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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Corporation Of The United States Of America: Is the US Not Under Common Law?

The Corporation Of The United States Of America
Is It True? Is the US Not Under Common Law?

By Reality Bytes

Preamble of the Original Constitution

 "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

An Excerpt from the Declaration of Independence

"We hold these truths to be self-evident. That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness."

We Are Free!

Every year it comes and goes, Independence Day, the Fourth Of July. It is a celebration that occurs every year in every town and city in the country. We line up on Main Street to watch parades. We gather in fields to watch firework displays.

What are we celebrating?

The formation of the country?

The anniversary of a document?


We are supposed to be celebrating the very thing that this country stands for. Freedom!

"We Are Not FREE!" The truth is that we have not been free people for a very long time.

The day is recognized as a day to celebrate our "Independence". A celebration of free people living in the land of Liberty. We sing songs of the greatness of our country, we wave our flags in joyous, patriotic, euphoria. In reality there are not many Americans that have the realization that they are not Free.

This is an illusion that the countries controllers immortalize to avoid the People realizing the truth. It allows them to keep the population under the militaristic control of a Big Brother Conglomerate of corporate control.

The Freedoms which have not been stolen from us, we have given up willingly through ignorance and apathy. Allowing ourselves to be distracted by baubles and shiny objects like children. We the people had no idea how to maintain our Freedoms or for that matter, how they could be taken from us. Neither did our Forefathers know what was to come.
I Have Constitutional Rights!

Those in denial will immediately shout about the parchment known as the Constitution. That is the Symbol of Freedom for the people. It symbolizes the Representative form of government that no longer exists in the United States of America.

The Constitution is dead and the Republic has been replaced with a corrupt form of Democracy. The saddest part of this fiasco is that most Americans will never know or realize exactly what it was that they lost. They will never see the Truth behind the lies. They will never pull the curtain aside to see the manipulators for what they are.

To start to see the Truth and to understand what happened to this great Republic, we need to start at the period after the Civil War. It was in the year 1871 that the decline and elimination of the Republic began.

Let us delve into the History of the country, the History that is not taught in school!

 The Cause

Our nation went through a transformative event following the conflicts of the Civil War. The country had used all its credit and wealth on funding the war. It was in essence Bankrupt!

Through some fancy maneuvers done by International Bankers, European Interests put a yolk of debt and servitude on the American people. The Civil War had been financed and fought to put the young country under such a stranglehold. Simply to be able to use the energy, time, and labor of the population for its own greedy interests.

On the day of February 21, 1871 with the Forty-First Congress in session an Act was passed*. The title was "An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia" also known as the "Act of 1871."

This Act stated that Congress, which it had no constitutional authority to do, created a separate form of government for the District of Columbia, which in reality is only a ten mile square piece of land.

The Swindle

The Congress knew that our country was bankrupt, so they made an arrangement with the International Bankers to run up a Debt to these Foreign Banks ( the Rothschilds of London were investing in many enterprises Globally).

One thing that everyone knows about banks is that they do not lend money simply to be kind. The only way that a Bank would enter into a contract is if it would benefit the Bank. Some kind of Collateral, or some kind of scheme that would put the population into servitude to the Banks would be necessary.

The sneaky and manipulating International Bankers would not lend money to our financially troubled nation without some stipulations. They came up with a devious scheme to gain control over the country that they had desired for a long time. The Founding Fathers detested these Foreign Entities and kept them at bay until the Act of 1871 was passed.

The Act formed the Corporation known as THE UNITED STATES. It is the capitalization that is important. This Corporation which was owned by Foreign Entities immediately did away with the original Constitution.

The Act of 1871 changed our Constitution. The title was Capitalized and the word "for" was changed to the word "OF" in the title.

"The Constitution for the united states of America" was written by the Founding Fathers. The international bankers had it changed to "THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA".

United States is a British Crown Colony
Corporate Constitution

It may look the same but it is not the same. The Corporate Constitution works on an economic level. It is used to trick the People into thinking it is the same Constitution for the Republic.


