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Friday, 3 February 2006

Un/conscious Reincarnation

Un/conscious Reincarnation

Fully conscious reincarnation does not happen for most people in the early 21st Century. The concept of reincarnation may seem sensible, but some abhor the logic of it, of the idea of being ‘trapped on the wheel’. 


   BodyMind by R. Ayana 


         Perhaps a better description for those who do not like the concept of reincarnation – and those who do not remember their pasts – is that everyone has access to the memories and lives of all those who’ve gone before; more people are amenable to this concept. The question of whether you are personally transcarnate does not come into it; you are accessing herstory, if you prefer this view.


            The truth of the matter has more to do with the nature of forgetfulness – or denial. People on this planet look back ‘subconsciously’ – at the threshold of consciousness – into their past and they do remember things. But when they go back as an individual or as the collective psyche, they arrive at a point they can’t recall – because there was a huge blow to the collective mind, a shock to the upper energy centres, at that point in time. 

What they see when they look in that direction is an amnesiac block. As a group mind, a collective psyche, they don’t easily see through such a blockage, either, and as a result cultures are driven to periodically erase physical evidence of their pasts.

Because they’re aware of bubbles of distortion in their memory at the points of disruption, many assume they did things there and then for which they should feel guilty. This is how and why many maintain the amnesia that is the cultural norm in the early Third Millennium.

Home Again by R. AyanaPeople sometimes develop such blockages in order to forget something they’ve done that they don’t want to remember, but more often memory blocks are erected to shield people from traumatic memories. As a collective, the illusion of ‘the Fall’ and ‘original sin’ arise from such false perceptions of guilt. 

            It wasn’t always this way. The orgasmic rush of death and the time in the womb and in childhood didn’t stop memory returning to individuals in many cultures of the past - and some still extant on Earth today. Cultural programs in the form of rituals corresponding to – but by no means identical to – modern baptisms, confirmations and coming of age ceremonies – helped maintain the link through time and create a matrix of memory for children. By the time they were adults, many or most had ready access to memories of their past lives.

            The real source of forgetfulness is the will to forget. At more than one moment in their lives, most people wish for a fresh start, a blank slate. Be careful what you wish for. If you wish to remember something, then say to yourself ‘I’ll remember this’ – instead of ‘I will not forget this.’

             In fact, everyone is immortal. Death is a real illusion. This life is not a blank slate to begin with, but a palimpsest overwritten again and again.

            And it is possible to reincarnate consciously.

By R. Ayana

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