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Saturday 11 February 2012

Martian Transport System and Surface Water

Martian Transport System and Surface Water

Report #208by Joseph P. Skipper

This report is about evidence drawn from Google Mars brought to my attention by viewer Mark Wells. Note that coordinates are given on each image to facilitate verification in Google Mars.

Note in order that the 1st thru 4th images are of some possible civilization evidence in the form of a transport system on the Mars surface. Second will be the 5th thru 6th images of evidence of surface water in a liquid state in a crater system and finally a single 7th image showing a wide-angle context view relationship that both of these different evidence sites have with being in the vicinity of the now famous Hale Crater site and its civilization evidence. So here we go.

The above 1st image demonstrates the wide-angle context scene of the track system, at least what is available for us to see. Understand that, in my opinion, both the brownish color field on the left and the gold color field on the right are heavily obfuscated with smudge image tampering layered in with the false color leaving out mostly just the largest terrain forms. The point is that there is likely a lot in this scene that is hidden from our view that could have made the very limited evidence that we can see even more informative but that is way it goes in this imaging.

The most obvious evidence in the above 1st image is the arrow straight track or transport system pointed out by the dual split arrows and text label. Note that the track system comes out from under the edge of the gold color obfuscation field in the lower right of center part of this image. This track system extends diagonally up across the brownish field to the upper left and into some rough depression terrain near the top of the image where it terminates. In fact there even appears to be a directionally pointed object on the track system near image center as pointed out by the single arrow and label.

The above 2nd image offers a closer view of the mid area of the track/transport system and the object that appears to be traveling on it. Note that the object appears in this resolution compromised imagery to have a pointed end on the left and is casting a shadow to its right. However, the darkness on the object's right side may be an illusion created by obscuring smudge treatments as is the pitted sectional look to the track system itself.

Why do I say that? Well because most of the field to the left of the track is smudge with a rougher pattern to it and the field on the right with a smoother pattern to it seems to be yet more smudge. Both of these smudge fields thoroughly hide the true terrain from our view and anything that might be there. So any shadow cast to the left of the object may for the most part be covered over and hidden by the rougher textured smudge field. Further, the smudge from both of these fields crosses at very regular 90ยบ intervals across the track system literally creating the pitted sectional look that may not be real.

In my opinion, there is some kind of track or transport system present here but it is wider than what we can actually see. I suspect that all of the whole left length of it is hidden under the rougher texture smudge and most of it is hidden on the right although some is still revealed there as well. I think that all of what we are seeing here is essentially the center areas of the track system and that the whole system width is wide enough to allow objects of pass each other with clearance in their goings and comings.

Now this kind of speculation begs the further question of why didn't the image tampering just cover up the track system completely and be done with it? I suspect this has to do with the artificial intelligence (AI) running the tampering program and its programming limitations rather than a human. I suspect the AI used the straight line of the track system to develop two different smudge fields on the two sides with different patterns that meet at the straight line track system but cannot cross over and merge with each other and therefore completely cover the track system. This is a AI application pattern flaw that I've seen in a lot of the image tampering dating back over the years.

I suspect that this is an elevated track system because it is mostly arrow straight and unaffected by variations in the terrain ups and downs. I suspect that the elevation is enabled by supports at regular intervals and that the AI can see these very clearly in the much higher resolution imaging it works with (not the sorry mess we are eventually fed here) and thus the need to cross over the tracks precisely at such regular intervals to hide the supports with smudge treatments. Any shadows cast by the elevated system would be hidden under the smudge treatments that snug up against either side of the transport system along its length.

This process to be so precisely done right on the boundary line (the track system) between two separate tampering fields is very difficult for the AI to accomplish. Such precise obfuscation work is enhanced by working with very precise military level resolution not admitted to but then still hindered by not being able to merge the two different tampering fields fully crossing over all of the evidence. The result is that a limited amount of anomalous evidence is still left out for us to see here.

The above 3rd image offers a closer view of the south end of the track system where it disappears under the gold color obfuscation field. As you can see, the introduction of the gold field strip completely eliminates the track system visuals and there is no attempt at continuation of the brownish field terrain features crossing over in the gold field. In my experience, this is typical of the very heavily obfuscated ESA false color imaging.

The above 4th image offers a closer view of the north terminating end of the track system down in the rough terrain depression area. As you can see, much of the evidence here is selectively outright covered up by smudge treatments of various kinds. There is some indication that an extension of the track system curves up to the right toward the two structures with the red stars on them. Otherwise, most of this evidence in this depression is either outright selectively hidden by smudge and/or seriously compromised by poor resolution. Now let’s move on to the water evidence below.

Now note how arrow straight what we can see of this transport system is in the 1st image with the wide-angle context view before the track heading at an angle south disappears under the gold color layer. If one places a straight ruler on the straight track extending its south direction, that extended line bypasses other larger craters and bisects the smaller crater water evidence site imaged below some 900 km or 560 miles distant. Of course this may just be coincidental. After all, this transport system may be only a small portion of a larger industrial network better hidden under the false gold color layer.

The above 5th image with its wide-angle context view demonstrates the location of this crater water evidence site just to the right of center in the image. As you can see, other craters around this one are also suggestive of being water sites in this more distant view and probably are. However, most of these are more visually compromised by the combination of false color and smudge that carpet this entire strip and are therefore less revealing when examined closer.

However, as you can see in the above 6th image closer view of the crater water site, the surface water in a liquid state evidence is very strong in this crater. Note the very pronounced leveling effect of the water surface all around the interior of the dual impact crater creating a shoreline on both crater's interior walls, all at the same level. Note also the clarity and transparency of the water revealing the crater bottom geological features beneath the surface. It is hard for evidence to get more obvious than this.

