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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Leaving Your Body Is Impossible: But You Can Do It

Leaving Your Body Is Impossible:
But You Can Do It

by Lou Majors

You and I are conscious energy or ‘consciousness’ but so is everything else so in effect every pattern from a thought to a mountain is energy vibrating in a repetitive form.

In three-dimensions it is compressed into a pattern that looks solid as our buddy Albert E showed us.

Tricky thing consciousness … formless, aware, and yet it can vibrate and pattern itself into an image or form.

See The Eternal Cycle for more.

So the pattern we consider our ‘body’ is just that. On an energetic level the whole enchilada of existence is one unbounded presence folding and unfolding into patterns within itself.

There’s only one consciousness here and the weird thing is even though it seems like there’s me and there’s you all the me’s are one ‘me’... we’re the same beingness.

Back to the body thing and leaving it … so the reality is we are already omnipresent … our ‘me’ is already everywhere as everything.

This means you can realize any perspective within our whole self so when it SEEMS like we’re leaving our bodies we are just changing
our perspective within our whole self ( that’s why I said it was impossible ).

Anyway here’s how to change your perspective or ‘leave your body’ if you still like that idea.

Repeat as often as possible


SIT DOWN and relax.

FIRST get a sense of your true self – conscious energy… usually located right behind your eyes.

THEN using the hand you naturally favor, bring all the fingers together
to a point and lightly tap the top of your head until most of your attention is directed to that spot.

NOW while also sensing the normal position of your awareness behind your eyes direct your awareness to the new point where your hand is tapping.

NEXT slowly lift your hand like you’re pulling your consciousness out of your head to a point about 12 inches above your head. If it’s easier with your eyes closed - do it. This is about getting the feeling of shifting your perspective.

WHEN your energy and awareness are fully focused there remove your hand and try to keep your entire energy and attention there as long as possible even to the point of losing awareness of your body.

When you get good at this you can do it while your physical body is moving.

The goal is to get used to leaving and re-entering your body at will.


SIT and pay attention to your breathing as you calmly breathe in and out.

NOW as you breathe out, while sensing your consciousness inside your head, feel it expand to the edges of the scene you are perceiving.

THEN on the inhale feel your consciousness completely retracting with your breathe back into your body.

This exercise is exhilarating and is a blast to play around with.

to LEAVE the NEST.

It’s all about grasping the sense of yourself as the energy you consider to be ‘your ATTENTION’ as in when you are ‘paying attention to something’.

That’s the REAL YOU and what we’re practicing is knowing that by direct experience and how to move as “consciousness within consciousness”.

This is just the first step … only the beginning … but it is large and will show you whether or not you are ready to start.

NO FEAR here …
you can join us later if you’re not ready now.


We have root thoughts buried so deep we aren’t even cognizant of their
repetition in our minds so here are some new ones to adopt and evolve.
“I am consciousness” “There is no separation” “”Everything is me”
“I am looking at the contents of my mind”"Everything is consciousness”
“I am not trapped in this body”"I am not _______ “
(your given ‘name’ goes there)

Copyright © 1999-2011 Lou Majors 

From Can We Evolve Now @ http://canweevolvenow.wordpress.com/2011/02/16/leaving-your-body-is-impossible-but-you-can-do-it/

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