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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Power of Thought to Influence the Sun

The Power of Thought to Influence the Sun
Turning Point for Humanity?


By Buryl Payne, PhD

The Academy for Peace Research

A four year study has just been completed by the Academy for Peace Research to test whether or not humans can alter solar and geomagnetic activity by meditating, visualizing, or praying.

Preliminary analysis of the data indicates that this is possible. If so, the implications are awesome!

Why influence the Sun? Research by Professor Raymond Wheeler (deceased) at the University of Kansas uncovered the fact that international battles wax and wane at nearly regular intervals of about 11 years. Wheeler’s data extended back 2,500 years and was extensively analyzed by Edward Dewey, who founded the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, now located at the University of California, Irvine. Buryl Payne, a physicist/psychologist who directs the Academy for Peace Research, was able to correlate the onset of international battles with solar activity for the past 200 years. Prior to that, sunspot data is not available, but presumably humans have been responding to this influence indefinitely into the past.

Crimes, riots, accidents, psychotic episodes, many types of illness, and just plain grouchiness have all been found to increase at times of solar activity and/or geomagnetic disturbances. This is not a theory; diverse studies by many researchers in different countries over many years have supported the same general conclusion.

The link appears to be: Solar flare -> solar winds (sprays of electrons and protons) -> disturbances to Earth’s magnetic field -> hormone changes -> mood changes.

Men may be more affected than women, since warring behavior appears to be a male activity and Buryl hypothesizes (no experimental evidence as yet) that testosterone production in males increases at times of certain types of Magnetic disturbances. Increased production of testosterone in males under 40 is known to produce irritability and aggressiveness. Buryl calls this MMS or Male Macho Syndrome and suggests that warring behavior be considered a new type of social disease.

When people learned of this research they proposed that peace meditations could have a beneficial and calming effect on solar activity. Edgar Cayce had said this would be possible many years ago. The hypothesis was formalized in the design of an experiment called: THE GLOBAL MEDITATION PROJECT. People were invited to meditate at six dates each year (the Solstices, Equinoxes, etc.). A 3-1/2 year study culminated in June 1988 with the alignment of six planets close to the Galactic Center.
Normally such an alignment would have been expected to trigger a large increase in solar activity, and an increase in international battles. Although there was an increase in solar activity there was actually a dip one day after the peace meditations. (There were few world upsets and a number of positive international steps taken towards peace in June 1988, a wonderful turning point may have occurred.) Such dips were also observed during the first two years of the experiment, the only times that the data has been analyzed so far. On the average the effects of several million people meditating appears to have resulted in a decrease in solar activity of up to 30% for a period of 7 to 10 days following the meditations.

This remarkable result will help unify science and religion and perhaps provide humankind with a new way to maintain peaceful conditions.

How people can possibly influence the magnetic field of Earth or the Sun is a big scientific mystery. However, one possible link might be related to a biological energy field which Buryl discovered how to detect and measure. This energy field, which has been discovered and rediscovered in the past, is not magnetic, but it varies with variations in Earth’s field. It could be considered a type of spin force and if it were magnetic it would be more than one million times as large as the body’s intrinsic magnetic field and about 100 times as large as the Earth’s magnetic field strength. When people calm down, this field also quiets. Perhaps when enough people meditate they quiet down Earth’s field by some unknown resonance mechanism. The Earth in turn, could be in resonance with the Sun and hence a quiet Earth could result in a quieter Sun.

The implications of the possibility that humans can influence the Sun are tremendous and suggest a number of other international peace projects that could be developed in the new few years.

The Journal of Borderland Science1989

How Peace Activists Can Be More Effective

Peace activities are all too often reactive rather than proactive. Only after an international battle or war has occurred, attempts are made to ameliorate situations by constructing treaties, agreements, or curtailment of nuclear weapons, cluster bombs, poison gas, biological weapons, etc.  This is political symptom treatment. Historical analysis shows this approach is only partially successful.  When wars start up again, peace treaties go out the window!

Effective peace treatments for warring behavior may be aided by more modern understanding of the nature of war.

 Wars come and go in cycles

Warring behavior can be considered as a kind of mass psychosis. It is insane behavior. Individuals who behave that way are locked up and treated by psychiatrists.  