CAPITILIZATION, not important?

When dealing with a Legal Document it is very important. These small changes has had a direct impact on every generation born under its inception. When Congress passed the Act of 1871 it created an entirely new document. The new document would be a Constitution for the government for the District Of Columbia.

The government that was formed was a Corporation. This new and improved Constitution is not a document for America. It is a Constitution for the Corporation.

Was this done in the best interest of the Nation?


The Corporate Constitution is not for the good of the Republic, it is for the good of the Corporation. It does not benefit the populace of the country and it operates outside the parameters of the original Constitution.

Instead of guaranteeing your rights it offers you privileges. For example: Sovereign's right to travel, which under Corporate Government Policy has been changed into into a "privilege" and a license is required. This is in violation of the original Constitution.

By doing such a horrendous act Congress committed Treason against the People. Under the Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution the people were considered Sovereign Individuals.

What Is a Sovereign?

Before we discuss "Sovereign," let us try to figure out what it means.

Webster's Dictionary defines "sovereign" as:

1. chief or highest; supreme.

2. Supreme in power, superior in position to all others.

3. Independent of, and unlimited by, any other, possessing or entitled to, original and independent authority or jurisdiction.

The government of the United states of America was created by and for "sovereigns". The free people who were citizens of the country were deemed the highest authority. Only the People can be Sovereign. The Government cannot be sovereign. It can also be found in the Declaration of Independence, where it says "government is subject to the consent of the governed". That is the People in other words, us, the sovereigns.

Do you feel like a sovereign?

It does not take a constitutional scholar to see out that this is not the way it is in the country today. Government today does not seek or require the consent of those who are governed. It is more like the governed serve at the beckon call of the CORPORATION.

The same Corporation that has reached beyond the ten square miles assigned to it. The Corporation of the District of Columbia which is now infringing on the rights of the states. There is no jurisdiction for the corporation outside of its little ten miles of influence.

Ignorance of the law is NO excuse!

You Should Know The Law!

There is a presumption that every citizen should be aware of the law. This just seems a little unreasonable considering we are not taught anything about the law in school. Instead they make us memorize little facts and sayings. we are taught the Preamble, but the education system ignores the Bill Of Rights.

The Corporate Government Schools completely ignore the Law. Nor do they delve into the Constitution very deeply. The Corporate school system is not set up to provide a usable education, they are in place to indoctrinate and dumb down the population.

Nobody will tell you that your country was sold to Foreign Entities. Nor will they tell you that the people have inherited the debt incurred by Congress to International Bankers. Generations of American people have had their wealth confiscated to pay a debt that they, the People, did not incur.

Think about how the government has changed from a Municipal Entity into a Corporate Entity the next time you hear someone say the Constitution is no longer relevant. We are living a lie, we are being ruled by an unlawful government.
Roman Civil Law and Admiralty/Maritime Law

The Act of 1871, once passed created the illusion of Freedom. Congress willingly and knowingly sold out the American People and The Nation to Foreign Interests. The deceit was complete. This treasonous act brought the nation to its knees. Once the People were forced to surrender their Gold in 1933, the betrayal of the Republic was complete.

This is just a copy of Roman Civil Law, our Government is now based on Roman Civil Law and Admiralty/Maritime Law. Some other descriptions are "Divine Right of Kings" and "Law of the Seas".

Roman Civil Law was initiated into the colonies when the charters were written. Long before we ever existed as a Nation. This is also known as "Private International Law.
US is a Corporation, not a Country. Got a problem with that?
Private International Law, and not Common Law

The Constitutional Republic, which was created by the Original Constitution had Common Law as the law of the land. The District Of Columbia has a Government which was established by the Act of 1871, it uses Private International Law instead of Common Law.

A very important point to make is that Private International Law only can be utilized in the District Of Columbia. It is not supposed to be applicable within any of the States of the Union.

The Corporation is divided into different departments Justice Department, Treasury Department etc... People think these Departments are part of the Country.


