"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Saturday, 30 June 2012

(The) Way Out

(The) Way Out
The Wheel is Greater than Some of its Parts

Let’s imagine we’re a not so distant observer, viewing the blue-green jewel of the Earth over the last century – watching the gaily canopied merry-go-round of Gaia spinning and wobbling from the wings of the solar stage. What would we witness from the perspective of someone who can see the Big Picture?

Obviously, we’d be amazed by the spreading, glowing weave of beautiful illumination as the darkness of night was gradually dispelled across the faces of continents. We’d watch a bright network of energy, spreading tendrils from node to plexus of some strange, glowing organism’s rapidly growing nervous system.

We’d see that almost every piece of living green touched by this unearthly light rapidly died out, all the land around it swiftly burned into desiccated desert. And we’d note that this fey light was the spoor of a spreading mass of insect-like hives that grew like the tall nests of termites.

Most obviously, we’d note the rapidly changing colours and textures of the planet, and probably realise that something that lived in those nodal nests had destroyed most terrestrial and aquatic life forms in an amazingly short time. Ancient, irreplaceable forests and ecosystems that took millennia to grow, gone in the blink of an All Seeing Eye.

We’d watch what the insectile denizens who inhabit the sterilising nests are trained to call ‘the march of progress’, rapidly reducing the fertile Earth to sand, rock and mounds of bleached bones. We’d see the rivers dry up and the oceans turn toxic. It would all turn pretty ugly with amazing speed.

After an eyeblink century or three of industrialisation we’d be very glad we weren’t down there, on the surface, where the air, soil and water had all gone bad. We might even be tempted to carefully poke a finger down into the biosphere – not to stir things around, but with cautious precision - to see if we could stem the source and course of biosphere destruction.

How can one explain to the self-enslaved ignoramuses that comprise the majority of Earth’s domesticated primates that their entire view of the world is false? That almost everything they’ve been taught to believe and hold dear is a lie – a handy fantasy made up by hideous control freaks masquerading as venerated teachers? That everyone they’ve been trained to look up to are self-deluding, visor-blinded, death-armoured knights of imaginary kingdoms and notional nations, who claim the right to maim, kill and steal in service to some nonexistent ‘higher power’?

That prayer and blind faith are obviously stupid ideas - no substitute for self examination, clear visualisation and the knowledge that arises from careful observation?

How can one tell the domesticated primates that scarcity, social inequity and their entire so-called economy are all deliberately manufactured and cultivated by unfair killer apes whom they support with their blood, sweat, tears, faith and approval? That abundance is easily achieved if they only stop working with  the planet-destroying machines of The Man and take enough time out to start observing and thinking for themselves?

That they can manufacture everything they’ll ever need using seawater and sunlight, with no need for mining, logging, (human) habitat destruction or pollution? That they’ve been successfully gulled by old fossil fools, who have themselves been deluded by their inbred families’ paranoid, megalomaniac delusions?  That the emperor/(p)resident/prime monster wears no clothes and is blind as a cave crab and deaf as a post – a powerless puppet manipulated by heartless psychopaths? That all the leaders they look up to are liars, and that almost all are insensitive placeholders, compassionless clods, petty tyrants or outright sociopaths? That changing the system from within would take centuries that they do not have at their disposal?

That all the solutions we need to fix this nightmare are readily available – and thoroughly suppressed, their inventors murdered and their solutions hidden away for the betterment of a tiny few?

That blind faith is just blindness? That Jesus and Jah and Mohammed and Allah and Zoroaster are all thoroughly rotted corpses who only ever existed in the violent, incestuous, xenophobic fantasyland of their even more ignorant Bronze Age ancestors? That none of their imaginary lost father figures in the sky are going to save anyone –that we have to save everyone’s children to save our own, and ourselves? That we are divine, the true god(dess)?

That almost everything people have been trained to believe is not only wrong, but dangerous? That what one needs to do most of all is actually nothing – nothing at all, literally – to regain sovereignty over one’s self? That only when we’ve given up racing other rats on the sick treadmill to nowhere will we have a chance of knowing or living the truth – or of living at all, instead of remaining a robotised zombie on a one way track to nowhere.

When all the workers in their toxic hives are just as culpable as the queen and her drones – all equally responsible for filthying their nests, killing themselves and their offspring with their own poisonous droppings - when contributing to the so-called progress of civilisation in any way will only kill us all the more quickly - where can anyone turn for relief?

Where there’s a Will there’s always a Way.

Now the Good News

You don’t need ‘abundance’; all you need is enough – and enough is actually very little indeed. We’ve come a long way in a very short time. There is cause for hope – even for rejoicing – when we appreciate how bad things actually were for our grandparents.

We are capable of far more than we realise. Humankind is a self-sharpening tool that can function on innumerable levels. We are not limited by the known and always manage to push the envelope.

How distant is any future? Not so long ago women were chattel even in 'liberated' Western nations; less a century ago females were still treated as second class citizens almost everywhere, caste and class systems were considered natural hierarchies bestowed on the people by Divine Right, and dissent, ‘blasphemy’, anarchism or homosexuality were all considered grounds for long incarceration (or a violent death).

Until a generation ago the US and Australia were not officially recognised as democracies, as they hadn't given the vote to all adult citizens for a full twenty-five years (the US instituted the vote for southern blacks only in 1965 - Australia to all Aboriginal people in 1967). This 25 year withholding period after universal enfranchisement - after every adult citizen is granted the vote - is the simple definition of a democracy accorded by the UN. Fifty years ago racism was still thoroughly widespread in the same 'advanced' nations to whom slavery had been considered a bible-backed necessity only a century earlier.