The most important finding of scientists, based on observations, not theories, is that wars come and go in cycles.  These cycles were discovered by the late Professor Raymond Wheeler, a psychologist and historian at the University of Kansas. He found that as part of his larger historical analysis, international battles happen in approximately 11 year cycles and have done so for 2,500 years. Later on, his work was statistically validated by Edward Dewey, Director of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles. Dewey considered the analysis of war cycles as the most important work of his life.  A portion of Wheeler’s data on war cycles is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Some of Wheelers Data on International Battles.  The 11 1/5-year cycle in International Battles, 1760-1947.

Dewey and Wheeler suspected that warring behavior was connected with sunspot cycles, but their work took place before space probes were created. It has been discovered that solar wind, or streams of particles emitted from the Sun, affect the Earth’s magnetic field.  This field is most active a year or two before or after the sunspot peak; never right on the sunspot peak, and it influences all biological life on Earth.

Figure 2. - A Typical Smoothed Sunspot Peak.

The battles start mostly during the ascent, or descent, of sunspot activity, when geomagnetic activity is highest. The small arrow at the bottom of Figure 2. indicates our position on the graph of time vs. sunspot activity, as of Fall 2009.  The sunspot activity is still zero.  Once wars start, the length of them depends on other factors.  Only the start of battles or wars is triggered by solar activity.  Many other human ailments or behaviors are also highly correlated with solar activity cycles via the geomagnetic field activity, such as heart trouble, flu, accidents, and psychotic behavior.  There is a large body of literature on these effects. Sunspot and other kinds of solar activity is in turn related to, and predicted by, the positions of the planets.

When Earth is close to Mercury, Venus, and Mars at the same time and the Moon lines up with one of them, this is a common likely time for international battles to start. Warring Behavior usually occurs twice every eleven year solar cycle as illustrated in Figure 3.

Laboratory studies have shown that geomagnetic activity affects human brain rhythms and endocrine balance in some individuals. There is a change of context for the explanation of human warring behavior from that of individual responsibility (and irresponsibility) to that of a kind of mass psychosis triggered by processes off the planet. This is not a theory, it is observations.  Of course, other factors are involved such as greed, territoriality, religious doctrines, and race differences, all primitive, short sighted, animalistic factors no longer relevant for 21st century Earth. However, the cycles of war take precedence over those factors. Most importantly, outbreaks of wars are predictable.  The primitive, tribal factors do not usually support making predictions.   

This approach provides peace activists with important information. Peace actions can be more clearly directed to be preventative methods, rather than a reaction.

 The Power of Thought

Scientists found proof that the power of thought can affect physical events and the behavior of others. While some people with classical scientific education rigidly hold on to older mechanical views of how the Universe works, others, forging ahead, accept, and are demonstrating in and out of the laboratory, that thought power is a real force. During 1983 to 1988, the Academy for Peace Research and an organization, called Peace the 21st, organized global peace meditations six times a year. The results clearly showed that solar activity decreased 24 hours after each meditation. Figure 3. shows some of the data.

More is on my website: Buryl.com under ‘Academy for Peace Research’ > ‘past projects’ > ‘The Power of Thought’ (http://www.buryl.com/apr_power_of_thought.htm ) and linked at the end of that is further information.  At that time the power of thought was not a common paradigm, except to a few quantum physicists and new age thinkers, so no editor was found who would print the report.

Now things have changed. This time period ( 2010 – 2020 ) is a good one for peace thought power projects, and the majority of political leaders remain unconsciously within the framework of the older scientific paradigms or have even more pre-scientific beliefs coming from the feudal middle ages and their own tribal religions. “I’m right because I’m bigger, stronger, more ruthless, command more men, etc.”, or “My god says our tribe is the best”, or “my skin color is better than yours”. With such prevailing paradigms, peace activists can work using thought power without any resistance.

Predictive knowledge of likely times of mass psychosis can suggest good times to take preventative physical and mental actions. Even though a large proportion of the people may not understand the full scientific background or principles involved, they can be involved in a simple way with positive visions.  Peace thought power (meditations or visualizations) can be simple, easy, and celebratory, designed when possible to fit in with festive times and holidays.

