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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Time Traveling for the U.S. Military

Time Traveling for the U.S. Military
Been There, Done That, Says Andrew Basiago


The black and white photograph shows a boy standing alone in a clearing on the Gettysburg battlefield. He is wearing a men’s Union Army parka and shoes about four sizes too large. He appears somewhat out of place since he is all alone. In the background, a large audience is assembled, and a dais is set up, while in the foreground a group of three men is in serious discussion. The photo purports to be the scene just before Lincoln began to deliver the Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863. The old photograph was discovered in a magazine by Andrew Basiago in 2003.

Basia­go is a middle-aged attorney from Washington state. He claims that he was the boy in the picture and that he realized it immediately when he came across the photo. He says that he had time-traveled to Gettysburg from East Hanover, New Jersey in 1972 when he was 11 and clearly remembers standing there like that in those oversized shoes waiting for Lincoln to begin speaking so that he could witness the Gettysburg Address. When he discovered it in the maga­zine, he was amazed to find that someone had actually taken a picture of that scene.

Basiago fleshed out and enriched the incident in great detail in a recent discussion on Facebook. He says that par­ticular time-travel experience “was very violent, as I cascaded through a series of branching wormholes in the amber-colored depths of the quantum plenum. My shoes were wrenched off in the process and I was somewhat disoriented and feverish as I popped into view on the side of a road northwest of Gettysburg. I threw my one remaining sock into the bushes so as not to look conspicuous. I walked into Gettysburg barefoot, shivering in the brisk autumn air.”

In the Facebook dialogue, we further learn that the freezing young boy stood peering into a millinery shop window, when an older man with a limp accosted him and asked him why he had no jacket or shoes. Basiago had been deliber­ately dressed in a Civil War era Union bugle-boy uniform before being sent through to Gettysburg, but without a jack­et. The man then took him inside the shop and found an army winter jacket and some men’s shoes in the back. The parka and shoes had very likely been scavenged from dead soldiers on the Gettysburg battlefield. He stuffed the shoes with paper in the toes to make them snug. After doing some research, Basiago later learned that the hobbled man who had helped him was John Lawrence Burns, a grizzled veteran of the War of 1812, and a Union sharpshooter who had been shot in the leg four months earlier during the Battle of Gettysburg.

This incident is just one of the sensational claims made by Basiago, who has emerged from obscurity lately to “blow the whistle”on what he says is a top secret government program known as Project Pegasus, a project dating from the late 1960s through the early 1970s under the auspices of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). His story certainly stretches credibility, for most doubtless beyond the breaking point. We are asked to be­lieve that the military had perfected time travel as early as 1968, and had then instituted this program to send young boys forward and backward in time to gather intelligence. Basiago had been recruited, he says, into the program when he was only six years old, which would have been 1967, while living in Morris Plains, New Jersey.

His father, Raymond F. Basiago, was a Senior Projects Engineer for the Ralph M. Parsons Company at that time. We learn that he drove young Andrew, one day, to the sprawling old Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical campus in Wood Ridge, New Jersey. They entered Building 68, where Basiago observed two “parenthesis-shaped” curved posts about eight feet high and about ten feet apart. When the attendant technician turned on the device, a curtain of energy ap­peared between the posts, something like a shimmering waterfall. His dad took his hand and they jumped through the energy curtain and found themselves facing a tunnel. His father explained to him that after they walked through the tunnel, it would close and they would find themselves somewhere else on the planet. Emerging from the tunnel in only a few seconds, they were on a hillside near the state capitol complex in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Basiago com­pares the feeling, in retrospect, to the reports of near-death experiencers. Curiously, he recalls seeing a cascade of other people and events rapidly flashing by as they went through the tunnel.

Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical has been intimately involved with U.S. aviation from its very inception. It was the company founded by Wilbur and Orville Wright to manufacture airplane engines in 1906 when it was known as the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company. During World War I, it was the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world, employing 21,000 and producing more than 10,000 aircraft for wartime use. As Wright Aeronautical, it produced the famous J-5C Whirlwind 9-cylinder engine that powered the “Spirit of St.Louis” on its epic trans-oceanic flight in 1927, piloted by Captain Charles A.Lindbergh. It is not at all surprising that this storied company would have been a charter member of the “military-industrial” complex of Eisenhower fame and a trusted recipient of the early time-travel technology, if, indeed, there was such a thing.

