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Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Men Who Stole the World: Be Sure To Watch This - and to Share It! The REAL villains who stole your past and future

The Men Who Stole the World:
Be Sure To Watch This - and to Share It!
The REAL villains who stole your past and future


Everything is a Rich Man's Trick,
JFK to 9/11
written by Francis Richard Conolly

Are you ready to finally learn the truth about the cabal of men and women who control your world, wreaking total havoc, unleashing the dogs of war and controlling human history? Behold the real faces and hear the actual names of those who have stolen our destinies.

After years of research into the JFK Assassination Francis Conolly realised that the conspiracy was much deeper and wider reaching than anyone had ever thought. He explains the origins of the people involved and goes into great detail as to how the assassination was planned and executed, bringing to light lots of new information as to how it was done, who did what and naming all the names in the plot.

The film then goes on to explain what this group of people are doing right now to pull the wool over our eyes and control our every waking thought, exactly as Orwell predicted.

Please set aside the time to watch this in full with your friends and family – you won’t be disappointed!


Official Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQLlbAVPnA8-h2D4exMvKbg/


Trailer (2:24) @ http://youtu.be/1Pjd0JTTxlU

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  1. We (the American People) don't have any of the facts, but we can logically base our assumptions on a Zionist plot to rule the world by people like the Rothschild clan. Study the Rothschild ideologies as they manipulate the world through their privately owned debt scams and I sense that you'll get closer to who's pulling the strings and who's buying into their myth making abilities (look in the mirror)

  2. Hint, look at JFK's right cheek just before the gadget explodes a red balloon up over his head! Was this murder a real assassination or was it simply faked? And how can we even think this so called major event be staged as a fake? Well, all we have to do is look at the LIE machine that we've all accepted, and point out the lies and you'll see for yourself that government is nothing but a perception maker that we all seeming BUY into. The jokes on U.S. inc.... Legal FICTIONS rule the Alice's wonderland world

  3. The Zionist-Nazi Israel connection to all of the events are left out the documentary.
    That connection is simply to important for this to be a entirly trustworthy documentary.
    I hope Francis Richard Conolly will correct this.

    1. Bush's Grandfather Led Nazi Coup Against White House in 1933 (28:33) @

    2. And anonymous, regarding the "Zionist-NAZI Israeli Connection." The acronym NAZI = (NA)tional (ZI)onism used to explain the Rothschild ideology for their desired STATE of Israel, and now they're coming after the entire world so NATIONALISM has now been replaced by INTERNATIONALISM= So the new acronym should be INTZI, or their NEW WORLD ODOR for the enhancement of human slavery tactics through word and number magic enforced by their so called UNITED NATIONS DICTATORS of PRICE!

  4. Stupid antisemites who comment on a topic before reading or viewing it are a waste of refutation time. Easier to just erase your uninformed rants - but on this occasion suffice to REPEAT that it's your republican't neoconmen in your Nazi sewerpower nation of corrupt morons that are behind all this, not foreign midgets in tiny unimportant countries like isn'treal. Idiots who claim JFK never died are to be regarded on a par with those who say the same about that criminal thug elvis and claim hitler eas some kind of hero. 'Useful idiots' as far as the real perps are concerned. Please stop misleading people and study the material we take so much trouble to place before you.

    1. Anti-semite? Since when do all the Jews have a monopoly on semitism? Arabs are semitic people and I have no problem with them, but the Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians are the religions causing havoc around the world through their monopoly on funny money bribery systems. You blame the Catholics, Illuminator and I blame all of us who march and dance to the tune of the Zionist religion (price system)

  5. The thing is Illuminator, we suspect that we're being LIED to, do we have any evidence to this FACT? Lets start with the USS Liberty attack shall we, and move forward from there. Of course we could go back in time 2,000 some odd years and get the full disclosure of the gypsy plot to conquer the world through deception games... The entire monetary-political show is based on BS. So I'm simply adding my two cents worth of entertainment to inform people that the most logical plot against JFK was based on BS and the JFK team caught a hint of what was going on through the shadow government and he and his team decided to OPT out by staging a death hoax... Is this reasonable, hell yes! More than reasonable.... In fact it's the best damn JFK theory to date! He simply wasn't assassinated!