These departments are all part of the CORPORATION Of THE UNITED STATES.**

They do not answer to the People under the Corporate Constitution and its Amendments operate outside the Original Constitutional Republic.

Do not think that the Corporation Of The United States is separate from the government. The Corporation is the Federal Government! IT IS THE GOVERNMENT!

That is right! Your Government is a Corporation! It is run under Roman Civil Law and operates outside of the Original Constitution!

"There is no way my Congressman knows this?"

Yeah Right!

Congress Is Aware Of The Deception

Congress knows exactly what happened. Congress does not answer to the People. They answer first and foremost to the Corporation (aka. The United States) for which they are employees.

This is why illegal laws such as the income tax laws are not abolished. These so called Representatives are not OUR Civil Servants. They serve the Corporation only, you are merely the instrument that provides financing to them.

All the Committees and Sub-Committees that have been created by Congress all work in unison like a multi-headed Hydra to control all the Corporate Departments. Any actions by these Committees outside of the District Of Columbia is in complete violation of the LAW.

Once again, The Corporation Of The United States has absolutely NO JURISDICTION outside of The District Of Columbia. They have zero authority within any State of the Republic.

"This could not have really happened, who do you think you’re kidding."

This did not happen by accident. Please do your own Research!

Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse

Your Government has no responsibility to inform you of this. In the United States there is a presumption that you should know the Law.

They know you are not aware of this, they know because they made sure you would not be taught this in Corporate Government controlled School Systems.

A Sovereign Individual has a right to have all information disclosed to them. A Slave is entitled to nothing other then what their controllers wish to allow them, at A Cost. Be very careful of accepting certain Benefits from the Corporation Of The United States as they come with a price.

Once again, You are presumed to KNOW THE LAW. If you are not aware of the Law it matters not to the Corporation. You cannot claim Ignorance as a reason you do not know the Law. It is your Responsibility and your Obligation to know how the Law is applied to YOU.

They depend on peoples lackadaisical approach to Knowledge of the Law. It makes their job easier. The distractions in Life lead People to allow Government to think for them.

If we ever want our Republic back, this all needs to CHANGE.


The Government of the UNITED STATES is basically a Corporate Instrument of the International Bankers. In other words, YOU are owned by a Corporation from the time you are Birthed until the time of your death.

Everything you believe you own as property is a LIE! All your Assets, all your Property, even your Children are owned by the United States Corporation.

"You still do not believe it?"

Think about all those Bills you need to pay to the Government. Think of all the Taxes, all the Fines, Licenses, think of all the fees you are required to Pay. Do some Research on your own, read about the 14th amendment. Study the Act of 1871 and you will see how a great Nation of Sovereigns living in a Republic have been reduced to chattel of a democracy.

Under Roman Civil Law, because we were not aware of the facts, led to our Silence. The Silence of the People was misinterpreted as consent which left us to carry the burden of a Debt we did not Incur.

The People have been utterly deceived into still believing that we are a Sovereign People. Free and Independent, when the Truth is we are Slaves and Servants of the Corporation.

It Is Treason!

In 1871, the Forty-First Congress in essence committed Treason against the Sovereign People of the Republic of the United States. If there had been people of Honor in our Government this Ruse could have long ago been rectified. Instead the Lust for Money and Power has turned Honest men into Greedy Power Brokers.

"Could we forgive this aberration?"

Why should we! We have lost more Freedom then can be realized. All because of a Corporate Infiltration of the Federal Government.

The Constitutional Republic needs to be Restored. This facade of a democracy needs to come crumbling down.

Our men and women in uniform, who fight to preserve the ideals of a great country have been abused. They have fought, and often times died for a cause they were deluded into believing. Fighting in wars instigated by the Corporation to gain even more Power and Control worldwide.

Why would the People be willing to fight and die for a Corporate Interest that is not even of this country. Why fight a war initiated and funded through Foreign Bankers.

We need to educate the masses to this truth. The People have been lied to for too long. We need a REVOLUTION, not one of Violence but one of Education.

