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Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Nature of Government

The Nature of Government

“Only psychopaths want to run other people’s lives.”

by Abdun Nur

Active Image"To be governed is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be governed is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished. It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be placed under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonored. That is government; that is its justice; that is its morality."
- Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Government is Latin for mind control, to ‘govern- mentally’ the individual, as the administrative bureaucracy which controls a corporate state.

“If the State loses its grip over your mind, it loses the key to its very survival.”
-         Lew Rockwell

It consists of:

1. Legislators - people who write and pass laws of the landlord/s, holding all in ownership, being the estate of the corps of government, the dead legal entity of corporation, through the political system (citizenry system), creating corporate policy.

2. Administrators - people who execute the corporate policy of the landlord/s (law) through the bureaucratic system.

3. Arbitrators - people who apply the corporate policy through the judicial system.

"Control of thought is more important for governments that are free and popular than for despotic and military states. The logic is straightforward: a despotic state can control its domestic enemies by force, but as the state loses this weapon, other devices are required to prevent the ignorant masses from interfering with public affairs, which are none of their business…the public are to be observers, not participants, consumers of ideology as well as products."
Noam Chomsk

Law is the policy of the issuing corporation and only applies upon the land ‘owned’ by the landlord, being their jurisdiction, binding all tenants and occupants in citizenry; the State claims ownership of all the land within its corporate borders, and all resources and life upon it.

The foundation of this claim is derived through the ‘simple trust’ which is created as the original claim of ‘ownership’; which is generally the result of genocide in order to remove the previous occupiers of the land. This for example was the case in Britain; the Church Corporation through its agents, attacked the indigenous people of Britain with a 20 year genocide, from 1066 to 1086, at which point the Doomsday book was compiled to catalogue the assets of the corporation. Similarly in North America the Corporation orchestrated the murder of around 100 million indigenous people to remove their occupation of the land; genocide is the method commonly applied, just as the corporation did in Australia and South America, etc.

The originating corporation is the Vatican, all State corporations are incorporated through the Church, as inherently you can only own that which you create yourself, no one could then own the land or resources; the individual could only occupy the land and make use of the resources, no legal fiction could exist without its positive imposition.

The Creator of the Earth is the only owner, therefore to claim the land as ‘owned’, the Church claims a man as a God, ‘Christ’, and further claim the Pope is the substitute of ‘Christ’ on Earth, therefore God on Earth, God is the Creator so owner, all claims are then subordinate and authorised as a grant through the Pope.

“I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.”
-         H.L.Henoken

The Legislators of the Legislative System

“It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”
-         Thomas Sowell

The government regulates, restrains, supervises, or controls the individual through their imposed citizenship, for the good and welfare of the Corporation of State; that is the legal definition of all government.

“Government cannot grant you a thing. It can only place limits on that which was rightfully yours to begin with.”

“There is nothing that the State currently provides through theft and coercion that free human beings cannot provide at a lower cost and higher quality through voluntary interaction in the marketplace.”
-         Justin Stout

All corporate governments without exception are ‘government de facto’, meaning a government of fact, not one that can exist in equitable nature, all governments work in opposition to the inherent power of the individual, all impose through the threat of violence, all extort, all subjugate, all enslave, and they all claim to be a government de jure; which is a concept without basis in fact, it is impossible to have an equitable system with the structure of any government that is based upon removing or subverting the inherent power of the individual. The justification generally applied is collective right, which is the fraud of representative democracy.  To understand this further please read: The Nature of Democracy

“Government is in reality established by the few; and these few assume the consent of all the rest, without any such consent being actually given.”
-         Lysander Spooner

A government de jure, is a government based upon a superior and inferior man, one man or group grant rights and entitlements, and impose the obligations of duties, through their fictional authority of a collective right; the inferior man is compelled through the fear of the threat of violence to comply.

“No matter how peaceful, humanitarian and tolerant you are, no matter how well-meaning and honourable your goals – if you ask for a new government law, program or plan, ultimately that program will be paid for with the property taken by force from others and the law will be enforced at the point of a gun.”

The Administrators of the Bureaucratic System

Bureaucracies are excessive, meaning evil, multiplication of, and concentration of power in, administrative bureaus or administrators. A bureau was originally a kind of cloth from Old French burel woollen cloth, from Old French bure, from Late Latin burra shaggy cloth; possibly connected to a sack such as a burlap sack used to collect things.

