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Friday, 31 August 2012

The Old World Order

The Old World Order


We resist two groups - the Old World Order and the group that stands behind them. For the time being, we shall say nothing more about the organisation that hides behind the curtain. The Old World Order are dupes, but they are unaware of it. Their game is the oldest one of all - power. How to get it and how to maintain it. These are the key points about the OWO:

1) The OWO is a global network of dynastic families.

2) Their mission is to maintain the power and wealth of their dynasties in perpetuity.

3) Others are admitted to the charmed circle only if they can assist the interests of the OWO.

4) The OWO do not care about the welfare of ordinary citizens. Ordinary people simply do not show up on their radar as long as they go about their humdrum lives in the expected way.

5) The OWO have no plans to build concentration camps, or slave encampments or anything else. Such measures would consume vast resources, create unnecessary trouble and serve no useful function. The OWO can sedate the people by use of TV, Hollywood, computer games, porn, music, alcohol, recreational drugs, sport etc. All of these diversions ensure that the people will never rise up. While mindless mass entertainment exists, the OWO need no concentration camps to control the people.

6) The Bush family is the quintessence of the OWO. Father and son belonged to Yale's Skull and Bones secret society and both became presidents. Another son is a former Governor of Florida and a potential future president. How can one family in a so-called democracy have achieved this degree of power?

7) The Bush family illustrates the workings of the OWO perfectly: very rich, very powerful, very connected, and likely to bestride the American political scene for generations.

8) The OWO do not obsessively control every aspect of life. What they do is take active steps to massively increase the likelihood that they and theirs will have vastly better chances in life than anyone else. George Bush, with his limited abilities, would have achieved nothing significant in life were his name not Bush. Yet because that is his name, he is an American president. The OWO always put family above talent. This is practically enshrined as an American principle, and enjoys huge popular support, yet its inevitable consequence is that it creates unmeritocratic family dynasties that endure for millennia - you can be certain the Bush family will be such a dynasty.

9) Most people are familiar with America's great dynastic families: they are associated with oil, banking, entertainment, media, military, the intelligence services and politics.

10) The OWO are international. American dynastic patriarchs have much more in common with Russian oligarchs than they do with ordinary Americans.

11) The Old World Order's models are the Roman Empire at the time of Augustus Caesar, and the English monarchy at the time of Henry VIII.

12) The OWO are advocates of dynastic rule. Look at America: George Bush, father and son - both American presidents; the Kennedys - could have been in power for decades had they not broken the rules of the OWO and paid the price; the Clintons - husband was president and wife still could be. Daughter might be in the future. Dynastic presidencies have become de rigueur in modern America. How did this come about? By accident or design?

13) The Roman Emperors advocated "Panem et circenses" - bread and circuses. As long as citizens have fast food and cheap entertainment to pacify them, they will not cause serious trouble. Revolutions occur when the ordinary people are starving and have nothing to distract them from their suffering. Can a revolution be launched in the absence of these factors?

14) The Romans had a patrician class (the wealthy and powerful) and a plebeian class (the ordinary people). Isn't it the same in America? The super rich, the Ivy League brigade, spoiled heiresses, the political, media, military, business, banking and legal elites. They are the American patrician class. Everyone else is a plebeian.

15) Roman gladiators were worshipped by the plebeians. What do the Americans have? - super-celebrities from Hollywood, TV, rock 'n' roll and sport, worshipped by legions of American plebeians.

16) In Ancient Rome, artists and intellectuals were a joke. They were usually Greek slaves. Look at artists and intellectuals in America. They are not at the forefront of the national consciousness. The OWO despise intelligence amongst plebeians and do their utmost to ensure that plebeians are poorly educated. They advocate and encourage 'dumbing down'.

17) The Roman Empire was founded on slavery. So was America. The ordinary American people are still slaves. The only difference is that the oppression they suffer is not overt.

18) Look at the British Royal family. The Queen refers to the British people as her 'subjects'. She can't be removed as head of state. Her crown, her status, her wealth and power will be transmitted to her son. No one else is eligible. Merit in Britain is effectively illegal since the head of state is never at any stage subjected to any meritocratic criterion. Britain remains one of the most class divided societies in the world.


19) Look at British politicians. Tony Blair, from a highly privileged background, was a recent prime minister, and now his children are being groomed to follow in his footsteps. The leader of the British Conservative Party is one of the richest men in the nation. He is an old Etonian and was a member of the super elite Bullingdon Club at Oxford University. His closest colleagues all come from similarly privileged backgrounds. The Mayor of London and the shadow Chancellor both attended the Bullingdon Club with Cameron.

20) As of October 2008, America has had forty-three presidents and two of them have been the father and son team of the Bush's. What are the odds?

