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Monday, 20 February 2006

Memory (B)lock

Memory (B)lock


Humans have created a memory block between themselves and their own immortality; but this has been reinforced by deliberate occlusions laid down over the eyes of humanity by self-styled ‘higher consciousnesses’, to lock the sleeping genie in the bottle. Humans also acceded to these blocks as part of a healing process, because of past shocks and trauma.

            Many do not wish to retain the knowledge that they are living in an inherently unstable solar system; it’s something that makes nonsense of much of hominid aspiration, industry and culture. It’s another reason for the mass occlusion, the collective erasure of memory (both personal and historical) of the fairly recent times when planets flew past near the Earth, when continents fractured and drowned, when vulcanism brought global disaster and decimated the human (and animal) populations; particularly when Venus/Lucifer ‘fell into the burning pit’, past earth toward the Sun.

            The Sun and each of the planets resonate as nodes with crystal-like seeds in our bodies, that some call chakras, flowering jewels, vibrating in harmony with patterns within and without. ‘Lucifer’ – Luka Fara (from the Sanscrit via many places before Rome), meaning ‘maker of light’, was originally a planet resonating with the upper chakras, from a ‘higher’ orbit further from the protonic Sun. When this planet split and repeatedly fell through long cycles of elliptical spirals, there was a primal change in local consciousness, whose focus ‘fell’ in shock, to resonate below the level of the waters of forgetfulness, below the bottleneck throat, to more basal levels of awareness.

            Another way of looking at the last few thousand years is that the Age or Yuga of Kali has been a time of healing sleep, of dreams and nightmares, when ‘unconscious’ or bio-emotional forces held sway while true conscious awareness was resting.

            The people of earth are truly innocents. They were injured in childhood and are recovering. It’s not only humans that suffered memory occlusions from the moment when the blazing crustless core of the planet that some called Lucifer and others named Marduk fell through the solar system and past the Earth, when massive electrical discharges – thunderbolts – erupted between the capacitor/planets as they neared each other. The animals and plants, their totems and fields, were disrupted by the plasma from heaven – that fried all above the surface with intense and widespread electro-shock therapy. There weren’t many rubber boots in those times.

            The planet that was the Stellar Mother of Pearl, the living crystal ball which existed beyond the current orbit of Mars, was smashed millions of years ago; the asteroid belt contains much of its crust, and the core wandered in a vast ellipse as the other planets were showered with debris from the collision which broke the jewel – at a time when Gaia’s children were decimated, the end of most of the ‘dinosaurs’ – and the beginning of the atrophy of the physical ‘third eye’.

            Gaia herself was impregnated with the metals and other elements from that beautiful planet - and the other that crashed into it. Many deposits of soft metals mined from the Mother by humanity are actually relatively recent meteoric deposits. Humans have dug the remnants of Lucifer from Mother Earth only since its resurrection as blazing, recent Venus (whose Roman name means ‘she arrives’). Native humans could only easily conceive of digging into Gaia/Tya by being out of touch with their roots and themselves, an operation in which the surgeon is anaesthetised, along with the patient.

     Sleep is not death. Forgetfulness is not erasure. But they have much in common and occur for a multitude of reasons, operating simultaneously at all levels. It’s in the nature of nurturing free will.

- R. Ayana

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