The clarity of the water in spite of the gold color smudge application on it suggests that this water is likely even more visually clear and transparent than this. That in turn along with the nearby other self leveling crater water evidence suggests that this is likely spring fed aquifer water and represents the underground water table in this locale filtered by the ground soil.

Truthfully, it just doesn't get much better than this. In fact, we can probably thank this site's water extreme clarity for overcoming the smudge treatments that would have normally left a grainy pattern on the water surface identified by us as visual haze compromising identifying it as water. In this case, the haze is very fine not sufficiently compromising the water whereas at the other sites the grain is more pronounced and likely reflecting the presence of more sediment suspended in the water.

As for the surrounding terrain, don't place much confidence in those visuals as it is mostly carpeting color smudge treatments hiding what ever may be there under them that might be considered normal size like the track system. Also of interest is this water site's relatively close proximity to the Hale Crater likely industrial civilization evidence site as per my Report #084 on it just 119 km or 74 miles away to the left or east.

The above 7th image provides a more distant wide-angle view of all of these evidence sites and their physical location relationship to each other. I suspect these bits and pieces of evidence that we can see are indicative of industrial operations as opposed to residential type civilization evidence sites. In fact, it is possible that what I have referred to as a track system here is in fact a partially hidden more substantial conduit transport system that conveys a raw resource (water?) from point A to point B that also serves as a transport system for industrial and/or other vehicle traffic.

However, of particular importance is the fact that the crater water site reported on here is surface water in a liquid state. I have reported on this type of evidence a number of times both here at the website and with even stronger evidence in my book. There is enough of this kind of evidence to indicate that this is not geothermal warmed water but natural surface water in a liquid state with the implication that the Mars atmospheric temperature cannot be as cold or as dry as officially portrayed.

At some point this kind of evidence and its implications is going to have to be taken into consideration by the academic and science communities and they are going to have to start raising questions about the most basic of the science data that is suppose to be coming from Mars. Let's face it, instrument data like temperature is the easiest to tamper with and alter. Further, it is the most readily believed and accepted of the data and here's a thought, someone here on Earth or on Mars readily knows this.

That means that a secrecy agenda here on Earth could easily falsify this most basic of data and it be very readily accepted. Likewise, if Mars is occupied by someone with advanced technology but we here on Earth refuse to take this into consideration, a little frozen nitrogen placed in proximity to Earth equipment sensors would provide long term false readings fitting a secrecy agenda on Mars. Just because Earth instrument data says that Mars is extremely cold does not make it a reality. Let's face it, either someone here on Earth and/or someone on Mars could easily influence the computer programming to this end.

The point is that, from the scientific, to the government, to the population point of view, we need to be taking the data stream being received from Mars and other planets with caution and asking hard questions regarding it rather than just swallowing the too readily accepted norm wholesale without question. Just because evidence like that presented here conflicts with the accepted norm is reason enough to grow more determined to investigate further with an open mind and not just dismiss contrary evidence.

The truth is that the visual satellite imaging evidence supports both the accepted norm as well as conflicting with that norm. As long as that is the case, we cannot say with confidence that we know anything at all until we get to the bottom of this problem and determine objectively where the reality is. Dismissing anything in favor of preconceived ideas just makes us as clueless as a fence post and candidates for the dunce cap.

- Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator

From Mars Anomaly Reasearch @ http://www.marsanomalyresearch.com/evidence-reports/2011/208/tracks-n-water.htm   - where there is much more!

And for more Martian enigmas see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/mars

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  1. I'm certain Mars has been colonized at some point in the past. I believe it was used as a sort of halfway planet for an advanced species who created humans as a slave race before sending them to Earth to work.

    1. Couldn't agree more, Illuminati Agenda - and see Martian Water, Terraces & Life> Let me give you some background information that is very important to understanding what is going on here. This site is within Ius Chasma which is a large steep sided canyon on the southern side of Valles Marineris the largest canyon system in the solar system otherwise known as the Mars great crack. Now Valles Marineris is as deep as 8–10 km or 5–6 miles and that compares to Earth Grand Canyon here in the US of only 1.6 km or 1 mile deep. In other words, in places Valles Marineris is 5–6 times deeper than the Grand Canyon. That's quite a hole in the ground and such a hole guarantees steep slopes on its sides.

      The evidence here is from the huge MRO HiRise ESP_012625_1720 JP2 image. Regardless of its JP2 huge file size at 169.8 MB, the evidence will be fuzzy in the closer views. It's the best I could do with it. As this reporting unfolds, you'll perhaps begin to suspect why there are resolution problems in this image. Even so, it is good enough to understand the basics of what is going on here and I think you'll find it sufficiently interesting.

      When you are looking at the above image, north and up is in the top of the image and south and down into the Ius Chasma is in the bottom of the image. This orientation is the same and consistent with all of the images in this report. That is important because in these images, although it may not be visually readily apparent, you will always be looking at slopes that may be from mild in places to very steep in other places in a single image in this rough rocky down sloping terrain.

      As I have reported before, ridge form life flourishes best in shallow flowing water and is Martian life that is dependent on that condition. They… orient cooperatively in rows parallel with the water flow. So, even though the water is too shallow and thin to be seen in this distant satellite imaging, you know the water flow is there and its direction by the orientation of the ridge forms. Any intelligence is an unknown factor... Continues @ http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/2011/12/martian-water-terraces-life.html


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