rockefellers inter alia. But she did frequent the, it was her job to chronicle, our Black-sector Committees on Capitol-Hill, in Congress, where, as she always repeated, "The 'Eyes' have it." The Intelligence Agencies, 'agent-eyes', in orbit, who rule the roost. Max Hunter's 'High Ground' of 'Outer Space' ...

Ida Russakoff Hoos, at the University of California Space Sciences Lab, was the 'Systems' favorite critic of 'Systems Analysis' ('Systems Engineering' aka Aerospace Engineering) aka the reborn-Nazi regime named MIC, whose figurehead was Wernher von Braun and the Peeneumunde Rocket Team, relocated to North America. World-Ruling MIC, "Our (Nuclear-Intelligence-Mobster) Eyes in the Sky."

and the immortal SpacePlane Equation, solicited by Science Editor Jonathan Leake, by the Times of London, a decade ago? whence did it come from? what does it mean? how did it come to be written Down-Under, in Aotearoa, in New Zealand?

Well, recall that until 1997 I still worked with Gary Hudson and HMX, before I left the Roton Project and moved to New Zealand, and eventually Japan. Twenty-five years a STUDENT of space science, of rocket science, I hadn't yet stood on my own feet and checked the veracity of the their 'Rocket Equations', though I knew their politics well. I had, from 1989 to 1997, done my math in physics, evaluating the foundations of that covert institution, and had revealed all the frauds of 'quantum' physics, 'particle' physics, 'nuclear' physics, their cosmologies, all 'physics', ad nauseum -- had published the truth of the standing lightwave topology of the electron -- of the creation and origins of mass, charge, energy, space, and time -- had published the truth of the superluminal (toroidal) standing lightwave topology of the proton -- etc. etc. -- had not yet published the Structure of the Atomic Nucleus (2001).


It wasn't until a year after arriving in Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud, that, working on Starship designs, working on SpacePlane designs, I took apart the covert Rocket Equation, showed up its fraud, its facade, and began to derive the actual 'mass-fraction' et al equations for SpacePlane flight, for accelerating an aeroshell through the atmosphere to Mach 25, to orbit.

And here, after speaking with Jonathan, from New Zealand to London, the stage, the audience, the setting, the allegory, my metaphor for SpacePlane flight became clear -- those of us sitting in our seats on International Airflights, on Airliners, in particular on those LONG, 10-20 hour, Intercontinental Flights.

How much time, money, fuel is wasted on a 10-20 hour flight -- intentionally flying at LOW thrust -- intentionally burning extra fuel, staying LOW in the HIGH-drag HIGH-resistance atmosphere -- when, with normal 1g, one gravity, acceleration we would be in orbit in 15 minutes! Would arrive at any airport in the world in less than 2 hours! [Compare the Supersonic French Concorde fraud which took many times longer than required by the SpacePlanes.]

Was it merely a factor of two (2) increase in cost, in fuel use, to travel around the globe in 10-20 hours? Or a factor of five (5), ten (10)?

If this, if the SpacePlane Equation were publicized, every intercontinental air passenger from now until forever, now until the fall of Rome, of MIC, would be talking about this, and calculating it, and demanding it, on every flight, every day!

What determines the L/D ratio, the Lift-to-Drag of an aircraft's aeroshell? Why were the fraud's of the Apollo program, the Shuttle program, designed with high drags and low L/Ds? Not designed aerodynamically, but rather designed with surface features and textures which would heat up and destroy the vehicles -- burn up Christa McAuliffes from here until 'Kingdom Come' (down.) Frauds designed by 'NASA von Braun' et al to re-enter ballistically in 4-5 minutes, thereby incurring ten-twenty times more heating than a 'cool-blue' Spaceplane which takes 50-100 minutes to return from orbit?

So, again, I am, you are, sitting in your seat in a Boeing 747 on your way from London to Auckland, it is a twenty-four hour flight, you have LOTS of time. You get out a pen and pad, and start making a list of the many many ways you could turn an economic and streamlined Spaceplane into this joke of an airliner, or the dungbomb of the Space Shuttle. L/D, Lift/Drag, is dependent on many variables. The mass, speed, altitude, and velocity of the vehicle; the size, shape (and augments) and surface texture of the aeroshell. The 'Space Shuttle', known as the "Flying Brick", had an L/D of 4. "The (Canceled) Comedy of the Concorde" SST (Supersonic Transport) an L/D of 7. Airliners have L/D ratios in the mid-teens, for the 747 it is 17. L/D for the new Boeing 787-8 will be 21; the new Boeing 797 Blended Wing Body, 23-25; the U2 spyplane had an L/D of 28. The X49 Spaceplane aeroshells, without active drag-negation or PlasmaShell-thrust systems, have L/Ds of 30-40, depending on the material surface and aeroshell wave-feature 'sculpting'.