I do not know if the Original Constitutional Republic could ever be restored. I would hope that the Sovereign People once Educated could work together to restore our Great Nation.

It is the least we could do for Future Generations, to secure their Freedom and Liberty. Things which our Ancestors fought so hard to create. Will we Rise to the Call or simply remain silent as we have for so many years?

One last thought: FREEDOM

* Acts of the Forty-First Congress," Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62

**UNITED STATES CODE (The capitalization, symbolizes the Corporation, not the Republic) Title 28 3002 (15) (A) (B) (C).

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Earth Resonance Technology: One Person’s Floor is Another’s Ceiling

Earth Resonance Technology
One Person’s Floor is Another’s Ceiling 


     By Elmer Griffin    

 Many investigators know that obtaining ‘free energy’ is possible, and that the relevant technologies have been suppressed. Many more people suspect that such technologies exist, but have no idea how or why. For more than a century the well known demonstrations of free electrical transmission, by an all but forgotten yet once world-renowned Nobel Prize-winning scientist, have been swept under the carpet…      

Around the turn of the last century there lived a visionary genius called Nicola Tesla. He was born in Smiljai, Yugoslavia (Serbia) in 1857 and died in New York in 1943, penniless and disillusioned.

              Tesla was a major electrical pioneer who somehow slipped out of the history books. Some of his more famous inventions include the fluorescent light, the polyphase motor (which is the basis of alternating current or A.C. power transmission), A.C. power transmission itself, the car coil, ultra-high speed electrical switches and robotics, among many more. Tesla also used special coils he invented in connection with his experiments on radioactivity, which took place prior to the discovery of radium by the Curies. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1912.

              Around 1900, Tesla was engaged in a race with Marconi to develop wireless communication. Both Marconi and Tesla knew that radio waves were produced by an oscillating electrical current and that messages could be sent by modulating these oscillations. Marconi had a circuit that oscillated and an antenna which was fed the oscillating current. Tesla’s tower system acted as both oscillator and antenna – and it oscillated in resonance with the Earth itself.              

        Tesla’s electrical experiments took place on the slopes of the electrically hyperactive Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs over nine months from 1899 to 1900. He required extra-high voltages for his experiments and, using new dynamos he designed, he invented a novel device which has come to be called the Tesla coil. Small Tesla coils are fairly common in electrical labs and they can be used to detect leaks in vacuum apparatus. The transmitting tower at Colorado Springs was a giant Tesla coil which generated hundreds of thousands of horsepower of high frequency electrical power at ten million volts!   

 The Electric Earth    

At his isolated laboratory, Tesla discovered that the Earth acts as a giant conductor of electrical signals from storms and continues to conduct electrical disturbances long after a storm has passed over. In other words, the Earth itself is a giant electrical resonator. The Earth acts as one pole of a giant capacitor, with the ionosphere as the other.

              Having completed his experiments at Pike’s Peak, Tesla moved to Long Island as Marconi achieved wireless transmission of signals across the Atlantic in 1901. With funding from multi-millionaire J. Pierpont Morgan, Tesla prepared to set up an electrical power transmitter; but when Morgan realised the true nature of Tesla’s dream – to broadcast electric power to the whole planet from a single transmission tower – he terminated Tesla’s funding. Tesla was ruined financially and his tower was literally blown up.

              Scientific and economic attention focused on Marconi’s new technology, which was much less threatening to the status quo.    

Scalar Waves   
 The basis of Tesla’s system was not electromagnetic, but a type of waveform called longitudinal or scalar, which his tower propagated through the Earth. Longitudinal/scalar waves can propagate with very little attenuation – so little that standing waves can be set up on the opposite side of the planet.

              According to retired Pentagon Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Bearden, Tesla was using a form of energy that exists ‘behind’ the electromagnetic spectrum and the space-time continuum. It’s what the scientific community calls the “zero-point energy” of the vacuum or ‘scalar value of zero’ (which is not actually zero, but is expressed as such in most formulae for ‘convenience’ – making people lose sight of the implications inherent in this important distinction) – what occult tradition calls the aether. Bearden says an electromagnetic wave is the interaction of two intersecting scalar waves.

