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Thursday 4 July 2013



Our perception of time is an illusion. Time can be visualised as a stream flowing at right angles between space and matter, potential and substance; the fourth dimension in 3-space.

We are primates living on a rotating ball which revolves around the Sun; hence we believe there is a yesterday, today and tomorrow. The slow stroboscope of 'day' and 'night' helps us to believe there is a past, present and future.

If we were living outside this gravity well (planet Earth) in the field of sunlight which surrounds it, our perception of time would be very different

Emit Time

Time is part of a fluid crystal through which we swim. 'Spacetime' is the medium through which we manifest life; yet (in English at least) we have stapled two words together to describe it. This indicates we have no current understanding of what it is. 

We must know a thing to name it. To understand 'timespace' we must consider time as a fourth dimension.

As we've known for a century, time is relative to motion. It is also relative to mass.

As we rise out of the gravity well of a planetary mass, subjective time moves at a different rate. The further from the mass of Mater Earth, the less dense the timespace field is. It helps to visualise spacetime as a latticework constructed of energy in the form of tetrahedrons - 'ionised gas' (a tetrahedron is a regular four-sided solid pyramid - the most basic internally symmetrical solid - other than a sphere). See Illustration 5 (below).

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The interlacing of this lattice with other potentials is relatively complex around aggregates of material substance - 'atoms' - and it becomes more simple as it approaches a vacuum state. Within masses like planets (high level energy densities) the lattices are highly interlaced and complex; formed of 'virtual' particles winking in and out of timespaces, they are transformed into higher geometric forms - regular 'Platonic' symmetrical crystalline shapes formed by the rotation of tetrahedra through 'hyperspace' (potential). Of course, no actual lattice exists - it is really intersecting waveforms or fields.

Matter is continually accreting into our continuum out of 'higher dimensions'; as the quantum field (hyperspace, or the aggregate of possible universes - timespaces) interlaces in potential timestreams. 'Soft electrons' and other particles eternally appear and disappear with each moment. Particles are squeezed through on nodal or connecting points on the lattice, to manifest in our timespace continuum - our fluid crystal lattice hologram, comprised of numerous intersecting reference fields. 
They are artifacts of three intersecting in-phase fields - three dimensions - arising from 'hyperspace'.

DETAIL - Constructing Reality


These accretion points are much more tightly interwoven
in masses of 'matter' than in (relative) space, so mass attracts more mass and the accretion rate of particles is higher within matter than in space because of the increased level of overlap of adjacent hyperspace fields (timestreams) - and the product of the interlacing of each adjacent quantum of energy/mass in the globe of the Earth. This has major implications for the evolution of stellar and planetary masses (see Global Expansion Tectonics)! 

A tetrahedron constrains four primary vectors - like spacetime's 4D structure; In 'space' (potential) the lattice is simple; these virtual tetrahedrons are less interlaced with local structures. Beyond the charged 'solar bubble' - the solar field in which the planets exist - in 'vacuum' (zero-point potential), 'objective' time attenuates markedly, relative to Earth. 

All around us and here on the surface of the Earth a timestream flows at right angles between substance and potential - 4-space entering 3-space at all points. Its relative 'rate of passage' is faster the closer one approaches the centre of a gravitic field. Objects only appear to accelerate as they enter the relatively more dense field that make up a gravity well. From the perspective of Time they experience no subjective change as they 'fall' - they feel no accelerating force. They are entering a progressively denser time field, which is why they appear to accelerate under 'gravitic attraction' or 'force' to an 'outside' observer subject to another field density - ie an observer on the planet's surface.

There is no gravitic field - only a progressively denser and more complexly arranged TimeSpace - three-space - mass - in time (Gravitic attraction results from the spiralling curvature encountered by interacting 'particles' as they approach each other - a vortexial effect. 'Local gravity' can be affected by em field modulation - see
Pawlicki). From a falling object's perspective no accelerative force is apparent - there is no 'force' pushing or pulling it. See Magic Net and Infinity  . 

An object experiences no 
subjective acceleration as it enters a gravity well. Its subjective time remains the same although its velocity appears to be increasing. 

It is entering a progressively denser timespace. 
Time behaves differently near a singularity.

Time flows relative to mass, acceleration, relative motion and direction of spin. Time moves at differing rates depending on the energy density through which it flows. - 
See Deyo

The modulation of rotating tuned fields in a precise geometric layout can alter timespace flow.

Time is a fourth-dimensional wedge driven through 3-space from the quantum field. 

Gravity is a dimension, not a force (see 
Infinity & Beyond). Gravity, being an intrusion from a 'higher' or 'deeper' dimensional matrix, provides communication between all parts of our continuum at a much higher velocity than lightspeed. The velocity of gravity is the square of local lightspeed...

By R. Ayana 11/11/00

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