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Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Planetary Chess Game and Reincarnation

The Planetary Chess Game and Reincarnation


by Jon Rappaport

In the many power struggles of the last century to establish more and more control over the populations of planet Earth, certain principles have been developed.

There are at least two levels of this Plan.

The first level involves concealment of the whole operation by giving it other faces and other reasons and other justifications.

This first level could be called PR/propaganda/intelligence. It involves painting a picture of the world and the forces of power that is completely conventional and acceptable to the masses. Namely, that there are nations and in some cases fanatically motivated groups (e.g., terrorists) who are trying to assert themselves against one another.

France versus England, England versus Germany, the US versus the USSR, and so on. Hot wars, cold wars, economic wars, treaties, agreements, the breaking of treaties, more war.

This is what people have come to expect as an explanation about why things are as they are. People buy in. They understand nations as entities who have distinct and different objectives and who come into conflict with one another.

This makes sense to people, because this is how history is written and taught and learned, this is how news is reported, this is how governments actually DO operate.

One might say that governments are under the delusion that they are the prime entities of power.

After all, a government can order its army to attack another nation. Isn’t this an obvious sign of power at work?

It would be a mistake to completely discount the influence of governments. At the same time, one has to realize that the IDEA that governments are the main power entities is misleading and false and foreshortened in its perspective.

But when you have government heads and spokespeople who make all the public pronouncements and who make the wars and who make the peace…well, this is very persuasive.

If you don’t think so, just try to convince your neighbor that the real power entities on the planet are operating at a level behind and above the governments. See how far you get. 


However, imagine for a moment that newspapers and TV networks suddenly shifted their focus and began reporting most major events as emanating from, say, corporations and foundations and secret societies and religious organizations.

How long would a steady stream of this take before populations began to see reality in a different form?

Reality is malleable, is a big piece of putty or taffy, and it only becomes solidified when the STORY OF REALITY is always reported in the same fundamental way.

Who are the sources quoted by the media in order to present a portrait of what is going on? Mostly government people.

Government people, of course, talk about what government is doing, and the media pick that up and relay it to the people, who think in turn that power struggles are ultimately between governments and populations with different national agendas.

This is one of the major jobs of media, this deception.

Now, the second principle of the Plan is, establish and nail down a map of the world in which governments and nations and sovereign territories have less and less and less to do with the real nature of events.

In other words, behind the front established through PR/propaganda/intelligence, create the true state of affairs:





To bring about these four conditions, many suboperations are mounted. Many.

For example, to drive a government deeper and deeper into debt forces that government to become, more and more, an all-embracing government-corporate being. That was called fascism or state corporatism in Italy under Mussolini.

There are many names for the part of the Plan that involves bringing about the four conditions above. You can call it Communism or socialism or fascism or totalitarianism or state corporatism or parental government or bureaucracy or globalism or internationalism or even free trade. The names abound.

At the highest levels of this game, all those names are mere fronts. They represent various bleeding-out operations designed to coalesce and meld the human race into one helpless aggregate managed by, in essence, a small number of people.

Those controllers are chess players.

A chess player does not attach himself to the meaning of any given piece on the board. He is not “a lover of the knight.” He is not a devotee of the queen.

He is a chess player. 


And ideology in most forms is merely a temporary piece of propaganda designed to magnetize and polarize and divert populations. Ideology is something that is invoked to explain certain moves on the board

When the rook moves to a new square, that move is disguised under a variety of names and fronts and explanations, all of which are false.

In chess, there is only one thing that motivates the player. Winning the game.

However, if the people of Earth truly suspected that chess was the overriding operation, and all other news was a cover for THAT, the people would awaken to a degree that would alarm the controllers.

So instead of a naked chess game carried out under lights on a table, with all the pieces in full view, and with a record kept of all moves and counter-moves, we are being treated to (and victimized by) a gradually unfolding in which each move is disguised by STORIES and EXPLANATIONS that are, indeed, irrelevant to the actual strategy involved.

Now we come to the concept of the DUPE. The dupe is a person or group that believes his actions are primary, when in fact those actions are submoves that fit into a much larger scheme.

The dupe thinks he is simply doing X, when in truth X is a fraction of what Y is all about. And Y is one aspect of RSTUVWXYZ.

An example: Dr. Jones, working out of a research lab in Ohio, believes he is doing experiments to find a better way of treating clinical depression. However, the small amount of new information (among much false information) he is contributing to the knowledge of how the brain works is being put together with many other pieces of such information---for the purpose of understanding the brain so that its responses can be controlled and predicted and artificially instigated.

As decades and centuries pass, the people bent on controlling the whole show called planet Earth learn how to play chess better. They find out how to play twelve-dimensional chess.

While this is going on, the people of Earth want to believe that they understand the basics of life on Earth and how power operates. For this, as I’ve said, are needed STORIES and EXPLANATIONS.

These stories and explanations are not simply one fine coat of lies spread thin like mayo on a ham sandwich. They are in layers, and these layers are designed to deflect and dead-end and divert investigators.