              Tesla did not know that these longitudinal waves only become pronounced at extremely low frequencies (ELF), but his discoveries now form the basis of modern ELF technology, including weather and psychotronic ‘modification’.

              In Tesla’s time not much was known about the ionosphere. We now know that the earth and ionosphere form a kind of sphere-in-sphere capacitor fed by the solar wind, with the dense part of the atmosphere acting as a leaky dielectric (insulator) between them. The ionosphere, fed by the Van Allen belts, is the driving current and the molten layer below the Earth’s crust carries the induced current.

              Two investigators of Tesla technology in the early 1960s were Walter Richmond, a research physicist and engineer, and Thomas Bearden, then an army engineer. They planned to tap the induced Earth current for electric power by shorting out the Earth-ionosphere 300,000+ volt capacitor system.    
     The Solar Tap    
 According to Richmond, a temporary short circuit called an avalanche – lasting only a quarter of a second – can be generated by floating a field wire twenty-five kilometres up in the atmosphere on weather balloons. This ‘electrical avalanche’ can create a ‘cold’ explosion about the size of a Hiroshima bomb (see NEXUS New Times Magazine, Vol 1, No. 1 & 2).

            Richmond saw that a continuous avalanche was possible. By 1962 he had developed a theory of a solar tap; a continuous flow of controlled power which drains the ionosphere and is fed directly by the solar wind. This avalanche would burn the ground, Richmond said, unless properly insulated. Richmond’s design for the insulator was a replica of the truncated Cheops pyramid, housing a resonant Tesla coil.  Richmond said there is sufficient power from a solar tap to power the whole world – or destroy it. 

        The Earth is an electric motor in ‘space’ and an electric generator. With the tremendous increase in power that an avalanche within thirty degrees of the pole would give, the ‘Earth motor’s’ rotation would begin to speed up, though this would be fought by the generator mechanism below the crust. If the avalanche continued, the Earth would eventually tear apart from increased centrifugal stress. If the avalanche takes place more than thirty degrees from the poles, the tap extinguishes itself with magnetic winds as soon as it reaches resonance. But if the avalanche takes place at or near the pole, the tremendous increase in power would speed up the crustal rotation and the poles would shift up to thirty degrees

       Richmond, also an accomplished archaeologist, believed that this actually happened in 6,600 B.C.E. when the ionosphere ‘blew out’. Violent cataclysms shook the planet and tidal waves and hurricanes swept the lands, causing extinctions and wiping out ancient civilizations, according to Richmond, Dr Immanuel Velikovsky and others.  When Richmond took his research papers on the solar tap to President John F. Kennedy’s science adviser in 1963, the papers were classified. Thomas Bearden, later retired as Lieutenant-Colonel, was a U.S. Army engineer who was receptive to Richmond’s research, having studied Tesla himself.  
Military Uses

In many published articles, Bearden constantly maintains that the Soviets have had an advanced knowledge of Tesla-ELF technology since 1960.

                         Bearden is convinced that the Soviets used psychotronic weapons to destroy the US nuclear submarine Thresher in April 1963 after backing down over the Cuban missile crisis the year before. The day after the Thresher was destroyed, Bearden says, the USSR successfully deployed a Tesla device to transmit an explosion to an ocean location 100 miles north of Puerto Rico.

              Despite the prompting of genocidal geophysicist Gordon J. F. MacDonald and others, both the Russians and Americans have shown considerable restraint in their use of this technology. As a member of President Johnson’s Science Advisory Committee, MacDonald was advocating the use of the ionosphere to indiscriminately damage the environment. In one article titled Brain Waves Around the World, he tells how, by means of lightning strokes timed to coincide with the alpha-rhythm frequency of the brain, “one could develop a system that would seriously impair brain performance in very large populations in selected regions over an extended period.”