21) Three of the forty-three presidents have been members of the tiny, elite secret society Skull and Bones. What are the odds? John Kerry, the Democratic candidate in 2004, was a member of Skull and Bones. In other words, no matter if you voted Democrat or Republican in 2004, you would still get a Skull and Bones man in the White House. And you think you have a choice? Choice is an illusion in so-called democracies. Democracy is an instrument used to control the people and make them vote for their OWO oppressors. You are much less likely to oppose someone for whom you have voted. You have bought into their mind control system. What good is a vote if you can only vote for the two people they decide to put in front of you? In order for them to be permanently in charge, they simply need to ensure that they control the process by which the presidential candidates are chosen. Then, when you vote, you are invariably voting for one of their people, not one of yours.

22) No doubt there are more Bush's, more Kennedys, more Skull and Bones members being lined up for future high political office.

23) If you're not one of the patricians, you're a nobody. People could choose to stand up and do something about it but they don't because they have been stupefied by the rhetoric and propaganda of the patrician class, they have got their bread and circuses that keep them endlessly distracted, they have their gladiator heroes to worship, their army of imperial conquest to support, their conspiracy theorists to mock, and their 'freedom and democracy' to trumpet.

24) The symbolic head of the Old World Order is the Queen of England. When she parades through the streets, legions of people wave flags and cheer. They are ecstatic about being her subjects - her acknowledged inferiors in every way. That shows you the power of the tyrants. Now imagine a hereditary monarchy with executive power. That's what the Old World Order seek. They dream of dynastic marriages. Imagine a future where the Prince of America marries the Princess of China. That's what's coming if the Old World Order achieves its full ambition.


The Old World Order is all about establishing a permanent patrician class. It looks to the mediaeval concept of the monarch appointed by 'divine right' and able to pass the crown down the family line forever.

The Old World Order has in fact already achieved about 90% of its agenda. Ordinary people don't get a look in when it comes to genuine power and the best jobs. They're not in the game. They're plebeians. What's worse, they deserve to be. They have it within our power to overthrow the patricians at any time. Instead they let them rule. There are no excuses.

The movie The Matrix is an excellent metaphor for the workings of the OWO. The controllers of the Matrix are the OWO. Most people are oblivious to the truth. Only a handful care, and only they see 'reality'. Mr Smith and his fellow super agents are the OWO's enforcers who will deal with anyone showing any signs of resistance. But they don't need to intervene too much because hardly anyone causes any trouble. Even some who have tasted the truth (like 'Cypher') decide that they would prefer to go back to the world of enslavement (made delightful by the power of fantasy - the taste of 'real' steak).

Are you happy to be a compliant citizen of the Matrix, or are you prepared to join the resistance? Wake up. Stop voting for the OWO. Stop supporting them. Stop making their lives easy. Stop bowing down to them simply because they are wealthy. Their wealth was gained through manipulation, not merit. If you are a slave to money then you are a pawn of the OWO. They control wealth and hence they control all those who buy into the wealth system. 

Dick Fuld, former chief executive officer of the failed Lehman Brothers investment bank, made $500 million dollars while he was at the helm. A half a billion dollars for the man who presided over one of history's greatest financial catastrophes! The bank no longer exists. Fuld is not in jail, is not being prosecuted, is not being pursued by state agencies to surrender his earnings that are now seen to be the profits of breathtaking speculation and incompetence that destroyed the bank.

Many people have paid the price of the collapse of Lehman Brothers. One person who did not was the man most responsible. That is the way the Old World Order operates. Everyone suffers except them. Isn't it time to wake up and smell the coffee? There are still enough truth seekers in the world to make a difference. The flame of resistance has not yet been extinguished. And never forget - behind the Old World Order stands something much worse. But that is the subject of The Soul Camera.


Barack Hussein Obama is a lightweight, Facebook politician who has done little in his life other than study and regurgitate the speeches of Martin Luther King. Is he a stooge of the Old World Order?


No you can't 

Obama has benefited from being the multi-cultural candidate par excellence: half black, half white, half Christian, half Muslim, half professor, half celebrity, half intellectual, half man of the people, half activist, half preacher, half establishment figure, half civil rights campaigner. He is a man for all seasons, a rainbow canvas upon which the masses can project any image they like. He will be a disastrous president. Nothing significant will change under him. The people who were wealthy and powerful at the start of his term of office will be wealthy and powerful at the end of it. Those who were impoverished and powerless at the start will be exactly the same at the end.

People wonder how the Old World Order could allow such a person to become President. If they are so powerful, why didn't they stop him? The Old World Order are expert players. They know when to rein back. The degree of unpopularity of George W Bush was becoming a serious problem, and beginning to undermine the foundations of democracy. Since the Old World Order rely on democracy as their political vehicle for manipulating the sedated masses, they saw the need to do a democracy makeover. New ingredients had to be injected to reinvigorate it. Who better to turn to than an unchallenging, charismatic black man? He poses no threat to the Old World Order's agenda, yet he gives hope of change to hundreds of millions. At a stroke, the Old World Order have saved their necks. What they fear most is revolution: the sort of Illuminati-inspired uprisings that overturned the decadent French monarchy in 1789 and the arrogant Russian imperial family in 1917. Democracy provides the stable political base from which they can extend their power. If democracy is threatened, so is the Old World Order.

