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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Crop Circles Made by Military Satellites

Crop Circles Made by Military Satellites


I (the author of the web-site "www.pastpresentfuture.info"), have been visiting some crop circles in the UK, and I took some samples of
vegetation and dead insects with me.

At home, with my microscope I have been carefully observing the tissues
of the plants and of the insects. In order to find out how their state
could be reproduced, I put some healthy plants and insects in a
modified microwave oven combined with a laser burner (yes, I am truly
sorry for this rude experiment) and I examined the tissues under the

Comparing the tissues, that I took from the crop circles in the UK with
that I took from my microwave oven, bought me to an interesting
conclusion : they look highly similar.

In other words, the cropcircles have been produced by microwave laser
technology. This technology is used by the military.

Microwave laser games

As you know, with lasers it is possible to cut
(fashion, dentist, etc.), bend and melt (industrial), and so forth, at great precision and from large distance. Microwave laser technology, or better, maser
technology, is used at a military satellite in order to "shoot" maser
beams at precisely computed locations on our planet.

This kind of satellite is aimed to destoy anyhting at any time at any
location under any atmospheric circumstances. Such satellite is not
publicly known, i.e. kept secret, of course, and is responsible for
several "unresolved" airplane crashes.

Yes my dear visitor, maser satellites are flying right over you and you
are not safe. It is all in the game of cover-up, misusing the belief of
mankind that extra-terrestials are having an artistic party overnight.
Well, not so, as the militaries are playing around with masers, using
computers to design nice patterns and to guide the maser beams.

In the early 1970's I started playing with mainfame computers to
produce nice mathematical patterns. And sure I was not the only one. It
is a common hobbyism. Nothing to do with galactic federations and Alien
prophecies or symbols of universal wisdom.

Now, back to my microscopic investigation : in both cases (from the UK
by artistic militaries and from my microwave & laser burner) the
tissues of the plants showed tiny particles of near-crystallized dust
that were melted / bonded with the tissue. Both the plants and the
insects were literally cooked. This effect can only be reached by

Aiming a computer guided maser at high altitude towards a crop field,
in about 15 seconds a large complex pattern can be projected and
"cooked in", using rotating maserbeams (it would be quite unfortunate
if you would be moving under the beam at such moment)

Weapon used as toy 


This is how crop circles are made, with a computer guided maser
satellite, by bored artistic militaries. Period.

Oh, and the light flashes ? Well, simple, because of the
electromagnetic field that is caused by the maser, the energy release
is perceived as a flash of light. Sure they leave traces of energy in
the plants, commonly incorrectly interpreted as spiritual energies of
some sort. I have been into this research myself when I was studying
all that stuff for my graduation.

By the way, if indeed Aliens have been around for thousands of years,
how come that only since a few years cropcircles have been reported ?
Since a few years, however, we do have star wars satellites - made by
us - orbiting planet Earth. Once again, crop circles are NOT made by
Aliens or UFOs, but simply by a maser satellite, programmed by a bunch
of geeks. Keep it simple.

Mr. Jorge "George" Anthony Paniagua
615-A  Jefferson Street
Stayton, Oregon  97383-1929

via Sherry Shriner @ http://www.sherryshriner.com/crop-circles.htm

What Do Satellite Weapons & Crop Circles Have in Common?


I am always amazed any time I hear about Crop Circles on the Internet, TV, or even the Newspaper. What I believe is the obvious cause of the mystery is never discussed. Why? Is this intentional?

As everyone knows, Crop Circles are geometric designs that appear in farmers’ wheat fields, often overnight. Initially restricted to the English countryside, Crop Circles are now found around the world. A couple of British gentleman admitted to hoaxing Crop Circles in the late 70s, using a foot board and a few feet of rope, but the complexity is increasing. The general questions are: Why? How? And by whom?

I have seen many proposed answers including:

  • Supernatural or Spiritual, including ghosts
  • The Mowing Devil (Myth)
  • Aliens (Attempting to communicate)
  • Man-made (Ground-based)
  • Man-made (Air-based)
  • Man-made (Space-based)

As a contributor to GravitySailor, I am committed to reason and common sense. So I see an obvious but often overlooked  answer. First, Crop Circles must be made from somewhere above the field; whether it be a tall ladder or scaffolding, helicopter, balloon, blimp, or airplane. Or, if you think as a GravitySailor, why not from space? Because of the complexities and geometric precision of the current designs, I believe a single answer is reasonable—they are man-made and projected from a satellite. A satellite provides the perfect platform with the required downward view, stability, and precision while remaining out of sight.

Maybe we are implicating a space weapon or  low power laser device—but most likely a maser (molecular amplification by stimulated emission radiation). A maser uses Microwaves together with an added slice of the electromagnetic spectrum, but a directed microwave beam is enough for conceptualization. electromagnetic radiation travels at the speed of light, and the satellite would be somewhere in Low Earth Orbit (300-1200 miles), so it would take a few minutes to generate the most complex design.