              He also wrote of selectively destroying parts of the ozone layer in order to destroy farm crops and herds.

              The stand-off continued until 1975. Then, a draft treaty presented to the August 1975 Geneva Conference on International Disarmament by delegates from the US and USSR contained a ban on nineteen ELF weapons which could cause such weather catastrophes as landslides, avalanches, volcanoes, earthquakes and tidal waves, as well as harnessing lightning bolts, guiding hurricanes to strategic targets, melting the ice caps, changing the direction of rivers, generating hail, fog and rain, and destroying portions of the ozone layer. US President Ford told the media that the US and USSR didn’t have these weapons, but were signing the treaty ‘just in case’.   

 Choice of Futures   
 Tesla/ELF technology is a two-edged sword. Bearden points to some spectacular implications of this technology, including antigravity, materialisation and dematerialisation, transmutation and mind-boggling medical benefits. John Bigelow writes in Earth Energy that this technology can be used to detect secret nuclear and electronic installations anywhere in the world.

              Tesla was aware of the social revolutions which could follow the applications of his system of broadcast power and other discoveries. He envisioned a world in which the deserts would flower, arctic wastes would become fertile and war would be abolished. Carefully developed, this technology could enable us to modify the Earth’s weather, stabilise the magnetic field, destroy nuclear waste, clean pollutants including radioactive fallout from the biosphere and even repair the ozone layer.

              This technology gives us power over our destiny on this planet. Do we use it or abuse it?    


 Thomas Bearden, Soviet Psychotronic Weapons, in John White (ed), Psychic Warfare, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire: Aquarian Press, 1988.    

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Walt and Leigh Richmond, The Last Millennium, Lakemont, Georgia: Interdimensional Sciences, Inc, 1986.  Nikola Tesla, Colorado Springs Notes 1899-1900, Belgrade: Nolff, 1978.  

  - Elmer Griffin     

We first published this article in NEXUS New Times magazine exactly twenty years ago. Tesla’s well-documented work was conducted over a century ago. Not much has changed with regard to the world’s awareness of these technologies and their implications in that time. How can this possibly be?  

Many still wonder:  Are we living in a world of lies and corruption, where a small and powerful elite practices these dark arts for their own purposes?  Does ‘free energy exist’? Is all this for real?    

THEY DO. IT DOES. IT IS. Wake from the lie that is the world. We can only create a better Millennium if we stop feeding these human-hating terrorist power mongers – our politicians, captains of industry and all other petit tyrant ‘leaders’ who would fill our hearts, bodies and minds with poison. We feed them every day with our time, money, taxes and energy – unless we band together into groups of like-minded compassionate enthusiasts and Turn on. Tune in. Opt out.  

- R.A.


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Monday, August 29, 2011

Everything you know is wrong: Prehumans, Hominoids and Genetic Intervention in Human Evolution

Everything you know is wrong 
Prehumans, Hominoids and Genetic Intervention in Human Evolution

By Lloyd Pye

Full length presentation (1:58:35) @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObjiTKIPDjU

Have You Ever Wondered...?

Why our skin is so poorly adapted to the amount of sunlight striking Earth?

Why we are so physically weak compared to our closest genetic relatives?

Why Earth is the only planet or moon with moveable tectonic plates?

Why Earth’s moon is so extraordinarily outsized relative to other moons?

Why megalithic structures like the Pyramids cannot be duplicated today?

How the ancient Sumerians could know Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto existed when we discovered Uranus only in 1781, Neptune in 1846, and Pluto in 1930?

How and why the Sumerians kept cosmic time in units of almost 26,000 years?

Why humans have a gene pool with over 4000 genetic defects, while our closest genetic relatives, chimps and gorillas, have very few?

Why the human genome clocks is only about 200,000 years old but anthropologists insist we descend from creatures 6.0 million years old?

Why humans in no way resemble those ancient so-called “pre”-humans?