Obama is style over substance, soundbites over meaningful change. He talks the talk but won't walk the walk. In fact, his hands are tied. Rhetoric is the last resort of the man of no action. Obama provides the illusion of hope, but does not deliver. But who cares? Democracy has been rescued for the next few years.

The problem for the Old World Order is where they go next. Once Obama fails, people's disillusionment will be much higher than before. Once the first black president is seen to be as ineffectual as the Masonic white presidents, what then? Even the most gullible supporter of democracy will wise up. And once the Old World Order's political base is lost, everything is up for grabs.

The sorry tale of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina reveals the real America. The world was horrified when it saw the conditions in which many Americans live. As many commentators observed, this was more like a third world country than the planet's hyper power.

The media poodle controlled by the Old World Order do not usually show the astonishing poverty endured by so many Americans, their lack of the most rudimentary health care, their long hours working for a pittance. No, the media choose to focus on cretinous distractions such as celebrity culture. Endless items on Britney Spears and Paris Hilton; nothing on the third world underbelly of the USA. The media tell "feel-good" stories, tales of heroism, tales of success, tales of the American Dream coming to life. They never tell the truth about America: an Old World Order tyranny where tens of millions live in dire conditions with no hope of ever escaping.

Nothing will change under President Obama. He made his way to the top of the pile because he knew how to play the game i.e. he knew how to secure the support of the Old World Order. He will do nothing to deliver poor Americans from their eternal bondage. And then what?

Members of the anti-NWO movement have described Obama as the Antichrist prophesied in the Book of Revelation. Yet this was the man who fluffed his lines when swearing his oath of office, and delivered an uninspiring inaugural address Is this what Antichrists are made of these days?



Here is some material from a website called "Illuminati News". Ironically, we find ourselves in agreement with much of what is said here. The reason we are drawing attention to it is that we wish to highlight the central fallacy that, in the end, makes sites such as these counterproductive.

Read the article and then our response.

POSTSCRIPT: The webmaster of Illuminati News has been in touch with us in the name of his search for the truth no matter where it leads him. We applaud him for taking this step and we recommend the new page on his site: http://www.illuminati-news.com/00392.html All those who are interested in the truth should reflect on this article. The Illuminati are not the enemy. You have been deceived by the Old World Order if you believe that the Illuminati are on the side of tyranny.

What is wrong with this world? Why all those civil wars, why all this chaos and disaster? Why can't people just live together in peace? When conflicts arise, why is it so hard for the United Nations and other parties to stop the killing, despite peace negotiators and ambassadors?

Is it that man is basically evil? Is it just human behavior? Lots of questions. When we look around, it may seem like man is basically evil, but that is not true. There is good and evil within us all; it needs to be there for our basic survival. However, the society will eventually reflect the minds of their leaders, and if the leaders are implementing evil, the society will be evil as well, and people affected by a malevolent government will start acting like them. However, WE are the ones who appoint and accept our leaders, so ultimately the responsibility is yours and mine.

All this chaos, genocide, ethnic cleansing and the overall disasters have a genuine purpose. It is all very carefully planned by a few men behind the scenes, high up in the society, above any power structure that the ordinary citizen knows about. It is a planned take-over to create a One World Government with those people on top, making the rest of us into their slaves in a Super Socialist State!

Does this sound incredible and unbelievable? If this is totally new to you, I can truly understand that it sounds that way; especially if you as a habit have been relying on mainstream media for your information. However, if you want to know the real truth, I recommend you to continue reading from this web site, and I am sure this body of information will blow your mind. On a gradient scale, you will start getting the full picture. You will become very aware of what is happening in the world and why.

Take one or a few pages at the time, because it is much to read, but it is vital for all of our survival to be aware of what this website will reveal. And if you are not familiar with the subject at all, I strongly advise you to start with the link called The Secret Order of the Illuminati.

Are you voting for the Democrats or the Republicans? Does it really matter which? Is the difference that big?

I will show you that the outcome, no matter whom you vote for, is already thoroughly outlined and predicted; not by the politicians themselves, but by the real powers, the "Shadow Government", invisible to the general public. The political decisions they make are not in our best interest, but in theirs only. The tax money you are paying to your government so they can work on accomplishing our common goals actually go towards accomplishing their goals, which are very different from ours. What they are planning, and have planned for a long time, is a New World Order and a One World Government with them as the Rulers. Those powerful people are deeply into the occult and black magic, which I also will show on this website. The rituals are practiced within secret societies, such as the Freemasons and the Illuminati (nowadays they call themselves "The Moriah", "Moriah Conquering Wind", or simply "The Brotherhood").

