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Thursday, 1 March 2007

Betwixt Ice & Fire

Betwixt Ice & Fire


 You live in a chaotic, changeable world in which civilisations have risen to heights paralleling your own and then been utterly annihilated by changes in the environment coupled with their own hidebound short-sightedness.

To those who live in societies about to be challenged for their survival, the coming change or catastrophe is usually evident for some time before the crunch arrives. Everyone knows what's happening, though most persist and subsist through a combination of prayer, resignation and denial - and fail to take simple steps that can help ensure their survival.

The future is written on water,  destiny is not fixed in its density, but is malleable. The sum of everyone's implicit choices steers the fate of humanity. Inertia causes us to follow the course engraved in the past; if we remain unaware of inertia's existence we follow the course of the road, even if it leads to a precipice.

Climate change is not pleasant. It's climate catastrophe. Yet humans create the climate, even to effecting changes in the output of the Sun itself by our focused intent or unfocused wild will. 

Earth is poised on the edge of another glaciation. This seems counter-intuitive to those who note the rise in temperature and other `greenhouse' effects. It's wise to note that every major `ice age' has been preceded by a greenhouse effect, evaporating water vapour into the atmosphere and making it readily available to fall as snow and ice at the poles. The polar ice caps are comprised of fresh water and the many kilometre thick ice sheets that existed until around ten millennia ago were formed of water evaporated from other parts of the planet and frozen at the poles.

The primary driver of change in this tip-over point in history is wind speed - this is increasing globally and is THE mechanism behind drying, desertification, an increase in storm intensity - and the coming glaciation.

You and your children are about to face unprecedented hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes that will scour many coasts and highlands. Average temperatures will rise, at first. As the circumpolar vortexes - the winds that circulate around the polar regions - pick up speed, fractal vortices are appearing across the face of the globe and water vapour will be drawn to the poles. Much of the rest of the world (particularly temperate zones) will experience drought, desertification and massive wind storms that will annihilate lives and much of the infrastructure of civilization.

Ocean levels will rise slowly at first, then precipitously when the first large ice-sheets cascade into the seas. Within a month huge areas will be inundated. These large sea level changes will precipitate land displacements and subsidence, leading also to (historically) unprecedented vulcanism and tectonic activity, with enough debris thrown into the atmosphere to precipitate another winter of ten thousand years' duration. By this time today's societies, nations and civilization will be gone.

This is what `climate change' really means. It's not yet too late to change all this - the best place to start is to radically change your own life. It's impossible to do too much, when most humans are still doing worse than nothing. It's up to you.

By Uncle Martin

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