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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Feral Tribes: Saving Little Wonder 1

Feral Tribes
Saving Little Wonder 1 

Feral Tribes - Saving Little Wonder Part 1

Occupy the Forests! The true story of indigenous Australians reclaiming their stolen lives and lands with help from dreadlocked ferals and hippy activists.

Be aware - contains strong language, nudity, radical concepts and lifestyles. All people shown will be deceased one day (if they aren't already)

See Saving Little Wonder (Rough Cut) and more @ http://youtu.be/OrHyWM8LNgY

Save The World!

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A document by R. Ayana @ http://youtu.be/vmjDklXj6qE

Saving Little Wonder (Rough Cut)


Most people think of Australia – when they think of it at all - as a remote island continent of windblown deserts, red sand, sparse, dry gum trees, bounding kangaroos and hard sunburnt men riding sparse dusty ranges.  But like most continents the land varies between extremes of heat and cold, arid dryness and far lusher climes.

Not all of the Great Southern Land is parched grass and sand. The entire east coast – where most people live – is green and fertile. When Europeans arrived a little over two centuries ago the eastern region was almost all one gigantic primordial forest, colloquially known as the ‘Big Scrub’. Most was rainforest, virtually undisturbed for millions of years. Many of the plants and animals that lived there remain unknown to us today - utterly annihilated when the rainforests were almost completely destroyed by optimist white colonists pursuing fleeting riches.

The first settlers and their convict slaves saw the forests as an inexhaustible, self-renewing resource. They took the few ‘valuable’ trees they wanted and burned the rest, vaporising an ancient, priceless, unique resource for a few generations of cattle and sheep. Humungous trees, thousands of years old were felled and burned, just as they are in the Amazon and New Guinea (as the same was done long ago in Asia and Europe), and the thin soil began to wash away and clog the pristine rivers. No-one bothered to catalogue the plants and animals that were destroyed. Entire ecosystems unlike any on the planet were completely wiped out.

In their desperate ignorance they destroyed the forests, the rivers, the soil and ecosystems that had quietly dreamed through eternal aeons in this remote corner of the world. And they stole the land and lives of the island continent’s original inhabitants, enslaving the remnants and forcing them to do their dirtiest work.

Just enough remains to provide us with sketchy inklings of what once was here. There are still a few last small seed-source refuges that make possible the renewal of some of the ancient forests to their former glory – after a few centuries of unimpeded growth.

Now greedy men and women want to take the best of the rest. Rapacious corporations and government flunkies want to chop down most of the last intact wild ecosystems and replace them with industrial forestry – converting the last unique primordial ecosystems to toothpicks, wood chips, smoke and ashes.

Some special places are so precious that when they’re threatened, defenders arise to stem the wave of destruction. When some forests are threatened, wise souls assemble beneath their canopies. Some join members of indigenous tribes to save the last intact fragments of the ancient forests that birthed us all.

Indigenous Australians still inhabit the lands of their ancestors. They have never signed any treaties or agreements with the supposed conquerors who usurped their lives and lands. They still own the continent.

This is the story of how they saved a real Little Wonder…

Until next time…

This is a true story, rushed to your screen from the archives of Australia's forest wars because these unique forests are under threat again after the election of rapacious, destructive governments by careless brainwashed voters.

Part 2 – Water and Fire - Coming Soonish
A document by R. Ayana

Ilyan – Away With the Ferals


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  1. Sorry, It's the same old shit.... Money over the lives of people, plants and animals. Teach others how to live in harmonious balance without the myth of money and politics, and we may have a shot at saving the forests but as long as we ALL determine our net worth as people by the amount of funny money we possess, you can wave the rain forests and the people of the world goodbye. In other words there is no future under any kind of scarcity based dictatorship within any kind of political (alice's wonderland) framework which serves a few megalomaniacs at all of our great expense.... Think beyond the expense of our warped values to a world of FREE ENERGY and the solutions are all around us to these problems that we obviously wish for in the unwitting stew of our fragmented minds!

    1. Aye - and at the same time do whatever it takes to save something irreplaceable near you while there's still time. Extinction is forever and desertification is very difficult to reverse. This goes beyond all social and monetary conerns - it's about the REAL fundamentals.

  2. Hi - I'm reaching out to ask for your support for my online fundraiser: "Saving Little Wonder." @

  3. See Part 2: Water and Fire - Saving Little Wonder (1:55:04) @ https://youtu.be/gkaOuiwHTzc


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