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Monday, 2 February 2015

Free Energy and Cleansing the Planet: The Keshe Plasma Generator

Free Energy and Cleansing the Planet
The Keshe Plasma Generator

The Universal Order of Creation of Matters by M.T. Keshe

"With our new understanding of the creation of gravity and magnetic fields, we are able to replicate the type of self nourishing systems that are able to push a current of electrons through a coil of copper wire, generating electricity anywhere in the Universe at any time."

With our new understanding of the creation of Gravity and Magnetic fields, we are able to replicate the type of self nourishing systems that are able to push a current of electrons through a coil of copper wire, generating electricity anywhere in the Universe at any time. In a modern power plant, coal is set on fire to boil water.  The water turns into steam, and the steam pressurizes to power a steam engine.  The steam engine simply rotates a permanent magnet within a coil of copper wire.

Currently, this is how the energy that powers your home is generated – by coal. When you pay your electric bill you are paying for the coal, the railroad systems to transports the coal, the trucks and equipment that digs the coal you of the earth, as well as the power plant, the electrical grid, and all of the maintenance. All of this is the cost of the “energy” that is within your “energy bill”.

All of this is simply to rotate a magnet with a coil of copper wire. The Keshe Generator is a self-nourishing system that consists of a rotating plasmatic magnetic field within a coil of copper wire, and has been developed from our new understanding of the creation of gravity. Just as our electrons spin naturally within our atoms, so too does the Keshe Electric Generator spin naturally within the laws of nature.

This is precisely how this technology has made the human race independent of burning fuel. The Keshe Electric Generator is roughly 7 cm in length – a little bigger than a roll of quarters.

It contains zero radioactive material, thus gives off no radiation, and it is as safe as a household battery.  This is the new paradigm we are now entering, and it is mind blowing.

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 12.24.57 AM     Keshe_solid-state-battery_450

Here is a Proof of Concept video: (Video: Keshe Plasma Generator ~ Infinite Energy!  Make it yourself.  http://youtu.be/kkB2g7ai2bs)


Scientific models claim there are three (3) slightly different energies within a Neutron ( 1 up quark and 2 down quarks ). According to Keshe however, tiny magnetic fields are the real fundamental particles originating from a cosmic magnetic soup.  In other words, the foundation of matter is not smaller bits of matter.  Rather, the foundation of matter is energetic frequencies that, when combined with other similar frequencies, create the new energetic frequencies that manifest as physical matter. The main difference between the two models is that the model developed by Mehran T. Keshe is more basic and fundamental, and has been proven experimentally in several laboratories and universities around the world – which is pretty awesome!

Keshe-Plasma-Gen     Italy Plasma Generator      plasa reactor

Continuing with the technical information, a neutron can decay into the plasma of a proton and the plasma of an electron, and both will still contain parts of the Matter-Trinity of the original neutron. They have each an individual, and together an overall, magnetospheric condition which is governed by magnetic and gravitational field strengths.

This is similar to the inward Gravitational and outward Magnetic fields of Earth, and this is exactly how microscopic atoms can unity to create something as grand as our Milky Way Galaxy. Based on this newly developed understanding of the creation of gravity, scale prototype systems have been engineered and constructed, producing amazing results,such as creating lift and motion without burning fuel – creating lift without propulsion!

Plasma Energy and Anti-Gravity Applications

"The Keshe Foundation is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe that aims to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new solutions to major global problems like famine, water shortage, lack of electrical power supply, climate change, and disease, through the use of specially developed plasma reactors which will also give Mankind the real freedom to travel in deep Space."

Nuclear engineer, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, originally of Iran, has come up with a new plasma reactor technology that he purports to be ready to announce as being adequate to enable space flight, both via its anti-gravity attributes as well as its energy-generating capabilities.

Based on the analysis of nuclear and other atomic interactions and cosmological phenomena, Keshe developed a theory that fundamental plasmatic magnetic fields entangle to form double or multi magnetic fields.

