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Thursday, 23 February 2006

Shattered Planet Reborn

Shattered Planet Reborn


The core of the shattered planet which resided where the best-known asteroid belt abides spiralled away, way out of the ecliptic – the orbital plane of most of the ‘known’ planets – and repeatedly passed through the Sun’s system in an extended elliptical orbit. It returned a number of times in an ever-diminishing spiral. Comparatively recently, about 24,000 years ago, the wandering planet passed through a field of force, a flux-tube linking the Earth and Sun and disrupted this planet’s electrical sheath; the sky appeared to roll up like a scroll of burning parchment as the ionosphere ‘caught fire’ and a great wave rolled across the surface of the atmospheric ocean. Most of world civilization then extant was utterly destroyed, along with the memory of it.

            Pyramids acted as insulators, protecting some who were clustered around them; but they were also used as power sources, capacitors and transducers that tapped the ionosphere. The system was destroyed – and destroyed again when it was rebuilt over millennia. Later, when that rogue planet now known as Venus almost collided with Jupiter and passed through its outer atmosphere it spiralled back in toward the Earth, repeatedly passing and disrupting its equilibrium; about thirteen thousand years ago the end of the last glaciation occurred when it passed by and the Terrestrial axis shifted by twenty degrees.

Almost seven thousand years ago the earth was disrupted by flood and fire again. After its last passage around 2,700 years ago, the wanderer settled into its current orbit as the orb known to the Romans as Venus – ‘she comes’ – by displacing the sphere which then occupied that place. According to legend, Rome was founded in 687 BCE.

            The asteroid belt betwixt Mars and Jupiter is the crust of the ancient planet that resided there mixed with parts of the orb that collided with it. Some of the icy comets and rocky asteroids floating around the solar system were parts of the biosphere of that primordial planet.

             Each of the planets in the solar system is approximately – but not quite – twice as far from the Sun as the one that precedes it. A major exception is the shell occupied by the aforementioned asteroid belt. Pluto is, of course, not a planet in the true sense but another recently captured smaller wanderer.

            In an interstellar sense this macrocosmic atom is unstable as it is missing an electron. The changes to the solar system are not complete in any sense.   Humankind exists in a comforting amnesia. In order to access the truth you must go back into your own long memory – for you are really an immortal with memory problems – and you can access the memories of those who have gone before. Much physical evidence exists, but it is commonly passed over and ignored by those who study astronomy, geology, palaeontology, history…

            History takes on new meaning with this awareness. Memory is a fluid motion in perpetual flux. Much is contained by the word ‘memory’. In Hebrew and other related ancient tongues ‘m’ – ‘mem’ – is the letter denoting ‘water’. Memory is a mirror. Mem mare – the sea, the water, the ocean of possibility, the first mirror. ‘Mir’ is ‘to see’ in many languages. Memory is looking through the waters, to see through the waters, the abyss, to look for the essence which is forever in flux.

- R. Ayana

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