We are informed by Basiago that the Team Leader of the Pegasus Project, responsible for training the participants at the Curtiss-Wright Teleport, was Jack Pruett, who later became the Research Director of the Montauk Project. The Ralph M. Parson Company, where Basiago’s father was employed at that time, is an engineering construction compa­ny founded in 1944 by Parsons. It has since become one of those behemoth companies of the stripe of the Battelle In­stitute, Halliburton and Bechtel that the Defense Department favors for huge projects requiring the marshaling of massive diverse resources while maintaining airtight secrecy—definitely a longtime member of the military-industrial complex. Now based in Pasadena, California, Parsons builds and maintains mammoth public and private projects all over the world.

Basiago’s involvement in Pegasus, he says, began in earnest in the summer of 1970 when he was eight. At that time, he was one of a team of boys about his age who were enrolled in a DOD sponsored advanced learning program and who were regularly teleported to Santa Fe, which was a collection point convenient to DOD facilities in New Mex­ico, including Los Alamos Labs, Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, Sandia, et al. Looking back, he believes that all the boys were guinea pigs as well as actual trainees for teleportation espionage work later in life. In a November, 2009, inter­view with George Noory on the radio show “Coast to Coast,” Basiago claimed that the Curtiss-Wright Teleport also had time-travel capabilities. It could be “dialed” to about two years in either direction, future or past. He related one story to Noory about a teleportation to Santa Fe in November 1971 in which his father carried rolled-up military specifications which he delivered to the Los Alamos Labs. His father told him that they were schematics for intercon­tinental ballistic missiles.

Later, having a drink in Albuquerque, his father revealed to him that it was now the sum­mer of 1973! They had jumped about 18 months into the future. The military was deliberately “burying” sensitive pa­pers in the future to keep them well out of reach of spies. In another case, he says his father was teleported to New Mexico where he remained for two years and then returned to New Jersey the same day he had left so that he could brief the military on the events of those intervening years. To his family, it would seem that he had never left, where­as he actually came back freighted with information from the future! The return trip from New Mexico was always from a Sandia teleport. There were many problems and accidents in those early days. Basiago reports one case where a boy’s feet were sheared off because they arrived a split second after the rest of his body, and he believes that some boys were lost in time.

In the summer of 1972, Basiago was introduced to a real time machine. This was a 60 foot anvil-shaped structure built on a basketball court at an old recreation center in Cerrillos, New Mexico. A large doorway near the bottom emitted a blue glow, and a ramp led up to the doorway. It was called, you guessed it, a Stargate. The young chrono­nauts were sent through the Stargate to the year 2045. This was an anchor point where they were able to obtain in­formation about the intervening years and bring it back to 1972. Basiago believes that the writers and producers of the movie Stargate, and the TV series, must have had access to leaked information, no doubt from an idealistic scien­tist who had worked on the project. 


Basiagio brought back mixed reports from the future. In 2045 he observed no signs that there had been a catastrophe of any sort. Life was highly advanced and tranquil. Yet, in a trip to Washing­ton D.C. in 2013, he found that the Supreme Court building was under 100 feet of water! Apparently, the Los Alamos engineers and scientists were experimenting with several different types of time travel techniques at that time. Basia­go’s trip to Gettysburg utilized what he called “plasma confinement” technology. He gives no details about this meth­od except to say that his experience was “very violent.” The Washington D.C. trip technique utilized a crystal helmet for respiration. Basiago was tied to a post in his underwear under a bright light for an hour, wearing the helmet, when he disappeared. He ended up above the water in Washington and immediately splashed into it. Underwater, able to breathe because of the helmet, he saw the Supreme Court columns covered in algae.

In the Fall of 1971, when he was 10, Basagio was told by his father that he would write a paper titled The Discov­ery of Life on Mars in 2008 when he would be 47. Apparently, a copy of the paper had been retrieved from the future on a time journey by a military operative, and his father was given that copy which he then showed to his son. This pattern of psychologically preparing him for his future destiny in revealing the truth about Mars continued through­out his three years with Pegasus. But then after 1972 he was left alone to live a normal life until the summer of 1981. At that time he was living in Chatsworth, California, and attending UCLA. They placed a CIA man in his life whose ap­parent job was to bring the 19-year-old back into the military-intelligence fold. His name was Courtney M. Hunt, an aging career operative. Hunt persuaded a very reluctant Basagio to teleport to Mars—reluctant because he had been treated rather roughly in Project Pegasus as a child and didn’t want any more involvement with secret programs.