At the same time, plans for physical disruptions can, and must be, made, for there are too many pre psychotic or insane political leaders who control and direct uneducated or mechanically thinking people.

In longer term views, peace activists can plan ahead to educate children in modem scientific findings, taking care of mother earth as a whole And the use of thought power and stepping out of the older paradigms such as ‘might makes right’ or ‘the use of force is a last resort.’  Perhaps many armies can be slowly replaced by international peace corps.  If children can be educated everywhere, peace will probably manifest in one or two generations.

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(Payne articles available in e-book format in the book on ‘Spin’ by Buryl Payne, http://www.buryl.com/spin_book.htm)

From http://www.buryl.com/apr_power_of_thought.htm and http://www.buryl.com/apr_peace_activists.htm

Sunspots Increase Wars – Meditation Reduces Sunspots

Sun’s Activity in 2012

The Sun from NASA – January 23rd, 2012

“What is war?” –Georges Gurdjieff 1940


“It is the result of planetary influences.  Somewhere up there when two or three planets have approached too near to each other [this is now called a heliocentric conjunction], tension results. Have you noticed how, if a man [sic] passes quite close to you on a narrow pavement, you become all tense? The same tension takes place between planets. For them it lasts, perhaps, a second or two. But here, on the Earth, people begin to slaughter one another, and they go on slaughtering for, maybe, for several years.  It seems to them at the time that they hate one another; or that perhaps they have to slaughter each other for some exalted purpose; or that they must defend somebody or something and that it is a very noble thing to do; or something else of the same kind. They fail to realize to what extent they are mere pawns in the game…Then the Moon plays a big part in this. …Everything that happens on a big scale is governed from outside3.

When I first read this, I thought that Gurdjieff’s notions were merely interesting speculations.  But over the years, my observations have verified them. An astrologer and I examined times when wars had started in recent years and observed that when Mars, Venus, and Mercury were near to Earth at the same time period, more sunspot numbers were likely to form, and wars were more likely to start if the sunspot cycle was either on the ascending or descending part of the eleven year solar cycle.

 The following diagrams are from  The Dynamic Solar System software  available at  www.BurylsBooks.com

Diagram 1: March 7, 2012 - Mars conjunct Moon and Earth - Watch out for arguments

Planets in order outward from the Sun:

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

Note: The planets orbit the Sun counterclockwise in these diagrams.

Diagram 2: March 19, 2012 - Another significant time, the Moon is trine Saturn; Mercury and Earth are conjunct Sun.

Geomagnetic Storms and Consequences Explained


I have noticed from over thirty five years of observation, that when planets are relatively near the Earth, their influence is stronger. Many astrologers, mostly guided by tables, seem to have overlooked this variable.  Instead they are guided solely by whether or not the Moon is aspected to a planet, without considering where the planet is actually located. Observations with the naked eye will easily show Venus, Mars, and Saturn in the sky, plus sometimes glimpses of Mercury just after Sunset when it isn’t too close to the Sun.

Sunspots will be formed on the Sun when planets are heliocentrically aligned. Flares and other emanations associated with sunspots sometimes travel to earth and produce changes in Earth’s magnetic field called geomagnetic storms. Also, when the Moon is conjunct or trine (120 degrees) a planet, geomagnetic storms are likely. Earth’s magnetic field diverts most particles into a circular path around the Earth. Like weather patterns found on Earth, solar wind patterns can change rapidly. Luckily, our planet’s magnetosphere quickly responds to and absorbs the impact, wiggling and jiggling in the process.

Artist’s drawing of Solar flares affecting Earth’s magnetic field

While it is true that there is a big hole in our Earth’s magnetosphere at this time, and so people should be careful about skin cancer from too much Sun, but not all radiation from the Sun is harmful to people. Some solar flares produce good feelings in people, such as those related to Jupiter.

NASA scientists do not talk about the relationship between solar activity and planetary positions, and the definitely seem unaware that solar activity decreases during meditations.

Every 10-11 years, the number of sunspots found on our closest star rise from 0 to a high of over 400.