Why humans have 46 chromosomes while our closest genetic relatives (sharing over 95% of our DNA) total 48?

image - http://wikicompany.org/wiki/images/thumb/South_america_elongated_skull_005.jpg/384px-South_america_elongated_skull_005.jpg
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Very Hard to Catch: AIDS – The Real Story 2

AIDS – The Real Story
 Section 1 Part 2 – Very Hard to Catch


 It’s long been known that, compared to most sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS is very hard to catch. There are a number of reasons for this; one is that retroviruses such as HIV use RNA for their core genetic material, not the more robust DNA used by other life forms. RNA-based organisms will not survive for long outside a culture medium (such as blood) as their genetic material will rapidly break up and dissolve.

        While around 27% of Australian hospital workers accidentally pricked with hypodermic syringes contaminated with hepatitis-B contract that disease, HIV infection occurs in less than 1% of those stuck with HIV-contaminated needles. 

            A year-long Canadian study involved accidental exposure to HIV in health workers from more than 200 hospitals and laboratories, including needle-stick and scalpel injuries, eye-splash and open wound contamination. No cases of HIV contamination were found in the study, which matched a U.S. survey by the CDC of 1,116 health care workers who were directly exposed to HIV-contaminated blood. One of the only two workers who tested positive was thought to have contracted the virus outside work.[i]  

Long Odds
While the transmission rate for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as syphilis and gonorrhea is between 20% and 50% (depending on the disease and whether it’s transmitted from male-to-female or female-to-male), the infection rate for AIDS by heterosexual (vaginal) transmission was estimated at “probably less than 1% per contact” by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) back in 1986.  [ii] 

            This figure was subsequently reduced to about one in a thousand per heterosexual encounter with an HIV-infected person – and this from males to females only. This Berkeley University study (released at the Third International Conference on AIDS in June 1987) concluded that this one in a thousand chance only relates to male-to-female transmission. In the reverse case, too few men had shown any sign of infection to calculate a man’s risk of sex with an infected woman. The study was based on a survey of 96 women who had varying degrees of sexual contact with HIV-infected men. [iii] 

            But the odds of transmission could be more like one in a million – or less.

“Whether it’s one in a million, or one in a hundred thousand, or one in ten thousand, or one in ten million, I don’t know,” said CDC Head Statistician Dr Meade Morgan in 1988. “But the risk is very low in any given instance.”

              AIDS transmission is divided into three categories:  
Primary transmission is to a member of a high-risk group – homosexual, bisexual, intravenous (I.V.) drug user, haemophiliac etc – by direct blood-to-blood or semen-to-blood contact.  

Secondary transmission occurs when these people pass the HIV retrovirus on sexually (including anally) to a member of a non-high risk group. Most secondary recipients who have been studied are the steady female partners of I.V. drug users. The spouses and regular sex partners of many regular I.V. drug users are also I.V. drug users. That this fact is not allowed for in these studies makes questionable widely-quoted sexual transmission figures for I.V. drug users.  

Tertiary transmission is said to occur when the secondary recipient then passes on the virus to another person heterosexually. People can be forgiven for assuming that it’s been proved that this is happening, other than by the anal route. But no such proof exists.
            Tertiary transmission isn’t happening, except perhaps in some very isolated cases. AIDS began showing up among U.S. homosexuals in 1979; in early 1981 the CDC documented AIDS cases among I.V. drug users, and, in June of that year, their heterosexual partners. If it existed, tertiary heterosexual (vaginal or oral) AIDS would have started showing up by late 1981. By 1982 the first fourth-generation, purely heterosexual cases would have started. By 1988 AIDS would have been decimating the US population. This didn’t happen - and there is, as a result, no possibility of significant or actual tertiary heterosexual transmission. 

Abovementioned blood bank and US Army reports show that the level of HIV infection remained low in the general population (See previous - AIDS – The Heterosexual Myth). 