"By this knowledge it becomes possible to design, develop and test new low cost reactors that can dilute plasma and achieve fusion of plasmas in a simple and affordable way. So it now becomes possible to create vast amount of energies (like electricity and heat) and motion without the need of burning any fuel and without creating any waste. These reactors can create at any point-of-demand matters like air, water, food, medicine, and new materials, also at nano-level." (Book back cover)

"Based on these new first principles, prototype reactors were build, with amazing results, like creating lift and motion without burning fuel, and achieving fusion in a simple way."
-- M.T. Keshe

A quick update on the Keshe Plasma Generator (Magrav Technology)

Keshe Plasma Generator





In the image below we see 4 Keshe Plasma Generators (KPGs) in a star formation.  Each one of the generators is filled with GANS (GAs in a Nano Solid state).

This gans is a new material discovered by Mehran Keshe, and this gans is something of a superconductive goop - very interesting. (See image below).

When this gans material is spun within a KPG, the centrifugal forces within this superconductive material produce dynamic ionization (a vortex of electrons), and this vortex then induces a Magnetic and a Gravitational field  (a MAGRAV field). 

By adjusting the spin rate of the generators you can control the strength of the Magrav Fields.

These generators are currently being developed for energy generation and transportation, all around the world, and with the guidance of Mehran Keshe, Director of the Keshe Foundation and the Spaceship Institute. 

In 2015 we will start to see more of these generators being developed and demonstrated all around the world :-)

Learn More about this NEW Technology:


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  1. It should go without saying that you do not send anyone who produces new and untested tech any money. In Keshe's case it's of some concern that he recently declared himself the messiah...

  2. Why promote anyone that keeps saying I have free energy generators year after year after year?
    Keshe was taking deposits for his free energy generator two years ago, but where are they?
    It's one thing to be an inventor, but false claims make you look very unscrupulous!

    1. Skepticism is always warranted, tempering an open mind - in this case the technology has actually been demonstrated but the inventor's integrity has still not been established. A surprisingly common feature of self-taught inventors is that they have no idea of how to bring their creations to the mass market - or any market at all. They're notoriously like artists who create for art's sake, except that many have delusions of being industialists - and are in far more danger on a number of fronts, internal and external. Do not send money until a device is publicly marketed - as some are, such as Blacklight power and Bloom Boxes for instance - unless you personally know the inventor very well.

  3. We indicate that change enabling Keshe Technology to emerge, is through Terrafirma economics (www.terrafirmaeconomics.com consider documentation at this website)
    Competition is driven by Self Interest. Self interest requires that Best Practice be occluded. Clearly Mr Keshe's work is Best Practice.
    Global Markets stimulate reductionism firing instability, conflict, inequality, strife and the Black Hole at the centre of economy! These aims are contrary to Stable State required for this technology to emerge.
    The work of New Dirctions Foundation (www.newdirectionsfoundation.org/ and links within the web pages )
    indicate route of emergence for Best Practice.
    Partnership and not the theory of "Competing Interests" delives Stable State Governance & Stable State Economy. A world of sharing is required - Paradigm change is enabled by documentation and Right Law supported by Charter.
    The whole is delivered through Inclusive Capitalism as the acceptable business model where assets (financed by Bottom up Finance) are held within the Social Trust separating Finance as an insured contract from Assets held in Trust and maintained at value.

  4. An introductory 2 day session on Keshe Plasma devices has inspired 50 of us to continue with a workshop. We have seen the results of 4 people who have spent months experimenting with health benefit products, agricultural improvements and reduction in energy bills. One couple who have a large aquaponic business placed one plastic bottle with CO2 gans in it and allowed the water to flow between 10 floating beds of lettuce. Not only did the lettuce flourish in 30 deg. heat whilst the other non plasma fed lettuce wilted but they required no other 'fertiliser' for 2 months. No nobody has a generator to go 'off grid' however there are other benefits verifed to an astonished crowd. We all now want to make our own Gans and continue the experiments.


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