How did I arrive at this conclusion?  Simple, by applying reason to eliminate the other options. First, the supernatural, spiritual or so-called extra-dimensional plane,  has no place in fact-based science. The “Mowing Devil” may be similarly discarded, although this myth may have provided the original impetus to create crop circles. Perhaps Aliens draw crop circles, but if they posses the technology to travel light years to visit us, I doubt their communications limit them to drawing cryptic geometric designs in the grass. As for the ground-based man-made option, groups have attempted this, but it takes too long and is too difficult to create a super complex design overnight, especially with the current precision. Witnesses would see any air-based approach, unless the hoaxers possessed a Klingoncloaking device” that makes them invisible.  This analysis leaves only one reasonable answer, a spaced based device—a satellite!

Now imagine you were a member of the scientific or military team designing and testing a satellite-based maser projection platform.  First, it would be fun to run tests and calibrate your maser by drawing complex geometric shapes in wheat fields.  Second, the designs could easily be created on any laptop, and you would likely see a picture of your creation in the Press the next day. These engineers enjoy creating a mystery while hiding behind the old crop circle myth, and this approach provides a great tool for measuring the effectiveness, precision, and accuracy of the maser. Someone recently drew a pixelated face of an Alien, which I interpret as a clear jab at the conspiracy theorists. The engineers are simply having a little fun at the public’s expense, while content to hide behind a myth.  This is the most rational explanation. 

From Gravity Sailor @ http://gravitysailor.com/science-technology/crop-circles-satellites/

Crop Circles


Translation by George Hoskins

[Crop circles] have been observed mainly in the south of England (Hampshire, Wiltshire…) since the 60s, and more recently all over the world. To the present day their number has been estimated to at least 5,000 [LP98].

In the beginning it was a question of ears of wheat found flattened down to ground level in the form of a circle. Since then the phenomenon has become considerably complex and diversified. Nowadays the patterns found in fields are large up to some hundreds of metres in size, and complex geometric shapes (see an example fig. 5-a) completed in a very short time such as less than half a minute [PDCA89 p. 156 and LP98]. Many hypotheses have been examined, including that of extraterrestrials because UFOs have often been observed in the vicinity [PDCA89 p. 17, 35, 38, 63, 68, 84, 89 and 98], sometimes casting a luminous ray towards the ground [p. 115].

Fig. 5-a: Beckampton (Wiltshire) 8th August 1998
Flattened down wheat is in white.
Tractor tracks due to crop spraying can be seen.
Drawing diameter is ~50 metres.

It is likely that these geometric designs are due to the firing of an aerial military microwave cannon, piloted by computer. The arguments supporting this view are as follows:

Why Microwaves:

Research by Dr Levengood (of BLT Research Team), an American biophysicist, corroborated by the analyses of Ken Larsen, a British biologist, has shown that the way in which the stalks (wheat, rapeseed…) are flattened without being broken or damaged [p. 25…] is typical of a UHF microwave effect. Thus one can see stalks of rapeseed curving at 90 degrees, the flowers of which are still intact, although those same rapeseed stalks break easily when one attempts to bend them over by hand [p. 151]. The new position taken up by the plant becomes fixed. It continues to grow horizontally [p. 3 and 158] and breaks if one tries to return it to the upright position [p. 140].


Phenomena of electromagnetic origin have been observed at the locations: irregular compass behaviour [p. 172], disturbance of electrical apparatus [p. 44, 60 and 172-173], disturbance of radio frequencies, luminous flashes [p. 34, 52, 65 and 95], cracking sounds [p. 52, 63, 66 and 172-173], animals obviously unwell [p. 65 and 81], dowsing effects [p. 177-178], etc. Numerous positive effects (spontaneous cures, feelings of peace…) or negative effects (temporary paralysis, mental confusion, loss of memory, terror…) have also been observed in humans [LP98]. Let us remember that certain effects could also be explained by a reaction of fertilisers or pesticides subjected to microwave radiation, a reaction which could release toxic gases [LP98, who mentions organic phosphates]. The appearances of luminous flashes and the cracking sounds are not inevitably objective phenomena and they could be only feelings induced in the brain of the witness by an electromagnetic field. Albert Budden gives an example of such magnetophosphenes: "If the brain of the subject is exposed to an [alternating] magnetic field whose frequency varies from 10 to 100 Hz and whose power varies from 200 to 1,000 G, the subject will see flashes of light [...] in the top left corner of his visual field." [AB98 p. 59-60, citing research by L. Ruttan, M. Persinger and S. Koren].


The investigator Busty Taylor showed that samples of plants or ground taken in a crop circle could be attracted by a simple magnet [AB98 p. 50-51]. That could be explained by the fact that the ferromagnetic particles present in the dust of the atmosphere were bound with the site of the circle, after or during its creation. Some of these particles have been scrutinised under microscope. They seemed to have melted when touching the soil or the plants to create a fine cracked glaze.


A bird was found within one particular formation and its body appeared literally to have exploded, as if it had been cooked alive in a microwave oven. In other formations some dried out hedgehogs were discovered [LP98]. Also wheat grains are dehydrated and crunchy. They are less conductive according to work by Dr Levengood.


Microwave laser technology appeared during the 50s and has been improving in keeping with the increasing complexity of the crop circles. Is it a mere coincidence?


