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Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Martial Art: Ask the Martian

Martial Art: Ask the Martian


Martial art – like all Art - did not begin on Earth, nor will it
finish here.

Extension of lifespan without (or after) reproduction leads to interesting perspectives, enjoyed by many of the brightest in humanity for the last hundred millennia. The Arean knowledge closely resembles many near-forgotten forms of Earthly Yoga in this Yuga as there was much cross-fertilization (on many levels) between the two planets in the past. Most Areans originally came from (and were
adapted from) Earth.

The easiest forms available to you, which most resemble the internal alchemy used on Ares, would be called Taoist Yoga today – if you are lucky or wilful enough to intersect with its practitioners, descendants of Mu. The art of T'ai Chi is a most direct bridge – if your master is not merely teaching it as a `martial art' or `relaxation technique', but exploring the cauldrons – energy centres – and meridians, along with an understanding of Five Element Theory. Learning pulse diagnosis techniques will give greater confidence in the hands-on reality of magic and deepen an  understanding of the energy pathways and conditions. These techniques can be enhanced and supplemented with an understanding of the Vedas and Vedic techniques, remnants of the Atlantides.

But the first step is one you take yourself. One must stop all thought and reside in centred bliss, beyond desire, persona, sound or image. It is not dying, though the monkey mind will believe it so and attempt to rebel and survive. Erect, relaxed posture and deep, slow breath are the framework and fuel of enlightenment; it is a balanced and distilled consciousness that makes possible the sparking of the fusion of true will and spirit with the material universe.

Think of a great flowering tree in which all beings are flowers and fruits – and you are all those beings – and imagine a rainbow.

Thou art God, as many martyrs have loudly proclaimed.

--- In askmartian@yahoogroups.com, "Martin Watson"  wrote:

How did the Arean PK and other powers develop? Were there ancient traditions of magic & yoga practitioners?

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- For more see posts there back in 2006, when the Martian was more active – an open group created to elicit responses from Uncle Martin, a three-millenia-old Martian - or Arean, as he prefers it - to any questions relevant to someone with intimate knowledge of Earth's recent (to him) times. He will also answer less worldly matters. Please feel free to enter the discussion whether or not you wish to join the group.

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