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Friday, 27 November 2015

The Grandparent Test

The Grandparent Test


In a recently televised interview; noted environmental scientist professor Guy McPherson said "I can't imagine there will be a human being on the planet in 2030; but the habitat for humans will be gone before that."

For some perspective, most experts are now saying that if we stopped all environmental pollution tomorrow, we wouldn't see any improvement for thirty years; that's how bad it is, and since we won't be ending all pollution tomorrow it's just going to get even worse.   If both estimates are correct, then 15 years after humans are gone, the environment will begin to show some signs of improvement.

Fifteen years to human extinction, now there is an attention getter.  No amount of backpedaling will ever get back what we've lost.  This then would be the cost of so many years of sweeping everything under the rug of our consciousness as we went about our lives as if everything was just dandy. 

It isn't hard to see how things have gotten so dismal.  

Fracking not only toxifies the ground water table so much it's flammable; it also creates swarms of earthquakes in most cases; and yet it's still legal even as protests are quashed, and the protestors paid into silence.  Business as usual.

The pacific ocean is a dead zone because of Fukushima, and yet the Japanese still continue dumping radioactive waste coolant water in staggering amounts amid deafening silence from world leaders.  How many dead whales, dolphins and sea lions must wash ashore along the pacific coast every day; before the problem is acknowledged and addressed??  We're just now seeing the early impact of Fukushima upon the environment.  It isn't going away any time soon; Google "Halflife". 

Why do we keep allowing the very worst of humanity to rise to leadership positions, generation after generation?  Why do we keep allowing these psychopaths to double down on their worst mistakes, every single time, regardless of the future impact upon our progeny?   How is it we can have 16 people running for president and not a single one has spoken out about the impact of Fukushima?

Keeping pace with the increasingly dystopian nature of reality, American police have become virtually indistinguishable from elite military units.  To compliment their military style tactical uniforms many police departments also have tanks & armored assault vehicles left over from our wars of conquest.  One big problem with this is that when you dress cops like soldiers and give them soldier toys to use, their behavior is going to reflect these changes.  Police are supposed to have a very different job description than soldiers.  When they turned cops into combat troops the old job description for cops was tossed out - we have soldiers now, get used to it.

Every week now we have yet another unarmed innocent civilian shot dead by police; and the victims aren't always black.  Case in point: the February murder of David Kassic who was first tasered, then shot dead by hysterical police woman Lisa Mearkle; all captured on video.  After stopping Kassic for an expired safety sticker officer Mearkle tasered him to the ground.  When the 59 year old Kassic would not stop convulsing (as humans tend to do when tasered), she shot him twice in the back, killing him.  Upon viewing said video no sane person would call it anything but murder; and yet the officer in questioned was exonerated by her department!!

Do you know what it’s called when the penalty for even the smallest infraction of the rules is being shot to death on the spot?  We call that a police state, and that's what America has become. 

Do you know why things got this bad, it’s because we allowed it, that's how!

We passively allow the planets largest pesticide manufacturer to make the food we eat, even though they refuse to label or discuss these products.  That doesn't seem strange to you?  When Monsanto is done poisoning our food, they'll start genetically modifying pot seeds next; if they haven't already.  Now there's a thought for the pondering! 


Here's another one; Do you think maybe the chemtrails have something to do with why nobody gives a fuck about anything anymore?  There are literally so many vile, disgusting things going on in the world just now, you'd think our collective heads would explode from the cognitive dissonance & we'd be filling the streets in protest.  Instead we're just the walking dead; going thru the motions to get to payday, never thinking much beyond that.  Why do we permit this insanity?  Isn't there some kind of criteria we could use to screen out these parasites?  You'd think there would be, right?!?  Not so much. 

Tricky Dick taught us that legal is what you get away with.

Now whenever anyone starts talking about actually changing things up a bit, I think everyone just automatically gives up without trying, simply because we're programmed to believe we can't fight city hall...and a hundred other similar things that got crammed in our heads from birth.  People think changing things would be super difficult, and complicated, but that's just more propaganda. 

I wonder what would happen if the American people ever reached the same consensus at the same time.  What if millions of us just said "no more!" with a single voice while filling the streets and bringing commerce to a halt for like a week, just to make a point?  By now we should know that our protests (feeble as they are) always fall on deaf ears.  Cut off their flow of income for a few days and I guarantee they'll listen.  Deprive them of their income for a little longer, and they'll be ready for compromise. 

My daughter, and # 1 granddaughter are coming for a visit next month; and I find my anticipation of the reunion has dusted off memories of being around my grandmother, (and the heavenly blueberry muffins she used to make)...and I realize that I am not living in the world she envisioned for me, not even close.  Like always, she never really had much of a say in how things are done.

I said that bringing about change doesn't have to be complicated and difficult, and here is one way we might conceivably bring it about ... The Grandparent Test.

 Here's how it would work.  Before new policies, politicians or energy technologies could be permitted they'd have to pass the Grandparent Test, which is beautiful in it's simplicity.  If it is something that a grandparent would not want in their grandkids future; it doesn't happen.  No bribes, no legal loopholes, no bullshit. 

