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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Pyramid of Death: Who REALLY Runs This World?

Pyramid of Death:
Who REALLY Runs This World?

Foreign Skies by R. Ayana

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Who’s REALLY at the top of the pyramid?


We’ve all seen the “all seeing eye” at the top of the pyramid on the US one dollar bill:


While there are many interpretations of who this is, is it possible that the person at the top of this pyramid isn’t even from this planet and relies on us killing one another to survive on sacrificial energies?

Ancient pyramid systems of control were run by the Pharaohs.  In order to hide their extraterrestrial overlords, their pyramid of control looked like this:

Pyramid Of Death: Who REALLY Runs This World?

The next pyramid of control involved the monarchy and looked like this:

Pyramid Of Death: Who REALLY Runs This World?

We’re led to believe that the following pyramid is the current system of control, with money and the Pope/Vatican at the top of it:

Pyramid Of Death: Who REALLY Runs This World?

Many people blindly believe that their country’s respective leaders hold the ultimate power, but fail to realize that these leaders are answering to higher powers. For example, in the United States, President Jimmy Carter wanted to see the UFO files and was not allowed to do so by the head of the CIA, George H.W. Bush. So if the head of the CIA is above the president, then who is running the United States?

While many people believe that secret societies (such as the free masons or the Rosicrucians) control how events are being played out on the planet, these people are still being controlled by higher powers.

Within these secret societies, we see compartmentalized pyramids:

Pyramid Of Death: Who REALLY Runs This World? 

Pyramid Of Death: Who REALLY Runs This World?

Some would say that the Pope is the most powerful person on the planet but even he is being controlled and overshadowed by the “Black Pope” who remains unseen and hidden from the general public.

If the Pope was the most powerful person on the planet, then why is there starvation and homelessness when he has the ability to end all of this by being the wealthiest entity on the planet?

The following is a quote from the bible, Matthew 19:21:

21 Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

The Roman Catholic Church is wealthy enough to feed, clothe, and shelter EVERY person on this planet so why doesn’t the Pope rely on the same words in the bible that he expects everyone else to abide to?

More importantly, why does the Roman Catholic Church have so much gold?


Who is above the Vatican?


This is arguably the most accurate pyramid of control that you’ll find as you go down the rabbit hole:

Pyramid Of Death: Who REALLY Runs This World?  in5d in 5d in5d.com www.in5d.com http://in5d.com/ body mind soul spirit BodyMindSoulSpirit.com http://bodymindsoulspirit.com/

Corporations, such as Monsanto, JP Morgan, and Exxon are all controlled by the Bilderbergers, so this is why they are not on the list.

World leaders and politicians did not make the list either, because as many people realize, they are selected, not elected.  In any given election, you’ll ALWAYS see a choice between the lesser of two evils.  It doesn’t matter which one you choose, it will always be the same shit from a different toilet.


The Anunnaki connection



The Sumerian texts are one of the oldest texts known to mankind and predate anything written in the bible or any other religious texts.

According to [Sitchin’s arguable translation of] the Sumerian texts, the Anunnaki traveled to this planet in search of gold to use as a micro-dust to protect their own planet of origin’s atmosphere from radiation. At first, the Anunnaki mined their own gold but realized this was too much work, so they genetically manipulated the genes of the earth species eventually create the Adama race or what we know today as mankind. This explains why we only have 46 chromosomes with 2 of them being fused together while all other earth primates have 48.

This also explains why there is such a need and demand for gold in every society.

More than 350 artifacts were found in Ecuador in an old tunnel system used for mining gold. One particular artifact shows the same one dollar bill pyramid with an all-seeing eye at the top of it (below).

in5d in 5d in5d.com www.in5d.com http://in5d.com/

Under a black light, the eye takes on an interesting hue while on the bottom of this artifact, you can see a star map of Orion’s Belt along with writing that is older than any known writing on this planet. According to the research of Klaus Dona, the same writing has been found all over the world, proving that there was a pre-existing GLOBAL civilization that is much older than any Sanskrit writings.

At the 2:00 minute marker, Klaus Dona talks about this artifact:

Because this artifact shows a map of Orion’s Belt on the bottom of it, then what is the significance of it? Is it possible that our overlord(s) came from Orion’s Belt? Or, perhaps, are these Orion entities lower level overlords for the Anunnaki?




Even older Gnostic texts talk about the archons who are nonphysical entities that feed off of negative energy such as fear.  This explains why you’ll never feel good after watching the  nightly news or reading the headlines of any given newspaper.

