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Friday, 24 August 2012

Latest Pictures From Curiosity Rover: Mars is NOT Red!

Latest Pictures From Curiosity Rover: Mars is NOT Red!

NASA recently uploaded a collection of color photographs (after they have received criticism for the first black and white pictures released to the public), allegedly sent by the Mars Rover Curiosity, where we can clearly see that the Martian soil is very alike ours, and not red at all -- just as many amateur astronomers pointed out in the past years.

Here is an interesting 2008 video, showing an Earth-like, blue, atmosphere -- evidence of oxygen being present on Mars:

What do you think of the pictures showing a storm-like fog at the horizon?

Here are some un-photoshopped pictures of Mars from the previous missions (take a look at the sky before and after the pictures are returned to their original color!):

The photoshopped pictures show the same mist over the horizon, but once they have been un-photoshopped the sky turned blue, clear and beautiful -- just like ours!

Mars, the red planet...actually NOT!

Welcome to Mars! The red planet...actually NOT!

The Martian deserts are golden-brown, just like ours here on Earth, they have blue atmosphere witch clearly indicates oxygen is present. The climate is similar to ours, they have 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32* Celsius) in the shade, and they also have oceans, seas and rivers. Also, vegetation is present. There is no physical evidence of life on Mars (obviously not, they are still showing us pictures with the "red" planet), but I can tell you one thing: when scientists search for life on other planets, they search for water. And Mars has plenty of it and much more to offer.

These pictures are all taken with amateur telescopes. Unfortunately, the Hubble telescope isn't yet used for the betterment of humanity. Click the links bellow for more videos:

In the picture above we can clearly see clouds above the deserts, which denotes the presence of atmosphere. Of course, liquid water is so visible that there is no need to point it out.

CM 25, the fourth picture shows the entire Western and Southern areas covered in liquid water. Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture with Mars revealing that side completely…

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