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Monday, 17 September 2012

WHO Told You That You Are A HOMINID?

WHO Told You That You Are A HOMINID?

   Is it too late for you to pull out of the SPIN?

by Lou Majors


Birth – you download to a new pattern/form/body which includes
a new hard drive mammals call a ‘brain’.

Bright lights, sensations.

Becoming conscious of superior beings feeding, taking care of you,
are they gods? Must be.

These beings and other adults train you that you are little ‘Johnny’
or whatever hominid symbol they create to represent you and on and
on. You accept their version of reality and who you are because you trust
them, have not developed any reasoning abilities yet and have heard no
alternative ideas.

let’s move on.

It’s taken millions of years for hominids to build their group model of reality concerning the BIG questions, and although science has brought us some clarity and to the brink of a new understanding, it’s time to jettison the entire hominid biased perspective.

Forget everything you think you know for a moment and let’s consider these questions anew without the hominid bias.

Who am I?
What am I?
Where am I?
What’s REALLY Going On Here?
Who Has The Power In My World?


The first 27 years of this life as a ‘human’ I WAS CLUELESS…
brainwashed by the accepted programing and mythology of our culture, following my given beliefs without questioning a single premise.

Then came a two week out of body experience I didn’t understand and couldn’t ignore which led to an intense 12 year period of study, research, and experimentation…using my life as the laboratory to come to my own conclusions.

In 1999 I published my thesis and model of existence The Eternal Cycle
and I am about to share my hard-earned insights and answers to these questions for your examination and consideration in your own personal quest for understanding this experience we call ‘reality’.

The words I’ll use are the closest ones we have in the English language to describe the image and activity of existence as I now see it.

Perhaps as our scientific understanding evolves there will be better terms but for now these should do to give us a simple picture.

Who am I?


WHO is a little misleading and reveals our current innate prejudices as objective beings in a temporal setting.

Personality is way down the development chain during an expansion stage requiring division, experience, memory, and intelligence to make its appearance.

Personality is not eternal, it is not ‘always present’ so again ‘who am I’… eternally or ‘all the time’?

At the primal or eternal ( ‘always present’ ) level ….

The ‘always present’ unified field of subjective consciousness that in the course of it’s normal behavior spawns all that we currently see including our temporary identities as intelligent, conscious beings.

Which naturally leads to our next question. ..


What am I?


YOU ARE SUBJECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS that  pulses in and out of vibrational complexity…you cycle between an active state and a dormant state ad infinitum.

That is your nature as existence to pulse or cycle between a simple vibration and an incredibly complex series of vibrations.

If we could create an image of this it might look something like Rodrigo Siqueira’s fractal image below:

The Eternal Cycle or Pulse


Where am I?


WHERE is another of those dubious questions based on our current limited perspective. Space and time are only meaningful as objective beings during the expansive stage of the cycle or pulse.

In reality, as existence your energy is ‘all that ‘is’, and everything that is happening is going on within yourself. In your current position as a nested portion of yourself within an energetic pattern you know as your ‘body’ you are observing the activity of yourself from within yourself… trippy eh?


What’s REALLY Going On Here?


Right now collectively you are expanding or stretching into more and more complex patterns. From a ‘nested’ partial perspective as an individual primate it seems like you are a person in an expanding physical universe but you are actually what you consider the inside and outside of your current experience.

Unwind the temporary patterns dividing your attention or awareness and you realize you are both the ‘container’ and the ‘contents’.

In a nutshell the present major activity is EXPANSION so what’s going on here is ‘you are watching yourself expand in a sea of patterns’.

Life is driven to know itself instinctually; and, you and I are the evolved aspect of that desire equipped with intelligence to get the job done … know ourself as we really are …
creative consciousness.



What And Where Is My True Power?


Here is the biggie… especially in our current temporary experience as human beings. The main power of existence right now is our collective instinct to expand BUT within that flow is our individual power to affect the area surrounding our nested consciousness by adjusting our resonance or vibration.

You and I have the power to alter our personal energetic resonance and effect the other portions of the whole attracted or repelled into our experience. We control our individual event horizons within the whole and its flow.

In a sense we all have MAGNETIC PERSONALITIES.

For more on this there are over 200 posts here in AWAKE about your personal power and influence beyond the normal human concepts.

In a word the true power in our personal experiences is our power to FOCUS.

Focus energy in the form of feelings, thoughts, words, and actions in our human experience.


How can it be true that I’m EVERYTHING?


Once again, this is where our current bias as seemingly separate beings clouds our ability to reason this out. Many indigenous tribes have a psychedelic initiation into adulthood for this very reason.
They want everyone in their community to know firsthand that here is only one spirit doing its thing in reality and it’s you!

They know the value of a direct experience of subjective consciousness in bringing people together in a true understanding of what’s transpiring in reality.

Nevertheless we have trillions of years of individuality left before we collectively sleep again ( to awake once more ), so take the wheel of your event horizon and enjoy your present experience!

If you want more details on how I came to these conclusions and
the complete story … start HERE.

Copyright © 1999-2010 Lou Majors
Via Conscious Creators @ http://consciouscreators.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/who-told-you-that-you-are-a-hominid/

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