Many people believe that the picture below is the pyramid of control:

in5d in 5d in5d.com www.in5d.com http://in5d.com/

What is NOT being shown are the extraterrestrials who are above them.  In ascending order, you’ll find:

  • Higher level malevolent extraterrestrials such as the Anunnaki

  • Archons & other invisible matter

  • Highest level malevolent extraterrestrial(s) who literally exist and feed off of fear, death, pain, suffering, misery, and sacrifices; Controllers of the archons

Is it possible that the archons are controlling the Anunnaki and are ultimately represented near the top of the pyramid?  In this writer’s opinion, most definitely!

At top of the pyramid, you’ll find a “Wizard of Oz” type of malevolent extraterrestrial controlling (and programming) them as well.

One commonality that you will find on EVERY level is the use of fear for controlling purposes.

Ironically, because each level is so compartmentalized, they fear and distrust one another.


What if…


What if the Pope (or whatever Earth born entity is above him) is being threatened to keep us in subservience, control, and conformity while living in perpetual fear in order to appease his extraterrestrial overlords through sacrifices (such as every world war, 9/11, etc…)?

If you look at the various blood types and Rh values, then you’d realize that it’s impossible to have so many races and ethnicites on this planet coming from “Adam and Eve”. “Adam” is short for the “Adama race” who the Anunnaki created, so is it possible that all races were created as sub-specie experiments?

You can read more about blood types and Rh values in this article, “Does Rh Negative Blood Type Equal Alien Heritage?“.

At the highest levels of freemasonry, you’ll find the motto, “Ordo ab chao” which means “order out of chaos”. This is why the divide and conquer premise is constantly being used against us, many times without us even seeing it even when it’s right before our eyes.

For example, divide and conquer is the premise behind every sporting event, yet we buy into it without questioning why. We see team names such as the New York “GIANTS,” San Francisco “Giants,” or Tokyo Giants and never question the origin of these team names. Is it possible that they ultimately represent the Anunnaki or some other extraterrestrial race of controlling beings?

Television programs such as “Survivor” or “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” rely on the same premise.

Ultimately, the end goal is fame (ego) and money (materialism) which we have bought into as a global society and cannot fathom what we would do if there was no such thing as money. Additionally, these shows pit us against one another through the divide and conquer principles.

You can find our more about the Anunnaki by clicking here.


Once the bottom of the pyramid unites



I’ve often said, “Once the bottom of the pyramid unites (ALL of us), the rest will collapse. This is why it’s so important for all of us on the bottom of the pyramid to come together and unite and why we need to appreciate any race that is different from our own instead of ignoring or avoiding one another. More importantly, we cannot buy into the “race wars” that our overlords are pushing upon us. As long as they keep us divided as people, we will never unite as one. In the end, the only ones who are truly preventing this from happening is ourselves.

The good news is that we are all awakening to these truths and are starting to come together as one.

This is why there seems to be such a push to keep us living in even more fear lately, as our overlords are panicking over how their plans have been aborted or delayed, such as the North American Union and the New World Order.


Astrological timetables



Astrology is an important tool in this equation. In alchemy, there is a saying, “As above, so below“. In other words, what is happening in the celestials is being reflected to our planet and in turn, to each individual.

Astrology relies on the cycles of time that repeat over and over again. When new cycles begin, we can learn from the last time we saw these celestial energies. For example, the last time Pluto entered Capricorn was in the 1700’s during both the French and American Revolutions. Pluto is known as the “Destroyer” and will tear down everything that is not in humanity’s best interests.

In 2008, Pluto entered Capricorn again and stays there until 2023. Right on schedule, we saw a collapse of the banking system in the United States, with the exception of the “Too big to fail/jail” banks. Right on schedule, we also have seen a number of revolutions all around the world. These are NOT coincidences!

Our extraterrestrial overlords are very well versed in astrology and use this as their time table as well.

It appears that our earth-born overlords are way behind schedule and are being pressured by their extraterrestrial overlords for either more sacrifices and/or a “One World / New World Order”.

As more and more people awaken and see how we’ve been controlled and manipulated for millennia, the less we will tolerate being manipulated by our earth-born and extraterrestrial overlords.

Pluto in Capricorn is OUR opportunity to create what is in humanity’s best interests. Our overlords know this and will try everything within their own perceived powers to prevent this from happening, but it all starts with the bottom of the pyramid uniting as one as well as each individual doing his and her own “inner work” to resolve any issues that keep repeating within his or her own lives.