Body Fluids

Female-to-male transmission during vaginal intercourse is believed to be virtually non-existent and researchers have long reached general agreement that the miniscule amounts of HIV  occasionally isolated in the teardrops of infected people is not enough to cause transmission. HIV in vaginal secretions is present in roughly the same proportions as in tears – when it can be isolated at all. Dr Robert Gallo (credited as co-discoverer of HIV) stated in 1987 that despite repeated attempts, he could not isolate the retrovirus in vaginal fluids. In February 1987 Gallo told a reporter he did not know of a single case of female-to-male sexual transmission.

              With the female-to-male transmission rate so low as to be actually or practically non-existent – as research indicates – there is a natural ‘firebreak’ for heterosexual transmission of AIDS, making it virtually impossible for the syndrome to spread horizontally through the heterosexual (non-I.V. drug-using, non-anal sex practicing) community. HIV’s RNA structure makes it very susceptible to rapid breakdown by substances in human saliva and other enzyme-rich bodily secretions.
            Several studies of gay men have failed to find any HIV-positive cases which could definitely be linked to oral sex. Oral sex has never been definitely linked to any cases of HIV transmission

 I.V. Drugs and AIDS


 I.V. drug users who share needles and/or syringes face a much greater risk of infection than hospital workers who accidentally prick themselves on infected syringes, as the full contents of a syringe is dumped directly into a vein along with the contaminated blood of other users.

             One 1987 Australian study indicated that 2% of Australians had injected themselves with a drug at least once in the previous 12 months.[vi]

             I.V. drug use is the major IV transmission vector aside from anal sex. Three Australian studies showed the rising prevalence of HIV infection in the I.V. dug-using community, based on rates of contaminated syringes. In 1985 the rate was 0.5%; in 1986 the figure was 1% and in 1987 some centers reported a 10% infection rate. These figures could be slightly inflated by the regular return of syringes to needle exchange centers by a few heavy users, but by 1988 one of the centers alone was giving out around 2,500 needles a month in Sydney’s King’s Cross. In February 1988, 10-15% of 1,500 returned needles in three inner-city suburbs were infected. [vii]

              “These kids are homeless and routinely take serepax, alcohol, speed, heroin or combinations of all these drugs,” said the director of the King’s Cross Kirketon Road Centre. “They are living very dangerous lives anyway.

             “They view AIDS as just one concern and probably not as important as having a full stomach or somewhere to stay. A virus that will not appear for three or four or five years… well, it’s very difficult for them to grasp.”

             The New South Wales State Government started a pilot needle exchange at one centre in November 1986. In the first nine months of operation 14,000 needles were handed out, so the scheme was expanded.[viii]

            In New York and many other places it’s still (on writing) illegal to for non-insulin users to possess a hypodermic syringe, which has meant that some users hire their used syringes out to other users, often using abandoned buildings as ‘shooting galleries’.

             Mainly as a result of such outdated legislation, 1988 figures from the Bronx indicated that half of the estimated 30,000 to 40,000 I.V. drug users there may have been infected with HIV.

             “A quarter of these AIDS victims are women,” according to Dr Ernst Drucker, an epidemiologist who ran the Montefiore Medical Centre’s community health and drug addiction programmes.

              1988 New York City Health Department figures show that 52 out of 650 homeless youths under the age of  21 who came to the Covenant House crisis centre were infected with HIV. 

            “Fifty-two people tested positive, but the most startling statistic we have come up with is that the incidence of antibodies to AIDS among the males and females (in these 52) is exactly the same,” said medical director Dr Jim Kennedy of Covenant House, located two blocks from Times Square.

             “What has already happened with AIDS in New York is very interesting. First the incidence of AIDS in gay men has peaked and is going down. The incidence of I.V. drug users getting AIDS is going up and up,” said Dr Kennedy.[x]
            The demonstrated prevalence of I.V. drug use in the U.S., Australia and the rest of the developed world shows how easily I.V. drug users can account for most HIV cases classed as ‘heterosexual’ or ‘other/unknown’ (see AIDS – The Heterosexual Myth). When added to the reported and unreported incidence of anal sex and bisexuality (see part 3), most – if not all – cases attributed to possible heterosexual transmission of AIDS are accounted for.

- R.Ayana

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