While the sunspots themselves don’t affect Earth, solar flares and other emanations result in an increased light radiation (ultraviolet and x-rays), and in an increased number of particles (electrons and protons) called the solar wind 4.

The solar wind induces massive electrical currents that can affect power systems on the ground, especially in the north.

A large storm in 1989 induced currents in the American northeast that caused a failure in the Hydro-Quebec power system that deprived 6 million people of power for over nine hours in Canada and the United States. Similar storms can set up currents that corrode the metal structure of petroleum pipelines, disrupt satellite and land-based communications, short-circuit satellite electronics, and interfere with navigational systems on ships and aircraft.

These storms affect brain waves and hormone levels, causing a number of different reactions, predominately in males. While a few women may also experience changes during these storms, they generally seem less affected by the Sun’s behavior. An increase in solar activity is found to increase accidents and illness as well as psychotic episodes in people who already suffer from unstable psychological states.

In 1963, Dr. Robert Becker and his colleague, Dr. Freedman, observed that solar changes lead to a noticeable increase in psychotic activity 2. People are urged to channel this energy creatively to do whatever is possible to prevent an outbreak of warring behavior.

Mass meditations reduce sunspot activity

 Planetary alignments increase sunspot activity, plus

solar flares, geomagnetic changes and some warring behavior

People get edgy when solar activity  rapidly changes (rises or drops) – it is not the absolute number of solar flares.

Wars never start at the peak of sunspot numbers.

Men get edgy more than women. Men react to the Sun, Women – to the Moon.

Wars Are CRAZY!

Interestingly, it is not only the sunspots and solar flares that make some people edgy; it can also be the geomagnetic fluctuations . It depends on a person’s personal astrology and their conscious reaction.  For example, on one of those days when the geomagnetic index was high ( see red or purple bars on the following graph) a local man had an argument with his wife and drove his car onto his own porch and crashed into the living room!

There can be new magnetic fluctuations without solar activity. It will happen if the moon is conjunct a planet,  and the Earth is relatively near the planet. For example, the red bars on the graph below occurred when the Moon was conjunct Saturn.

NASA scientists have not observed this.

You can obtain the current geomagnetic data here.  (http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/alerts/k-index.html)

Geomagnetic Data Index

Around 1915, a Russian scientist, Alexander Chizhevsky, was one of the first researchers who noticed that wars were related to sunspots; as a consequence of saying this, he was jailed for about five years. Fifteen years later, Professor Raymond, at the University of Kansas, extended the data back 2,500 years, which was as far as he could obtain data. Later, in the 1940’s, Edward Dewey statistically validated his data 1.

In the 1980’s, I uncovered the fact that the start of warring behavior occurred on the ascent or descent of the sunspot cycle, and that the physical mechanism to trigger this was changes to Earth’s geomagnetic field, which affected brain rhythms and hormone balance of sensitive individuals.

The start of wars is tied to cycles of sunspots. Wars never start at the peak of sunspot activity. Notice that none of the black bars on the graph below, which show the start of wars,  are at the same time as the the grey bars – the peak sunspot activity.  The bar graph below shows this clearly. The probability of chance coincidence of these findings is <.002

This figure shows a typical solar cycle. I found that the start of battles occurred mostly during the ascent, or descent, of sunspot activity every 11 years. The ascent and descent of one sunspot peak is indicated by the shaded areas in the figure below.

We appear to be right here, just below the ascent now (Winter - NHem- 2012). [7

There are also century-long cycles which affect solar activity. See Ch VI of my book Planetary Influences…

Diagram 3 - June 3, 2012 - Full Moon, partial eclipse, moon perigee, Venus transit Sun, Mars about to line up with Saturn

Diagram 4: When the largest geomagnetic storm was ever recorded, the planets Venus, Mars, and Saturn were aligned as shown in this diagram : September 1, 1859:

When the largest geomagnetic storm was ever recorded, September 1st, 1859, the planets Venus, Mars, and Saturn were aligned as shown in Diagram 4 above.

This June, the same three planets are involved. Be prepared and be positive. If such a large geomagnetic disturbance were to happen now, it would probably have a much greater impact on the power gird, communications, satellites, etc 7.