Malevolent extraterrestrials are trying to flee the planet



According to contactee Corey Goode, the Dracos are shitting bricks and their overlords are pressuring them to intimidate the “Blue Sphere Alliance” into letting them leave our solar system, along with the human shills (world leaders, politicians, etc…) who have enslaved humanity.

Corey will be giving weekly updates with David Wilcock on GaiamTV.  Click here to subscribe.

According to Dr. Simon Atkins, “Wave X” is arriving, bringing intergalactic waves of energy that will expose the controllers.  Atkins stated that CERN is being used to prevent these incoming energies from arriving, adding that no matter what they try, it will not prevent these waves of intergalactic energy from transforming our entire solar system. He talks about CERN around the 1:09:20 marker of the following video:

CERN may also be used to created portals or wormholes as a means of the ruling controllers to exit our solar system before they can be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.  It’s possible that Wave X is prohibiting these malevolent beings from leaving or it might be the veil or quarantine that was placed over our planet many millennia ago.


Lifting the veil



At the bottom of the pyramid, you’ll find the rest of us. What would happen if we no longer conformed to our own “overlords”?

World peace.

Many people are oblivious to what is happening before their very own eyes but soon, it will become blatantly obvious as the veil lifts and more people awaken every day.

In the meanwhile, reclaim your own personal sovereignty.  As Cameron Day recommends:

The first step is to engage the Self-Clearing System protocols and revoke all agreements that you have made with any beings that don’t have your best interests in mind. Next, revoke all agreements to see reality in polarized terms.  Every time you revoke agreements, be sure to reclaim your energy that had gone into them. Then affirm your commitment to transcend the control paradigms of the corrupt demiurge without being side-tracked by pointless polarity battles.

You can also turn off your TV, literally. Whether your TV is turned on or off, it can emit negative frequencies that play on your psyche. Virtually everything that is on TV is a distraction that prevents you from finding out your true, divine purpose for being here.

Lastly, we ALL need to come together. As I mentioned, once the bottom of the pyramid unites, the rest will collapse. This is why those in power right now are trying to push race wars and have kept us economically divided. It’s apparent that whoever is in control of this planet is using us for slavery and for sacrificial reasons through perpetual wars with one another.

We have the power in numbers to make this world into a literal paradise without the need for economic subservience, but it all boils down to everyone coming together under a common cause and standing up for the best interests of humanity.

Without us, NONE of them exist.

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  1. In finding out who's in charge, we may be wise to divide the world in two, the world based on fiction and the world based on FACTS. The FACT based world is run by the engineers and technical experts who produce and distribute all that we depend on for our survival, the top technical experts run the electrical power grid, and there's actually no one more powerful than these people, for without them we'd all be living back in the dark ages! As far as the realm of fiction is concerned? One has to consider what is influencing our fictional based society the most, and that is obviously the myth of monies value, agreed? If we agree that the myth or fiction of monies value is what is influencing people around the world the most, then we can research and find out who owns the worlds private fiat money supply, who owns the private Central Banks of the world and what are their objectives? The Rothschild's, the Rockefeller's, and Company are the primary owners of the myth of monies value, and we the people are the suckers who accept the rules of their INSANE money game that benefits just a few at the great expense to ALL. This is all you really need to know about who really runs the world.... Religion takes a back seat to the MONEY GODS, don't let them fool you into believing that religion is the cause of our most complex problems, for most metaphorical Gods teach sympathy, peace, and harmony through a universal language that transcends any symbolic interpretations.