After about a two-hour briefing, Hunt took him to a CIA building in El Segundo, California, and up to the fifth floor in an elevator. He told the people there, “Andy’s going up today,” and signed a log. Then Basiago was given a crystal helmet and he returned to the elevator. It seemed to go up a few floors. When the elevator doors opened, he was in a concrete bunker on Mars! The bunker was built into the “Face on Mars,” and Basiago walked up and out through the eye-socket onto the Martian surface, where three CIA personnel in their mid-twenties greeted him. They told him he could remove his helmet and breathe normally, which he did. He said the air was thin, as on a mountain­top, and hot, but acceptable.

Still rather traumatized, he interacted with the three greeters for about an hour and then returned to the elevator and sat down in a corner, wondering if he would ever get home again. The doors closed and he returned to Earth. Hunt then told him they would go together next time and explore the Martian surface. As Basagio tells it, the second trip was bizarre in the extreme! They strolled about near the “Face,” talked to a CIA agent living in a little house who was almost insane, encountered creatures part human and part animal without legs, and barely escaped a large predator with shark-like teeth by running like hell and diving into the eye socket! Hunt appar­ently only wanted to expose young Andy to the hostile surface and never bothered to bring him to the huge, joint hu­man-Martian underground city. After that experience, who could blame Basiago for fixing his determination to be­come a whistleblower.

Basiago may well be the most educated and articulate whistleblower in recent memory. He holds, he says, five de­grees including a B.A. in History from UCLA and an M.A. in Philosophy from Cambridge University as well as his LLB in Environmental Law from the Northwestern School of Law. He has, for the last ten years, been assiduously re­searching what is known about Project Pegasus in preparation for making his sensational public revelations, and he has consequently become very well versed in the history of the program. That research has enabled him, he says, to trace the origins of the space-time science and technology and how it ended up in the hands of Curtiss-Wright and Parsons.

He learned that it all began with—guess who?—Nikola Tesla, of course. It is purported that in Tesla’s final years, he worked for the U.S. Navy on the Invisibility Project, and that’s how he came to be involved in the Philadel­phia Experiment. Tesla died alone in his suite at the New Yorker Hotel on January 7, 1943, at the age of 86, before the Philadelphia Experiment was conducted in October of that year. Basiago tells us that immediately after his death, two teams of two men each raced to his hotel suite to retrieve his papers. One team was from the War Department and the other from the FBI. The War Department men arrived first and seized Tesla’s lab manuals.

The incident led, it is said, to the weaponization of Tesla’s work for the foreseeable future. The manuals, the results of the last fifteen or twenty years of Tesla’s research during which he had developed the details of teleportation technology, were sent to the scientists at Los Alamos, then the Manhattan Project. It was hoped by the military that teleportation would allow them to strategically place fighting men at critical locations intact without the losses involved in getting them there. But, says Basiago, “the net effect of that decision, however appropriate it was during a time of world war, prevented teleportation from being introduced in the civilian sector as potentially our dominant form of transportation.”

Basiago may not have considered that the question of the release of advanced technology to the public can be a very complicated one. What would happen to international borders if every country had teleportation technology? Forget passports, fences, immigration, and national security—anyone could live anywhere. Such a situation would be feasible only if human consciousness could be raised sufficiently to eliminate such things as war and terrorism. And how would time travel revolutionize our lives if we all knew the future—and we could go there? We would be at the portal of a very different planet than the one we have known.

From Atlantis Rising @ http://atlantisrisingmagazine.com/2010/07/19/time-traveling-for-the-u-s-military/

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  3. I would very much like to meet Andy. Among other things I have some fundamental questions. Just for starters, people in the Philadelphia Experiment who materialized in the metal hull of the ship died. A kid lost his feet because they materialized under water. So we already have a discrepancy. The men didn't "detach" from the metal. Why is that? For that matter, when you re-materialize, what prevents you from re-materializing underground, or far enough above the ground to fall and injure or kill? Or in outer space for that matter? The earth revolves, rotates, our sun revolves around our Galaxy, which is turn is moving through space. With a time displacement, what prevents the earth (etc.) from moving our from beneath you? And perhaps even more curious, how did the other Philadelphia Experiment men "lose their lock on time" so that they aged a century in minutes and died of old age? Did that every happen again to anyone else? If so, was a cure/remedy found? (Why didn't their perception of time change? They appeared normal but should have had reflexes measured in microseconds!?) And best of all, did or can the reverse happen? No aging at all? The ultimate Fountain of Youth? These are intended to be serious questions. Please feel free to write me at vswm att hotmail dott com.


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