    1. You are a stupid to even put that on where someone can see it.

    2. And you're just another gullible sheeple who believes the words of liars

  6. And who's an anti-semite. Illuminator? Who has a monopoly on semitism? Who are the semite people? Lets get specific here. Do bogus European Jews have a monopoly on semitism as they ignore ALL arab peoples????? And aren't the reform European Jews responsible for the alleged happenings of the so called holocaust where supposedly 6 million orthodox Jews were gassed to death???? Get your facts straight, hypocrite!

    1. The 'Arabs' are desert dwellers who only arrived there recently, jsut like the so-called modern 'Egyptians' who have nothing to do with ancient Egypt/Khem. So-called European Jews have genes which demonstrate they inhabited the Middle East. All swinish fools who deny that Hitler killed many millions of people (including Jews) are reprehensible. Of course, Stalin was a bigger mass murderer and Mao was even worse.

  7. As we skim though these entertaining blogs, we find we don't need to read every word of what is said here, Illuminator, because the BS indicators pop up right away and are clear as day!!!! Now people that don't know what a FACT is may get suckered into the intentional dis-information campaigns as are evident here, but that's ok ma I'm only dying! LOL

  8. The times are indeed rapidly changing! The loser NOW will be later to WIN and so this noble exposer of all the BS games of the alleged winner is being cast off into the wind..... For one day soon all will win as the old sinners are looked upon for what they were, INSANE losers of a bygone era that based their relative truths upon a hierarchy of deceptions, word games and tired word out mythologies that once served them to the great expense to ALL, in our pathological attempts to defeat the world! www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7qQ6_RV4VQ

  9. I think the Jewish is incidental, the key word is "Bankers".

    1. Xactemundo. Even 'zionism' is just another scapegoating catchcry for those who aren't aware of the fact that banksters come in all creeds and shades

  10. Yes, the bankers are the controllers and we ALL seem to follow their tune, so we really can't blame them or their Zionist ideologies but we sure as hell can blame our own gullibilities as we believe in their fairy-tales about how we shall determine our net worth as people through their money myths.... Always look into the mirror before pointing at others... Again, the Zionist bankers aren't necessarily bad people, they simply have figured out a way to capitalize within the frame work of an INSANE operating system that screws everyone who's not on the inside of their international criminal network that is indeed set up to HARM the vast majority of us.

  11. Our government shouldn't be called the government for the people, it should be re-named the false flag government for and of the so called banking elite who can and do hire the best ACTORS, directors, producers of BS that their funny money can buy. God bless all the believing assholes for they will NOT inherit the earth, for they will inherit the myths of DEBT and the story of hell on earth! Now go worship lucifer,ILLUMINATED ONES, shine bright so that all can SEE YOU for what you are, just another sucker, and another, and another............ LOL.. Keep believing and watch as your funny little lies swallow you whole. You've become whole foods, oh yes, the price you'll pay for whole foods! SUCKERS

    1. The meaning of the word politics is synonymous with the meaning of religion, for they are the really the same things, both are ideologies based on a premise of belief as they willingly ignore the FACTS, both have context of symbolic idol worship used by the sheeple who unwittingly follow the leader into actions that are often detrimental to the collective flock.... Yes, we could rationally conclude that politics is a retarded religion set up to deceive us into socially accepting the tactics of ideologues that simply cannot distinguish between facts and fictions. Insane people run the system, they're not necessarily bad people though they may need to take a long holiday on an island where their story telling abilities can and will be used for entertainment purposes only until the masses awaken and stop acting on their behalf in barbaric fashion!

  12. And why not say the woman who stole the world, for there is a queen of BS, right? I mean left, or up, versus down.... The thing is, because you worship false idols you lose your soul and your pocket book to the merits of fantasyland! LOL

  13. Yes, the meritocracy of BS reins supreme in the land of Alice, a place that you vote for... Hooray for Hollywood....

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