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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Evolution: Life’s Search for Life

Evolution: Life’s Search for Life

- by John Burke

Earlier in human history there were groups of people who lived outside the mainstream of everyday culture.  These people where drawn to concentrate on developing their experience of meaning and wonderment at the action of spirit through matter - the act of life

They provided various services to the community at large, one of which was healing.  They did the repair work for those who damage themselves during the complex actions of living day to day.  By caring for accident victims they became aware of the internal environment of the body.  They observed the sacs and tubes, the cords and the bones, the various fluids and the masses of different tissues.  

Faced with the prospect of trying to understand the functions of these things in the body they attempted various ways of analysis.  

In Northern China, the head abbot of a monastery got one of his monks to meditate on the sac that was connected to the mouth by a tube, and was often seen with half-pulped food in it.  

Another monk was told by the abbot to meditate on the fist-sized lump of stuff that sat behind the first sac.  This process was continued until there were all these monks sitting around concentrating on each of the major systems in the body.  

After some years of doing this, it was noticed that the different organs (or rather, prolonged breath-connected concentration on them) produced distinctive movements.  These were recorded and the movements themselves used as a form of therapy for people with pain or weakness in a particular part of their being.  Later these developed into various systems including  Hatha Yoga and Tai-Chi.

In Europe and Eastern China another approach appeared.  

A person at the point of death was placed in a sealed container and allowed to decompose.  This was repeated many times; sometimes the body was suspended in water, sometime it was heated, sometimes gently, sometimes vigorously.  

Essences and Elements

The different substances that separated out were then collected and studied.  It was found that the body was mostly water, but that there were three other types of substances.
There was a highly volatile substance that acted as a solvent and came off at a low body temperature.  Another substance seemed to be a lubricant, an oil.  The third type was a solid crystalline form.  

It was noted that these three "essences", as they became known, were also present in the things we use as food.  It was also seen that these substances could, under various conditions, be gas, fire, liquid or solid. 

These are the four elemental states of the essences.  

By further experiment it was found that there were twelve basic kinds of "salts" (the crystalline substance that took the most heat to extract). Perhaps an infinite number of different oils, yet there seemed to be only two types of "spirit" (so called because it was the first thing lost at the point of death).  After meditating on this, a picture of our place in the environment was envisaged.  

Alcohols ~

The fine vapors were called alcohol, which means "the evolving essence", or spirit.  They were given the symbol [which] shows the lens of the mind meeting the universe O while fixed to matter + .  

Alcohols are carbon chains with heaps of available potential interactions with prana (hydrogen ions).  These ions form the basis of most organic life processes.  

Alcohols act as "super soaps" to keep our bodily process moving.  Unfortunately, they are also the easiest lost during cooking.  

Sometimes if an accumulation of a particular substance is causing disease, it may be necessary to give the body the correct alcohol.  This can be made from a herb rich in the particular substance; or perhaps the impression of the particular potential spirit of the substance-such as a homeopathic nosode.  A nosode is a finely separated impression of the ions of a particular substance.  Once the correct alcohol is supplied, the body can wash out quite amazing amounts of junk.  


Alcohols come off as just below blood temperature, oils come off at our just over blood temperature.  Oils are the body's lubricants and storehouses of energies.  They were called Sulfur and later Soul, and were given the symbol ^+ " sulphur " which shows the infinity small dot expanding to the to the manifested line  at the base of the triangle), being fixed to the cross of matter.  

There is a difference between the alkaline alcohols and soaps, and the acid forming salts and sugars.  An Alcohol is a spiral of carbon atoms with their free arms catching at all the available extra energetic hydrogen atoms.  Modern science calls these 'negative ions' because they have an extra negative charge-an electron.  Yogis who saw them in their mediations thought that the extra spiral of energy make them look masculine and so called them positive.  There is no contradiction in this as the scientist were looking at the energy, while the yogis were looking at the form.  

As more of the carbon chains valencies (potential interactions) lock into each other, the substance gains a fixed as well as a volatile nature.  It becomes a "loop" of carbon.  This can roll on itself to create a slippery, soft, thick substance which can connect the active open chains (alcohol) to the crystal structures that hold the waiting patterns of life.