December 21, 2012


The next diagram shows the solar system for December 21, 2012 – a time when many people think big changes are going to occur.

People think the end time is coming because it’s the end of the Mayan Calendar. However, it is merely the end of one Mayan cycle and the beginning of the next cycle.

People have thought December 21, 2012, being the end of a cycle, that magical things are going to happen. If so, it’s not in the planets. It can be seen from the diagram below that Earth is fairly isolated in the solar system at that time.

Also, please note that anything coming from the Galactic Center left about 30,000 years ago, if the speed of light is and has been a constant. Or there could be some other emanation like the speed of thought, or the ‘spin force’ which may travel much faster than light.

An early Russian scientist and a U.S. investigator have both experimentally found effects which appear to travel at faster than light velocities.

Diagram 5: On December 21, 2012, the Sun is conjunct a line which was defined by the Astronomical Union in 1958 to be the Galactic Equator.

On December 21, 2012, the Sun is conjunct a line which was defined by the Astronomical Union in 1958 to be the Galactic Equator.  This line was in the approximate middle of the Milky Galaxy as it was then known. Now more sensitive detectors using infrared telescopes and x-rays have found the Galactic Center to be a super dense entity called a black hole, at a point about 5° off the previously defined Galactic Equator.

The Sun does not conjunct it exactly and never will in many thousands of years. The December 21, 2012 event is similar to every Northern Hemisphere winter solstice. The Sun, as seen from Earth, appears close to, but not exactly aligned with, the central black hole.

This has been the case every year for over two decades, and the Sun continues to be close for more than two decades after Dec. 21, although it is a slight minimum in 2012.

The "Dark Rift"

There is no grand alignment on December 21, 2012.  There is an alignment of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, which happens approximately every 4.5 years.  Earth is not in the alignment, so there won’t be immediate super-sunspot if any at all, which will fry Earth without warning.  Though there undoubtedly, will be some solar activity a few days after December 21.

Earth is not in line with the trio of planets, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. If sunspots are formed on the opposite side of the Sun, any solar flares or other solar activity will rotate around to face Earth in a few days. If no sunspots are formed on the opposite side of the Sun from this alignment, it will be eight to twelve days before sunspots rotate around to face Earth and any accompanying radiation heads our way.

On this day the Sun is nearly aligned with the “old” Galactic Center as perceived from Earth.

The plane of Earth-Sun is defined by Earth’s orbit. This plane is called the solar ecliptic. The plane of the Galaxy defined by our sun’s rotation around the galaxy is known as the Galactic ecliptic. The plane of the solar ecliptic is observed to be tilted up about 60 degrees from the galactic ecliptic.  This is shown in Diagram 6.

[Kashonia] It is of interest that Professor Mark Van Stone highlighted this same 60 degree angle in one of his (Maya Month) Mayan videos as he was describing a carving on a monument that indicated the date of December 21st, 2012.

Diagram 6. Galactic Ecliptic and Solar Ecliptic and Galactic Center (black hole).

Earth moves in such a way that the Sun appears to line up with the galactic ecliptic every winter and summer solstices. In the Northern Hemisphere summer, Earth is on the side of the Sun that is closer to the center of the galaxy.

It’s important to distinguish between the Galactic Ecliptic and the Galactic Center.  The center point of the Galactic Ecliptic is called the galactic center (older one). The Galactic Ecliptic, along with the “old” galactic center defines a plane which bisects all the stars in the Milky Way galaxy or so it was thought in 1958.

Many people writing about the Sun crossing the Galactic Center confuse words and appearances. The Galactic Center was defined by astronomers to be the center of all the stars in the galaxy. There are clouds in the way, so optical telescopes could not precisely make out where the exact center was. I say ‘was’ because it is assumed to be about 27 thousand light years away as it has moved since it was first observed.

The apparent alignment of the Sun with the apparent black hole near the apparent Galactic Center might have an influence on Earth via the Sun’s activity.

If some type of ‘radiation’ that traveled much faster than light exists, then the Sun’s alignment with the Galactic Center would appear to happen on a different day. ‘Reality’ is defined by appearance.  Appearance depends on the means of observation.  There is no such thing as objective reality, only appearances, from different points of view.

