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Saturday, 15 September 2012

(Solfeggio Redux) Everything is Light and Sound

(Solfeggio Redux) Everything is Light and Sound


As some of you may know, I work with clients not only as a counselor, but using sound and vibration to help relieve the effects of stress on the body and mind. Recently, I came upon a brilliant explanation as to WHY this works, and how we actually lost our “true tones”. As I have said to many clients in many ways, “dissonance” can happen with a thought. (Not to mention the electrical “grids” criss-crossing our entire planet and invading every portion of our waking and sleeping lives.)

We are becoming more and more exhausted with less explanation as to why. I have always known from my own personal experience with extreme stress, that music can sometimes help. However, I have also understood that most “music” is tuned improperly and therefore never truly creates long-term relief. (how convenient for the “music” industry)

Many years ago I began to study the effects of frequency (binaural beats and repeated oscillations) on mood elevation and temperament. For over 11 years I have successfully treated clients using these patterns. I have written articles and taught classes on the subject of stress and the use of sound in an effort to help people understand themselves and their relationship to nature THRU sound.

And once again, I have found another amazing article on the subject.

I am posting almost the entire essay as I feel it is certainly a worth while read.

All links and credits here… OMEGA 432

Just below is a musical sampling... using the correct tuning of 432Hz. The sample is PURE 432 Hz both in human scale and musical overtones. Truly soothing, enlightening, and meditative. Please give the essay a good read as well, I really think it will be worth your time. 

“The non-solfeggio scale formerly known as the “lost solfeggio” scale has three different centers of higher concert pitch tuning and were used instead of one. This scale was considered “lost” because of change from Just-Intonation to the 12 tone equal temperament that has become the standard scale since the 1800s due to a need for conformity between various instruments. The total harmony of the original scale was systematically altered.

The three tuning centers used in the non-solfeggio scale formerly known as the “lost solfeggio” scale are: 441Hz  444Hz and 451Hz. 

This alleged “Lost Solfeggio” defeats the purpose of a real musical consonant solfeggio scale used for vocalists in music performance and practice.  

The tones mentioned above, create extremely dissonant intervals when used as a substitute for a solfeggio scale largely based from the indisputable fact that three tonal centers of different concert pitch are used instead of one, from which the human voice cannot find a tonal centered register for the sensation of consciousness to experience a grounded sensation of pitch consonance. [emphasis Oshi]


Music from the beginning of antiquity was not intended as a form of entertainment and instead, was the focal point of spiritual connection.

In ancient times, schools of knowledge taught about the harmonic principals of cosmic influence upon natural systems and the development of man. It was believed that the gods or planets have a direct influence upon man.

 Man’s inner ability to inter-connect with the vibrant resonant environment has always played an integral role in the development of civilizations and role of behaviors from one type of conscious awareness to the other. 

It is well documented that the push and pull of magnetic and electromagnetic cosmic forces play an important role in the development of man and rise and fall of civilizations.

The subtle push and pull from the moon on the tides and inner waters of our bodies or the squaring or retrograde of planetary influence upon our energetic bodies can literally create a marionette of emotions in the conscious awareness of man. Most have heard of the phrase  “full moon madness” but  few understand the push and pull of apogee and perigee that moons influence plays upon consciousness and emotion, or how such influences of the planetary spheres are based on a symphony of ratio.

 Such skips and wobbles in the spiral orbits of planets can produce ultra-low electromagnetic oscillations. 

This song and dance of the cosmos can create a constant pressure on the metallic compounds of the body thus creating possible magnetic stress upon the condensed atomic structures of the body, which ultimately, can influence the emotions. Mastery of the emotions and transformation of the body’s metallic alchemy through proper sun gazing techniques and hansa yoga can assist with the stresses of transits of the planets. 

A solid music foundation based on natural spiral progressions and ratios of the planets and earth can alleviate such conditions, as a constant tug of war between artificial centers of pitch may create a dissonance relationship between nature and man, which may effect the waters of the body and ultimately, consciousness. 