This makes oil and ideal substance for life to use to develop it'\s potential in our bodies.  The oils are our scents and as such form the basis of a whole level of our emotional experiences.  A lot of food processing techniques take out food oils as they tend to allow the food to go rancid.  An oil, then, is a substance that can move around both types of hydrogen ions, those with placement needs (negative ions, or yang chi) and those that have energy needs (positive ions, or yin chi).  In Alchemical medicines the correct aromatic oils are used to strengthen a link between a physical organ and it's sour of energy.  


A salt is a carbon chain that has turned in on itself, locked most of its arms onto itself and crystallized.  These substances seek the ions without electrons.  These positive ions drag some of the energy out of the crystal structure, which allows it to break down.  Once a salt has combined with a positive ion it becomes an acid.  The finest of the acids are the living amino acids.  

The alchemical symbol for salt is O~  This shows the infinite spirit O fixed on the manifest life within itself, the line of perceived time.  Most chemical synthesizing processes wind up with an approximation of a fixed salt.  This means that when they are ingested there is no appropriate alcohol to "quicken" the substance, and no oil to allow its assimilation anyhow.  

This is why a whole herb, such as Valerian, can undo a lot of the damage done by Valium, which is a synthesized salt of the herb.

In Alchemical Medicines, alcohols are used to dislodge build-ups of toxins or to start things moving.  The oils are used to nourish, change, stimulate or calm situations.  The salts are then used to tone up the organ and see to it that all the body's energies are reset and realigned.  When all three essences are clear and communicating freely, a state of conscious evolution or "health" is produced. 

Evolution has not stopped… or reached its highest possible expression.  It continues through every act of life.    Modern scientific observation has shown us that matter itself is being constantly renewed.  Hydrogen ions are drawn into existence by the furnaces of stars and the vacuum of deep interplanetary and interstellar space.  life - organic life - is the passage of this 'prima materia' -first matter - through the three basic forms of carbon, using water as a 'menstruum'.  A menstruum is a medium that provides a background for the essence to act through and at the same time is a source of catalysis - extra hydrogen ions and trace elements.  

Our conscious experiences are a kind of menstruum as well.   Our individual consciousness provides the back-ground and our interactions with our environment provide the catalysts that allow the infinite consciousness of spirit to perceive and affect the worlds of matter.  But why would it want to?  

Evolution is the development of portable sets of self-healing, self-motivating, sensory and discriminatory unities based on the abilities of carbon and oxygen. This is so that these individual unities can define and confirm the reality of self and not-self… the I and the beloved

Think about the individual conscious experience… without eyes or ears or any of the five senses… of one cell of your own body - say a blood cell.   Why does it desire to do, and then actually carry out, the things needed for your health?  Does it desire wealth?  The adulation of its fellow blood cells?  Does it care about the bone cells… or the lover… or the brain… does it even know that you, as such, exist?  Can we say that this cell has consciousness?  Is it aware? It certainly carries out some pretty complex interactions.  The experiences handed down to us by skilled yogis and mystics from every one of our root cultures tells us that everything has consciousness… and even awareness.  This awareness is limited only by the senses available to any unit of existence… from organic life, to matter, energy and even electromagnetic fields.  

Keeping this in mind, think about a water molecule as it's evaporated off a river.  What are its hopes and aspirations?  Does it know and recognize other water molecules in the air?  Is it the memory of the lifebringing joy of the river that drives them together to form clouds?  How lonely would one solitary water molecule be?  

Think now about before matter… let yourself imagine all the matter unravelling… the atoms falling apart… the subatomic particles streaming into spirals of energy…  even the energy itself unfolding into its basic electromagnetic field… then the poles of this already infinite field of force dissolving into a single unity.  

Imagine the utter and complete aloneness of that single vast consciousness that was before all else.  

Imagine how it would long for something and some way to perceive… anything… even itself.  Visualize how this desire could polarize the formless void of limitless potential into the part concentrating and the part concentrated upon.  These two pressures intensify and define each other until two forms of one matter are manifest - positive and negative hydrogen ions.  Some points within the field - the area concentrated on - become vast generators of fertile yoni prana - positive ions.  Nuclear fusion begins in these generators and they burst into the universe as stars.  