The spin force, observed by the author, may be a candidate for this as well as explaining why stars travel faster than expected on the rim of the galaxy. The spin force is not in the EMF spectrum and may travel faster than light. Later x-ray or high frequency light rays beyond the limit of the human eye, have shown the presence of a black hole called a pulsar about five degrees from the galactic ecliptic (as defined in 1958). See Diagram 6 above.

 The Human Body’s Force Field


A force around our human bodies has been observed which is not magnetic or electric.  It is a million times larger than the body’s magnetic field. It can be detected by anyone with a few household materials. The amplitude and direction of this force is related to the Sun’s activity and whether the Moon is new or full 6.

I speculate that the Sun will eventually give birth to a baby planet.  This might cause all the other planets to move out one orbit in order to make room for the new planet.  So right now the Sun is getting hotter in preparation for that event.  (And I am not smoking marijuana!)


Monthly Full Moon Meditations


Sunspot Numbers at 20 day intervals around the Full Moon Meditation days
in 2010 (left Column) and 2011 (right Column)

Sunspot Numbers at 20 day intervals around the Full Moon Meditation days in 2010 (left column) and 2011 (right column)

The above figures show results for some of the monthly full moon meditations in association with sunspot numbers. This is government data from NOAA in Boulder,Colorado. There were, however, a couple of times when the solar activity did not decrease after meditations.

Other mass meditations, not at the time of the full Moon, showed similar results with the lowest sun activity point occurring usually the day after the meditations.  These meditations took place at solstices and equinoxes for three and one half years.

Applying the awareness of the effect of sunspots on possible wars and the effect of mass meditations on reducing solar activity allows us to understand that all is connected, and we influence the Sun just as the Sun influences us.  We are in a giant feedback loop with the Sun.

Please join in meditation on the eve of the full moons, especially in March and April and the first week in June 2012.

You can meditate whenever you want, with whomever you want to , or privately on your own.  I do not know if synchronized group meditations amplify the effect.  But they could well do.

Also, you can meditate however you want, on anything or nothing – it all helps.

Edgar Cayce said group meditations would help reduce the stress on Earth during this time. I personally meditate every day by listening to “Children Of The Sun” guided meditation tape.     See http://www.spiritualmeditation.us/

Final Note Re Recent Sunspot Activity


Sunspot activity has been below 100 since January 25 (as can be tracked by anyone here http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ftpdir/indices/DSD.txt ).

Apparently there are two cycles occurring making the data confusing and unpredictable at this time. There is the 11 year cycle, which averages to 10.5 and the Gliessberg longer cycle of approximately 80 years. This has only been observed for three cycles in the past and so is not completely clearly.

Therefore, there is considerable uncertainty in the cycle length and some question of its reality. If these cycles are operating together with their uncertainty, the result is confusing.

Furthermore, as mentioned briefly above, some solar particle emissions that accompany sunspot formations are not disturbing to humans. The pattern is important. For example, if the sunspots are formed in connection with Jupiter (a yearly occurrence or more often) the influence on humans is usually beneficial.

See my book Planetary Influences on Amazon.com for more information.


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Buryl Payne has a Ph.D. in Psychology and an M.S. in Physics. His first book: Getting There Without Drugs: Theories And Techniques Or Altering Consciousness, was one of the Esalen series in the late 60’s. It combines the perennial teachings of Zen with teachings of Gurdjieff, Korzybski, and knowledge of modern physics.

Buryl worked for as Director of Training and Research, for the creativity company, Synectics, and later was a professor at Boston University.

In the 80’s, Payne discovered a heretofore unknown biological force related to magnetism. This discovery sparked his research on magnetism and human behavior. His inventions include magnetic pulsars, the Aura Meter, and the Electronic Muscle Tester, the first commercial biofeedback instrument. He also came up with the idea of the Granola bar.

Dr. Payne has written six books on biomagnetism. He is a well-known researcher and authority on magnetism who has lectured worldwide. His hobbies range from astronomy to surfing.

From http://www.envisioningconsciousness.com/summary/burylpayne-sunspots-increase-war

And see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/biofield

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