So who are those people I am talking about? They are basically 13 super wealthy families and their off-shots, most of them International Bankers and royalties. Their bloodlines go back in time - way back to old Babylon and further. They are the same families, but under different names, that have influenced history almost since the beginning of time. It is mind-boggling, but hopefully this website will prove my point without any doubts.

This website has four main categories:

· Illuminati News (A thorough research on WHO and WHAT is controlling this world from the shadows,  and what their plans are).
· UFOs and Aliens (Are UFOs and Aliens real, and if so, what are they?)
· Rock 'n 'Roll and Mind Control (Mind control within the music/art and entertainment industries, and how that affects us on a daily basis).
· Spirituality and Spiritual Solutions (Who are we and where are we heading? What are our spiritual potentials?)

My advice is to start with category one and go on from there. There is much to study and much to learn. Still, this website only scratches the surface of what there is to know.

The site is updated on a regular basis. Updates can be found here.

Good luck,

Wes Penre, Webmaster and Researcher

"They must find it difficult...
Those who have taken authority as the truth,
rather than truth as the authority."

-Gerald Massey, Egyptologist

The Response of the Illuminati

Consider these two quotations from the article:

"It is a planned take-over to create a One World Government with those people on top, making the rest of us into their slaves in a Super Socialist State!"

"So who are those people I am talking about? They are basically 13 super wealthy families and their off-shots, most of them International Bankers and royalties."

We, the Illuminati, are entirely opposed to royalty, to super-rich dynastic families and to international bankers. For millennia, we have actively sought their overthrow. We still seek it, more than ever. A one world, meritocratic government is a way in which the power of these tyrants could be shattered forever. Are there any monarchs, or super-rich people in the futuristic, meritocratic, One World Government envisaged by Star Trek?

The real agenda of the Illuminati News, and of most anti-Illuminati campaigners, is revealed in the phrase, "their slaves in a Super Socialist State."

You have to ask yourselves this simple question: since when have socialists been fellow travellers with monarchs, dynastic families and international bankers? Socialism and communism are the polar opposites of right wing capitalism and royalty. The global power elite of the Old World Order despise socialism and communism. Capitalism - the grossly unequal division of money and resources - is the bedrock of their power. But they have learned that when they overreach themselves, they court disaster - as shown by the French and Russian Revolutions. So, they used their intelligence and power and created the "middle class" - their buffer between the working man and their own power elite. The workers aspire to be middle class and the middle class aspire to join the power elite.

Capitalism requires zombified consumers in shopping malls, sedated by junk entertainment, in the thrall of celebrities. The idea that the arch capitalists of the global power elite would kill consumers and build concentration camps for the survivors is mad. Would Microsoft prosper by killing computer users? It's an insane thesis. The power elite want you to consume, not to think, not to rebel against your zombie state that they have created for you. Wake up!!!!!

We, the Illuminati, are not socialists, communists or anarchists - we are meritocrats who believe in the reasonable, but not excessive, rewarding of talent, hard work and good ideas - but, historically, we have often assisted left wing movements in order to aid our attack on the Old World Order (most famously in the cases of the French and Russian Revolutions.) Would a group of monarchs, dynastic families and international bankers ever have any desire to create a "Super Socialist State" when such a state is the precise reverse of everything they stand for? This is nonsense and garbage on a spectacular scale.

The people who say these things are merely compiling a list of their pet hates and shoehorning them all together, no matter how absurdly. They hate socialists, monarchists, Jews, government and laws. They are extreme right wing anarcho-capitalists who believe that the free market and the private sector can solve every problem. The recent financial meltdown of the world economy is a direct product of their way of thinking - unregulated free markets, minimal state interference, the super greedy being allowed to set the rules and shape the economy.

These anti New World Order anarcho-capitalists are, in fact, close allies of the Old World Order. Their interests are frequently aligned. They share many of the same core beliefs. They are as much an obstacle to a better world as the Old World Order themselves. We desperately need a New World Order to save us from these lunatics. The credit crunch is an illustration of how dangerous they are. Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, is the standard bearer of the anti New World Order militant brigades. He is their martyr. Is he any better than the mad Muslims of 9/11?

Here is the anti New World Order agenda:

1)    Destroy Government

2)    Destroy Socialism/Communism

3)    Arm everyone with an assault rifle

4)    Let the free market and the private sector set laws

5)    Worship the materialism inherent in anarcho-capitalism

6)    Maintain a nationalistic, xenophobic attitude towards others

7)    They admire the "Wild West" and see themselves as heroic pioneers, speedy gunslingers and hard working, godfearing people with small businesses that benefit the community. They believe they are the fastest guns in the West and that no one has any right to curb their lynch mob mentality and their delusion that they are in personal contact with "God". They are essentially an American phenomenon and they simultaneously love and hate their own country. They are Luddites and backwoods people who hate modernity, technology and philosophy. Most of them have never set foot outside their state, and many come from Southern, racist Confederate States. They are the people who would become marginalized and irrelevant in a meritocratic future. That's why they fear the future so much and why they cling to the coat tails of their masters in the Old World Order.