Religious strife was rife - and violent. Just about everyone was brainwashed into enacting the same old tribal traditions dictated by mad, bad, obsessive cultists with one foot in the grave and the other planted on or in the most sensitive parts of innocent children; the ‘divine right’ of some to rule over others was rarely questioned by those who were taught to fear the shadow of their own afterlife.

Environmental vandalism was barely recognised until a generation ago; full steam ahead damn-the-whales so-called 'progress' at all costs was considered to be the only sane way of life. Almost everyone believed the world might end in nuclear Armageddon at any instant. People lived with the belief that everything and everyone from where they stood to the horizon could become superheated white ash at any moment. They were fundamentally damaged by this belief - psychologically beaten and psychically broken.

Hardly anyone dared speak out against the confabulated control freak superstitions known as religions, or question the dominant paradigm of warmongering supremacy via conquest and control. Protesters, even when visible, were always a tiny minority. Vegetarians were virtually certifiable; wives could be thrown into mental institutions willy-nilly at the behest of their husbands; ‘professional’ people had more natural rights than other workers; most people were drunk most of the time and any born out of the worker-unit arrangement of ‘wedlock’ were treated as second rate citizens.

Incompatible people weren't allowed to divorce unless under dire circumstances. Domestic violence and child beating was commonplace and considered normal and necessary, if distasteful, behaviour. People were taught that women couldn’t derive pleasure from sex. Almost everyone’s diet was abysmal. Hardly anyone questioned the use of pesticides, herbicides or other biocides in human food and houses. Life spans were significantly shorter across the board.

Believe it or not, things are getting better, generation by generation (excepting of course, the natural environment, which is still being degraded to a rapidly approaching point of no return). Through hard work, ongoing commitment and an underlying, undying will to be free, sane and healthy, we've made it this far.

The sooner people opt out of contributing to the third rate fictions of unjust societies and make their own brave new ways in the real living world, caring and sharing with friends and loved ones (and strangers who soon become familiar friends), the sooner everything will grow healthier and saner.

We are all born of a world-tree that's scarred with the graffiti of our passions. We're all learning to EVOLve. We can do much better things with the one thing we truly have and are - our time. Everything we do counts.

What's better? What's best? Dare to dream of paradise on Earth - for all - and have no doubt we can actually get there sooner or later!

We are creating a better world – and by the way, have you replanted a forest lately, or stopped the destruction of an irreplaceable place recently – or stopped buying and making unnecessary crap?

The Power In Your Hands

The world is made of mindstuff, and so are you. This isn’t merely some vapid, new age theoretical construct, but the essential key understanding how to create a better life. There are many ways to use energy fields and flows that modify apprehensible ‘reality’ from a more fundamental level of the underlying energy matrix. The power is literally in your mind and your hands.

First feel your breath; breathe consciously, in through your nose and out through your mouth, gently and slowly. Imagine – feel – you’re inhaling a cleansing light (white if you prefer, or a deep sky blue filled with brilliant sparkles) that pours into your lungs and fills your entire being with a light, invigorating fluid. Feel it seep into all your crevices, nourishing your entire being.

Exhale a red fluid that pours from your mouth and down into the ground, into the Earth – a receptive, living being that can handle this discarded energy and transform it into something better. Repeat until nourished and energised.

Raise your hands before you and hold them a few inches apart. Feel the energy flowing between your palms. Bring them closer together until you can feel a slight but distinct ‘magnetic’ effect at first, like magnetic repulsion – and then feel the energy flowing through and between them.

The flow of energy is like a cycle of breath – feel it pouring in through your right palm and out through your left, matching the cycle of your breathing, and continue the flowing circuit of light.

Placing your hands on either side of any object or being, you can feel the flow of energy passing through and between them. The direction of the flow can alter its effects. Whichever hemisphere you’re in, the sunwise direction (viewed from above, i.e. clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the south) will raise, build and confirm existing patterns; the reverse direction will heal or repattern them.

With your left palm facing down and your right palm cupped upward the flow will proceed in a clockwise direction, for instance. You can flow with another person, facing them with your hands paired to theirs, or in a larger interlinked circle. Linking energy fields will produce larger effects, for the whole is exponentially greater than the sum of its parts. Sharing energy will help repair any imbalances in an individual or group.  3D ‘reality’ is transformed when any three or more gather together in this way.

When healing a discordant organ, being or place, look into the affected area and see it perfectly healed. Allow hope to reign and cast fear aside. Always provide the flow with a healthy pattern to grow toward, for matter will follow and flower through the pattern your charged visualisation dictates – consciously or otherwise.

You can also beam light directly using one palm. The energy always flows from beyond and through you, not from you; giving light doesn’t drain anyone or anything. You can locate the energy centre in your palm by folding your middle finger tightly into your hand and noting the position your fingertip nestles into when folded fully inward.

Feel a light pressure in the centre of your brow and become aware of your ‘third eye’. A syllable that activates this chakra is ‘Om’, vibrating at a pitch that resonates in your brow; a yawn can focus this energy as well. Perceive the light that naturally projects from your forehead. Raise the back of your hand to your brow and feel the energy project through your hand, igniting the energy flow in your palm. Feel the light pour through you and direct it to whatever positive purpose you wish.

Feel. Breathe slow and easy. Relax. Visualise a positive, healthy outcome.

We can create anything we wish – so we must be careful and considerate in what we wish for. We can do, be and become anything.

So how about replanting that forest now?

Turn On. Turn in. OPT OUT! Don’t take too much time to think about it, make plans, or get ready to retire - just DO IT NOW!

by R. Ayana

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