The vast spaces between the stars - the field that is concentrating on the stars - gives rise to the active lingam prana - negative ions.  These are sucked into existence on this level by the pull of the vacuum and cold outside the stars.  In modern physics, space tells matter where to go and matter tells space how to curve.  

The two forms of hydrogen seek each other, and when they find each other they lock into an intense embrace to form the gas hydrogen (H2)… unless something holds them apart.  

In the stars… and generations of stars… the positive ions, which have no electron shells to keep the nuclei from touching, fuse together to form helium… a new element.  Further nuclear fusion… using positive ions as the catalyst… brings us the other elements.  Early in this process, two very interesting elements, carbon and oxygen, are formed.  

These two elements are so formed that the two types of prana (positive and negative ions) can interact with each other, yet still maintain their own individual integrity.

Evolution is the development of portable sets of self healing, self - motivating, sensory and discriminatory units based on the abilities of carbon and oxygen.  This is so that these individual units can define and confirm the reality of self and not - self… the I and the beloved.  

Carbon… using the polarity of hydrogen ions, positive and negative, magnetic and electronic,  pressure and heat, crates for itself three distinct forms.  Lingam prana keeps the carbon in long, open, spiraling chains - the alkaline-forming alcohols… an alkaline is an alcohol plus a negative ion.  Yoni prana holds the carbon onto a fixed grid - to make the acid-forming salts… an acid is a salt plus positive ion.  As the balance between the two gets closer, oils are formed which have both characteristics… as well as infinite variations… which it gains by using all the other elements of manifest matter, energy and field.  

These three organic essences then find themselves a suitable medium to act through… like water… oxygen plus one of each or two of either of the types of ions.  An optimum stable temperature is fixed by the point of evaporation between oils and alcohols that allows the negative ions to create new compounds and the positive ions to create new elements.  

This critical threshold, the point of transmutation, is found at two temperatures - either in the hearts of stars or… you guessed it… blood temperatures.  At this temperature, if silicon and oxygen, for instance, come together under the influence of negative ions, the compound silicon dioxide is likely to be produced.  If on the other hand the catalyst is positive ions, the new element calcium can be formed.  

In first instance the interaction happens in the outer electron shell - the atoms' individual nuclei so that the atomic weights of the two original elements are fused together to form a new element.  If you think that's a bit far-fetched, think about how cows, whose diet is low in calcium but high in silicon, make milk… which is high in calcium.  

Living beings… like stars… can transmute one element into another.  What if this is really true… on all levels? (Remember that all material existences are permutations of the first two forms of hydrogen.) 

Even emotions can sometimes become their opposite.  Although emotions are not physical things they are accompanied by the movement of physical hormones.  Fear can become excitement, even a kind of strength… given the right stimulus.  


If you watch the postural breath pattern of someone angry, you will see them literally 'get their backs up' as the breath draws adrenalin up their spine.  This is a natural preparation for aggression…  a putting on of shields and a closing off of our soft vulnerable front.  If the angry person changes their posture when all their breath is out and breathes up the front of their body… creating a feeling of opening…the emotion changes as well.  This is because counterbalancing hormonal catalysts are drawn off the adrenals.  

Try it… Sit in front of a mirror…think about something that gets you angry… let it built with your in breath… up your back… then as you breathe out, detach the energy from its object… by abstracting it… perhaps see it as yang fire rather than anger at such-and-such… then take a full breath in… opening the front of your body and feel the difference.  With more practice it is possible to gain more complete control.  

The substances that form the physiological basis for our emotions are mostly oils.  This is why our scent changes with our emotions.  When we were babies… before we learnt to talk with words… smells were our whole language.  We actually thought in smells.  Whole levels of our reactions and interactions still happen in that language.  The volatile aromatic oils given off by those around us affect our every mood… even our growth patterns.  

The entities that we call germs and viruses can't make their own oils - some of them are little more than alcohols while others are really just complex salts.  It is our emotional reactions to them that teaches these life-forms their identity and trains their reactions to us.  Be careful about calling a micro-organism a disease… you may leave it no choice.  ~~~

Copyright John Burke 1988

First publihsed in NEXUS New Times Magazine Vol 1, No 4

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