Everyone who holds such beliefs is the sworn enemy of the Illuminati and the meritocratic and just New World Order that good and intelligent people have sought for millennia. Our enemies on the far right are overtly or covertly allied with the Old World Order of monarchs, bankers, business bosses, dynastic families, and share their passion for unrestrained capitalism. Far from being the solution to the world's ills, the anti New World Order movement is a central part of the problem.

Isn't it time to follow the righteous path of the Illuminati and start preparing for a glorious New World Order where the dynasties that have ruled for millennia are at last swept aside once and for all? 

The Smokescreen

Confusion surrounds conspiracy theory terminology, especially regarding the Illuminati, the New World Order (NWO), and the Old World Order (OWO).  Who benefits from such confusion? The powers-that-be, those who wish to prevent the various resistance groups coalescing into a single powerful force that will at last challenge the elites that run the world.

One person who is trying to resolve the confusion is Wes Penre, Webmaster and Researcher at "Illuminati News". 

Wes's site, though it contains many articles that, on the face of it, would seem to fuel the confusion, is probably in a good position to bring much-needed clarity. Nevertheless, he has a huge task ahead of him and it will take time. Also, people who think that they have it all worked out may find that they have to confront a whole new reality.

Below we have quoted a communication from Wes that we fully endorse. We hope that through the efforts of people like Wes we can gradually create an alliance of all the forces that oppose the ruling order and bring about real change. The time to overthrow the Old World Order is coming. It can be by a velvet revolution. It can be by a spiritual transformation. But it must be done.

Communication from Wes Penre ("Illuminati News")

I believe that the current situation is two-fold if we simplify it:

1) Our first step is to have researchers distinguish between the Old World Order and the New World Order and Illuminati vs. the Powers That Be. As long as researchers in general are confused about these terms, everybody else will be too. I was visiting the Armageddon website this morning, and I certainly understand the frustration from the real Illuminati when people like Albert Pike and other notorious OWO people are accused of being members of their secret society, but we have to understand that it's all a misconception. Most serious researchers (who are not OWO plants) are attacking the same people as the Illuminati is. We are all on the same side, but due to that we have fallen into the trap and unintentionally reversed the terms, it looks like we are attacking the real Illuminati, but we're not. When we have said that Pike (I use him as an example) was an Illuminati member, we simply mean member of the OWO.

I'm sure you see what I'm getting at here. As you know, I recently wrote the article which explains the difference between the OWO and the New World Order, and if everybody embrace the truth in that, we have a good start on something new. A huge confusion would be resolved and the masses would more easily understand what's going on, and who is an enemy and who is a friend.

2) The OWO is constantly refining their technology so they more easily can control the masses, and they are good at it. We are very close to the point where it will be almost impossible to reverse their Agenda. I totally agree with what the Illuminati say on their website regarding having the people in power reveal their associations with groups, religion, secret societies etc., but it's a hard thing to accomplish (and they admit to that). The OWO would never give us that information voluntarily, and with the masses dumbed down and mind controlled like they are, I wonder if this is even possible to accomplish in reality. Maybe I'm just pessimistic when comes to this. However, I like the idea and certainly want to promote it and work towards it to see what we can do. Then, the follow-up question would be: if we accomplish this goal and the connections are revealed, would the masses be willing to do something or would they just shrug their shoulders and say, 'oh well, that's too bad. It's a corrupt society, but what can I say?" 

I have pulled my hair out so many times when I've seen and heard people support President Bush despite the results from his actions and the obvious stupidity he is showing in public. It's almost like the masses can identify with his stupidity, so therefore they like him. That part is pretty discouraging.

So what's the solution? Well, I still think that 1) and 2) above should be emphasized and worked on. Education is fundamental! Then, when people realize what's going on, they have to make a choice. Do they want to do something about the situation or continue being slaves? The answer seems obvious, of course, but both you and I know it's not. Many people prefer being slaves than lifting their butts from the couch and do something. If so, that's their choice.

I believe groups like the Illuminati are extremely important, because they counter-act the OWO energy-wise and intellectually. But we both know that the Illuminati have existed for millennia, just like the OWO, and the OWO is still in power. So, when is this going to change? I realize that no group alone can change the world, but is it possible to win the race when the OWO are the ones with all the resources and the masses are asleep?

That's why I think the ultimate solution is spiritual. If everything is energy and energy vibrates with different speed, that's the basic for different densities and spiritual experiences. I can't lay out my whole concept in an email, but it's all on my website. I am not a "New Ager" or suggest this solution to 'escape from reality'. It's just like 'all roads lead to Rome', you know. That's how it's been for me with the spiritual concept.