Built up dissonance can create electrical stress which can be  conducted or transmitted by the nervous system and the skeleton. Bone for an example is a mineral based peizo electric transmitter/receiver that needs to discharge the built up piezoelectric charge properly to the earth. Bone is “tuned” to nature and most doctors are unfortunately taught only procedure and do not question why they use a C=256 hz (C note in concert A=432 hz) tuning fork to find bone fractures. 

How we perceive time as spirit mind force in human form is through the platonic year.  A platonic year the the time it takes for the sun to rise in the spring equinox to move through one degree every 72 years to complete one full spiral arc of 25,920 years through the zodiac. The average numbers of breaths a healthy adult takes in a 24 hour period at 18 breaths per minute x 60 minutes x 24 hours = 25,920 breaths. Certain esoteric mystery schools taught that the development of the human span of spirit is 360 x 72 = 25, 920 days, achieved through the teaching of “the fire and the bellows” breath. (advanced alchemy)   

The Sun’s diameter and movement of Saturn is closely related to the measurement 864 (432×2) both in size and time of orbit whilst the moon is related to 216. (half 432) Our system of time keeping of an earth day was based on a 360 degree sphere with 864 thousand seconds in 24 hours 432 thousand seconds in 12 hours and 216 thousand seconds in 6 hour counts. The synchronicity between these mathematical values show up time and time again throughout antiquity and the natural world. In the Holy Book of the Upanishads/Gita, the traditional count of Brahma is 4,320 million years.

Everything is made of light, we appear to be moving at relative light speed called latency  Each dimension appears as  a trinity flash line sequence based on ratio of frequency.

According to Bruce Cathie light spirals at 144,000 minutes of arc per earth grid second with 432 as the square root of light. Sometime ago, I mentioned that sound and light are the same and interconnected. I based that statement purely on the amount of spiritual study on the subject.

Mainstream logic zealots may dispute this, as “textbooks” state there is no connection between mechanical sound waves and visible electromagnetic light waves, but i assure you that they have a transference nonlocal medium that encodes properties onto both mechanical and electromagnetic perception according to strong and weak forces of relative bonding and infrared transition. If they were not inter-related then NASA could not take the background electromagnetic symphony of cosmic compression waves from stars and planets and convert them to sound. Both mechanical sound pressure waves and electromagnetic light waves are only linear perception connected through interference patterns of the interactive boundary layers or nodal points of spherical intersecting grid points that appear as scalar waves. Electrons form in the nodal interference crossroads between phase and anti phase spheres to create the trinity of matter through the perception of dimension of frequency.

Scalar waves although linear in appearance of perception, are never absorbed by the environment and exist out of space time/time space, we perceive the visible realm as latency of the spherical interferance flash line sequence via Fibonacci dampening causing the formation of boundary layers that interfere with one another and create the illusion of particles in motion, sort of like Christmas lights flashing on and off in series creating the illusion of movement. The Fibonacci spiral series or PHI  is nature’s way of dampening infinite spherical patterns into finite boundary layers of linear interference of perception, otherwise the universe would just jumble all together. These dampened patterns create the illusion of particle wave spin, motion, rotation, decay, light speed (latency) and Doppler redshift. We observe only one side of a parallax view of reality classifying the universe objectively from a relativistic subjective perception of consciousness. 


I truly believe in my own spiritual opinion we experience the universe as the compressed relative consciousness of the divine creator and that creation is intelligently designed as ratio. We are living in a true musical universe so it makes sense to connect with what we observe in nature. There are two tonal spirals of ratio that create harmonic overtones and undertones.

When we add unnatural forced equal temperament choices for the sensations of tone and concert pitch and using A=440 hz – A=460 hz to our daily lives, we can create the conditions of closed system disharmony and piezoelectric stress within the temple of the body and chambers of compassion in the heart which can alter the natural resonance of the morphogenetic fields of consciousness which may ultimately disconnect us us from spiritual evolution.

  A=432 hz is part of the “Origin Ratio” of intelligent universal design, so the return to natural choices for concert pitch such as A=432 hz, puts black and white division aside and can allow us in the spirit of co-operation to do greater things together…”

From Cognitive Dissonance @ http://vibedoc.com/blog/2011/12/everything-is-made-of-light-and-light-is-vibration.html

For more information about  see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/solfeggio%20frequencies

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