Think we could do that in under 15 years??

Grandma always used to remind me that in America, anyone could grow up to be president; however the reality is that the only president not picked by the illuminati, was Jimmy Carter.  What if those who would be president had to pass the grandparent test to gain that office?  Do you think maybe we'd get better results?  Can the love of a grandparent trump evil greedy bastards?  Maybe it's the only force that can!  Maybe if there was just more time we could find out.

 If we could just evolve fast enough.

Now of course being a grandparent can't be the only criteria, because clearly congress, government & big business are full of them; most of whom are also lawyers! Government & congress are supposed to be representative of the nation's citizenry in general, yet few of us are lawyers!  Why so many lawyers in congress?  It’s like having special interests representing themselves, not us.  How about dumping all those greedy white lawyers and stacking congress with scientists, environmentalists, and salt of the earth grandparents who love family more than power and wealth.  woulda, shoulda, coulda.

It's hard not to dwell upon the kind of world my grandchildren will inherit, and the way our generation has failed theirs.  We had our shot at turning things around during the summer of love nearly fifty years ago, and we blew it.  

We let the bastards intimidate us right out of our future, and humanities evolution. 

Part of the blame here falls directly upon Timothy Leary; who had the opportunity to galvanize every one of us back then, but instead he sold out and backed away.  I can imagine the kind of world this might have become if on that sunny San Francisco day he'd said, "turn on, tune in & take over" instead of urging us to get stoned and drop out.  He conned a generation into forsaking their stake in the future.  Nice job there Timmy!

There is enough Helium-3 on the moon to supply 70% of earth's energy needs with clean fusion energy; so why aren't we up there mining it instead of polluting our planet with toxic fossil fuels, and starting serial wars for petroleum?   Why do we silently finance wars of conquest across the globe, sacrificing our young men and women on the altar of greed?  If we spoke with a single voice, we could divert that money to fully funding our schools, giving back their music and arts programs.  I think that would pass the grandparent test faster than everlasting wars. 
Is Guy McPherson right with his estimate of human extinction, maybe yes maybe no, but certainly he very likely knows much more than most of us do.  Whether we bring about our own demise, or fall to some HELE (Human Extinction Level Event) such as coronal mass ejection, asteroid impact, gamma ray burst makes little difference in the end; We'll still be gone.  With that said, whether we meet our doom in 15 years or 150; we still need to make some drastic, quick changes around this place.

It is long past time to dump these depraved, greedy bastards who use us as a renewable resource; We need to be investing everything we have towards more life affirming ways of being on this planet.  We need to restore the balance with nature, act in concert with Gaia not against her.  We need to heal together.  We need peace.

 If we should find that creating the world we'd have our grandchildren inherit is just too much work, too much inconvenience, then we may as well embrace the race to extinction and party like it's 2030 - and hope for a better incarnation next time.

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  1. Well, I've said this about a million times before and I think it's worth repeating here. As long as we worship the cabals make believe money values then nothing will change until we destroy ourselves. Get rid of money and politics and watch as we gain our balance by elevating ourselves out of the muck of war. As long as we accept make believe scarcity values, we're going to continue to war against ourselves, the environment, our neighbors, our so called government that looks at us as being their enemies. Yes, we're going to continue to concoct enemies through false flags, and or staged theatrical events to gain what? More stock in Monsanto??? More stock in Nuclear power??? The system is nuts and there really is nothing we can do about it unless we begin to totally tune out politics and burn all of our money. That is a FACT, get rid of ALL debt tokens and we can begin to speak intelligently about viably alternative operating systems based on the FACTS and not on BS which is what the entire system is based on today.

    1. This article is about taking personal responsibility for the egregious crimes commited on our watch, but one wouldn't know it from your comment; tuning out is the problem, not a solution.