Why is the idea of a one-world government so terrifying to so many people?

Heaven on Earth?

Most people in the world believe in a creator God, and most believe in a heaven - a paradise where God resides with those of his creations who have attained salvation.

There is no suggestion that heaven is anything other than a one-world order with a single benevolent and infallible leader. So, aren't those believers who oppose a one-world order somewhat perverse? In a religious context, they fully support a one-world order under God, so why not a man-made one-world order? The best human world, many would say, is the one that best approximates heaven, and whose rulers best approximate the role of God, the supreme, benign ruler. Is such a world possible? Can human beings raise themselves towards the divine?

Would the members of the anti New World Order movement oppose God in heaven? They appear to reject all forms of the brotherhood of man. They want to have separate countries, with different languages and different religions, with barriers and boundaries everywhere. They love building walls between themselves and others. Is it any wonder we live in such a divided, hostile, suspicious world when so many people are dedicated to alienating themselves from others? The members of the anti New World Order movement are insular, petty, small-minded, with no grand vision of humanity. They have no vision at all other than arming themselves with assault rifles and shooting anyone who comes round to collect taxes from them. Can these people possibly be regarded as fine human beings? It is no wonder they hate the Iluminati so much.


The Old World Order

It is often claimed that neocons, Freemasons, various powerful secret societies etc are conspiring to create a New World Order - a one-world oppressive government, supposedly. In fact the groups mentioned constitute the Old World Order and their agenda is to keep extending their existing political and economic model that has served them so well for so long. There is absolutely nothing new about it. "Globalisation" is their key word. That is their code for complete OWO control of the world. When British Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks of "the birth pangs of a new global order," he is referring to the political and economic domination of the whole world by the OWO.

"New World Order" is a misnomer unless used in the context defined by the Illuminati. A New World Order means a new political, economic and religious configuration of the world. It does not mean an existing model simply extended further. A New World Order is precisely that - something never seen before. It is the gateway to a greater and nobler humanity.

The Old World Order's plan is not mysterious or strange. It is the simplest one imaginable, and it is tacitly supported by many people who claim to oppose the Old World Order. It is this: how do I ensure that my family is more successful than other families? As soon as you let that thought enter your head you are damned. It is the gospel of the Old World Order, their morality, their path to "salvation". 

The issue could not be simpler. If you have the ability to place your family above more talented families, what will you do? Will you make the most of that advantage, or will you refrain? Will you sacrifice the interests of your family to those of more talented strangers, or will you do everything in your power to give your family an advantage over those strangers? Do not call yourself a meritocrat if you want the untalented members of your family to prosper more than the talented members of other families.

The remarkably untalented Bush family dominates American political life because it is the ultimate manifestation of the desire of the American family to glorify itself no matter that it lacks any trace of merit. But are not all families like that? That is what the Old World Order relies on. It succeeds because it is the ordinary family writ large. All typical families would do the same in their position. They would use their wealth and power to rig the system in favour of the members of their family. They do not care about the objective merits of their family, or of other families.

If you are a genuine meritocrat, you would support the most meritorious person over a close member of your own family. How many would actually do that in practice?

There can be a fair world only if there is a willingness to acknowledge the superior merit of others. That is the great challenge to humanity. It is also the only way for any family to get true justice. If you do not believe in merit then you will be ruled by rich and privileged families such as the Bush family. They have used their advantages to the maximum, and your children have paid the price. And you do not deserve any better.

The Anti-OWO Law

Is it possible to use legislation to begin the assault on the high fortresses of the Old World Order? A single "disclosure" Act would allow the people to see who is really running society.  

The Annual Disclosure List

If the political will existed, it would be easy to detect whether nations such as America and Britain are being systematically manipulated in favour of certain privileged groups. Every year, a list of the 10,000 highest paid individuals in each nation should be published for public scrutiny. Each person on the list should be compelled to reveal a) which school/college/university they attended b)which religion they belong to c) if they belong to any secret societies and, if so, which ones d) any private clubs or organisations they belong to e) if they are related to, or are friends with, anyone else on the list, and, finally, how much tax they paid. 

Of course, those who are conspiring against the people will not wish to participate in this exercise: lack of full disclosure is the best friend of those who wish to rig economic and political systems in their favour. But the top earners in our society have disproportionate influence, so should not their financial affairs and social connections be made visible to those over whom they wield their influence? The current financial crisis reminds us, if we had forgotten, that our economy is the plaything of investment bankers, CEOs and media moguls. None of these people are elected by the people, none of them are subject to the approval of the people. Isn't it absurd that presidents and prime ministers are subjected to intense public scrutiny, yet the elite who have a decisive say over the direction of the nation aren't publicly vetted at all?