Google Airliner, "Maximum Takeoff Weight" and "Maximum Thrust", from your laptop, on the airliner, on your flight to Auckland.

Here's one: Boeing 747 Specifications

Boeing 747-8: L/D Ratio -- 16.58, Cruise Speed -- Mach 0.85, Maximum Takeoff Weight -- 435,449 kg, Maximum Thrust -- 4 Engines at 30,164 kg each, Total 120,656 kg

Maximum Thrust 120,656 kg divided by Maximum Takeoff Weight 435,449 kg equals 0.277 g. [Meaning 1/4 gravity acceleration during Takeoff.]

from the SpacePlane Equation above L/D X T/W = 17 x 1/4 = 4.25. Acceleration several times the 'No Acceleration' factor of 1. Enough to take us to orbit in an hour or so, but not a full 1 g of acceleration, not achieving orbit in 15 minutes, 1000 seconds. It does give us, however, a very modest fuel-cost savings factor of about 24/1 divided by 17 = 1.4. A savings of 29 percent.

If we use Spaceplane engines, scramjet engines or a mix of jet and rocket engines, instead we could accelerate at one gravity, 1 g, all the way. Our T/W would then equal 1, and our L/D X T/W = 17 x 1 = 17. And a fuel-cost savings factor of about 24/0.25 divided by 17 = 5.6. A fuel cost savings of 82 percent per flight.

And achievement of orbit, a meeting with Big (Blue, Sky, Father, Uncle) Brother, in 1000 seconds, 15 minutes ...

Canto todas las cosas, la PachaMama, volver ...

"The StarShip Equation" {Story of the 1990 Inauguration, and Year 2000 Launch, of the Superluminal Millennium Mission to Alpha Centauri, to be published to a facebook status note soon ...}

Was I TRULY to blame for whole of the six-to-seven decades of Covert California Aerospace Ops and Disinfo, and the consequent world cultural genocide, and rape and murder of our Mother Earth? Or only for my participation in the lie, the cover-up, and the consequences? Only for my dropping of the dialog, hanging my head, not honouring myself and the others in the conversation, not respecting the life of our Sacred Global Culture, Planetary Divinity?

Have I changed, grown, become a responsible mentor for our children, guardian and steward of our Mother?

Have 'We'?


Divine Creation (not Covert DisInfo-Nation)

The Re-Writing of the L5 Society founding

"Our clearly stated long range goal will be to disband the Society in a mass meeting at L5."  L5 News Back-Issues

"In 1986 the L5 Society which had grown to about 10,000 members was disbanded and subsumed within the 25,000 member National Space Institute, renamed the National Space Society. 1986, the Year of the Space Shuttle Challenger destruction."

"the SpacePlane Equation" is only for internet circulation and discussion, not approved for print or other media release to the cattle public. the author's discussions of the aerospace 'frauds' committed by himself and the so-called space transportation 'entrepreneurs' et al might be considered libelious and actionable in public, or in a court of 'law', and might have to be re-written, with tongue deep in cheek, in order to be sanctioned in the greater world of matrix newspeak ...

which is pure cyberspeak to say that: "all the above represents nothing more than the beliefs, opinions, dreamings of the author. all the aerospace industry characters and personalities portrayed therein, including the author, human and other, are imaginary, false or even fantastic artistic fictions, and should in no way be associated with REAL honest persons, living, dead, uploaded, relocated, given new names and identities on the Moon or Mars, or otherwise ...

Video - http://youtu.be/XFHbjpc_dJ4?list=PLCE88D700FF957DAD

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  1. This is all junk. I am a production techinician helping develop one of these space planes. I have many friends in the aerospace and priavte space travel industry. Its not a sham, there are 1000s of people who work exteremely hard everday to help develop private space travel for citizens.

    Now I am not denying there is an NWO (trust me, I spend everyday around globalists and their minions) or that companies like boeing, raytheon, lockheed are destroying huge amounts of wealth and talent that could be used to create productive things. But assuming that every private operation with large investors is a NWO front/scam is just plain paranoid.

    The cabal/nwo has managed to compartmentalize things to an absurd level. I know engineers who are developing drones yet are completely OBLIVIOUS to the fact that their machines are murdering hundreds of people on a daily basis.

    And why they havent built spaceplanes the size of the 747 yet. Unfortunately in this universe, everything isnt free. And building a space plane of that scale (even if you had the best tools and infinite energy) still takes an absurdly huge amount of development and testing.

    1. At first you categorically deny this technology was developed - 'all junk', and then admit the complete compartmentalisation of the industry which would make it impossible for you to make such an assertion...
      see America's Nuclear Flying Saucer @ http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/2012/01/americas-nuclear-flying-saucer.html

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