Meanwhile, even those investigators who begin to penetrate the obfuscations tend to stop too soon and think they have the whole exposure in hand.

Drug companies sell any old drug to the people so they can make profit. And that is truer than saying:

The drug companies sell drugs to cure disease.

But it is far more true to say the drug companies are very nasty dupes who are selling drugs so that, on balance, these chemicals can weaken people on a wide scale and make them easier to control.

In that sense, the drug companies are working on behalf of the real chess players who know that a world of weakened and confused and ill people are easier to make into slaves.

EDUCATION can be said to be that process that convinces people they can do nothing about reality.

EDUCATION can be said to be that process that convinces people that, the more they learn about what’s really going on, the more hopeless everything looks.

EDUCATION is designed so that, as people learn more about the real chess game, they become MORE DISHEARTENED.

It’s a monitoring mechanism that leads many people to say, “Wake me up when it’s over.” “I don’t want to know.” “I don’t want to think about that.” That’s too depressing.” “I wish I had never seen through the big lie.”




Now, in truth, everyone has dismal thoughts. “I don’t want to know.” “Leave me alone.” “I’d rather live inside an illusion.” But when those thoughts RULE the mind of a person, then we have mind control.

And that mind control is achieved through EDUCATION.

Education comes from the outside. And from within.

But education, wherever it comes from, IS a form of teaching. It is an additive laid on top of a person’s true capacity.

I am not simply talking about what happened to a person in elementary school and high school and college and church and what his parents told him.

There is NOTHING in the total sum of what happens to a person in those venues that could explain the enormous amount of passivity and bewilderment and hopelessness that takes over when that person starts to become aware of the chess game.

You might want to read that paragraph again. 


Each human being is living but one life of MANY he has lived. I’m not talking metaphor here, and I’m fully aware that reincarnation is a subject that turns many people off. So be it.

The amount of ingrained education (mind control) it takes to make a person fall into utter passivity and despair when he begins to see the outlines of the chess game speaks to the fact that he has lived many, many lives, and in each of those lives he has been taught---from the outside, and from within---that he cannot deal with the true nature of power.

A person is led to believe that he has no real power that can throw off the yoke.

A person is led to believe that there is no effective strategy for overcoming the process of the chess game.

A person is led to believe that there is nothing he can devise, invent, imagine, create that will have any real effect.

A person is led to believe there is no exit.

A person is led to believe that the act of imagining a different reality is a child’s game that has no intrinsic force on things as they are.

And yet…look at the recent spate of overwhelmingly successful movies about other realities: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Men, Terminator.

People spend billions of dollars just to peek at and become immersed in---for a few hours---a different order of power in which individuals can attain to something QUITE, QUITE RADICAL IN NATURE.

This indicates that people everywhere on the planet are dying to feel that.

People are WANTING that.

The novelist Phil Dick has had his works made into films like Total Recall and Blade Runner and Minority Report and Paycheck. All these films are about mind control and memory and the future and a breakout from the Ordinary.

Liberation from the run of the mill.

Liberation from debilitating education that teaches us we cannot crack the reality egg and invent new realities by virtue of our inner power.

If a human being has lived a dozen, a hundred, a thousand, a million lives that have all taught him there is no exit, then he comes into this life with a tendency to avoid discovering the raw nature of the chess game. He wants no part of seeing enough to conclude he should find the power within himself.

The earth game is a movie no one would pay to see if he were not coerced into buying a ticket.

Lying, cheating, dog eat dog, suffering, stultification, lack of renewal, absence of high adventure, missing power---try to sell that screenplay.

Starting in 1975, I began to do past-life regressions with people. It was an experiment on many fronts, to see what would pop out of the box.

Part of my work with the late hypnotherapist and friend, Jack True, involved past life regressions as well.

I came to realize it was not the sheer ponderous weight of life after life that made a person believe he had no extraordinary power to change realities and create new realities. It was THE EDUCATION ACCRUED in all those lives that shaped his outlook.

That education emanated from many quarters, and made its marks.

I learned many things from doing those regressions, and I still do learn from this area.

Hopefully, I’ll have a lot more to say about that in the coming months.

The point is, if you turn what we all accept as obvious on its head, it becomes very interesting when you see a person who is breaking into the vault of the chess game suddenly lie down and give up and want no more and feel powerless and passive AND WANT SOME KIND OF HYPNOSIS SO HE CAN FORGET WHAT HE KNOWS.

It’s really extraordinary to see that.

It’s seeing the triggering of mind control.

People want to lie down and give up. Or they will give you thirteen seconds to cure everything for them and if you can’t do it, they say AHA, I THOUGHT SO, and they relapse into trance. 


The sequence is something like this:





A great deal (and I mean a great deal) of propaganda has gone into making people think that they have not lived before this life.

This propaganda has been floated to hide the fact that by examining these former lives a person grasps how he has been educated (mind controlled) to become powerless on the larger stage.

JON RAPPOPORT www.nomorefakenews.com

Via http://www.buildfreedom.com/news/archive.php?id=2868

Video @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=JIFdO2ViY7w 

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