The governments of many nations are now having to throw the people's hard earned tax dollars at major institutions in a desperate attempt to remedy the catastrophic errors of wealthy and powerful bankers and CEOs. So, since the people are now massively indebted thanks to the disastrous misjudgements of a few thousand privileged individuals, shouldn't the people be allowed to enquire into the backgrounds and financial details of those who have led them into recession and perhaps Depression? Shouldn't this now be an ongoing requirement so that we are never again duped by the privileged elite?  

If a President has his life pored over by the public, why shouldn't the masters of the universe of Wall Street? Why are they allowed to wield power over the economy without being accountable to the people? We know why - because it's in their interests to avoid the searching eye of public scrutiny. They carry out their deals in secret. They decide what they should be paid in secret. The last thing they want is for the people to be involved in their clandestine affairs.

Imagine it were demonstrated, as many suspect, that the top 10,000 pay virtually no tax thanks to their offshore accounts and tax avoidance schemes. Imagine it were demonstrated, as many suspect, that America is run by Ivy League graduates, and Britain by Oxbridge graduates. Was it intended by the Founding Fathers that America should be ruled by the privileged Ivy League gang? Why should certain institutions be permitted to possess disproportionate power? Are your chances in life wrecked if you do not go to an elite school? What kind of system produces such an outcome? 

The first weapon to be deployed against the Old World Order should be the one that ensures that they are brought out into the open and everyone can see what they are up to. The essence of their power lies in the strength of the secretive networks they have established to exclude the mass of people, and to allow them to reach mutually rewarding decisions that are never in the interests of the people. Once they can no longer conceal themselves, their power will wane.

Naturally, even if such an Act were introduced, the OWO would refuse to cooperate. But why would any government committed to ruling in the name of the people not wish to implement such a disclosure Act? The people merely wish to know the identities, connections and backgrounds of those who are running their society. Don't they have an absolute right, in a democracy, to that information? Shouldn't it be a matter of course for governments to reveal to the people who are the most financially influential people in the nation? Everyone knows the simple equation around which the world revolves: money = power. Not to fully disclose the wealth of the top 10,000 individuals is to announce that power should be concealed from the people. How could any member of the electorate tolerate such a system? We must have full visibility of those who take the decisions that shape the lives of so many of us. It is natural justice.

Greed and Arrogance

The arrogance of the OWO has reached such spectacular levels that it actually goes beyond breathtaking. Many of the OWO work in finance, naturally. From where better to control the world? They are the people who caused the credit crunch that has wrecked so many lives. Millions have been thrown onto the scrap heap because of their greed. They themselves, of course, have not been impoverished. They still have their huge mansions, usually several in the finest locations. They still have their gold and their diamonds. They still have their yachts. Some of their funds have lost money. So what? They will soon recover all that they have lost. Only the ordinary people, those who have been wiped out, will be unable to recoup all their losses. The OWO are never afraid of recessions or depressions. These are a means of eliminating the opposition. They are buying opportunities. At the end of each downturn, the OWO invariably emerge richer, stronger and more powerful. Why do we let them get away with it?


The Arrogance of the OWO

Consider the following cases:

John Thain, former Goldman Sachs executive, former head of Merrill Lynch. Despite the current financial climate, he thought he should redecorate his office at shareholders' expense. Total cost: $1.2 million. What did he spend the money on? Here are some of the items:

1)    A "commode on legs" costing $35,000.
2)    Regency chairs costing $24,000.
3)    A "parchment waste can" costing $1,400.
4)    A Persian rug costing $85,000.
5)    Services of celebrity designer Michael Smith costing $800,000.

Thain, an extremely wealthy man, did not pay for any of this. As always, others must cough up to satisfy the egotism of the masters of the universe of the OWO.

Thain reputedly wanted a bonus of $35 million as Merrill Lynch were preparing to announce a record-busting $15.3 billion loss and thousands of job cuts. Is it possible to imagine the arrogance of someone requesting any kind of bonus given such catastrophic performance?

Thain ran the New York Stock Exchange between 2003 and 2007. His task when he took over at Merrill Lynch was to repair the disastrous balance sheet. One of his first acts was to arrange his extravagant office makeover. This was an extremely highly regarded man, an alumnus of MIT and Harvard Business School, known as "Mr Fix-it". Is this the type of person that gets to the top of the tree in America? Is this what counts as talent and integrity? Is this what "fixing it" means? If so, is it any surprise that we are in such dire straits?

Thain, in the hours before Merrill Lynch was taken over by the Bank of America, made sure that bonus payments were rushed forward to ensure that highly paid employees in the failing investment bank got their cash before the takeover took place. Had the bonus payments taken place at the normal time, they would have been slashed to zero. Thain had no respect for the Bank of America, no respect for the government, no respect for the public. This is the OWO in microcosm - always making sure they take care of themselves; always showing complete contempt for everyone else.

People like Thain have ceased to inhabit the real world. They exist solely in the world of the OWO where they can get away with anything and no one ever tries to stop them.