More than 50% of the circles observed in England have appeared during cloudy or rainy weather: the cloud cover would allow the origin of the microwave firing to be hidden. Microwaves are able to pass through clouds and act through falling rain, and they are perhaps less damaging to plants when it is raining.


Certain patterns suggest the use of a rotating beam with variable diameter according to the circles in question [PDCA89 p. 156], which might correspond to either the natural or deliberate dispersion of a maser beam, fired from a high altitude. The diameter is estimated to be less than 30 centimetres at a distance of 20 kilometres.

Why by Computer

The geometric designs observed today are typical of those one can see on computers: 3D designs, fractal designs… Certain patterns are, mathematically speaking, pretty complex (fig. 5-b).



Fig. 5-b: a few of the pictograms observed in England

The designs are drawn very rapidly, by day and by night, sometimes in front of witnesses who report seeing the ears of wheat flattening out in front of them in a few dozens of seconds. Three accounts of this type have been recorded up to the present day, coming from known and trustworthy witnesses [LP98]. Numerous other accounts have come from unfortunately less trustworthy persons.

Why an Aerial Shooting:

There are no traces of access to the sites even when the field is not lined by tractor tracks because the crop is not sprayed, or when the ground is muddy [PDCA89 p. 68, 107, 113 and 155]. We must remember that a field of mature rapeseed cannot be crossed on foot because the plants (as high as 1,50 metres) are tightly interwoven.

There are sometimes broken or burned tree branches directly above the circles [p. 174 and 184].
Why by the Military:

HPM (High Power Microwave) technology is used by the military today for destroying enemy electronic equipment.

President Reagan’s "Star Wars" (SDI) proposed the setting up of various antimissile laser devices. Let us mention only the GBL (Ground-Based Laser), a ground cannon aimed at a reflecting satellite which sends the light beam to a combat satellite mirror, and the SBL (Space-Based Laser) which aims directly at the target. Even if the global project has been abandoned, some of its devices may have been completed on a small scale. The firing can also be carried out from a plane (airborne laser) or a dirigible balloon positioned at a height of 20 kilometres and stabilised for example by ionic propulsion engines. As the reader will appreciate, the necessary technical means appear to be accessible only to the military.

In 1991, a design appeared in front of the country residence of the British Prime Minister John Major, pointing towards the house. Obviously this dwelling was under strict surveillance because of a fear of IRA terrorist acts. What other organisation apart from the secret services would be behind such a design? Numerous crop circles have also been observed in fenced military areas under surveillance.

The military wish to maintain the belief in extraterrestrials and are carrying out psychological warfare tests. They have the means for decoying the observers with fake saucers so that the circles will be attributed to extraterrestrials.

The military secret services are not held back by the risk of killing. Unfortunately the "circles" have already produced one victim: on the 22nd October 1987, as his jet was passing above a crop circle, the pilot ejected and then detached himself from his parachute before hitting the ground [cf PDCA89 p. 104]. Some aerial photographers report that the designs have a noticeable influence on them and on the aircraft controls when it is flying above them.

The British military is co-operating extensively with the American military and may have agreed to the use of "its" land.
The authentic formations have, of course, lead to numerous imitations which were at first rare and clumsy but nowadays are more common and sometimes impressive if the hoaxers have worked as a team for long hours. Competitions have been organised but no hoax has been able to withstand close scrutiny.

In order to distinguish an authentic pattern from a hoax, investigators concentrate mainly on the bending of the plant's stalk at its base, the plant having always to remain unbroken, something which imitators find impossible to achieve as they tread down their design in all directions during its making. Freddy Silva sometimes uses infrared photography on which one must see appear traces of disturbances in the spread of water within the soil if the design has really been created by heat-inducing rays. Debbie Benstead and other researchers often clearly identify a metallic taste in their mouths when they walk within an authentic formation [LP98] which could be due to a residual electromagnetic field interfering with tooth filling inside their mouth.

In 1991, according to research by George Wingfield, the CIA and the British Ministry of Defence secretly persuaded two retired gentlemen, David Chorley and Douglas Bower, to declare that they were the authors of the crop circles that had been observed to date, without providing evidence to support their statement. When this explanation became clearly insufficient, some agricultural students then made their appearance claiming they were making the circles. Now that it is almost admitted that microwaves are involved, are we to see appear in the media a group of scientist hoaxers who make designs in the fields from their telecommunications satellite?

From Ovnis-Armee @ http://www.ovnis-armee.org/5_crop_circles.htm

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  1. I think you are right but it is still pretty amazing. I wonder if these people get in trouble for using expensive equipment to have fun. They are so human and so beautiful. The patterns are so derivative of human designs. They look as if they were drawn in autocad or some other similar computer program.
    The same with the UFO's they are amazing high end technology probably made by humans who have access to secret tech. Also I wonder if the history of this sort of thing means that a secrete society has had access to very advanced tech for several centuries but has kept it quiet.
    The fact that it is humans doing all of this seems just as amazing as someone not human. It is incredible that we can make these nice designs etc and come up with all these creative stories.


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