There is a word in Arabic with the same meaning of woollen cloth, as a blanket placed on the back of a camel, ‘dajjarl’, was used to hide a disease to deceive a man buying the camel.

The term -‘cracy’ or –‘cracies’ is from the Greek word ‘-kratia’ "power, might; rule, sway; power over; a power, authority,".

“In the non-commercial bureaucracies of government, everything is a guess. You don’t know how much to spend on what, whether there is any rational point to what you are doing, whether this plan or that plan succeeded or failed, where to cut if you have to, which managers or sectors are doing a good job and which are failing. The public sector is faking it all of the time.”
-         Jeffrey Tucker

Bureaucracies are a hierarchical system that compulsively creates more and more rules. There is little incentive to improve efficiency. They create more and more jobs for rule-creators, rule-enforcers, and rule interpreters. This is how they grow and expand their influence.

The bureaucratic organizational structure is based on following rules and obedience to higher authority; this is in contradistinction to a system where the officers of a government have a coordinate authority, meaning to act in harmonious combination where power is equally distributed.

In bureaucracies if you have obeyed the rules you have done a good job. Very little else matters. Bureaucratic organizations tend to attract workers who obey orders and follow rules, as well as those with the psychological defect of needing to control others. The major growth of bureaucratic influence occurs, however, by the influence rule-creators have on other bureaucratic organizations. Entire industries are created to obey the rules. To the extent that these bureaucratic rule-makers can convince others to obey and accept not just the rules themselves, but the bureaucratic, rule-obeying, hierarchical structures themselves, these bureaucrats become the greatest Value Destroyers in history.

“Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.”
-         Robert LeFevre

When the primary objective of human interaction becomes obeying rules (especially those imposed by force), value is destroyed in at least six ways.

 1. Little attention is paid to efficiency.

2. The products or services the customer wants to voluntarily purchase, or are compelled to purchase, receive little attention compared to other organizational goals.

3. Individual initiative is thwarted and innovation stagnates.

4. When bureaucrats enforce rules by threat or force of arms they trample upon the inherent power of the individual, and their reciprocal obligations and responsibilities in equities to those around them to engage in equitable, peaceful, voluntary exchange.

5. Imposed regulation, registration and taxation compliance, add enormously to the cost of production, and the establishment of infrastructure and services to comply with the demands of the bureaucrats, such as accountants, certifications, inflated administrations, these cost are born by the end consumer of all production, perverting the real value.

6. The innate inherent power of the individual is stripped away, devaluing the individual; the greater the authority conferred to the bureaucracy, the more contempt and imposition is suffered.

Some bureaucrats may couch the order in nice language, but at the root they perceive themselves as an order-giver and you as the obedient slave of that order. Bureaucrats hate diversity. Bureaucrats hate independence.

They believe your life, money, and body are theirs to regulate and use as they decide, if you are under positive law you are simply chattel, owned property, the time has arrived to remove positive law

Hierarchical systems attract sociopaths or psychopaths at the apex, who act without accountability and from their own perspective of holding power over others, with a desire to ever expand their power upon those around them.

"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas."
-Brock Adams, Director UN Health Organization

The Arbitrators of the Judicial System

“No law can give power to private persons; every law transfers power from private persons to government.”
-         Isabel Paterson

The arbitrators of the Corporate State settle dispute; however equitably a dispute can only exist between like entities, such as between living corporeal men and women, bureaucratic arbitrators do not settle such disputes; they exclusively arbitrate disputes between corporations.

A corporation is a dead body citizen, an incorporeal entity, a legal fiction, an instrument of commerce; men use this instrument of a bastardised corps to escape accountability, liability and to hoard resources perpetually from generation to generation in the colour of law, as estate is amassed in death there can be no inheritor; holding all as the property of a deceased citizen.  Corporation is further applied generally without the consent of the individual; to allow the arbitrators to act in arbitration of dispute between living men and women against corporation, the system has to hold them as chattel in the corporation of citizenship, which is a vessel on the sea of commerce, a straw man.

Arbitrators just as all bureaucrats are within a commercial enterprise, all modern courts are private for profit trusts, and a trust is a generic corporation, they are law merchants.