    2. My comment is entirely related, Illuminator, perhaps you just don't have the EYES to see it, yet!

  2. I'm so glad this grandmother is awake.
    I must respond to the comment that Jimmy Carter was not picked by the Illuminati. Jimmy Carter's entire cabinet was stacked with members of the Trilateral Commission. The TC are the offshoot of the technocracy movement that began in the 1930's. They believe societies should be herded and controlled though technology.
    Thus, we have smart meters on every house and building. Soon, these smart meters will be able to monitor our energy & water use in concert with the new laws to be issued if the Paris summit on "Climate Change"is signed.
    There is research occurring regarding the origin of psychopathy. Although there is still strong resistance from certain quarters, that hold on to the idea that psychopathy is caused by environmental factors. There are psychopaths created from environmental factors. These people are known as secondary psychopaths, and the condition is caused by extreme trauma. These psychopaths are usually found in the prison system. The psychopaths that prefer murdering large swaths of life, the professional psychopaths, are called "primary psychopaths" and this condition is genetic. It is soft-wiring VS hard-wiring. Although according to studies, secondary psychopaths rarely respond to therapy. The revelatory news is that in primary psychopaths, the amydyla is dysfunctional,and its connection with the pre-frontal cortex is dysfunctional. This is where the conscience of the brain is located. Most people still can not truly understand that psychopaths have no conscience, they can't feel emotion.They are very good at faking emotion however, in order to manipulate their victims. And no, the psychopaths in charge DO NOT care about the fact that their own children are being sprayed with chemtrails, or being subjected to radiation from Fukushima. Psychopaths make up 1-2% of our populace. Interesting correlation, we are currently ruled
    by the 1%.is that a mere coincidence? Scientists are taking studies on psychopathy to the next level, the molecular studies. They are searching for the genetic foundation. I am so grateful, as I have been a champion of this research for a long time. Most of the brain mapping studies are being done to promote artificial intelligence. One can only imagine if these funds and energies were funneled instead, into the study of psychopathy, a tremendous relief for all of life would ensue. Please Google: Scholarly Articles for:the neurological causation of psychopathy, and then: Scholarly Articles for genetic origins of psychopathy.
    I often wonder myself why people are so apathetic. This is so painful for me, that I swing between outrageous disgust to a deep sadness. I have been greatly discouraged when my efforts to organize the community have petered out. I get so disheartened with people. They almost seem robotic, like shaped animals, animated golem. They don't seem to care about the future of their children or grandchildren. I didn't even have children, and have worked hard to derail the dark agenda of psychopaths. My conscience is clean. I love New Illuminati. There are still, many good people; it is a shame the good must suffer due to the behavior of the willfully ignorant. Remember though, this world is not all there is, can you feel that? Know that, even as we work for restoring sanity on Earth.

  3. Smart meters are a price system folly in fact technocracy should simply enhance it's design concept, and should eliminate the "energy accounting" concept all together. Smart meters are a price system control mechanism. In fact, I think we should move beyond the need for energy accounting systems all together. All accounting systems are based on a set of finite numerical value denominations which actually form the basis of all price system operations. So, Technocracy was a bit hypocritical... They didn't "believe societies should be herded and controlled through technology." Their intention was to free people up from toil and scarcity conditions through the increased usages of energy consuming devices (machines). They knew that jobs were being replaced in direct proportion to increases expenditures in the kilowatt hour. Around the year 1913 machines began to produce more than mans labor alone, and hence Techocrats were looking for alternative systems, something that certainly appeals to me.... A few basic adjustments in the original technocracy concept and we'll have a viable alternative to the current operating insanity. And free your mind, they system is what makes people apathetic and psychotic. Simply change the conditions inside of the cage and watch as the behavior of the monkey's change inside of it.... Real change takes time, lots of time and pressure. Look at yourself as being Johnny Appleseed, spread a few seeds of thought here and there and eventually your thoughts may take hold and change the landscape. Go forth with good intentions, THINK in terms of the betterment to ALL, and you too will find good humor in the follies of man. Cheers!

    1. Aye, plant seeds wherever you can; some will land in a fertile situation and grow beyond your dreams. Most will fall on fallow minds. But as you know, many of the terrible things in the world HAVE changed for the better in your lifetime ;) Be not discouraged, be not afraid - the best is yet to come.

  4. Here's the deal about cops and the murder of David Kassic... Cops have a tough job and the vast majority of them are good people just trying to earn a living, but the problem is that the vast majority don't know that they're working for a private for profit corporation that threw the Constitution out the window. Really if they knew this would they still be cops at war with the civies?

    1. And the person who shot and killed David Kassic was not convicted of murder. David appeared to be someone who reached into his jacket for an unknown reason, which posed a threat to the officer, she freaked out and shot him dead. A jury found her not guilty. Again, very tough job, but they should know the facts about the legal fictions that they're sworn to protect as they serve the (BAR)

    2. As anyone who as lived close to the bone, on the streets and/or with indigenous people can inform you, the majority of cops are corrupt and negligent, the kind of control freaks who want to bully people, carry guns and get their own way. The majority are crude, stupid and brutal. A minority are more intelligent and compassionate; these don't usually last long. Those who can pretend to be decent humans are the ones allowed around 'normal', more well-heeled civilians. They are a big, nasty, corrupt gang of stupid thugs in most countries, doing much of the on-the-ground suppression and coverup work for even worse politicians and corporates.
      If you're very lucky you'll find a nice one, or one that's biased towards you. That said, the rule of common secular law is still currently a better option than, say, life under Sharia.

  5. You're wrong Illuminator, the majority of cops are good people who happen to be working within the framework of an INSANE system based on conflicting scarcity values, hearsay fictions, easily repudiated opinions etc.... The system breeds violence, CONTROL mechanisms, and encourages psychopathology. It divides families and generally wreaks havoc all across the world all because we ACCEPT it that way, and the cops are simply doing what they're hired to do. Take price system out of the story and watch as cops are no longer needed! The entire system is corrupt! Can't point the finger at the cops as we all accept the GAME!

    1. You're obviously not a Native or African American or an Indigenous Australian, anonymous.


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