Now consider Dennis Kozlowski, head of Tyco International. He had Tyco pay $30 million for his New York City apartment, including $6,000 shower curtains. He stole $150 million in unauthorised bonuses. He committed fraud against Tyco to the extent of $400 million. Kozlowski admitted that his pay package was "confusing" and "almost embarrassingly big", but he strenuously denied that he had committed any crimes. Unusually, he was prosecuted and jailed. No doubt he had alienated his friends in the OWO and they abandoned him to his fate. The OWO dislike being embarrassed. When someone goes too far and gets caught, the OWO will not save them. There is no honour amongst thieves.

Todd Thomson, former head of wealth management at Citigroup, had a stunning view of Central Park from his 50th-floor Manhattan office. His boardroom had marble flooring, polished wood cabinets, a tropical fish-tank, Persian rugs, and an enormous wood-burning fireplace. It was so extravagant that it was nicknamed "Todd Mahal." Scarcely anyone other than Thomson had access to it. Thomson had a corporate jet at his disposal. Returning from a Chinese business trip, he ejected other Citigroup executives from the jet so that he could be alone with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo. This glamorous reporter was nicknamed the Money Honey.

Sir Fred Goodwin, knighted by the British Queen, former chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland, issued a writ against a newspaper when it published the following details:

1)    Goodwin had wanted to build a private road from his HQ to the nearby airport so that he wouldn't have to travel on a busy road with ordinary commuters.
2)    He ordered a "scallop" kitchen to be built near his office.

Goodwin did not succeed with his writ. He was nicknamed "Fred the Shred" because of the number of employees he made redundant. He was responsible for the catastrophic purchase of ABN Amro Bank. At the start of 2009, the share price of RBS had fallen more than 98% from its peak. The bank is now owned 70% by the British government, and may be fully nationalised. Goodwin reluctantly resigned.

Goodwin, commonly regarded as exceptionally arrogant, was described as "The World's Worst Banker". A major newspaper referred to him as a modern day villain who made millions then left the taxpayer to sort out the mess. He has never apologised. He was highly regarded by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and gave advice to the British Government's regarding economic policy. Britain is now facing an unprecedented financial crisis.

Jimmy Cayne, former chairman of Bear Stearns, liked to play golf on Fridays. He often used a helicopter to reach the golf course. When Bear Stearns was going into financial meltdown, Cayne was on the golf course.

Insurance company AIG, receiving massive financial assistance from the U.S. taxpayer, sent 70 executives to the luxury St Regis Resort in California. Their tab for 7 days came to $440,000.

As for Dick Fuld of Lehman Brothers, he was probably the worst of the lot. Four days before the bank went bankrupt, Fuld was trying to arrange $20 million in "special payments" for three senior executives who were about to leave the company. Fuld, the man who destroyed a venerable banking institution, was reputed to have received some $500 million in pay and bonuses while at the helm (not to mention hundreds of millions of dollars in stock options). Fuld sold his $14m dollar mansion in Florida to his wife for $100 to hide his assets from litigants seeking compensation for his spectacular ineptitude. (There's no chance of convicting this crook.) Fuld still has a huge property empire and a modern art collection.

In the UK, four members of the unelected House of Lords were caught out in a sting operation by a newspaper. It appears that they take cash from lobbyists and, in exchange, they seek to amend legislation so that it will favour the interests of the lobbyists. One of the Lords says that he get £100,000 each time he assists companies in this way. He says it's "cheap for what I do for them." He told the undercover journalist, "You've got to whet my appetite to get me on board." We all know what that means.

Britain, a nation that pretends to have little or no political corruption, is one of the most corrupt, Masonic nations on earth. Corruption is endemic and actually forms part of the system. It is so built into the fabric of Britain that it is almost invisible.

America has also been hit by innumerable scandals involving lobbyists, politicians and corruption. It is par for the course in countries ruled by the OWO.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich saw no reason why he shouldn't try to sell Barack Obama's vacant U.S. Senate seat. In a phone call secretly recorded by the FBI, he said, "I've got this thing and it's fucking golden, and, uh, uh, I'm just not giving it up for fuckin' nothing. I'm not gonna do it."

The pigs think they can feed in the trough forever.

The greed and arrogance of these people is without restraint. They believe they are a law unto themselves, that they can get away with anything. Frequently, they do. Only now and again is an example made of one or two of them. These people, and a few thousand others just like them, are the Old World Order who shape the direction of the world and who control governments and economies. They do not act in your interests, only in their own.

What are we going to do about it? Will we sit here forever and take no action? Will we keep electing presidents and prime ministers who are in their pocket and who do nothing to curb their excesses? Will we keep paying the price for their avarice and ineptitude? Are we the greatest suckers the world has ever seen?      

From Armageddon Conspiracy @ http://www.armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/The-Old-World-Order%281025563%29.htm

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