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Monday, 19 January 2015

How to Open the Doors of Perception At Will, Without Psychedelics

How to Open the Doors of Perception At Will, Without Psychedelics



“The door to the soul is unlocked; you do not need to please the doorkeeper, the door in front of you is yours, intended for you,  and the doorkeeper obeys when spoken to.”
-Robert Bly

What if you found out there was a key that would enable you to open and close your doors of perception at will, void of psychedelics? What if you found out you not only held the key, but you were the key? Would you unlock the doors, or keep them shut?

Well, you are the key, and whether or not you choose to enter through the doors is a choice that, although invisible, is life changing. You are the vehicle for the trip, consider this but a mere travel summary. And for a detailed itinerary?  Well, that can only be fetched by you -not the part of you reading this, but the altered dream state part of your consciousness that will travel beyond the doors of perception to the wildness of the world where there is a livingness to all things- as it can only be found in a place with exclusive access. A place where you can travel, but no one may follow -not even the conscious, waking state version of yourself scanning these very words.  

If you have experimented with psychedelics, you most likely know what it is like to sense the type of “livingness” to all things of which I speak. Even if you haven’t used psychedelics, though, you almost certainly have still experienced this same livingness to all things in the world around you to a noticeable degree at least once, but probably various times as a child -a moment where the world around you took on a shimmery glow, colours suddenly appeared brighter, sounds louder and clearer, physical sensations amplified and, most notably, you could FEEL the world around you.

I am not referring to the physical, touching type of feeling, but to the intangible, energy sense of feeling where you could almost feel the luminosity of the world around you within, and you and the luminous rested in harmony as if you were one. You were present, your perceptions altered, your senses heightened. In short,  your sensory gating channels opened to some degree, a process more commonly referred to as opening your doors of perception.  


Sensory Gating Explained: The Science Behind the Doors of Perception


The “doors of perception” are the part of our brain and central nervous system responsible for filtering input from all external stimuli, involving all of your senses -feeling (both physical and nonphysical), sight, sound, taste and smell. This process, known as “sensory gating,” enables us to decipher the difference between “me” and “not me.” Through sensory gating, we are able to manage and comprehend the constant stream of sensory data from the external environment. Without it, we would be unable to filter out what matters and what doesn’t, and all sensory data would touch us deeply and ultimately, we would become overstimulated and overwhelmed and go “crazy” -according to modern medicine, that is.

You see, many of the people who are now referred to as “schizophrenics” have wide sensory gating channels that they do not know how to close, causing an overload in stimulus.  In indigenous cultures, these people would have instead been called SHAMANS, and would have been taught how to control their doors of perception and open and close them as need be. There are ways to begin opening the doors of perception, or sensory gating channels, without using psychedelics. Of course, the experience will not be as intense or immediate, but nor will it be short lived.

Rather, by utilizing practices that help open your sensory gating channels to some degree by altering your state of consciousness, you learn to open the doors of perception into the metaphysical background of the world and continuously uncover deeper truths to yourself and the world around you. In essence, playing with the doors of perception in this manner, rather than through the use of mind altering substances, allows you to do more than have a life changing experience in which you see the deeper meanings to life for a brief period of time (i.e. a “trip”), but to change your life where every moment is an experience in a continuous journey into further, unexplored depths of life.

Listen to Aldous Huxley’s in depth description of the doors of perception, and the mechanisms through which the mind opens and closes them here


Hypnosis and Meditation


“ …those who have experimented with hypnosis find that, at a certain depth of trance, it happens not too infrequently that subjects, if they are left alone and not distracted, will become aware of an immanent serenity and goodness that is often associated with a perception of light and of spaces vast but not solitary.”
(Aldous Huxley, The Devils of Loudon 99).

Practicing hypnotherapy and/or meditation on a regular basis is an excellent way to begin dabbling into the metaphysical backgrounds of yourself and of the world by tapping into your subconscious, into otherwise ignored parts of your mind. These practices help open doors in the mind where things such as past traumas that are holding you back have remained imprisoned for years, desperately waiting for you to free them and thus yourself. Meditation and hypnotherapy are also great tools for getting in touch with your intuition, helping you to see the bigger picture of current problems, allowing you to focus on the deeper truths and lessons they withhold rather than getting trapped in the mundane surface details of your problems. In fact, when observed in this light, they eventually cease to be problems and are instead rendered avenues of inner exploration and growth. Here are some guided hypnosis and meditation sessions that may be of benefit.

The Sixth Sensory Channel: The Feeling Capacity


The 6th sensory channel, also known as the feeling capacity, refers to the ability of humans to feel, as opposed to touch. It refers to the invisible type of feeling, as opposed to the feeling sense of physical touch embodying the ingredients of the five senses of human beings. One is invisible and subjective, the other solely portrays the mostly objective experience of physical touching, of feeling the texture of a person or object. The feeling sense referring to the ability to feel the invisibles describes the feelings that stir within as we encounter various experiences in our day to day life, sometimes called a sixth sense, or the sixth sensory channel. To better understand the sixth sensory channel, consider the following example: you come home from work and ask your partner what’s wrong.