  2. "don't let them fool you into believing that religion is the cause of our most complex problems, for most metaphorical Gods teach sympathy, peace, and harmony through a universal language that transcends any symbolic interpretations."
    Research the Yahweh god. This is important as so many are under "his" influence. Interesting how all 3 branches of Yahweh/Abraham are now poised to bring us into WW3. Yahweh was a pantheon (yes the Hebrews worshiped many gods) WAR god. And this should be obvious to a person who is not under a fear-based mind set. I rejected the Yahweh god right off the bat as a child, and no cohersion could make me change my mind. Needless to say, I was not very popular with my Sunday school teachers, while growing up.I have read of researchers linking Yahweh to either Enki, Enlil or Anu. All 3 branches of Abraham are based on exclusivity. One must be chosen, saved or redeemed, or one is a Goyim, unsaved heathen, or infidel. I think attaching the god of peace Jesus, to the war god Yahweh, was a deliberated act, to confuse the populace and keep them in a perpetual state of what we now call cognitive dissonance. It was some dark Babylonian
    ancient black left hand magic, which we now call mind control psychology.
    The information regarding aliens could very well be true. But our initial response should be focused on the criminals on Earth that can be readily identified. That is my criticism regarding alien research. Also this information can lead people into giving up the great effort to expose and defeat the Cabal and could also serve as a major distraction.For how can one respond effectively to aliens with such expansive technology? I know people who are obsessed with aliens. But perhaps it takes many people exposing many factors to solve our escalating dilemma. We need to further research into the scientific reasons for psychopathy. Recorded human history obviously exposes this condition. Science has identified psychopathy as a dysfunction of the amydala.. Why has there been no mass-funded research into psychopathy? Brain mapping has been highly funded, but for purposes of developing artificial intelligence and transhumanism. (very archontic- as according to the Gnostics- the archons are an artificial facsimile, merely copying human creativity) Could psychopathy also not be a condition of DNA induced alien infliction upon the human species? Their designated overlords? It is estimated that genetic psychopaths (VS secondary psychopaths who are trauma-induced conditions-hard-wiring VS soft-wiring) make up 1-2% of our populace. Interesting, we are currently ruled by the 1%.
    I am A-, and I also have many of the traits mentioned as belonging to the Rh-negative blood factor. I also remember reading somewhere, many years ago, that the Russians were prejudiced against redheads. Also the skeletons of some of the giants found were supposed to have remnants of red hair still attached to the skulls. All of this information could be true, but I think the emphasis should be placed on exposing and arresting the culprits that we can observe through their ongoing, recorded crimes, ie those exposed on the Pyramids.
    And the CERN info is indeed disturbing, since from what I gather, the scientists are planning on ramping up the power this month. Thanks New Illuminati. I really love your work.

    1. You're correct, pathology inflicts roughly 1% of the population by nature. The other reason for psychopathy is the environment. We're living in a fear based society based on manufactured scarcity practices in order to create the value of a make believe dollar. Yes???? These conditions create automatic conflicting ideologies that encompasses the entire world. In other words there will be no security and there will never be peace under such conditions, these conditions set the stage for insane behaviors, agreed? Under price system operations there will never be peace or freedom, for under such conditions there will always be just a few winners and a vast majority of losers. This creates the foundation for most all pathology, no? Look at it this way, in nature you'll rarely find monkey's killing each other over bananas if there are enough bananas for every monkey, correct? What makes everyone NUTS are the conditions we willfully accept!

    2. And forget Yahweh, this metaphorical God (angry and jealous) is simply a part time player compare to the money myth. MONEY and and out worship of it's make believe value is what throws everyone out of whack! There are no moral compasses when ones survival is dependent upon attaining the most debt tokens in order to feed your children. Joseph Campbell once stated, something like,we can tell what influences our fiction based society by looking at the highest buildings in any given major city. The tallest buildings today are financial centers. It used to be churches, etc... and now they've been eclipsed by the big financial rip off centers! The Yahweh myth may be used to justify bad behavior so the cabal can capitalize through the use of shrewd and ruthless tactics, but it simply cannot surpass the power of the money Gods in corrupting everything through our unwitting acceptance!

    3. You seem to have missed the crux of the article; focusing on terrestrial 'causes' is just being fooled by effects, and one person's 'facts' are another's farts.

    4. Free Your Mind, you have covered our dilemmae fairly comprehensively; religion is a region with a li(e) in it, but which is the most distracting conspiracy and which the more vital - mundane terrestrial power politics or extraterrestrial involvement in human 'development'? Choose your enemies and scapegoats wisely!

    5. You mean one persons TRUTHS are another persons fairy-tales, correct? FACTS have never been repudiated by another fact, fiction, truth, or alien LOL.... The fact of the matter is we don't know anything about the so called alien agenda, but we sure can entertain ourselves with lots of theories can't we? As far as which is the most distracting and vital conspiracy? Vital to whom? And distracting to what? The modern conspiracy that are evident today, are the entertaining false flags or theatre type plays that pop up around major cities around the world today, like the recent events in Paris, don't have the facts on this one, but by the bad ACTING in front of cameras I surmise it was simply another children's type PLAY with bad crisis actors acting everywhere. Just a hunch but I suspect this was staged for obvious divide and conquer reasons. These are the vital conspiracies that are the life's blood of the so called elite.... And who's choosing enemies? I think we're ALL a bunch of suckers and assholes for allowing these WAR GAMES to be planned and implemented by easily programmable stooges who couldn't THIMK themselves out of a box of CRACKER Jacks!

    6. You're an idiot, free your mind!

  3. "In the Matrix reality the who becomes the what and the what is not human".


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