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Thursday, 13 February 2014

World's first free energy car and plane

World's first free energy car and plane

These guys have a car, the Titanium, that is sexier than the Tesla Roadster. They have a functional plane incorporating their technology as well, the Swing. These are powered by their Palladium generator technology, which could mean they will run endlessly without stopping for fuel…

More photos of the Titanium below, which is a slight variation of the kit car, the Michalak C7.

More photos of the Swing below. Design has been around for ~10 years.

As usual, you are about to learn something for the first time here at PESN, which in a few months from now is likely to be bigger than anything Tesla Motors ever came up with.

This is about Platinum Invests in Spain, which has been #1 in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing for several months.

We reported recently, that on January 11, Dr. Umberto Stranieri that wrote to me: 

Hello Dear Friend Allan,

[...]As for the generator, as you understand we have made great strides. We have achieved the goal with costs by producing 25 KW 5 KW, with incredible savings but visible to all.

Always understand that it will give me great pleasure that you come to visit me in Spain. I'm finishing the last work on the car and electric plane that soon will be in the streets and skies of Tutto [?]. [...]

A hug, greetings
Dr. Umberto Stranieri 

Then this morning, he gave me a link to two new videos they uploaded. The first is 24 minutes long and includes the following footage:

  • Assembling their biomass power unit.
  • Assembling their 20 kW Palladium QMoGen (my word for this class of devices, which they build from scratch, not from off-the-shelf components) [this is the design, I think, which he said they would provide to me to power my house with]
  • Dr. Stranieri driving their car -- Titanium
  • Flying their experimental aircraft -- Swing

January 23; 1:47 am Mountain. Simple response by Skype: ""

Here's the first video.

The second video is a slideshow of the above as well, with no video footage. It lasts 30 minutes. In addition to the footage shown in the first video, this one also includes:

  • Blueprints of the Palladium (Palladium starts at 2:16)
  • Photos of their office facility
  • Many photos of Titanium, their car, some of which I post below. (Starting at 18:55)
  • Many photos of Swing, their plane, some of which I post below. (Starting at 21:54)
Here's that video.

Description Translation:

These guys are obviously very significant players. They have nice facilities, professionally-built equipment, top-of-the-line design.

I don't know about you, but I was very impressed with their Titanium photos. That is one awesome-looking car. I want one! And when I go to Spain to visit, I hope I get to have a ride, if not drive one.

Here's a photo that contains three of the featured technologies, shown in photos below: the Titanium car, Spring aircraft, and Palladium generator.


Palladium Images/Photos


Built from scratch, the Palladium 20 kW home power generator would be a bit more expensive than solar, but without the intermittency of the sun. Except for the last one, which I grabbed from their video, Dr. Stranieri sent these images to me by Skype.









Titanium Photos





 Umberto getting out of his Titanium.









Swing Photos











Trailer with Swing parked in front of their office.








Reactor Photos


They've had a waste-to-energy technology operational for some time.

Umberto in front of the reactor.

Facility Photos



  I Want to Go!

If you were me, wouldn't you want to take up Dr. Stranieri's invitation to come visit? I'm all in! Now I just need to figure out a way to finance the trip to go see (and videotape) their generator, ride in their car and plane, see their waste-to-fuel reactor demonstrated, and anything else they've got up their sleeves. This is one amazing company!

Of course, from an energy point of view, I'll be most interested in seeing their Palladium generator producing many kW without anything plugged into it. A price sheet brochure I received, which they asked me not to publish yet (prices [quite pricey] not finalized) states:

PLATINUM INVESTS GROUP in collaboration with the European University of Pernik in Bulgaria and other specialized institutions in the energy industry have researched and developed a basic system that guarantees the continuous production of electrical energy.

If you would like to chip in for the trip, that would be much appreciated. We also are running dangerously low on operational funds, so some extra would be appreciated as well. Scheduling a couple of weeks in advance, a round-trip plane ticket runs around $1500. Not bad.

While I'm there, maybe I could check in on TechnoKontrol.

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