“Government is a parasite that sucks the lifeblood from those it claims to serve. It has no industry and always follows the same pattern: to grow until it crushes everything in its path. It is the most devious and voracious parasite that has ever come into existence and it is entirely man-made.”
-         Wordpower


“Anarchy is no guarantee that some people won’t kill, injure, kidnap, defraud or steal from others. Government is a guarantee that some will.”
-         Gustave de Molinari

The defence of those who propagate, perpetrate and promote government is “the alternative is anarchy!”

“Saying that we can’t survive without government, is like saying that animals can’t survive without farms.”
-         Chris Reid

Anarchy means anti-overarching, so anti hierarchy and so free of hierarchical ‘leaderships’, therefore there is an absence of government or law, this does not mean there are no alternative systems to either government or law, just the alternative systems used free of government and law are not presently used or widely considered.

Anarchy is a lack of obedience to an authority, authority is "invention, advice, opinion, influence, command," from auctor "master, leader, author". Therefore anarchy is the lack of obedience to an imposed superior, to comply with their dictates and commands.

“A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years.”
-         Lysander Spooner

Anarchy is an absence of a leader, a system of anarchy is therefore not based in a hierarchical structure. To consider the alternative system please read the essays in this section, society.

“Governments have no inherent authority other than the degree to which they can intimidate other to obey them with the threat of their monopoly on force.”

Government Creates Society, Culture or Civilisation?

Society means "friendly association with others," as a "group of people living together in an ordered community", government removes community, and regulates through fear.

“The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern.” 
-         Lord Acton

Culture is "cultivation through education", as the "the intellectual side of civilization". Government impose the Prussian school of education upon the masses, which is based on memorisation and regurgitation of authoritative based information, this form of education is called indoctrination. This is in contrast to the comprehension of factually based knowledge, as is gained through a classical education based upon the trivium, a method of education which is restricted to the education of only the elite who pay for private schooling or those wise enough to home school their offspring.

“Government is the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it lies; and this lie slips from its mouth: ‘I, government, am the people.’

Everything government says is a lie, and everything government has it has stolen.”
-         Nietzsche

Civilisation; meaning the act or process of bringing out of a savage or uneducated state; Corporate bureaucrats view people from less-developed lands as barbaric and in great need of cultural edification, this is simply an excuse to impose the corporate system, which allows them to subjugate, control and enslave that ‘savage population’.

“The Great Lie is that this is civilisation. It’s not civilisation. It has been the most bloodthirsty brutalising system ever imposed upon this planet. This is not civilisation, this is the Great Lie. Or if it does represent civilisation, and that is truly what civilisation is, then the Great Lie is that civilisation is good for us.”
-         John Trudell

Government is the product of a ‘cult’, a tended cultivation, to produce the worship of authority.  Government cultivates a mental condition of authority worship, a superior dominating all individuals, whether conceptual or personified, being worthy, being honoured, being all powerful. It is the result of ownership, and the structure of hierarchy, it pretends protection and threatens violence if you refuse to comply with their thefts, impositions, subjugations, regulations, registrations, monopolies and legislations. In a nut shell all government is the establisher and maintainer of monopoly, intimidation, coercion, extortion and violent abuses.

“No region can be secured otherwise than by arming the people. The possession of arms is the distinction between a freeman and a slave. He, who has nothing, and who himself belongs to another, must be defended by him, whose property he is, and needs no arms. But he, who thinks he is his own master, and has what he can call his own, ought to have arms to defend himself, and what he possesses; else he lives precariously, and at discretion.”
-         James Burgh

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  1. Not all government is bad, only governments that are dictated by easily repudiated beliefs. A government that is run on money (faith) is a recipe for disaster, and that's what we have today. Today's form of government everywhere in the world is corrupt. But there are alternative forms of government based on the FACTS (Close agreements of a series of observations of the same phenomena), which would render any form of faith based BS government obsolete. Imagine if our faith in monies value became worthless as we simply allowed free energy technologies and resources to solve roughly 95% of our most complex social problems... No need for money, which I think is the root cause of us never finding reality based solutions to what ails us... Yes, a moneyless government based on the science of what we know and can apply for everyones great benefit is preferable to a government to, for and of our belief in the 'Chosen Ones' at everyones great expense.

    1. Agreed, but can you name any such existing (or past) government(s)?


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