Nothing,” they brashly reply.

But, by the tone of their voice, you know nothing means everything, and that you better respond with something along the lines of, “please tell me what’s wrong,” unless you want to endure a silent dinner -one that also evokes a feeling sense, as the silence speaks volumes and is filled with tension, making you uneasy-  and sleep on the couch that night. Simply put, awakening to the feeling sense that is not often spoken of as it is not included in the five senses that we are taught we have, cultivates your feeling capacity, your ability to feel the invisible, unspoken and unseen meanings of situations, and of things both yourself and others do and say.

In order to develop your feeling capacity, pay attention to the way things feel. Interpret situations with your heart first, then your thoughts. For a deeper understanding of the sixth sensory channel and how you can begin  to reclaim your feeling sense, consider listening to this in this interview with Stephen Buhner.


‘Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of Earth,’ by Stephen Harrod Buhner
‘The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell,” by Aldous Huxley

How to Detox Your Mind:
Simple Technique That Can Be Used Anytime, Anywhere

detox your mind

Detoxing the mind is a very important process. It helps to rid the mind, as well as the body of potentially deadly poisons that can bring on bad health and other negative consequences. The awesomeness of meditation is known to quiet down the “monkey mind” and can reduce depression, make mental functioning better, assist stressfulness and anxiety and help your brain to age smartly. This helps to lessen any toxins, which are patterns of random thoughts, or bad emotions that can strongly afflict chemistry.

Getting Comfortable and Breathing

Find a good chair and sit up with your back straight. Make sure that your feet are flat on the floor. They should be up underneath your knees in position. Place the palms of your hands on your thighs and then relax your arms totally. You should then look straight ahead and you don’t have to focus. Take in and notice everything that is in the room where you are. Take one deep breath and permit yourself to feel your feet.

Allow yourself to feel everything from the temperature of the room to your feet touching the floor, from the interior of your shoes to beyond. Don’t think about your feet. Just focus on feeling and sensing them only. Look Over Your Body with Great Attention Take a few breaths and then move your attention to your calves. Sense their presence with a few breaths. Then move on to other body parts.

Some of the other body parts that you should focus on and sense are your thighs, your bottom against the chair, your abdomen and lower back, your chest area and upper back, shoulders, arms and hands, then next on to your face and head. You should let awareness cover your whole body at the very same time. The whole idea is to scan all of your body with all of your attention. You should also stop to do a few breaths with each part of the body that you do focus on specifically.

This practice is perfectly ideal to help you strengthen your ability to hold not just your attention, but also, to be able to hold that same attention overall.

Be Thankful To Your Body for Sharing Your Monkey Mind Thoughts

The minute that you decide to sit down and get focused you will find that you may begin to start remembering things and have an urge to act them out. This can threaten to take away attention from your body. If this does start to happen to you, what you can do to combat is easy, and that is to silently tell yourself thanks for wanting to share. Then you should go ahead and divert your attention back to your body.

If you somehow get frustrated, your attention gets away from you, and you feel like you want to quit. Just remain sitting still and stay silent. This discomfort you feel isn’t from the exercise – it comes from your baseline state and your underlying illness. This is something you aren’t aware of at first, when you are away from your body, but the reality of it comes back when you start to feel your body again. When you become aware of the underlying state, you are able to fight back and dissolve to get back the energy that you had lost.

Where Do These Thoughts Come From?

If you ever find yourself getting consumed by your monkey mind, the very best thing to do is to separate your attention away from your thoughts. Try to re-focus on the present and ask yourself the following question: Who is the one deciding to think these thoughts? If you had the choice, would you be making these thoughts for yourself? If the answer is no, you should then say thanks for sharing and focus on something in the present.

If you decide to focus your attention on your feet, this doesn’t mean to think about your feet. It means to feel them and sense them. Attention should be anchored into your present moment as much as possible.

Use This Technique Anytime and Anywhere, All the Time

This technique is something that can be used right in the middle of any stressful type of situation. This type of stressful situation can be all about a business meeting or a job interview. When we tend to get nervous, the unconscious thoughts are being judgmental, measuring, expecting, and interpreting. This unconscious process completely zaps our energy and builds up anxiety. Conclusion: Even if you only take five minutes a day to practice meditation, it will significantly benefit both your body and your brain. You are psyching yourself up for good things, and these good things will ultimately improve your health. Having good health is everything. Remember that it is all about coming back to the present moment and being able to experience life to the fullest and happiest that is possible.


Kelly Everson (@kellyeverson12) is an American author and MA in English literature. She is a health article writer who has written numerous articles/online journals on stretch marks, pregnancy, sleep disorders, female health and joint pain problems. She is also passionate about health, beauty and fitness. She is contributing to Consumer Health Digest from 2011. Examiner from 2013, Epochtimes & Healthline from 2014

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